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Submit a new preset

This page allows you to submit your own presets to the BrainWave Generator Presets site.

Before submitting, select Export from the Preset menu of BrainWave Generator, and export your preset to a file. Select that file in the "BWG file" field of this form.

Your name:
Public email address:
Private email address:
NOTE: You must supply either a public email address (shown to all users) or a private email address (not shown to anyone).
Preset category:
BWG file:
Background file:
Upload a background file only if you have specified an external background in your preset. Please do not submit backgrounds larger than 500 kB to this site!

NOTE: The name and description of the preset are fetched directly from the submitted BWG file.

To replace an existing preset with a newer version, please upload the preset again with the same name. Of course, you can only do this for presets you have submitted originally. Please send a separate email to telling that the preset should replace an existing preset.

Please note that submitted presets do not appear on the Presets page immediately. They will be first accepted by a site moderator. This process should normally happen in 24 hours, but sometimes it may take several days.

If you have problem submitting presets, please email us.

Updated: October 3rd 2004
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