Clear mind

This type of track, I found on the Net, is supposed to clear the mind as in times when it is foggy, tired, confused, etc.
It is also, as I found out after weeks of testing, refreshing and brings about bodily awareness and clarity of perception.

Submitted: 18-Nov-2000 by Zamolxe
Download preset: clear_mind.bwg
Download background: clear.wav


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User comments

01-Feb-2002, Martin Supra
Hi! I like your presets, they really work for me. I have been testing a klot of them, and i I m imprest. So, could you send me some sleep-reducer, becouse I am working in a PUB (names John Bull) and I dont sleep that much I want to. Maybe you can halp me with that presets. I have seen that presets a long time ago,but that time I did not dawnload it.
Martin Supra, POLAND
03-Apr-2004, Andre
Hi , I have been through a survival situation where I had to fight for my own and others lives contunually over a period of 22 hours with out sleep or rest on a yatch.
It was in Bass straight off Australia in 1987.
I surf now as I did back then also.

I have, since then ,been knocked out in the surf and have found myslef washed up on the beach with short term memory loss.

This passed, as was ten years ago or so.

Yesterday I was surfing a easy break no pressure or hassel involved, On my own for a short time.
I started to experience a dream like state that grew to the level of worrying proportions.
I was in and out of this state of mind and was forgetting how i even got out in the water but i would surf in and then have this dream state while paddling out and would experience even recent dreams and nightmare conditions ,to find myself back out there taking off on easy waves and surfing back in .
It got to the stage that I paddled over to other people to see if they had a reaction to me becuase i wasnt sure if i had maybe died and wasnt even really there,so was the power of the event!
I was scared to even paddle in to my car and drive home so stayed out there reasonably comfortable but in I supppose shock and in limbo.

Do you think this is a reaction to the water /waves wind and energies iam utilizing and that I slip back into a certain brain wave that i may have been in when in survival mode?

Even through i drove 1/2 hour to get home and felt ok,, It took hours for me to get rightand felt disjointed all day and night , and I found myself trying to open doors the wrong way and couldnt remember names of distance people etc for quite a while.
I remember being checked out years ago after an event simular but nothing could be found in light tests for varying mind waves or stroke damamge.

The experience is infact close to what some would call flash backs as in drug use.

Id be interested in any ideas you or others may have.
24-Jul-2004, Jhon Milton

What do you think you're doing?!

i wonder how mistaken are you, and how dare you are just prowd about it...

it's lack of serotonin that is associated with cancer
moreover, it's not right your hypothethis about monitors

am a white hat who has been infront of his server 16h a day for at least 6 years now and i have depression, that is, lack of serotonin

please make sure of your information next time

wish you well
28-Feb-2005, Czar
You should clean your chakras, maybe with some of these presets. Go to and DL the first file, and read about it some.

And yes, i would agree that braindamage is putting in desinformation in his reply.

21-Aug-2005, Harv
I just registered Aug. 20, '05. For several years now I've been messing around with my BrainMaster EEG unit and carefully following a couple of list used by homeusers and the pros.

It is understood by the pros that frequencies between 22 and 38 are to be avoided like the plague. That tends to be where the obcessive compulsive minds hang out. Anyone really interested in the health of their brain should go to the biofeedback list and lurk for awhile. I welcome any "experts" on this site to show me where the above is wrong or bad info.


(As an ADDer, I know all about spending too much time in the higher frequencies. BTW, 38-42 seems to be a desirable area to increase.

03-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
11-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
12-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
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