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BrainWave Generator 3.1 new features

Since the release of the previous major BrainWave Generator version 2.0 on January 11th 1999, our development team has been busy working on the next version. Following are some highlights of the new features of BrainWave Generator 3.1.

New parameters

  • New Background Phase Shift parameter which allows the background sound to be shifted for the left/right ear.
  • New Background Interval parameter which allows the background sound to be played at specified intervals. This could be used, for example, to use a recorded subliminal message as the background, and to play it only occassionally.
  • Noise can be used in addition to another background sound (version 2.0 only allowed either of the two).
  • New modulation parameters for the background sound. Modulation phase can also be set to anything from -180 to +180 degrees.
  • New modulation parameters for the noise background. This allows very realistic "ocean wave" types of backgrounds.
  • Possibility to specify waveform with a parameter. Can be used to change the waveform smoothly from one setting, like triangular wave, to another, like square wave.

Other enhancements

  • There can be 10 totally separate voices in a single preset (version 2.0 only allowed 4 voices).
  • Playing a preset is now possible while in the Preset Options window. This allows you to hear changes made to a preset immediately.
  • Visual stimulation is possible by flashing the BrainWave Generator window (or the whole screen) with colors.
  • Visual stimulation is possible also by external hardware that is AudioStrobe compatible. For more information about AudioStrobe, see Currently, BrainWave Generator 3.1 has only been tested with AudioStrobe's "CLASSIC" decoder model.
  • New Configuration Wizard which allows you to configure your sound system so that it works optimally with BrainWave Generator.

Updated: May 15th 2000
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