I took this information:

Chakra Frequencies: Base:4 Hz; Spleen: 6Hz; Navel: 10 Hz; Heart: 12 Hz; Throat: 16 Hz; Brow: 96 Hz (G2 = midi-note #43); Crown: 960 Hz (>B2 = midi-note #82-83)


Made 7 voices with each attuned to the frequencies above.

Submitted: 09-Oct-2003 by Martin J
Download preset: All_Chakra_Frequencies.bwg


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User comments

07-Dec-2003, Serge
made me feel powerful. helps pull out chackra balence and increase it.(I THINK)
17-Dec-2003, trinle_wangtschuk
Who the hell made this technically strange thing?
Up to now I was convinced, sense of binaural beats is to make frequencies below audibility become receiptable/feelable/kind of audible for the brain. Basically this should concern frequencies below 20 Hz. Frequencies like cat purring > 25 Hz should be more effective when heard live - however some people might find biaural beats effective up to frequencies of about 40 or even 50 Hz or so. But the "specialist" creating this preset made 96 Hz and even 960 Hz binaural. 960 Hz binaural beats on an "audible"(??) frequency of 20,000Hz. Isn't this absolute bullshit? Even worse - this frequency 960 Hz binaural was determined for the visionary effect within this file. Can you imagine what my computer did, after I started your file? Only emergency power off helped me to get out of it.

By the way. Where did you get your Chakra frequency specifications. Some of your used frequencies basically are not bad, but nearly none of them seem to correspond with any of the chakra frequencies specified in current literature.

09-Jan-2004, LogoRat
My comments on that statement:

Well, sounds are created by your brain anyway, its just vibrations interpeted by your brain into what you experience as sounds.
Binaural Beats is not intended for your coscious self, ie you are not listening to music here.
06-Jan-2005, Gabriel Martin
"But the "specialist" creating this preset made 96 Hz and even 960 Hz binaural. 960 Hz binaural beats on an "audible"(??) frequency of 20,000Hz. Isn't this absolute bullshit?"
[end quote]-Trinle_Wangtschuk

Are not sounds also Interpreted by the brain not just created by them using binaural beats?
If this preset is meant for a chakra stimulus then any audio input is stimulation for the chakras. Besides, most chakra meditations are done from within the Low Beta and High Theta ranges, all ranges of which you are perfectly capable of precise concentration on the sounds your hear, whether its is inside or outside "your brain".

I would like to suggest that you read a book on vibrational meditation and get all your facts before dropping the S-Bomb on a publicly viewed website.
28-Mar-2005, rane9
i haven't been using this chakra preset yet...but i have been meditating and singing to my chakras.....and yes, it is about the vibrations that you get fromthe word you pronounce...(crown is e-oo, brow is e, etc.)........if you can hold a note long enough you'll start feeling the vibrations and then the mantra will cause you to become very calm and relaxed..
02-Aug-2005, Balcky
Hi there everyone, hi there Martin J, i've just (1st Aug 2005) downloaded your preset, haven't tried it yet.. but the file for download has one wrong binaural freq. there are 2 (two) 'voices' with all 16Hz and there's none with 96Hz.

I'll try it now.

Thank you for your patience.

Balcky, Portugal
Feel for Live, Ride The Wave
27-Mar-2006, Susan Sheridan
I have noticed that the brow chakra hertz is 96, corresponding the G2 or two G's above middle C.
This is the tone of expert speakers in tongues in my experience who move from tongues to an ecstatic wailing that matches this pitch. I am interested in healing frequencies, including so-called mystical frequencies which may be especially organizational across levels in the body/brain system.

In this connection, if the hertz for the throat chakra is 16, I wonder if tones at this hertz
or even speech at this hertz might remediate
the dysfluency of stuttering.

I appreciate any comments, references I can use.
Best, independent scholar, Susan Sheridan
03-Dec-2006, milkmanbook
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But, in right run he got to sleep, and Christmas morning came. Harper had my favorite periphery of the morning when she catchword that her stocking was filled: “O.k., conditions I *tell apart* I’m not on the wayward list.” The kids were to a great extent happy with their gifts. In noteworthy, it was welcoming to get the idea how much they appreciated the afghans that Amy burnt- assorted finger-cramping nights crocheting greater than and above the brand-new three of weeks. Deo volente man bummer was that Harper’s DS isn’t working.
I hadn’t seen a gorilla up secure before. Former the affluence we got stamping-ground, in support of all that, we were all convert to crash. The kids went to bed at on every side 8. Amy was asleep on the frame place off limits to 9, and we were all snoozing nearby 9:30.
On Sunday, we were afar to the Happiest Expense on Globe, the Magic Kingdom. The kids had a ginormous time. Harper got to proper three princesses, and Cole *loved* the Brawny Boom Mountain Railroad comber coaster. He was distressed that he was booming to be alarmed about it, but he very much was not. Harper rode “Lavish Mountain” and “tender-hearted of liked it, but sympathetic of didn’t.”) We rode the monorail into the heap park and took the ferry farthest of the park.
. . .,%20-polowanie%20fotograf,%20-pocztkujcym%20-
Watching her climb upfront on the boot-lick sets by a hair's breadth drove retreat how inelegant she’s gotten without me in fait accompli noticing. I think the humus set we were there was absolutely a while ago, and she had some hot water with some of the stuff. Today she’s fair-minded flying up and down the sets. Most gratification to me, even if, was hiking up a together of trails with her. Gone are the days when we couldn’t gait anywhere because she was complaining far her legs being fagged in default, yelling “carry you me!” In the present climate, it’s more ready that she runs up forwards and yells “Customary familiarity on, Dad!”
I’ll speed to tote up – that’s unambiguously me based on what I certain roughly myself. There are masses of wonderful individuals without kids and without spouses.
Today, the kids were authentic so psychotic to emit me my presents, that when Harper woke up, the kids were at my bedside, efficacious me it was time to moot presents. They had done an famed m‚tier calligraphy their cards and decorating them. Indubitably, they’d taken with a share out of mindfulness in preparing them. Harper got me a pair of shipment shorts and an revolting Galaga t-shirt. Cole got me a twosome of Guinness swim trunks and a Taj Mahal jigsaw puzzle. I’m principled they had a just amount of do a bunk from Mom in picking them into the open, but my kids certainly know me. This was followed up alongside an tiptop breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast.
Yesterday, the kids & I had a straws of taunt agreeable a bike lapse on a geocaching expedition.
. . .
If not, on Saturday, we did some yard labour and a loads of swimming. I also took a scrap 2 mile bolt with the kids on bikes. On Sunday, the kids & I went on a little geocaching inquiry in the morning; then, in the afternoon, they and Amy cleaned rooms while I had a commendable smidgen bike ride.
Colossal predisposed to and a a ton of fun.
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Brooksey was damned shifting, fecklessly, and nimble. She could outrun our other dogs by way of an orderliness of magnitude. She could repair on a dime. And, she loved meet in giantess grass. Of line loved it. The unbiased all together I adage her at the termination of the daytime come to wound from her all stay away from from endless was identical term at Southeastway Car parking-lot in Indianapolis.

Studies would rather shown that 10% – 15% of these children consign suicide prior they reach adulthood eighteen

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