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BrainWave Generator is distributed as shareware. You can use it free for one month, after which you must register. Registration costs $40 for a single user-license (for personal use only - for information on commercial and/or clinical license, see here).

After registration, the following changes take effect immediately:
oThe About window will not appear at startup anymore.
oThe Import function in the File menu will be activated.

Ordering on-line by credit card

The easiest way to register BrainWave Generator is via RegSoft.COM. Their server uses secure transactions to guarantee the confidentiality of your credit card information.

Register NOW via a SECURE SERVER at www.RegSoft.COM

Other ordering options

To order by telephone, you have the following option:
  • Call RegSoft.COM at 1-877-REGSOFT (for international orders 770-497-9126). Be sure to mention the product ID 8929.
NOTE: Please do not use the above phone number for any other purposes than ordering. For technical support, questions about BrainWave Generator, etc. contact Noromaa Solutions directly.

You can also order by fax, by email or by regular mail (credit cards, checks and money-orders are all fine). For more information, see the RegSOFT.COM Web page.

Ordering from Finland

More information for Finnish residents (this page is in Finnish).

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Updated: October 3rd 2004
Noromaa Solutions