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BrainWave Generator 2.0 press release

PRESS RELEASE                                        January 11th 1999


BrainWave Generator 2.0 software was released

Espoo, FINLAND -- January 11th 1999 -- Noromaa Solutions released
today a Windows 95/98/NT software for brain stimulation with binaural
beats. Effects of brain stimulation range from relaxation and
meditation to self-hypnosis and alleviation of headaches and migraines.

The theory behind BrainWave Generator

Human brain generates vibrations in the range of 1Hz to about 50Hz.
These vibrations can be measured from the surface of the scalp by
EEG (electroencephalography) technology. The dominant frequency of the
brain can tell much of a person's state of mind: day-time frequencies
are typically over 15 to 30Hz while frequencies of 1 to 4Hz occur
during the deepest stages of sleep. Frequencies around 8 to 12Hz are
excellent for relaxation and meditation purposes.

BrainWave Generator works by entraining brain into a desired state by
generating sounds with binaural beats. Binaural beats are formed by
supplying a tone (for example, 500Hz) into the left ear and another
tone (for example, 510Hz) into the right ear. The difference, 10Hz is
perceived by the brain, and has the tendency of changing the brain's
dominant frequency towards itself. This is called brainwave

BrainWave Generator generates such tone pairs that can be used to
entrain the brain into desired states.

Effects of brainwave entrainment

Through the selection of certain entrainment frequencies, the
following effects can be achieved:
- Relaxation and meditation
- Enhancing learning capabilities, increasing memory and increasing IQ
- Inducing sleep
- Focusing attention and enhancing awareness
- Alleviating headaches and migraines
- Preparing for stressful situations
- Self-hypnosis and/or subliminal programming
Features of BrainWave Generator
Features of BrainWave Generator include:
- Possibility to create and save your own brainwave entrainment
  presets with a very easy-to-use user interface. A context-sensitive
  online help is also included.
- More than 20 built-in presets ranging from sleep-induction to
  headache alleviation.
- Brainwave entrainment presets can be exported as files and imported
  back, so that exchanging presets between different users becomes
  very easy. (Importing is only available in the registered version.)
- Selection of 18 different background sounds ranging from gently
  flowing river to explosions. External .wav files can also be used
  as backgrounds, as well as noise varying from "harsh" white noise to
  "gentle" brown noise.
- Possibility to add up to 4 simultaneous voices to the output. For
  each voice, parameters such as binaural beat frequency, volume,
  audible pitch, modulation and background can be programmed
- Waveform of the output can be selected from sine wave, sine^2 wave,
  triangular wave, rectangular wave and smoothed rectangular waves.

Availability and distribution

BrainWave Generator is available to download from our Web page at (select the Download link). BrainWave Generator
is distributed under the "shareware" concept, meaning that users may
try it out for one month, after which they have to register for $30.

Contact information

More information about BrainWave Generator is available at:

For any queries, you can contact Mikko Noromaa at Noromaa Solutions.
The contact information is as follows:
        Telephone: +358 40 734 8034
        Fax: +358 9 455 2885
        Regular mail: Naavakalliontie 2 C, 02120 Espoo, FINLAND

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