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12-Dec-2002, Olcay
Could you add a description for this preset. Is it really going to open the third eye? Because I've listened it for 1 hour and nothing has passed...
03-Jun-2003, scott
its dangerous and possible to artificially open the third eye using methods such as bwgen. Think of it like this, if you do succeed in artificially openeing the third eye, it may be too much for the brain to handle at once, its like a dam breaking, can cause you to go insane, or die.

To open the third eye:
Close your eyes, clear your mind, then focus both your eyes just in the middle of the eyebrows. it is said that attention is food for the third eye. it is hungry, give it food, pay attention to it.
Close your eyes, with eyes closed let your eyes move as if looking at the center point between your eyebrows, when you are near the right point, your eyes will become fixed. it will be difficult to move them as your third eye is a magnet for attention.
Also learn to meditate. Learn to clear your mind of all thought.
then you will be able to open your third eye.
10-Jul-2003, Barros
Hi Scott,

I liked your comment because I do not see how the kundalini can be activated. However I believe that we can still hear a background chakra suite as an external therapeutic tool.

Have you more information about the opening of chakras from root to crown using the meditation approach suggested in your posting?

09-Aug-2003, Aenima
the idea is not to "OPEN" your third eye, its to pay attention to what it can do for you. you should strive to listen to it at all times, dont shut it off and shut it on, keep it with you throughout the day with every task you must finish, you become overjoyed with the simplest things in life, the second that defines your presence between past and future. its there already open, meditate and go there, we will see you on the other side...
28-Oct-2003, ikosmos
third eye opening is the most beautiful thing that could be cause u can finnaly see behind the illusion, all it need to see, is work, meditation is the key with plenty of different ways to suit everyone, your worst enemy is the ego, not your ego because this isn't u, it brings illusion....
10-Nov-2003, audra
I have found meditating with a candle will open you third eye when the time is right. Just concentrate on the blue part of the flame!!!
29-Nov-2003, methodman
can you visualize? did you know that there are some people out there that don't actually see what they're visualizing? all they see is darkeness, and they think they're correctly visualizing? It is people like these that are sadly, third eye blind. They're at a cripling disadvantage because they also have absolutely no power to concentrate, not even a little. They even don't see anything when they dream; and their dreams have no meaning, just pointless thoughts and mild feelings about things roaming through they're heads and that's all!

If you can see any form of light when you visualize, doesn't matter if what you're seeing is blurry or out of focus and sometimes morphs out of control, then your third eye is already open. If you can see light when you visulize, then you have some degree of concentration. I know you may think it isn't perfect, but deep inside you, you know you can have a perfect concentration. Now imagine those that can't visualize. I mean, the can't see what they're trying to see, it's like they're in a dark room and they have no light switch. Their concentration is terrible, and they have close to none.

what i'm saying here is that visualization and concentration are equal qualities of the third eye. If you can do one, you can surely do the other. The third eye is energy, and to focus that energy, you'll have to concentrate. The more you can concentrate your mind on command, the more "open" your third eye will be.
01-Jan-2004, DevilDriver
It is not a toy that is correct. It is as a limb is to our body it is as is a neck is to our head. Just another part. I see itlike this, when some baby animals are born they are blind, it takes a while for their eyes to open. This is the same as humans, When we are spiritually born rather than physically only then does it open.
02-Jan-2004, Brad
Right now, when I close my eyes, I see darkness. Everyone I speak to tells me they can see images and movies. People tell me they can make up fantasy worlds or relive past events in acute detail. Is that the third eye? being able to see all these things in the head? How would I go about opening my third eye, or gaining the ability to see mental images/movies - or both?

Is there anyone out there that initially could only see darkness? what did you do to get images. I have tried so many things to no avail.

Thanks for your help - and happy new year
02-Jan-2004, DevilDriver
We all see darkness, at least I do. The first way of enlightenment regarding the third eye is simply although cliche to believe in ones self. If you can do that and cast aside your doubts or natural to humans skeptic/giving up view then ur half way there. The next step is to try, try and try comes to those who try hard. The third eye is much like (PK) everyone has the abiltie but those who stick in and work hard at it prevail.

Good luck brad. email me if you have any questions.
02-Jan-2004, DevilDriver
Btw can i just say i was reading the above posts and i noticed a few regarding apparitions/spirits/spooks etc..opening the third eye will not cause you to see anything like this...Viewing is selective...if you fear you will see fear...if you hate you will see hate. Go into this with an open mind and a calm mind. Those who are stressed etc will not see but with their own two eyes. One last thing, A blind person uses their 3rd eye all the time.
25-Feb-2004, wira
Why do you guys want your third eye opened? It's dangerous to have the third eye opened, because your mental is not prepared yet. Using third eye, you can see ghost everywhere, you can see if your most beloved one is about to die, etc, etc.. that's horrible, you'll end up committing suicide or crazy.
25-Feb-2004, DevilDriver
Wira your mind only lets you see what you want to see.
You will not see ghosts/spooks/peoples future deaths if your third eye is open.
To see ghosts you would have to be sensitive to that kind of thing. Opening your third eye is nothing more than getting another body part to work.
09-Apr-2004, summerbreezer
Okay, this might help some of you open your third eye, and I know it works cuz I just opened mine yesturday. Those of you interested in it, you may want to try to Remote View (if you don't know what that is just type in "remote viewing" on a search engine and u will learn more about it)...anyways I tried for months to relax myself, meditate, whatever to open my third eye to remote view. (By the way, it is not dangerouse, the bible makes many refrences to seeing through the third eye) Well, everyone is differant and I was making no progress and I pretty much gave up...until yesturday. I was taking a nap and only about 15 minutes into it I was awakened by my cat. Since I was very close to sleep and very relaxed at this point I decided to try and remote view. I focused my attention to my brows & BAM! it was instant. All of a sudden it was like I was in a dark theater and images where changing across the screen, kind of like watching a slide show. I could feel this immense energy runing from everywhere in my body going straight to my third eye (just a little off center from between my brows) I could actually feel the energy swirling in the center of my third eye (that I knew exactley where it was and the size of it) I could also feel the energy being transmitted out of the third eye, and when it was received. It was amazing, and trust me, when u do open your third eye u will definatley KNOW it, you will never experience anything like it. (I would say its probley close to being electrocuted (minus the pain) you can just feel this unreal energy and vibration running all through your body to this one point. My advice is to go to sleep as ushual, set your alarm to a point where you know u will be sleeping (and have your alarm right next to u so u can shut it off, without getting out of bed) that way u are still very relaxed. Then imagine you are in a dark movie theater...the images should come right away...then start asking questions (and you may not want to ask certain questions) when I asked what my name was, I was expecting to see my name across the screen, instead I UNVOLENTARILY said my name outload! That was kind of freaky! Well good luck to you all, just keep practiceing.
P.S. You will know u are on the right track when you can actually feel your thrid could feel like a tiny pressure between the brows, or you can actaully feel it pulsating.
24-Apr-2004, William
Been wonking on my third eye techniques, and i've had alot of progress...

What i do is this, first i focus (not strangle) my eyes on my third eye for a few secunds, then i close my eyes and focus them on my third eye for a few secunds again. Now after this, i clear my mind by meditation (optional), now, i visualize my third eye absorbing the energy around me, when i visualize it enught time, i can feel some sort of strange circle of energy on my third eye, when i'm done it fades away...

Now, i haven't opened my third eye yet, but i think i'm getting close...

Energy Sources: When i try to open my third eye i concentrate my own energy, or the energy around me...

The air: I use the air by breathing deeply and vizualizing that the energy i breath goes strait to my third eye.

The Fire: NO, i don't use actual fire... but i'm thinking of it. Now, what i do is that, i go outside on a sunny day and face the sun, this way the warth, heat, and energy goes directly to my third eye. BUY THE WAY, this is a very easy and effective method to open the third eye.

The Water: when i take a shower, i visualize the energy form the drops of water falling on my fore head going into my third eye.

The earth: Now, i havent actually tryed this, but by sitting on the ground (barefoot) visualize the energy from the entire world being concentrated on your third eye.

i'll write more latter... SEE YA'
29-Jul-2004, Dr. Cayce
There are many a thing that has not been correctly understood yet, one of these is the third eye. Unlike any other chakra, spiritual center, or phychic door, the third eye is all in itself, unique. It can be opened only with proper meditation and concentration. If you seek to know the knowledge of a higher head than mine, read the books of The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. Is wisdom is beyond that of my own, but I will tell you how it is opened.

Follow the following 6 steps:

1. Find a nice quiet place to sit/lay and relax, whatever suites you.

2. Make sure to play some very soft music in the background, just music is better than singing, this is because listening to music with singing accompainig it will cause you to use both sides of the brain, all you want to do here is use one side, the left side which is the intellect. Soundscapes are good, Enya, Yanni...

3. Now you are prepared to meditate. I prefer you to lie down on your back with your hands crossing the solar plexus. Lie there, and do just that. Don't focus on anything, just let the music take you away.

4. Remember, breathing is a important thing in proper meditation. Take deep breaths in through the nostrils, and exhale without any force through the mouth. Do this about 100 times or just until you can feel your body fully relaxing.

5. Then, in your mind, visualize you out of your body looking at yourself, pinpoint the third-eye which is between the eyebrows. Picture it closed. Then, when you have a good image of it, in your mind tell it to open, or activate, whatever words you choose, it doesn't matter, only the purpose does. Imagine it slowly opening. Then imagine the light of the universe, which is God, comming down from the ceiling and entering into the eye.

6. At this point the third eye is opened and there is no need for excitment, just yet. Stay relaxed no matter what you feel. Now, it is important that you visualize, "For the spirit is life, The mind is the builder, And the physical is the result." (Edgar Cayce). Visualize yourself still with this eye open. Now count back from 15 and imagine yourself with this new open eye reentering the body. Now, move with your real physical body slowly. Open your eyes. Make sure you move slowly and stretch, if not it causes much strain on the body. Go out now and be happy. It is open!!! To further it's openess keep meditating and concentrating. The like is done to close the third-eye and even to open one or all of the seven chakras. To know more, e-mail me or read the books of Edgar Cayce, his insite on these subjects are beyond any of the world today. Success I wish unto you!!!
21-Aug-2004, Divine Fist
What is the brain? It is the master and the center of the human physical body and spiritual body. The brain is constructed from two hemispheres, left and right. The space between the two hemispheres of the brain is called the "Spiritual Valley" and is the place where the spirit resides. The center of the brain where the pituitary and pineal glands are located is called "Mud Pill Palace" and can produce essence (i.e., hormones). When the brain energy is raised up to a higher level, the resonance level can also be raised up and the resonance frequency band can be widened. When this happens, the brain's spiritual sensitivity can be raised up to a higher level. When the hormone levels of the body are high, the body's metabolic processes can be carried out efficently and smoothly.

What is the third eye? The Western term "third eye" is called "heaven eye" in Chinese Qigong. Through re-opening this aperture, the energy vibration of your brain can correspond with the energy around you and with nature. When this happens you can see many things that are beyond what people who have not opened their third eye can see. The third eye is located at the end of the valley, which allows the echo or resonant energy to exit and enter. In order to re-open the third eye, you must first bring the resonant energy level in the spiritual valley to a higher stage. When this energy reaches a good level (i.e., threshold energy), the third eye can be re-opened and consequently, the resonant vibration with the external world can occur without obstruction. It is believed that through opening the third eye, you can regain the capability of telepathy.

The first step in cultivation is to lead the Qi upward through the spinal cord to nourish the brain and thus raise up the brain's resonant level and also widen the vibration frequency band. However, even if you can lead the Qi up, if you do not know how to keep it and protect it, the high energy status of the brain cannot be controlled. Therefore, you must learn how to keep the spirit there, and then how to firm it. Only then are you able to condense your spirit intensely, which allows you to re-open the third eye. If you know how to use it, its utility is unlimited.

Taiji is the pivotal force which makes the Wuji divide into Yin and Yang, and also makes the Yin and Yang reunite and become the Wuji. The ultimate goal of spiritual cultivation is to reunite the human spirit with the natural spirit and re-enter the Wuji state. In order to do so, we must get rid of emotional disturbances and human affairs.
26-Aug-2004, paul
I teach Qigong. There are many benefits to it.

One such benefit is the opening of the third eye....but it will not happen to everybody. In class I test for a response from each new student. If one doesn't respond, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to open it. Some students however, still develop it. Desire. But it takes longer.

Meditating to open your third eye: Unfortunately it probably won't happen...very unlikely. I have been meditating since 1976. I tried everything until I started practising Qigong. Why Qigong? Because Qigong is the movement of energy. Not the creation of energy, because it already exists.There is nowhere that it isn't.

For those who are skeptical, I suggest you read Lynne McTaggart's book "The Field." It is an extraordinary book based on scientific data and protocal. Dr. Wayne Dyer in his latest book, "The Power of Intention" refers to her book as a "must read."

Incidentally, when you open your third, you will know it. Words cannot describe what happens...this you will find out on your own. I can say, however, that when you do, you will feel a throbing/pressure in the middle of your forehead, above the eyebrow. Not all the time. Then unsual stuff happens.

In my case - which may not be the same for others - it throbs whenever something important is going to happen in my opportunities....teaching....profound events related to my wife and opportunities...anticipation of important anomalies (the hurricane my family and I just went through). One is able to correctly anticipate...things.

What I am able to summize through reading and friends who are gifted, the third eye continues to develop. Qigong sessions do cause it "to go off."

My sincere belief is that you have to connect the easiest way possible. And I believe that it is through Qigong...or I wouldn't put my reputation on the line teaching it week in and week out.

I have scoured the Internet, and sadly, I found nothing that had any substance to it. Not surprising.

Best to you in your quest.
27-Aug-2004, Devils Advocate
HELLo, enlightened ones! I have some piece of down-to-earth advice for all of you (ok, ok almost all), but first Id like to tell my little story
Since I was a child I suffer from quite weird sensations that this reality we live in is unreal and another very interesting feeling is that manipulating physical objects using my arms seems stupid to me (I cant move objects using my thought, but feel like its the natural way ;). I had some frightening visions, also had few neurotic disorders on that strange basis. My mother is a psychiatrist, she suspected something bad I was to go through all the doctors to check my brain up, during that time (while my brain was analyzed thoroughly) my mom got her first gray hair. Why? Because such weird sensations and vivid visions are like the alarm bell that warns you about schizophrenia. Symptoms may vary: somebody sees something (its most common to see religious visions), another person hears voices (usually those voices tell this person to do something) and somebody else may turn into religious fanatic or see supernatural all around while having non-adequate reactions on the surrounding physical reality.
Now back to me. Ive gone through psychiatrists, neurologists, endocrinologists, theyve tested me, took my encephalogram (EEG) and then gave the conclusion absolutely healthy. My story has a happy ending, though I knew people that were diagnosed with schizophrenia and they all had symptoms similar to these, described by me. Nowadays I feel very well: no more horrifying visions, no more neurotic disorders, just those weird feelings and hypersensitivity (it has one bonus I can feel what other people feel even if they dont want to show it, I can sense their real intensions and attitude towards anything).
So, guys doctors are no evil (except for the evil doctors ;) and if you see or hear something strange and unreal, just incase go and see a specialist, for your own good. I wish you well, bye!

P.S.: If you see 10 people who claim that they have their 3rd eyes open, know that 3 of them are schizophrenic and 7 have hallucinations caused by some other disorders, sorry to disappoint you
02-Sep-2004, Bill
Paul and Divine fist, is there a particular Qigong/Taiji form that will greatly help opening the third eye?

My third eye opened partially after doing Qigong, but unfortunately that form was quite wrong and dark as it turns out. I feel the throbbing, and can........ anticipate certain events, and know certain information about every person I meet intuitively, as well as see strange things around them.

Devil's Advocate, so sorry but you are most incorrect. 7 of the people that step forward and say that they have a third eye are hallucinating.

The other 3 also have stepped forward and said it. That is one of the more sad things, anyone that has it would probably not talk about it, especially with certain people.

Hm. I have said too much again... really a bad habit. Sorry.

Wish there was somewhere I could discuss this where I know an "average joe" would not walk up and start reading what I'm trying to say to certain people.

Anyway, Paul and Divine Fist, an answer would be greatly appreciated. May peace be with you.
30-Oct-2004, Parabola
For those who live in their own bubble do not read this or it will pop...

1. The third eye is considered not only the pineal gland but also a spiritual eye that let's us see Truth like it really is. People are born with a third eye, others simply don't have (they have it so extremely closed it can't be opened). For those who at least have it a bit opened they have a long way to walk. The Third Eye is not simply a little eye in the middle of your forehead, it is a gateway to vast intelectuality and spirituality. You actually feel connected with everything, knowing "everything", almost like a lil' personal nirvana... For those who totally open it, those few one's know every single way a person may act, and for that they can control and influence at will knowing the results or effects of whatever they may trigger.

2. The third eye is not conncected to Lucifer or Satan. Many say this and say other things are "satanic" or "pagan" because they live inside their own vision and perception of the world trough a book and words from people who are lost in their own glass of religion... -_- See beyond many things, don't be fooled by near, blurry perceptions... This leads to misconceptions and limits the mind.

3. This comment will be extremly long so to grasp the questions in a short and concise way... just ask... i will make my best to answer...
13-Nov-2004, L K Tucker
The mental effect experienced as the third eye opening may be more serious than any of the postings above realize.

This is explained at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.

A normal feature of human physiology related to the vision startle reflex can cause serious mental events when you are exposed.

This was discovered by engineers designing the first close-spaced workstations. The solution for the business office was the Cubicle, 1960's.

When Qi Gong or Kundalini Yoga is performed in groups each person can subliminally detect movement of others near them. This is the same problem those engineers found.

If there is enough exposure you can experience a dissociative mental break, nervous breakdown.

READ ...Prevention... at the bottom of most site pages.

16-Nov-2004, Flora
Is it more difficult to open the third eye when your body is ill? Like when you have caught a cold.
04-Dec-2004, Withheld
Yesterday, I had an odd sensation between my eyes, like something was moving underneath it. As I walked home at night, it became increasingly strong.

I used to get an odd feeling between my forehead a lot around 1990-1993 when I got my first job after graduation. Just before something unpleasant, work-related would be about to happen, I'd get this icecube feeling between my eyes, a pleasant feeling...not so much like an icecube, but more like a cucumber pulled out of the fridge.

Then, I knew some judge had held against my client or something or some client had been beaten up or something.

This is the first time I've had odd sensations in years.

Now, I did do some autonomic training in a psych. experiment some years ago, and at first, after doing that, one hand would be cold, like ice, and the other warm, and I don't have any clear memory of this sensation between the eyes, but that was one of the forehead feels cool, while all the rest of the body felt warm.

Any ideas? Coolness seemed to come from the autonomic sensation, but this feeling that something's wriggling around under my skin...does that suggest a brain tumor? Or, some awakening? Or, either and I should have a full check-up andif it comes back clean, leave it alone?
07-Dec-2004, ridzuan
The third eye is not a new thing to a muslim.In the islamic sufism tradition, the third eye is called "the spirit eye".It means that human's spirit possess the eye.There are many methods in Islam to open the third eye.But here, I give three methods - (1) Islamic prayer (solat), (2) selawat nabi ,(3) muraqabah.
1. In islamic prayer (solat),a muslim must prostrate to the ground (earth).The forehead must touch the ground.In such condition, a muslim must deny their egoes in front of Allah's presence.A muslim discard all their superficial egoes and come to the state of nothingness.He disappear from his self and affirms that only Allah (God) exist.In this sense, this ritual activate the third eye directly and indirectly.Through prostratation, the muslim activate his third eye directly and through the mental state of nothingness, he comes to Allah (God) and activate his third eye indirectly.Thereby, a muslim activate his third eye in a very powerful way compare to the other methods.A muslim, at least, must make 17 prostratation in a day.It is said that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Upon Him) saw the paradise when he want to pray.This means that his third so opened that he naturally saw heavenly things by naked eyes.
2. Selawat nabi, is our blessing to the Prophet Muhammad himself.The first thing that Allah(God) create is the soul of Prophet Muhammad in the form of the superb beauty celestial light which in sufism is called 'Nur Muhammad'(The light of Muhammad/ admirable one).The light of Muhammad is the essence of the universe.From this light come all things.The Prophet Muhammad himself is the aim of the creation of this universe.He is the crown of this universe.He is the beloved of God.In the rank of humanity, he surpasses every holy ones.He just only second to the essence of God Himself.Our prayer/blessing to Prophet Muhammad activate the third eye through the light of Muhammad.A light will appear when the selawat has been read many times (thousands).The light will become bigger and bigger when the selawat has been read persistently day by day,night by night, month by month, year by year.
3. Muraqabah - islamic meditation.There are many powerful methods by various tariqahs and syeikhs. You find such by yourself.May Allah bless you.
10-Dec-2004, thE grey Fox
i have always been able to feel this sensation on my forehead,like when someone puts their finger too close to your forehead,way before ever hearing about chakras or anything,before i was a teen,its the pressure some of you are talking about, and by focusing on it i can increase the pressure and can extend it to places on my brain and temples all the way to the back. im unsure of what to do and have been surfing the web trying to find ways to see if it connects to the third eye,which i have seen on a mushroom tripp i had a while ago,i saw it and both the hemispheres all there and it reasured me of its existence and mabe the "average joe" will say i was just messed up on drugs but theres been some times where i could see truth in space and anything i looked at,i saw all the energies and heard them unlike anything i've ever experienced,it was like a sphere and whatever i looked at had symbols informing of its base of existence and purpose,and when i closed my eyes,the humming turned to as if 1000 bees were flying right above me and then i saw a diamond of light at the top back of my head,which when i think back it seemed more like my crown chakra,or might have been my eye im not too sure.
everywhere i go it says to begin chakra opening with the heart,but i feel it doesent work like that for me,my starting point obviously feels to me like its my third eye,it calls out,i just want to figure out the pressure and how i can use it
10-Dec-2004, thE grey Fox
i've been off all drugs and alcohol for some time before that experience and still am
12-Dec-2004, Bryan
Look at it more like this, the pineal gland (3rd eye) does have optical capabilities because it is attached to an optic nerve and has a lense (Just like your 2 other eyes) however, the idea of seeing light through it is a impossibilty as your skull is far too thick to let anything through (basic physics) however, the minds eye can open which is more of a coming to terms with ones self. Dont try to think of it as "hey Ill meditate and Ill see cool shit" that isnt the point. The point of opening ones 3rd eye is to be able to read between the lines, understand what questions you need to be asking yourself and how to find the answers. Every person has an imagination, so we are all capable of concentrating and setting ourselves in a fantasy world of sorts (self hypnosis or day dreaming) and it is importand that you dont confuse the 2 when embarking on your journey to open your 3rd eye. Ive spent more then my fair share of years on this topic and it has still left me with questions, but in my quest Ive noticed that when I feel like I can peer into what someone is really thinking or really saying (reading between the lines) that it is often accompanied with a semi intense vibration directly in the middle of my skull. Also, a realization that really hgelped me in my journey to open my third eye is picturing ones self as only a brain, because in essence, thats all you really are. Think of your brain as you and your body as a car that you are driving. It will really help you in seperating the body from the mind and really let you put things into perspective. I know probably more then most about this topic and Ive been through nearly every type of meditation there is, so if you have questions or need help because you are stuck in your path to enlghtenment, feel free to e-mail me.
12-Dec-2004, random person
same here i have always been able to sense like energy around people and ive been able to see auros prety easly, but everyone can open there third eye. Some can do it more easaly than others it just takes time and practice to open it. Dont try to force open your third eye! just practice meditating and over time it will develop and beging to open. Try some vissualizing techniques also
12-Dec-2004, random person
sorry for double posting it I have one question though you say not everyone can open there third eye if so what are some signs that a person can't
13-Dec-2004, thE grey Fox
everyone can open their third eye,its just a process you have to tap into on your own in your own way,and everyone can visualize,if you can remember what someone looks like,then you can visualize. i discovered that i could go into my own world by the time i was like 8,it actualy kept me so intrested i failed a couple of classes and didint pay attention to w/e teachers blabbered about
17-Dec-2004, third
Third eye can be opened through an initiation. But you have to find the right initiation for you. If you know of a valid initiation, provide it for others.
17-Dec-2004, into the fold
PARABOLA, you are thee only person i've encountered with almost thee same insight to the third eye as me i am really interrested in exchanging some emails with you, if you so have the time

and to you all the third eye is becoming one with all you cannot not see hear, touch, feel it is not like any sense you could reconize , or relate it ot anything of this realm and ANEIMA you to are a interresting post, its a matter of being able to see things consciously from all angles, not 2 demensional, not three but four demensional

i've closed myself down from the world because i no longer see with with my eyes open anymore, when the third eye is open you see the world and your fellow brothers and sisters as if they are ugly not as physically, but as a whole you realise that 99% of us don't care everyone is to consumed in themselves it hurts to be able to know everyones pain but not to be able to help them with their problems, im scared for mankind it hurts to be able to feel everything, cry for everything wrong in this world, if i where to recieve the whole world in my hands i would give it away for just some piece of mind... your third is not to be mistaken for some thing that forcasts visions or the future none of that fairy tale jargin, its there for us to realize that the one and only purpose in life is to love everything inner and around us until we all see this clearly all of us who believe like this are suffering with all the worlds pain.....

Think For Yourself.... if anyone has any Questions i am at your service

To feel is better to seeing
18-Dec-2004, xxshooterxx
To those of you trying to open your third eye. Why not use aritificial means??? I did , years ago, and i did end up in the hospital for mental trauma, however there was a trade off. I gained massive power in the other realms through battles for my life and furthermore have seen sights through astral projection that are un-believable. Now, i look back on the bad part and it was acually worth the 1 year of trial and toment of the sould to gain what i posess. I suggest those of you who are tough enoough and want to, blast your third eye open and see where it takes you. Just don't kill yourself and you'll be OK.
21-Dec-2004, RALPH
I have had a pulsation in the middle of my forehead for about 20 years. If I focus on it, it becomes more intense. It seems to have begun after listening to an OM tape in meditation after many sessions. I believe if your intention to open it is ego driven it will hinder your development. If you focus on the good of mankind you will improve your chances. Impatience will also work against you.

Peace From Mind

03-Jan-2005, 3EyEs
I agree with Ridzuan, I am not islamic but when I was able to forget my ego and be in a state of nothingness in front of god I had a powerful awakening of the third eye
it is a true way when you can feel rather then listen
05-Jan-2005, kitska
As a few said earlier, *be careful* with this. It would be strange you can open that with a "pop!" of waves or whatever, and without any mental training and deconditioning from consensual reality, but just in case,... be careful, or you may have to learn a lot other necessary things the hard way
10-Jan-2005, Riggs
May the simple knowledge that I am forwarding to you help to bless and protect you throughout your oncoming experience.
When you begin to venture into the realm of the unknown you are putting yourself into a vulnerable state. Please be aware that there are many who will deceive you for profit, or will keep the truth from you because of selfish reasons. I have had many experiences and I have meet many people, some of us experience the same things. Yet, most have unique ways of making new connections between themselves and truth. Life is about learning truth and the necessity of it.
After I had my first experience my clothes would just become wet at any moment and I also would find feathers everywhere. I didn't know the meaning of these things so I educated myself and I learned the truth.
Please continue in your search, but also be patient and carefull. May all who have have the mental ability to understand this message benefit from it. Best wishes.
10-Jan-2005, brandi
While I was trying to view inside an individual (get into their head, so to speak) I had an unusual experience. I actually saw an eye - only sideways, like an octupus' - I studied it, saw watery edges, blinking, was real. I then looked into the iris, and it was sky blue with clouds. I then, seemed to stand on the edge of it, and it was like a portal. I backed off as I was afraid if I ventured into the opening I would not be able to find my way back in. Has this ever occurred anywhere? This happened while wide awake and just pressing on the forehead area and eyes for focus. I have not been able to find any info with regard to this phenonmena. Thanks.
14-Jan-2005, searchings
could anyone please help me. I dont know how to put this. I am a 30 man who has always been interested in more then what I was told. My father was a Christian Preacher. I was always told not to mess with meditation or anything of that nature. Two years ago I began to read and educate my self of different ways to meditate. I was using the candle for an object. It seemed to help me relax, but everytime I would go did into a meditative state I would feel this overcoming anxiety. two weeks later I was working and out of the blue I had a total panic attack. It shocked the crap out of me. For about a year and half after the panic attack I had anxiety about everything. I could be sitting watching tv and feel like I was going to die. I went to the doc and told him about the panic attack and anxiety.I did not tell him of my meditation. he said I had an anxiety disorder. I was on medication for a year and half. I have been off it for about 4 months with no anxiety. The major part of my thinking was I was going crazy. I have not tried to meditate since the attack. I want to so bad but fearful of my sanity. I cant tell anyone of the feeling. because its hard to be a man and admit my feelings. Please help
17-Jan-2005, Lamamu
Re: Searchings
This is just by instinct but maybe this is a past-life thing. Something has happened and your subconscious is trying desperately to prevent it happening again by seeing it play through your meditation. Maybe you can try free writing - just writing down whatever random thing comes into your head for fifteen minutes no matter where it takes you or what things you write, to allow whatever is bothering you a chance to come through in a safer, more controlled method.
26-Jan-2005, chakra
Dear searchings,

Meditation helps one to relax and calm the mind. Before you do meditation, always remember to ground and protect yourself. Grounding is to help you to release any worries or fear temporarily. If you are a christian, one helpful grounding method for you is to ask the Holy Spirit to send brilliant white light and visualise it coming from above your head and going through your body then release them to the earth.
01-Feb-2005, Mark
"Awakening the 3rd Eye" by Carl Sagan is a good place to start.
The pressure/vibration stuff is the etheric body, the lights are the Astral body, the energy whirling: well: you go out through that, it is the vortex that will take you on a trip...
If you are seeing Purple/violet then "breath" it stronger. If it is dark black, you are already past the colors ...
You need to increase your energy level to sustain any of this, otherwise you are flapping your arms about: you need to grow wings.
Suggest doing Taiji and Qigong, but choose your teacher well!
This is all about energy, energetic connections, building up qi in your Tan Tien, and in the central meridian. Check out the 8 Extraordinary meridians. It is a slow, patient, persistent practice without looking for results. Just do it every day. Your dreams will become more lucid, and one day your brain will have integrated sufficiently so that your 3rd eye opens up naturally.
As some have written on this site, don't force it! Relaxed concentration, not tensed concentration! Do Zhan Zhuang!
Good luck to y'all.
04-Feb-2005, butterlie
I am wondering if it important to open up other chakras before attempting to open the third eye?
Is there any danger in doing so if say your heart or your navel chakras are not in balance? peace, blessings and thanks for any insights
08-Feb-2005, Mark
In answer to above: "Is it important to open up other chakras first before opening 3rd eye?".
The classic "Kundalini Syndrome" is possible if you open your head without any grounding through your root chakra to the ground throuh K1 acupuncture points (Yong Quan). I would say too, that it is *easy* to open 3rd eye if you have other centers open, and some qi flow. It will open of its own accord. And plus, does everyone really want to just blow themselves away with some fantastic trip? Instant Gratification Generation. How about preparation, and psychological purification: If you are psychologically unstable, have issues, repressions, sublimations, projections, displacements etc. you'd better leave well enough alone: the 3rd eye will have the effect of making your flaws permanently damaging. But then, you probably won't succeed in opening it in that case! There seems to be a natural in-built protection against script kiddies!
10-Feb-2005, kodfish
I'm just curious, I suffer from paranoid/disorganized schizophrenia, and I've been told that it's not too 'safe' to attempt to do anything with your 3rd eye when you suffer from schizophrenia.
13-Feb-2005, Katharine
Based on everything I have read here. I believe my third eye opens but only for a short period of time. I see scenes, people in another dimension. Then everything vanishes and gets cut off. Is there any way to keep the third eye open for longer. Is there a way to have it respond to my question insted of showing me random stuff and people I have never seen. The most remarkable scene I saw was the shroud of Turin and out of the impression Christ fermed and appeared only for a split seconds. I can never ask these entiyies anything or interact with them. What are the experiences of other peole along these lines?
13-Feb-2005, CuriousT
I was in a very relaxed state and front center of my forehead came alive with a very intense scene of something that I've already forgotten, then it panned up and out into the shape of an eye. It was really odd because my third eye was opened and looking at me. The really odd thing was sunset weird.
15-Feb-2005, chona
i just want to share only my experice... before im not interested about third eye. but is happend to me last nov.16,2004, I was in the kitchen alone... and suddenly i felt that my soul want to go out on to my body.. i totally black out i dont know what happend next... my husband told me the my color was changed into violet. and i gave last breath... on other side while its very clear to me that im walking to one place which is theres nothing in there, only white and i could'nt see the gound its only white and no corner. its only horizon. i know i keep on calling the name of my husband. They told me i stay for 13 minutes. When I was woke up i saw my husband face his crying to munch.. and i felt that i am very tired.

after that my vibration was very strong i can tell what will happen next... even in my dreams.... like example i told to my friend the she will get pregnant soon. its happend.. and i was trying to find some very important document its was long time i keep on trying.. and one time in my dream theres one old lady keep on reaching the top of the old cabinet and then when i woke up i found out that the papers is only there.... and last week i feel bad i know something happen i feel that there is ome big bilding will burn... 12 noon its happend... now i don't know if it is the third eye
17-Feb-2005, Autumn
I was wondering if sinus headaches were a sign of the third eye trying to open. I do feel as though my third eye is trying to open with the vibrating and pressure. For about two years, I have felt the "presence" of my third eye about the same time as my sinuses started acting up. I am 32 and have never had sinus infections, sinus pressure, allergies or many headaches. I had my first migraine a month ago. Is the eye trying to "unclog" itself or is it not related? Just wondering...
17-Feb-2005, Mark
Autumn: Yes, your description fits. Sinus headaches and migraine can be a sign of the 3rd eye opening. Don't go taking any pills! Try to go with the feelings, the pressure, the flow, it is a process. Sit down and meditate between the eyebrows. Follow the sensation in if it goes in, pay attention to lights, violet, dark space, vortex ...
Read "Awakening the 3rd Eye" by Carl Sagan
18-Feb-2005, horse
very imformative threads you have all posted. in addition, just want to mention and remind everyone that just focusing on opening the third eye and forgetting the other chakras could cause mental and spiritual imbalance on a person. when one or more of the chakras are not in balance, it could cause an erosion of all other chakras(centers). so it is very important that you ensure your balanced centers. this is most likely the reason why tom (searchings) experienced the panic attack after years of doing meditation. all others may experience some kind of disorders if they try to work on something without in-depth knowledge of proper meditation (pardon me, but i'm not referring to those who posted mentioning about anxieties and disorders, just would like to impart that improper meditation on the 3rd eye may cause mental disorders).

in this view, would like to suggest the following method. those of you who have tried meditating on the 3rd eye and feel that you are almost there, this could help you to proceed with ease. believe me.

first, someone has mentioned, find a quiet place to meditate, soft music will help a lot but this depends on your personality.

second, do the breathing exercise to get you to the alpha state. there are different ways of breathing techniques that can bring you to the alpha state but if you want to find out what I do and how i do it, please email me. it's a free stuff. don't worry. just that it takes too long to discuss it here.

third, do grounding technique, visualization is important here. you have to extract some energy from the center of the earth into your energy channel and ground your energy/ yourself. visualize a tiny tube (or spiritual chord) connected at the base of your spine extending to the center of the earth. extend it until you have reached the center. try to see the energy, its color is earth brown.

fourth, attemp to cleans your chakra. one way is to align all your chakra stems. try to picture your energy channel as a tube lieing in front of your spine. then for each chakra, visualize a stem connecting to the tube. try to see it in your immagination and feel and see if they are all intact or connected strongly in the tube. if they are not, then connect them at once. in my way, i do it like tighting up the screws of the stem in the tube. you can customize it on your own. ther's no right or wrong in doing this. so long as you can see it happening.

fifth, visualize that you are extracting earth's energy from its center into your energy channel until you have finally see and feel the continues flow of energy in your spiritual chord into your energy channel. feel its sensation. the energy must reach the top of your energy channel (crown). then it must go thru each stem. let the energy flow vigorously. let this happen in a minute or so.

sixth, try to look at each center (chakra) begining from the root. visualize its color. then extend the color all around your surrounding. then imagine a brush cleaning your chakra center. (i assume that you all know the color of each chakra so i won't try to discuss it here). clean it up until the color of each center becomes clear and glowing. do for each chakra.

seventh, imagine the energy above your head. the color must be like gold. in my way, i mix up the color gold and bright white energy. imagine the energy flowing through your energy channel mixing up with the earth's energy from top to bottom. (crown to root). then bring the energy to each stem. do for all centers.

eight, go back to the root, try to see a flower at the end of each stem. each flower must bare the color of each chakra. if you can see it already, try to extend the energy from the stem to its flower. the flower must then move or spin. let each flower spin for as long as you like. just make sure you won't over do it because your body might react in a negative way. like in my case, i feel dizzy if i spin it too long and too fast. discover yourself what would work for you.

nineth, when you have cleans all your chakras, then stamp your feet and clap your hands. this will give you a feeling of relief and your body and mind would now have a very relaxing feeling and you would have a very positive outlook in life.

then you are now ready to meditate on your 3rd eye as all your chakras have been cleansed and balanced.

when working on your 3rd eye, you have to always remember that you must work on your crown, too, at the same time. the crown receives the cosmic inspirations. the 3rd eye gives the interpretation.

begin to meditate again by focusing your physical eyes into your spiritual eye (center of the brow). try to see a small opening and begin to open it as wide as yuo can. i suggest you command it by saying a word like, open up. then it will do as you command it. but before you do the 3rd eye chakra, go to your corwn first, try to see it from your 3rd eye. if you view it from the 3rd eye, you will see the base of the flower of the chakra. when you see it, try to go above it, when you reach the top, try to see a small opening like a hole in the skull and from there, try to open it as wide as you can.

throbing or pulsating feeling on the 3rd eye is normal. this means that your spiritual eye is activating and cooperating with your meditation technique.

you are done, you have open your 3rd eye. do this for a week or so until it becomes a habit. eventually, the cosmos will prompt you on how you can make use of this gift.

01-Mar-2005, cedric
good day, everytime i meditating focusing between my two eyebrows(for thirdeye opening), when i finish i only get headache then? it is wrong meditation?
07-Mar-2005, Sherow
This is for the above comment, yes mine do to. Just about 3 days ago I tried laying down and started breathing through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. It was about 6 minutes later I went into a meditation state and I froze it was like I was looking at my body from another point of view. This whole time I was concentrating on my third eye (trying to open it). Then all of a sudden everything went black and a red eye opened (i'm not lying). When I was finally able to move my phisicall body I felt warm and a powerful sensation. Could this be a sign of the third eye awakening. I tried to do the same thing over again and I cant seem to do it but I will keep trying.
07-Mar-2005, Sherow
Now I am looking at a lit candle and focusing on te flame trying to keep the image of light from the flame in my head. It ends up turning red any ideas why?
08-Mar-2005, Zukyiruzi
Hi, First thing I have to say is that I'm interested in this matter since I was a child. I've discovered that opening my third eye would be a great step forwards in my spiritual evolution.

I've tried to meditate on opening my third eye for the first time yesterday. I was sitting in a chair and I concentrated on opening my 3rd eye. I just sat there until something odd would happen. Sometimes I would become aware of my surroundings for a second. This happened 5 times and then nothing happened anymore, so I that was enough for one day. I can feel something pulsating on the third eye chakra now.

I'm going to meditate again tonight, with Horse's advice to clean and balace my chakra system.

When I have reached my goal, I'm going to visit a Magnetiseur (sp?) because I want to know if everything went well. I will let you know when I made some progress...
10-Mar-2005, horse
The pineal gland is located at the back of the forehead in the middle of the eybrow. If the pituitary gland (in the middle of the brain) and the pineal gland work in harmony during your meditation, then pulsating on the forehead in the middle of the brow may be a good indication that your 3rd eye is opening. You will realize the progress when you can feel already that you are more aware about some connections in nature, universe, people, etc.

Let me know guys if your having some progress.
11-Mar-2005, cedric
i try to lit a candle and then focusing onto it and then i put it off and close my eyes, while focusing theres a red small light that rolling up and becomes more intensive color red.

what's that red light mean?
18-Mar-2005, zukyiruzi
I've been meditating many hours in the two days after my last post here. I thought I couldn't feel energies, but this happened the day after my meditation-weekend: I meditated again just after I woke up. When I got on the bus to work, I got this moment of awareness. I got a view on my life: in my life, I didn't feel very comfortable around crowds. the reason for that is that I'm receiving some of their energies. I remember I'm having this all my life, since I was young. The reason why I couldn't feel the energies for a long time, is that I got too used to feeling energies, and I totally forgot what that strange sensation was whenever somebody touched me, or when I looked into someone's eyes.

I think this is the problem: almost everyone can feel energies, but they "forgot" how to reckognise (sp?) the energies around them as they grow older. I think there are multiple ways to learn how to reckognise the energies again, but here is my advice: You have to think open-minded!

in my experience, many creative people I've met and some people who don't care what others think of them are the open-minded ones. If you forgot how to think open minded, meet some people who are open-minded, talk to them, learn from them, and in time you'll know that your energy is adjusting to their open-minded energies. You can learn a lot about their views on life.

I'm seeing more connections in everything around us, and I'm getting new insights every day now.

--- I still have trouble with looking into someone's eyes while talking. Not that I NEVER look into someone's eyes, but when I look into someone's eyes for an extended time, it feels like i'm looking into their soul, it's difficult to explain this feeling. ehm.... Imagine a door with a "private, do not enter" sign on it, and you open the door and walk straight in, you know...that feeling. anyone got that feeling too?
21-Mar-2005, sojourner
To be honest' I have never really considered the third eye as being part of my dreams or visions that I have experianced.On somewhat often occasions I experiance a sort of dream or vision and it always happens before I actually fall asleep.I feel like I am consious and very aware but what I am seeing is very surreal yet peacefull'like I am actually there,actual people conversing and moving'in the midst of it all interacting indoors and outdoors in full light of day.
I honestly don't try to provoke this into happening, it just does without trying.
Would this be considered to be a third eye opening or something else. I genuinely appreciate any input on this.
23-Mar-2005, Mouse
Hey, I know I've been reading the posts on the third eye and such, but I must say that there must be something incorrect here. I meditate all the time, and many times I instinctively focus my eyes in the middle of my head between my brows. I don't know why, but I do. I can see images, though they are just because I can "see" when I'm imagining. Also, what sort of effects will I get once I realize that my third eye has been opened?
28-Mar-2005, Silent E
This responce may be slightly out-dated, however I wanted to reply to something that 'method man' said earlier on in this thread. He was criticizing people who do not interpret things visually, and saying how their dreams were a worthless collection of random thoughts with no meaning because there are no images. I personally think that this is utter b.s. Both of my parents were blind, and they both practiced energy work regulary. Also, because very eraly on in life, I was charged by the need to convert everything that I experienced into the spoken word, in order to then convey what I was experiencing to my parents, I also do not think using traditional visualization. I experience memories and thoughts on the auditory and tactile level. Just because I do not see pictures mid meditation, my energy work is by no means any less effective then anyone elses. I know how to 'feel' the color red, and how to 'hear' the my heart chakra. This is in my opinion a form of visualization, wether or not it is visual in nature.
30-Mar-2005, Matt
For those of you suggesting that those with their "third eye open" are schizoaffective, insane, etc. please do not be so closed minded.

BWGen is not "artificial" or a "fake" means of attaining spiritual accomplishments, human beings have used sound as a creational force since the dawn of time... mantras, invocations, evocations, music, etc... Adam Kadmon even named everything in existence at the creation. It was necessary for Ego to be...

Now, as for the schizophrenic symptoms... When the unconscious mind unites with the conscious mind the Ego can have a hard time adjusting. The Ego will begin to try to accomplish what your Self has accomplished; thus, when you experience synchronicities and other similar phenomena your Ego will begin picking everything apart...

Now, personally, I think the majority of the people, judging by the posts, do not possess the knowledge of alchemy, gnosticism, or any type of theurgical belief structures that are necessary to understand the process you are putting yourself through... It's more than you think.

For those of you who have made a progression and feel that your life has changed to the point of devotion to the Great Work or going beyond faith to knowing.. You are going to want to read more about the Nigredo, or the Dark Night of the Soul, which should explain the schizotypal symptoms you're experiencing...

I, myself, have said too much and I can't wear myself out any longer trying to express the things I wish I had a means of expression for.
If anyone wishes to talk about this more and about their experiences, feel free to email me...

For the rest of you, don't spend too much time on the lower planes of the astral or you will become saturated with the stench of decaying matter...

Konx om Pax
16-Apr-2005, boatman
dear fellow seekers,
reading your comments dating back to last year, i sence much stress in your writing. not all i hasten to add. stress is'nt a conducive state to be attempting anything, muchless the opening of the third eye. there is much confusing information on this subject,some possable comming from such authors as lobsang ramper who, so he claimed,had a hole bored through his skul with a drill made from bambo and left in place to keep the third eye open. ok,my mind isnt closed but i visualise this to be riualistic rather than metaphysical.
many folk imagin that ote{opening third eye} experience might incude flashing effugent light and feel kundalini surging up sushumna {spinal cord} or other monumental experiences. may i suggest,fellow seekers that your third eye is already open by various degrees, it most certainly was at your birth only to be obstructed by growing up in a society based on materialism, ego massageing and competition and what we look like. my methodolagy, in this practice of ote is through yoga and meditation which includes correct breathing, right thinking ,peace, calm, harmony, tranquility, equanimity. may be you are there already, stop trying so hard,all will be well.

best wishes,the boatman.thirtyeight years yoga teaching and still going strong
25-Apr-2005, eXile
I haven't the time to read all of the previous posts and I apologise if this was already mentioned, but, at random times the place on my forhead where the third eye is feels like it is under a lot of pressure. When it does this, the pressure does not feel as if it is coming from without, but rather from within. Not from under the skull though. It actually feels as though somthing is collecting or forming there, and I was wondering what in the world this pressure means? If this has been explained before, please just point me toward the correct post or put up a link or something to a place where I can find this info. Thanks a bunch.
01-May-2005, ronald
heres the correct way to open your third eye. simply relax and think of your forehead and as soon as you feel tingling there thats it dont do anything else. thats all you have to do is simply be aware of the forehead no particular place is nessasary soon flash pictures will pop in your head out of no where good luck
06-May-2005, sumdood
...won't post again...EXCEPT to correct myself

It is a specific (and ya probably patented) verson of what is called Tactile (not Tatile sorry) Visualization where feelings are the focus not images.

IE it is much easier for you to rub your hands together, remember the "tingling feeling" and then trying to recreate it and move it from your palm to your elbow; than it is for you to imagine white light glowing and comming down from heaven into your head and through your spine into your hand and now try to move it into your elbow. That means nothing on how it FEELS all it says is imagine and I have a VERY good imagination but immages arnt Energy.
08-May-2005, Preacher
In one of my recent meditation sesions i first relaxed my mind, body, emosions & sprit. Then i visulized or rather saw what i could only explain to be tunnels. Then i thought to my self i want to go thougth the tunnels so mental i preseeded to go thougth. Once i traveled for a while i reached and open plane. And i said to my self i seek gidedence and a temple apeared before me. There were loads of steps but i didnt walk up them because this was were i noticed that i was able to fly. So i went in to the temple and saw a spirt in the center with loads of rows of spirts left and right of the center spirt, I wont tell you what was said Because thats was ment for me. But i also asked if any spirts were from the west and i spoke to sum one in texas , usa and i asked him to see an image of his physical body medatating and he did. This is were i really belived that i had reached the higher plane. i also spoke to sum one from japan after talking for a while i realised there is a universal language in the higher plane i spoke english and he spoke japanisse but we understood each other.I left that place and thouht to my self i want to find sum one in china learning kung fu then i saw a mountin in the distence and so i mentaly flew there and saw a young looking lad and he tort me some moves. then i thought to my self i want to go to another temple and then i saw a temple again but this time to enter i had to go thougth more tunnels once i reached my destination i meet a very powerful spirt who showed me thing i never knew exsited but i wont say wot they are because i was supost to see this. If you are ment to see what i saw then you will be shown when you reach that place.Any way i said my thanks and begain to leave it felt like i was getting pulled back the stages were like this first the void then the tunnels then drakness and i was back in my body. i looked at the clock and realised i had been meditating of 3 hrs when it only seemed like 45 mins. This was the first time i ever had an expereance of this scale. I had un-controlable joy for hours after. my qeustion was has any one else had an experiance of this scale before ?
Thanks Preacher
17-May-2005, Zero Zainocke
My "3rd" eye isnt opening and iver tried various methods of it like a rusted can opener to a titanium can.

Ive had experence with sub soundfont and it works...jsut need to find 1 piece of music you like and lace it with the soundfont you desire...i made 1 mix of it where it had some subliminal message saying these things:

Go into a deep meditation
Dream of the "Astral Plane"
wake up in the dream
Do psionic combat

Now the reason im not able to do this is im right handed, not creative side is more prominant than the other to ballence it out so im abidextious.....not easy
bacause you cant do it once you mind is destroyed and "locked" for all iom trying out this stuff and as i write im going to do some research on it...i can handle hogh amounts of psionics processing but i cant ever use it.

Bottom line....cant do it and locked a can of 3rd eye with a adamantium can opener of subsound font....
18-May-2005, GLADIATOR
after getting your first and second reiki attunments how is it that u get an increase your energy flow or do does it gradually increase over time......
18-May-2005, Migz
well finally, some few souls who understands that the human brain is not just for logical proceses. well i'v been a believer too. it's just that i didn't know there are peope like me in this site. i'v been reading tons of books concerning studies about the third eye. thay all said the same thing. maybe it's because this site told me of how it felt to open your third eye rather than explaining it. i'm no clairvoyant and all but i'm a great empath and psychometrist. chow.. it was nice knowing you all
20-May-2005, dude
Ive read most of everybodies comments on the third eye here and like most everyone I have a feeling in my forehead by i havent yet seen flashing lights or anything like that, I wanted to ask if anyone could explain the process of balancing your chakras ? becouse i read that it can be dangerous to open the third eye without balance in the chakras
21-May-2005, newbie
Ive been meditating on my chakras over a month now and Ive read abuute the third eye, since then ive tryed meditating around my forehead more than any other chakra, and ive felt a pressure. I was wondering if thats a sign it wants to open, the third eye, or i feel it becouse I want to so much?
23-May-2005, Eye
Nothing happened here :/
26-May-2005, Dude
to stephan
what you were having is known I think as astroprojection, you might know what it is already, it is when your spirit/soul is trying to get out of your body, its not anything bad, I think the symptoms of this is vibrating ( like you said), your eyes might roll back, and a seizure sort of thing, I dont know about ringing thought.

ps. dont worry about it, instead when you have them try to figure out things like how it may be caused so you can control it later on.
27-May-2005, Master Mystic
Preacher watch what you bargan for!! You'll have reach enlightment, but you do not seem to believe in it! Watch out for stronger spirits which can affect the physical realm!!
29-May-2005, stranger
well im not sure if my "3rd eye" is open but for as long as i can remember. even when i was a little kid i would feel pressure in between my eyebrows when i was alone and could sense someone coming to me.
29-May-2005, stranger
oh yea and also i forgot to mention after i have this weird tingling pressure i feel really faint and tired. and then when the person comes around it goes away. it also does it with phone calls... just happened to me right now...
05-Jun-2005, Gheta

Ive been reading some of your comments, and would like to seek your advice.

I sometimes feel a slight throbbing at my forehead ( very mild) when I try to concentrate on the location of the third eye.

Sometimes when I close my eyes to meditate, I see glimpses of purple color and green. What does this mean and at what stage am I?

When they say you will see light, what color should the light be?

Thank you.
08-Jun-2005, SlumberJack
Hi, I use my third eye to communicate with my silent parnter, the supersoul.

if i ask it a question then increased throbing mean 'yes' - less or no sensation means 'no'

This way, I (the Ego) give up control over all decisions and all anxiety disappears.

10-Jun-2005, InRayong

You have raised good questions. However, this note may not necessary answer all your specific concerns but to address some issues that many novice practitioners have questions similar to you. The technique I used is a form of basic mediation not Vipassana Meditation (sH- u]y
Buddhists monks practice). There are many different ways to practice meditation, there is no only One Right way and Others are wrong-I believe. From there, I am able to get into self-hypnosis and use autosuggestion to enhance my mind. I am comfortable with the way I meditate and also able to get many results which I want to share with others. Find an approach that you are comfortable and just do it. You may want to vary your practice and see if you are able to get more or anything else from them.

As far as the third eye, in my opinion that it is an imaginary eye that one can use to perform different tasks. I must admit I have the least knowledge about this subject. Personally, I do not have all the information and that is one of the reasons I am reading these threads to see what else I can do.

Base on my personal experience, my recommendations to your immediate concerns are as followed:

1 Do not dwell on whatever appears in the vision during mediation, whether it is a color(s) or image(s) or thought (s). In time, it will be explained to you. Only you know what those visions represented. It could be a regression of some events in the past which your subconscious may be trying to tell you-or it might be nothing at all-only for you to appreciate the moments. Acknowledge that you see them and detach from anything else you see-do not place any emphasis on what you see or experience-if it is for you to know-then only you will know what they mean.

The sensation that your mind and body becomes one is the primary objective-again, only a moment is all you need and only you will be aware of it. Cherish and embrace each moment when you are able to achieve this stage of nothingness (Samati or Samathi). Many practitioners (I call them Yogi) are unable to get to this point. I tell them just to relax and do not expect anything-it will happen naturally. Therefore, do not pressure or concern yourself with the when is next, next and next-be at the present and enjoy what has been accomplished-as said, its a redundant, when the time come you would know. If possible, novice should have a mentor to guide as well as shape the mental process during the expedition.

From one my own personal experiences I would like to share: I saw eyes of dogs and puppies I killed when I was younger using rocks and stones-because I did not know better-it was very stupid and cruel of me. They were in my vision just to remind me what I have done; I recalled the event and sincerely felt guilty and remorseful. I am sorry and regret what I did, it was a poor judgment as I should have known better and it was a sin. Recently, I have had slipped disk, whether they are related, I hope it meant they have forgiven me. Subsequently, when I make donations or contribution toward various causes and charities, I tribute these offerings (some call this merit) to them as well as others including those I hurt and whom hurt me-both intentionally or unintentionally during this lifetime as well as my pass life. I forgive all my enemies and asked for forgiveness from all of those I hurt. Now, I do feel much better without the baggage of dirty deeds I have done whenever.

At this time I reflect upon my values and the things that I value, realize that nothing in this world is permanent including my own body. Nothing lasts forever, everything changes and sometimes disappeared. Try to look for goodness in everything that is bad, at least without them we would not realize what is good-without darkness, there would not be any light.

2 The throbbing sensation in the area of the forehead, to me, it represents the fact that you are able to concentrate successfully. Try using this imaginary third eye to look around and focus onto an area or an object, both open eyes should be below the area you are applying-you should feel the energy even more when it is trying to absorb. This is how I use this special energy to dissolve ailment or soreness for myself and others.

3. You are only a beginner; there are many different stages and sub-stages which are not necessary progressive. The level of Samati (mind and body as one) includes, a few seconds, temporary (slightly longer), and able to maintain the level of Samati anytime and as long as one desire.

From there one could learn many of the natural wonders: good/bad-cause/effect, create/destroy, conceive/death etc.

The immediate benefits of meditation include:

A. Tranquility, better self-control, more reasonable, better health, better memory, better habits, all around better person-better virtues, and etc

B. Enhance intuition (include the 3rd eye), better perception, better visions, able to resolve problems or difficulties easily, and etc

C. Able to determine the right/wrong, past/future, pass life and etc

D. Let go of all desires (Nirvana) by eliminating all desires and overcome the three roots of evil-lust, hatred, and delusion*

*Note: The A-C above are applicable to most laypersons who want to meditate; however, to pursue nirvana (D) -there are too many details to be listed and to thoroughly explain here. Nirvana is appropriate and applicable only to the serious practitioners. Yes, it is a Vipassana Meditation.

Just as someone mentioned above, all beginners should find a knowledgeable mentor to better understand and see how one is progressing.

Please, I am trying not to obliterating anyones belief as everyone has a right to his/her own values.

Finally, please forgive me for my poor English.

Thank you
11-Jun-2005, Gheta
InRayong & SlumberJack,

Thank you for your explanations.

Could I ask another question what is the difference between meditation and concentration? If I were to focus my eyes on a flame, is it considered as meditation?
14-Jun-2005, seeker
Dear all,
it is advisable for all of you,who want to develop their third eye that you must go to some enlightened master.He will be able to tell the safe and sure way of achieving your goal.Since in this thread , all are just the beginners.So please do not waste your time here talking about your feelings and experiences related to third eye.Rather go to a master to get the expert advice.Since Third eye is a wast fenomena , the sucess can be achieved only through the sincere efforts and the most sincere effort is to surrender to a Guru(Master).
15-Jun-2005, Wasantha
According to my knowdge chackra should open from biginning how we can open third eye at once with out activating of othere chackra?
17-Jun-2005, Sumdood
Lately I've been more interested in Kundalini than the third eye, and I've begun to realise that (at least I think) there is a correlation between the two.

If none of you know what kundalini is I suggest you go look on the internet for some info. It (in my new opinion) is a more profound and important part to reaching enlightenment than the third eye.

The Third Eye is simpily a single chakra that has certain properties/abilities. However, when one goes through the kundalini proccess of awakening, they must (i'm assuming) at least cleans and or open ALL of their chakras meaning the 6th (third eye) is activated in the process.

Another way to put the above statement is,
Awakening the kundalini within you leads you to connecting with all of your full potencial and spiritual power. Therefore, pursuing IT wrather than simply focusing on ONE chakra may be a more important endevoure.

Trying to pertain to this preset, if it works to activate your Third Eye Great!, but pursuing just to see with the Third Eye isn't much of a pursuit. I think there is a Kundalini Preset but I havn't used it. That may be interesting to some of you.

It is amazing to me how similar the proccess of Opening the Third Eye and activating your Kundalini are. So I'm saying that maybe pursuing a Kundalini Awakening may help you open your third eye and other abilities/chakras.

Another thing i want to say is that there is alot of info on the internet about how humanity is changeing and I could ramble on about "The Photon Belt", or the Earths EMField and how it is effecting conciousness, or about the supposed "Mother Goddes Energy" that is permeating our world and working to elighten mankind and fight evil.

BUT nonetheless there is indeed something going on and the very fact that this page exists is in my opinion proof enough that people are hungryer and more interested in spiritual and psychic pursuites today than they where lets say 10 years ago.

I feel that opening your third eye may open doors for you, but I'm trying to say that if you study, there is MORE out there than just the Third Eye and you need to go in pursuit of it if you TRULY are interested in TRUE enlightenment and change within your life.

Acording to some though, humanity will change on its own and it just takes time. SO you COULD just sit back and wait but I personally cannot.

ALSO, I have heard alot of talk about BOTH the openning of the third eye AND raising Kundalini and how you shouldn't do it TOO FAST. People say, "Let it take it's own course" or "Don't push it, when you are ready it will happen". WELL, how does one get ready then????? I never hear those same people giveing any lessons on how to start your change so that you will be ready.

I personaly think that there is a kinda hidden group of people infiltrating those who are decent, to hold humanity back from change. THEY are spreading the propagandistic lies of "WAIT" to keep you held down.

If someone says to this "NO, we just don't want you to hurt yourself" then I say to them, "HOW Then do we start this change? What are we supposed to do then to change???" IF the answere to that it "WAIT" I think YOU are evil.

ANYONE who holds back TRUTH is evil.
ANYONE who makes you pay "Big BUCKS" for their "Enlightenment Recipie" is evil.
ANYONE who tries to make good on someone pursuing honest change and truth is EVIL.
ANYONE that throws LIES into the mix of TRUTH intentionaly is EVIL.
ANYONE that says "You can't change, you have to let change happen" is EVIL.

YOU CAN CHANGE. IT is just up to you. Seek enlightenment and you will find it. It takes time but it comes slowely and surely. BUT IT DOES COME.
Gnostics put it in terms of "Gnosis" (which is why today we call them Gnostics, but in their time they called themselves "Christians" and were eventually murdured and wiped out by the FALSE Christians who rule the world today)
Thy said that one recieves "Gnosis" (or knowledge though they meant it as Divine knowledge not anylitical knowledge) and after one recieves it, they will start to change and NOTHING will keep them from it. EVENTUALLY they WILL recive more Gnosis, and this fules the spiritual change that they believed themselves to be going through.

So to what I said above, you that are on this page have already started your search and therefore you are destined to grow at least some more. THERFORE TO SAY YOU CAN'T CHANGE IS A LIE,( because you already HAVE changed).

Those that seek to hold you down and keep you from changing are doing so because

EITHER A). They are part of the "Elites" and don't want you to have spiritual power or know the Truth because you then would have the knowledge/power to change and EXIT their system of thougth and control

OR B). They are fooled by type A). and think that it is indeed true that you should wait and not pursue change.

All in all, if you are in the process of change, then continue to pursue NO MATTER WHAT! (BE cautious and carfull of what you seek, but don't NOT SEEK when you simply CAN)
IF however you are NOT in the process of change, then I suggest you start though anyone on this page probably already is started the change.

CHANGING ONE'S conciousness is the MOST important pursuit one can take within this life.

Openning the third eye is a start and is important. BUT there is a massive OCEAN of TRUTH out there to find, The Third Eye is just one of many Rivers running into that ocean. Follow it or other paths your on and you should find something.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT. I WIll now say something more pertinent to the third eye.

I took a "chakra" test at this one website and found that according to it, I ranked 44% open on my third eye (ranging from -100 to 100) so i was about 3/4ths open. BUT I HAVE NOT "Abilities" associated with the third eye being open.

SO I E-Mailed the site and asked basically "why? Is your system flawed or is there more to the third eye than just sight?"

Their responce is both important and (I think will be to you) insitefull. (and this is by no means a "quote" but is rather a paraphrase and deepening of what they said)

Basicaly, one with a "CLOSED THIRD EYE CHAKRA" thinks in terms of absolutes and holds to TRADITION and SOCIETY and RELIGION and SCIENCE to think for them because they are insecure about their own ability to think. They THINK they are the thinker but are in all actuallity TOTALY dependent on OTHERS for their thoughts. They have a world view or Paradigem (sp?) that is completely structured by OTHERS and NOT Themselves. They get angry when you try to crack or shake their paradigem and are very defensive about their beliefs. They also tend to have a hard time grasping new concepts.

On the other hand one with an "OPEN THIRD EYE CHAKRA" is the opposite. (or wrather there is a verying change between the previous and the following as one OPENS their Third Eye)

They are: Open to new ideas and are able to rationalize and think through their own thoughts. They may support SCIENCE, or RELIGION, or SOCIETAL NORMS, or TRADITIONALISM, but realize that none of these hold the ONLY TRUTH that is in the world. That there is more than just what they've been lead to believe. They also tend to have good visualization skills, and a strong immagination. They are creative and incitefull and are not just soely ANYLITICAL.

As it opens they tend to develope psychic abilities even if only VERY FAINT like intuition and an awareness of the world beyond pure sensory inpute.

IE (Walking into a room and feeling something evil present, OR Thinking about "mom" and then she calls a minute later).

As far as the Preset is conserned, It may help you open your third eye, but dont' look for that OPENING as just a change in visualization. After listening to it you may start to change in how you percive the world.

NOW I HAVE TO EXPLAIN QUICKLY WHAT "Syncronicity" is really quick to give an annecdote (sp?) to what this preset and some i've created for myself have done for me to furthur explain how this may effect you.

Syncronisity is simpley, the belief that there is a kind of rythem to your life and that as you follow the path of enlightenment or whatever you start to see things that show you are becomeing more "syncronized" with something.
Mostly people get hung up on Digital Clock Displays and the like but there is more too it than that.

An example of syncronicity would be looking at your clock/watch just because you got the urge and found it to be 2:22pm then later you where lets say driving down the road and you were lost in thought and suddenly became extremely aware of your surroundings and decided to look at the clock only to find it 3:33pm. And then later your at home cooking somthing in the microwave while watching TV and get a strang thought about how reality is like a TV show and then decide to stop your food before it explodes and you just happen to stop it at 4:44pm SO in 3 hours you saw 2, 3, and 4 repeated in proper order. COINCIDENCE????
SOme would say NO! it is this phenomena of "Syncronicity" almost like someone is saying "Your on the right path keep going" people say that if it stops (IE YOU dont' notice these things anymore) you are no longer on the "right path" and need to re-evaluate how you've taken your life.


I took and tried to make several "Third Eye" presets similar to this one and got on Google and looked for Chakra frequencies etc and tried to create a massive complexe preset that stimulated my third eye. TO make a long story short after using it several times ( I tired to fall asleep to it and 3 occasions) I didnt' notice any new changes in my sight, but I did start to have this "Syncronisity" phenomena increase and have grown in insitefullness and intuition VERY MUCH since then.

IE: I have "opened my third eye SOMEWHAT" and the evidence isn't quite so grand as everyone here is hopeing for, but it has happend none the less.

I have been driving down the road and realt I should slow down only to see a dear shorty up the road.

I have been on the internet looking for something about Kundalini or The Third Eye or whatever and got this strange thought out of nowhere of what to type in to get the info that I needed. I then would look at the clock on my desktop only to see that it read 11:11pm (supposedly a VERY important number in Numerology and Syncronisity) At that time I would also find EXACTLEY what I needed on the net.

Point being IT DOES WORK, just not quite how you think it will.

Its like loosing weight....SO your scale says you didnt' loose a pound yet your pants keep falling off....hmmm think somethings UP? I DO

Similarly just because you dont' get some GRANDEOSE MASSIVE MAGICAL BREAKTHROUGH! doen't mean you arn't changing and on the right path.

17-Jun-2005, Sumdood
HA! and as 'Before' I find myself a moron once again and need to fix something (man I wish this site had an "edit" feature.

Ok that stopping the microwave at 4:44pm was supposed to be stopping it at 4:44 mins left when you hit stop. This sort of thing HAS happened to me and i'm not just saying some crap to make myself feel good.

Also realt is supposed to be fealt :P and dear is supposed to be Deer. and there are probably 100,000,000 other errors in this. (like i just know I miss-spelled syncronisity worng (pronoucned Sing-krow-niss-city) anyway as I said I HOPE THIS HELPS ALOT. It isn't just Psychic powers and sight that one is getting with an open third eye, it is mental sight, and seeing through the lies, through the Viel. In life, in media, in concepts.
17-Jun-2005, Sumdood
OOO, I just remembered some interesting "Visual" things i've been noticing lately since using the preset I made, so I have to share it with you all.

First I'll say this: I have read on the internet about something i've been seeing since I can remember. It is hard to describe but I'll try.

I see very small things that look like they are moving through the air and are hard to grasp. They are easyer to see if you are holding your eyes still.

I don't like to use this image but it is the only one I know of that fits. THEY look like "spermitazoa" does under a microscope. They are about 2CM long with a head that is usually dark in color and a very thin tail that is usually bright. They are more like glass and transparent, NOT actaully colored. They swarm about and move in all directions like looking at water under a microscope filled with bacteria.

I always thought they where me seeing my own blood moving through blood vessels in my eyes. (except when I was a very small child I have a memory of me telling my dad I didnt' want to walk to him cause i saw (what I thought were) NATS flying in clumps like they always do in the summer over the grass. HE didn't see anything and was like "What are you talking about Theres nothing there etc...")

However I ran across a site talking about Kundalini, and Chi/Prana and the diffrences. THEY said that what people are seeing (and described it like what i've been seeing) is Prana or life force etc that is in the Aura or Etheric of plants and animals and humans. IT is also supposed to be innately in the air, but is denser near plants who radiate it and it is supposed to be the more purposfull reason why we need to breath.(I've noticed it more fully near wooded areas or when by a tree etc)

(It is interesting to note that some people have claimed to be able to live without food and feed completely on breathing excersises) If life force is in food, and it is in the air then maybe this is possbible (but that is another concept entirely).

At any rate I see it, my brother sees it, his friends see it. SO i think it is something quite real.

About the preset, since I used it I have noticed seeing these things more often now than before.
(and I notice it more in the morning when the Sun comes up (and some claim to feed of the sun at sun rise too so there again is this strange corelation))

Another thing is this, before I ever knew of this site I've been trying to open my third eye and started noticing more and more (with increase in the whole syncronicity phenomena) small spots of white or purple.

NOW I dont' see "flashes of light" like some describe. INSTEAD I see what looks like a burned immage (like when you look at a bright light) thats why it is purple sometimes. BUT it manytimes is not from ANY light sourse. I've woken up in the middle of the night with pitch blackness in my room and have seen these "Spots" There was nothing to cause me to see it, and no light source to "BURN" an image in my eyes. IT is usually close to the center of my vision but not exactely in the center and is never in the same exact spot.

Now since using the preset I noticed a VERY profound increase in it happening.

I one day after using it all night to fall asleep, woke up and was fixing food for myself and felt this strange sensation like when you get Dejavue and what I feel often when I have the whole "Syncronicity" thing happen.

As I was mesmurised by this sensation I noticed something that looked like a GIANT verson of my first visual example in this post.

IT looked like it was burrowing through reality if you will, like there were layers of invisible stuff between me and it and it was at different depths so even though I couldn't see the MEDIUM it was moving through, I could see it change in thick ness and clarity like it was being covered up by REALITY, and then surfacing again.

IT Squiggled up and down (swiming agan (sry to say) like a spermatezoa only much slower) moving on a sinwave fasion ^v^v^v^v-o

NOW it also looked like the "dots" I see and was kinda dark purple and left a bright trail through "REALITY" as it passed by (Think of the bullets in "The MATRIX" and the bullet being the think I saw, the "WAKE" of the bullet is like the trail it left, like it was litterally TUNNELING throught the air just like a bullet).

I was talking to my Mom at the time and paused and watched it for a second and it just phased into the background that was my kitchen. SHE was just waiting looking at me wondering why I paused and for a second looked to see what I was looking at. I finaly (after it dissapeared) just said (and I had been saying u...ummm i mean..errr what I was trying to say was....) Um sry I was thinking about something, anyway...." and continued with my conversation.

I've never seen ANYTHING like that before and was quite facinated, but also I felt a bit unnerved to realize things in my house may not be as peacefull as I had thought. (IE what was that and if it is "negative" then it could be a source of strife within my family (of which there is alot))

(AND I didnt' get the feeling it was "benigne" (IE it felt more like an "imp" going about it's evil buissness than an angel stopping in to say hello, tho unconcerned with present happenings nonetheless)

One last thing about the things i've seen.

I also have alot of dreams of "Spiders" (I fall into webs alot, or get them on me, or have to go through a den of sorts with lots of them everywhere) I HATE SPIDERS and for some reason (though I think they are probably one of the coolest creatures in the world) I think they are the most vile and horrendus (using venom to melt the insides of a creature and then suck the liquid out is quite horrible IMO)

ANYWAY if the light is just right(dim but not dark) I can see "web" like energy or fuzzyness over my bed. If I clean my sheets it seems to go away but then come back in like 2 weeks. After using the preset I started to see it more and now notice it all over my room. (which freeks me out, maybe the "spiders" of me dreams are "REAL" "Etheric" spiders that are "clinging" to my room for whatever reason.)

It is important to note that I also feel things crawling on me at times and for a while thought I had gotten flees from my cat. But I've seen flees before and they are big enough to see and I've seen nothing. SO Now I'm thinking that my room is a sort of Etheric spider's nest and if thats so..."WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO MY ROOM!?!?!?!" lol but in all seriousness....

I think a more knowledgeablel psychic etc kind of person would say maybe my room is full of "negative energy" or something and my subconcious is interpreting it through my fear of spiders and is warning me of the danger in my dreams.

Also to help explain ALL The things I see...
I usually only see them when I am very tired/justwokeup. I have to be very relaxed and at peace to notice it. It is usually only very faint and could easily be passed off as fuz created by my eyes being tired or unactive. (and I'm not saying that this isn't the case, it may very well be NOTHING)

BUT it is usually colorless and is more like a heat wave or something like glass. (Transparent and colorless with a kind of BENDING of light aspect(like the invisibility effect of the Preditor in ..."The Preditior" lol)). Sometimes it takes on a BLUE/PURPLE tint and is otherwise the same.

"Stuart Wilde" author of the website "" and of a ton of psychic and what have you books claims that since 2000 there was this "GodForce/Goddess" (that I mentioned breifly in my other long post today) that is basicaly bringing human conciousness UP and therfore people are going to start to see strange things in what he calls "The MORPH" and so it is possbile that what I'm seeing is actually that but I dunno.

ANYWAY I normaly never right on forums etc and so I feel strange giveing you all these 2 books tonight but I hope they help and if anyone knows more about what i've seen or has experienced this (due to the present(s) or not) please post I'm very interested to hear if others have experienced this sort of thing or not.
17-Jun-2005, Sumdood
Also To InRayong...sorry I read your posts AFTER I made my new ones. Thanks for the info, it helped ME cleare up meditation and more of what it actually is supposed to be...and as far as you is better than mine and I'm an American :)

Also I think you are helping to point out that the third eye is more than just a Psychic Sight Tool. This is a point i was makeing and had i read your posts first I would have not elaborated so much. SORRY TO EVERYONE FOR MY RANTING :( but I'm not going to post much anymore so its ok :)
19-Jun-2005, InRayong
He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.
Chinese proverb
Gheta wrote:
Could I ask another question what is the difference between meditation and concentration? If I were to focus my eyes on a flam<- s"hcܸed as meditation?

To me, I concentrate during meditation with an objective of having a Samati (mind and body). I am not sure how I could better explain. I hope someone else can give better definitions.

You can meditate by focusing your eyes on the color of flame, neither the flickering nor smoke. My suggestion is to first practice breathing (Prana) by concentrate only to the inhaling and exhaling for a few days as explained earlier until comfortable.

To use the flame, usually candle, cut-out a hole large enough that only the flame can be seen from a cardboard. The distance should be about two feet away at eye level. I stare on flame through the hole until I can visualize the flame with my eyes close. If the image starts to blur or that I can not remember the color, I open my eyes to look at the flame again. I try to imprint the image while my eyes are closed. Subsequently, the image will start to change slowly its color from red/orange/yellow-ish to light yellow to white. After my mind is more stable, the color will again slowly change to clear color similar to crystal. Later when mind is able to stay still further, the color will again transform to sparkling crystal similar to diamond sparks playing with the light.

This is when my third eye is opened in addition to having Samati.

Others to use include
X Earth/Dirt-use red clay or red-ish soil
X Water in a bowl or glass, ocean/lake/river-make sure to focus only on water not to include the container or background
X Wind-Looking at the breeze on a tree branch
X Green color/steel/metal/green leaves
X Yellow-Gold/flowers
X Red/Blood-paper or cloth or flowers
X White, paper or cloth or flowers
X Light-or light beam/light through a hole in the wall-make sure to concentrate only on the light not the wall or background

The process will be the same as I mentioned above.
Initially, one should master each prior to doing the next one. No particular sequence is necessary. After you are good at it, you will be able to recall the images as they were anywhere and at anytime.

May I recommend that you try using colors above to meditate? If you appear to have a type A personality, easily exited, or hot temper and this focus will help with the balance.
Enjoy the expedition
Thank you for your kind notes.
What you experience is normal and do not be afraid-just acknowledge and let it go, I feel you are on the right path; however. When you have a chance go to the shelter or a hospital and make a donation and give the merit you have earned to those spiders you may have intentionally or accidentally killed. Once you are out of your trance try to look for the beauty of the spider. I am not asking you to accept them but to reflect and to determine its purpose in life. They are extremely deligent; they help eliminating bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and etc.
The tinkling or a sensation as though there is a cool breeze or small insect is crawling on your skin is common. Do not be alarm and do not panic. In some cases, I believe the subconscious is trying to communicate something.
Keep practicing the meditation, I believe you will be able to achieve more than the third eye.
My experience with BWG is limited and I thank you for sharing your encounters.

As stated before, I am not an expert on third eye or meditation. I can only share what I have and experienced myself. I can only hope some information I have provided will be useful to some. And yes, beginners should have mentors or teachers they can trust and who truly understand the subject.

"Don't take life too seriously -- it's not permanent."
23-Jun-2005, Sumdood
OK, I took your advice (sort of) about spiders InRayong. Last night as I was going to sleep (before I fell asleep) I tried to put into practice your statement about realizing the truth about spiders etc. as well as (at least at one point, and I was quite tired) I tried to sort of ask forgiveness of the spiders that I had killed etc.

WELL, I fell asleep shortly after and this is what I dreamed. (actually It was the 3rd dream of 3 very strange dreams but I'll just tell you this one)

In the dream I was not in it, but was watching others. There were people working in like a lab or something and there was like this special large warehouse like room that connected to the lab through a door.

One of the guys inside this "lab" kept looking at a shadow comming from the "warehouse" and for some reason he didn't realize what it was even though I (like someone watching an old movie) was able to tell what was going on.

The shadow was of a giant spider batting with its front legs at a man that was like webed up haning helplessly.

I kept thinking in the dream "DO SOMETHING you fool!" but the lab guy just wondered at it, like he didn't understand or know where it was comming from.

ANYWAY to make a long story short. At one point he got qurious and walked over to the door and looked in and eventually UP inside the Warehouse to see what was going on only to run out and past where he was working and outside of the lab.

BECAUSE when he looked inside the warehouse, he saw that Indeed a huge spider was killing some guy and so he quickly left, BUT the spider then chased him.

SO somehow he got outside and as the spider crashed its way through the lab, he got stuck at the entrance of the lab as well as set off a fire or something because at this point in the dream, I was suddenly viewing from outside (still like watching a movie) and the building was collapsing and fire was wooshing out between boards etc. and the spider slamed into these 2 doors (the ones that lead to the lab) and was trying to get through but ended up dieing in the blaze while still stuck at the lab entrance.

NOW thats pretty much it and I'm just wondering what this dream means. (I'm not necisarily asking for an interpretation, I'm just saying that it was strange and I should tell you because of it's relevence to this conversation.)

BUT one last thing about the dream.

First I have to tell you what the outside of the lab (actually outside completely) looks like.

The lab (from the outside) looked more like an entrance to an old warehouse in the middle of a city. It was on like an old road with old brick buildings beside it, and IT had 2 wooden sliding doors (where the spider got stuck and died).

WELL, on the other side of the street directly across from the "lab" entrance there was just some steps that lead up to a wall.

FROM THE SIDE:(I hope this displays right)sometimes they eliminate "wasted" spaces so this may turn out to look terrible sorry in advance...

| |Wall
| _______|
|Lab _|
| _|
|_ _|Steps

ANYWAY, up on the landing by the wall on the top of the steps (AS the guy in the dream was running out of the building away from the huge spider) there were these 2 guys playing "wall ball" sort of.

It looked more like "Tennise" without the rackets.
And as all this was going on with a huge fire and a giant spider dieing and this guy screaming running away, THEY just kept playing very intently and suddenly it was like I was standing up there with them and I laughed to the guy that ran out of the building and said something like "MAN!, after all that and they are STILL just playing their game" and I was quite amazed that this crazy and insane event didn't even phase them.

WELL thats it, one very strange dream. By the way, It was not very scary as I was not actually in the dream(well untill the very end) and it ended humurously (spelling?) so this WAS NOT a "nightmare" but just a very strange dream.

Not sure EXACTLY why I dreamed it, but I think had I not been thinking about spiders last night I would not have dreamed this. BUT keep in mind it was the third of 3 very stange dreams.

First was more or less about me "Dreaming" that I had an Out of body experience and told someone how very strange it was.

Second one was about how I was a young child again and a Tanker truck hauling (sp?) gassoline had crashed right outside my house and I had to warn my parents because I thought it was going to blow up (which it didn't)

Third was the spider thing.

SO I had quite the night of dreams and I could go in depth for all 3 but they are irrelivent.

ALSO InRayong, I will put to practice that meditation for the 3rd Eye you said. Sounds like something that WILL actually work. Thanks for the info.
23-Jun-2005, Sumdood
WOW it did indeed mess up, I'll try again for the TOP view




Hope you get the "picture" so to speak :)
24-Jun-2005, linda
i was wondering if a pituitary tumar that hemraged
in my brain earlier this year is some how connected to visions and lucid dreaming i experianced during that time, including seeing the tsunami and hearing the cries out from those affected before the event happened . if anyone has information or has feed back for me i would really love to hear from you
27-Jun-2005, brandon
i just started reading about the third eye a few days ago, meditation and all this. i attempted it last night before bed. i layed down and just focused on my center brow and tried to clear my mind. after a little while it was like i was in a dark was black but with scenes of all kinds of ramdom ppl and things sliding across. it didnt last long then i 'came back' i guess. i didnt feel any vibrating or anything that i remember. just those images and lights. its the first time i tried it. could it be something associated with my third eye opening?
27-Jun-2005, brandon
adding to above post of mine.

it wasnt like i was conscious was like i was somehwere else. not like i was laying on my bed seeing these but in a different place. then i 'came back' and my eyes opened. and i remembered seeing things but i dont remember them now. im kinda scared to try it again cause i've read it can be dangerous unless you balance your chakras.
29-Jun-2005, brandon
last night i kept seeing this bird image. it wasnt like a picture. its just like a solid color and the shape of a bird. it was a bluish color. am i imagining things or am i making progress ?
04-Jul-2005, em
I've been doing random research for many years on the third eye, and yesterday... i don't know if I had a breakthrough.

I was laying in bed, and was staring at a fixed point on my ceiling (the screw in the light fixture). The only light in the room was dim from the closet in the corner.

I continued to stare at the point, hoping to experience some sort of out-of-body something, but suddenly, the light dimmed noticeably in the room, and before I knew it I was blind with my eyes open. I concentrated some and began to see the outline of the light fixture I was staring at, but then colors (mostly red and blue) began swirling all around the room as I continued to focus on the light fixture. It was as if I was seeing an energy field fluctuating through the room, and it pulsated and grew. It was very interesting. At one point, my entire consciousness went red, and I bolted up from bed, and my heart began to race unlike it has ever done.

During the whole thing, I felt as if I was opening up to something, but I don't know to what. The thing that really gets me is that I wasn't fully concentrating, and the more I focused on the point, the louder and more prominent the noise became inside my head...

After I got spooked out, I tried again to see the colors, and it kept working. When I woke up this morning, if I concentrate on a fixed point for a few minutes, it happens again.

Is there anyone that could help me out?
05-Jul-2005, Sumdood
All I can say is that it certainly sounds promising and I'm going to try it right away lol.

However, I have noticed that when I stare at a spot for too long the image burns into my eyes just like old TV's or something will do because of a bad refresh rate.

AND like looking into something bright, the burnt image takes on a purple/black hue and if I stare long enough will encompase my entire vision and I stop seeing. But as soon as I look away it all goes away because I'm getting new impute and a new image and so my eye's cells are refreshed.

I have never been able to stare long enough to go beyond that and that may be why I've never experienced what you have.

I once read something online where someone was talking about this very thing and said that if you stare long enough the violet light of the higher frequencies of the spiritual will begin to become apparent, and that if you stare long enough they claimed you'ed start to see it change to white and that you were looking into the true spiritual world that is around us all the time.

They also were linking this to the third eye opening but it sounded more like you were becoming aware of something via this method, not prying open some energetic organ.

REGARDLESS, it sounds like you'er onto something and I'm going to try to go beyond the purple blackness and I hope I see something more. I've always thought it was just some function of your biological eyes. I never realized that indeed this could be you seeing with your third eye.

SO I have a theory...

Lets say that the "spiritual/energetic" world(s) are before our eyes but not visable because we have a certain frequency at which we see the world. (just like you can't always see the flickering of your monitor (depending on the refresh rate)).

BUT if you were to stare at one point continuously, then you'ed be getting a better sample rate of the data hitting your eyes and therfore might start to see something that you previously could not.

Let me try to explain the above with a picture.

===-===-===-===-===-===-===- (you can try to imagine a sin wave going between the thin points)

Now your eye could be sampling at a different rate. like as follows.


So if you compare the waves...


NOTE that the quicker wave (higher frequency) eventually would syncronize with the slower wave(lower frequency) for a very brief moment (IE for only one point) those in the above image I marked with an "X". (I used the "_" to hold place becaues they will delete unused spaces so ignore the line(s) they make

SO if the spiritual is at a higher frequency than your reality, you'ed have to stare for a long time to have a chance to percieve it.

Now immagin that at each X in the above picture, that each X represents your eyes getting a small glimps of an image from another dimention (spiritual/energetical).

WELL, you'ed have to stare for a period of time before you'ed even run across an image. BUT if you did then that image would flash briefly before your eyes. You still wouldn't see much, just a flash.

BUT because our eye's cells hold memory of what they've seen, if we were exposed to that higher frequency light for a longer period of time (IE you stare longer to get more of those "X"'s from above) then an image starts to burn into your eyes .

NOW taking this further. Like an optical illusion, if you started to see this burned image in your eyes of another dimention, you might start to realize that it is there, and start to notice those "x"'s even without haveing to stare in one spot and start to see it. I can imagine what that would be like.

You'ed be seeing the purple/black from stareing too long and start to loose normal sight. THEN you'ed start to see this new burnt image from picking up all those extra "x"'s (remember those X's are moments where you get a glimps of the other dimention) SO, you'ed then start to see more than what we concider part of reality, and almost like looking through fog you'ed start to see what else is there along with the normal data.

BEST image from a movie I can give to help show what I'm talking about is from "The Shadow".

The bad guy had "clouded" the minds of everybody in the city to not see this one large building and "The Shadow" figured it out and then the building appeared before him as he realized would probably look a bit like that. (if you havn't seen the movie I'm sorry but thats the best I can do)

Sorry for another longwinded rant, but to sum it up....

By stareing at one spot you could be picking up on a higher frequency of light comming from another dimention, and therfore start to see things that we concider "not there" or "imaginary" now I personaly think that this is related to Third Eye activity, but even if it is not, it (you must admit) sounds plausible and could still be quite profound in and of itself even if it is unrelated to the Third Eye.

BUT keep in mind this sounds very similar to Third Eye Meditations like the ones listed above by others where you have to stare at one spot (a candle flame or something)....SO maybe opening the third eye is more like what I've just ranted about and not as much about prying open some energetic organ.
05-Jul-2005, Sumdood
OK the above immage didn't alighn right so I'll just say go type it out on your own in a fawnt (spelling?) that has even spaces and do the following.

3 = and then a - (===-===-===-) etc
and for the other (slower frequency)
4 = and then a - (====-====-====-)etc

this is more to represent a wave and the dashes are where the wave would cross a line (like if you graphed it)

At some point a slower (longer frequency) wave will cross at the same spot as a faster, higher frequency wave. Those are supposed to be represented by the "X"'s but they didn't line up right.

I will however try again but if it doesn't work it doesn't matter.

===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-===-=== Higher frequency
====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====-====Lower Frequency
===================X===================X===================X=========Here they match up.

Ok hope that looks better.
11-Jul-2005, Gupta
I'm new, but I think this place is very interesting.
Well anyway, I practice the Shaman art(whatever) of visualization. The purpose is to heal your dysfunctions, for me anyway. Going inward through your imagination, utilization of your Third Eye, meditation, or just prayer, whatever you do to try and connect to your higher power/nature/god/community to help yourself to love and recieve love back, or gain enlightenment. Enlightment is to be at peace with one's self(buddist teaching/hindu in origin-third eye is hindu in one origin as well, btw, dont know if that means anything, but i found it interesting to learn.) The indigo flame, that was talked about earlier was very interesting, could someone plaz expalin more about that...thanks, over.
12-Jul-2005, floops
hi... im just wondering maybe someone there can able to help me understand...

does anybody ever experienced seeing a single eye binking (seems like looking at you) when you close both your eye? if anyone does, do u have any idea what i meant?

also, anybody who experienced like it seemed like you are only dreaming but you know you are wide awake... then you see images opening like a widescreen

hope to hear from anyone soon.
have a nice day! = )
14-Jul-2005, spark128000
I had the same experience as floops here. I was dreaming and i knew it. Everything was clear and I could do what I wanted, except I didn't. I was afraid (in my dream) and tried to wake myself up. It was hard (I thought I was dead) and when I tried to move my real arms I only moved my dream arms. When I eventually did wake up, my arms and legs flew straight out and actually put a mark on the wall. After I woke up and started breathing normally again, I tried to get back into that state because I realized the fun I could of had. I never did though. Pity. Anyone out there know if this was an OBE?

14-Jul-2005, your-worst-nightmare
ifreaked out when i had one of those dreams onetime - it was like i couldnt control my real body and only myself in my dream
17-Jul-2005, lotuskilla6669
It takes a strong beleiver. cast away all of your fear. ALL FEAR MUST LEAVE THE MIND. examples of fear one might not realize. fear of feeling stupid in public. fear of sayin something dumb and feeling ashamed. fear of telling anybody anything as long as its what you beleive. be yourself and only yourself. do whatever comes to mind, and dont worry about what others think. if you beleive that you can do something phenominal, i suggest you try and be open about it. me and my 6 year old sister have contacted spirits. it was all her idea to do it. it was the dark room and mirror trick. say someones name in the mirror and something strange happens. i dont know who taught her this, but she gos on and on with names and symbols of the spirit worlds and gods. shes 6! ive went on journeys with her and shes becoming something more everyday! so am i! lucid dreams are also my thing, im having them more and more the more i meditate and think about them.
28-Jul-2005, SMIKEY
Alrighty... my personal experience is that when I close my eyes at night and look at the black screen of the mind, there is one faint eye and there is also a white speck of light on that eye (like as in the hightlight of the eye). Also have had visuals of people moving. They appear to be grey'ish and aren't aware that I'm viewing them. OK not so worried about opening the third eye... BUT the question I have is... DOES ANYONE EVERY SEE A BLACK OR DARK DOT OF LIGHT THAT FLASHES REALLY FAST? I usually see them in various places around people when I'm talking with them. It's never in the same place though but it is very fast but very visible and always the same size. This started happening two years ago when I started to have a feeling between my eyes like some invisible finger was lightly pushing. ALSO... I get warm vibration tingles on my left foot and calf... usually at night when I'm just to fall asleep... but it's happened during the day too while at work. I know we are surrounded by spirits and they might be making their presence known but it's sort of strange. I'd really like to know what the black dot of light is. Thanks and peace to you all in your journey of finding your own truths.
31-Jul-2005, Chris
I am going to explain an experience I had a few weeks ago. I think it opened my third eye, and I went into temporary insanity. It was caused by cmoking weed. I then went into a deep focused trans-like state of mind looking at the road ahead. All of a sudden, I felt like I was dreaming. It was the scariest thing, because my mind believed that I was. Then I freaked out because I knew my real life had perminatly became stuck in a dream. Then it began to flicker on and off. It felt similar to Dae Sha Vou (Spelling). But it was neverending Dae Sha Vou. I felt like my life had locked up. I then became stuck in a fugure 8. I instantly thought I was cast into hell. Because the pain was unbearable. However, the pain was also increasing as the "8" was getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. In the center of the eight is where you will find Jesus Christ kneeling in front of the eternal father. While you are in the 8 you realize the only way out is prayer, because there is virtually no one there to help you. Because your life is LOCKED. You are praying,begging, and crying for help. The pain is unbearable. Finally you feel yourself start to drop to your knees as your hands begin to form the praying formation. It feels like something is forcing you into the kneeling position. When you get into the center of the 8 (lifewarp) your body falls straight into the body of Christ and lines up perfectally with his in the praying position. You then become one with Jesus Christ. In front of you is the eternal father. When you enter the body of Christ you begin to beg for forgiveness for your sins. After a short time you feel yourself slowely come out of the 8, and drift so deep into the 8 that your life comes back to normal.

This experience lasted about 20-30 Minutes estimated. I was hospitalized and showed negative for all drugs. Even the weed. I was also in a long daze which took about 3-4 days to come out.

I have very high feelings of the Rapture coming close. I was also never religous until now. I can feel one with the universe and each day I feel Christ coming closer, and closer. As Christ comes closer and closer to making his return, my love for humanity is buliding up higher and higher. It feels like everyone on this earth is a part of god. "We are made from gods image". We are all bits and pieces of the Lord. When he comes, he will be coming through us. All believers will fall into the body of Christ, and literally become Christ. I don't know how I am so sure of this, but I am. I may just be crazy also. But something happened to me. I feel all of humanity forming one Christ. Save everyone you can. The more I type the stronger this feeling gets. I must go. If anyone wants to talk to me more about it, feel free. My email is (

We are all parts of Christ, we are all one person. Why should we not love one another evenly? We are all the same person put together.

03-Aug-2005, Chris
Pardon myself for the last post, I was getting really freaked out. I have been researching what had happened to me and a lot of things point to euphoria. I am not sure exactly what it is yet. But I started out in a relaxed trance. I started to fall deeper and deeper into it, until it felt like I was dreaming (literally). So, I said to myself, "Oah, this is just a dream". Then my mind started believing I was "just dreaming". Then I was completely sure I was dreaming. So, what happens when real life turns into a dream, and you believe you are dreaming? You feel trapped in it. FOREVER. When you feel trapped in it, it feels like eternity. It's like two mirrors looking each other in the face. Real life, and "dream world". What do you get when two mirrors face one another, infinity. That gives you a feeling that you are trapped. Just like I explained in my other post, using an "8" as an example. I had no idea what Marijuana did. I though it just effected how your body felt, and relaxed you. My life turned into a dream, and I felt stuck, forever. Sometimes I wonder if I am stuck in the dream half of my life, and my friend is going to be screaming "Chris! Chris!" and I am going to wake back up out of this dream, in his car where we were smoking, and he is going to tell me I had a bad trip again, and life is going to keep going in an 8 from there. If anyone know what this experience is called, let me know please. I seriously think I saw the "Backside" of life, or I am living in it...
03-Aug-2005, Chris
Wow, does anyone think that we are living in a dream, or something similar? Think about it. What happened to me may have just revealed that life is just a dream, there is no "free will" it is just so hidden up, that you can't tell. An example of the "no free will" can be De Sha Voo (spelling again. You saw it before, because it was meant to be. Perhaps life is a Movie/Play. Maybe you are going to keep living the same life, over, and over again. Until you go through Christ. Think of it as the story of your life. It must have an outcome. Perform the outcome early and see what happens. The outcome will always be Christ at the very end. You will merge and be one with him. I have a lot of freaky concepts in my mind ever since that happened to me. -_-
24-Aug-2005, Nima
Chris, There are only two things that damage your soul and non-physical bodies; Drugs and loud noise.
STAY AWAY from drugs if you want to wake up from this dream you have realized we live in. This life is not a dream, but it is not reality either. Once you understood why you are 'here' then you may realize what reality is. Your love for Jesus is appreciated. This is the same for every religion. The ultimate goal is to become one with the bringer of the religion and from there to the creater of the bringer. This is only possible through meditation and prayer. Meditate, meditate, meditate...
28-Aug-2005, Arif
Interesting thead. Thanks to everyone who has generously contributed. Some things that were interesting to me that I'm struggling with are as follows:

1) The relationship between third eye "feelings" (throbbing in the forehead, spaciness, visions, sensation of dreaminess) and schizotypal disorder. Does anyone have any clue, or literature from religious sources that this is a "dark night."

2) There seems to be a direct link between the third eye and the hara (or lower tan tien). I'm not well versed in Qi Gung, or Tai Chi, but if anyone has a similar experience with these two centers (ie that they somehow work together) could they kindly post a response?

3) I think what most people are experiencing, with the exception of one or two people, are symptoms of the third eye and not the chakra itself opening, per se. This is very rare and usually comes at the end of a long and arduous spiritual search. Although, there are certain healers and psychics who have opened up to the occult levels of the third eye, fewer still have been able to enter into the oneness, which is a yet deeper level of the third eye from my understanding and readings.

4) It is extremely dangerous (or simply ignorant) to try and open the third eye by force or by breathing techniques. There are some good authors I'd recommend if you are serious about sadhana, or spiritual practice. The authors are:

Father Thomas Keatings
Sri Aurobindo
Goswami Kriyananda
Pir Vilayat Khan

For a wonderful account of the Kundalini awakening read Gopi krishna.

Thanks and peace,

28-Aug-2005, Kyle
I think I might have had an OOBE. When I fell asleep, it felt like I was still awake. It felt like I was never about to sleep. It felt half real and half a dream, I never felt this way before, because I could move everything. It felt very scary though, because it felt like eternity, or death. Seeing no one, but being able to fly scares me very much. I came into my town, but since I was paranoid and I haven't solved it, the darkness scared me. I could almost see things while I had an OOBE. It looks like a big humpbacked cloak, but I decided to ignore it, even though it was indeed very real looking and scary. It would just walk, far away in my sight, back in forth. I did go to all of my favorite places, but then I wanted to stop. I went up high, above to the train bridge, thinking how to wake up. My thoughts felt wierd, because it was almost like I was never thinking. I had to sometimes say some of my things out to think correctly. When I thought of me, I studied what I looked like. Immediately, I awoke. It felt like I fell from 30 stories onto my bed.

This was a very strange experience, but I actually didn't want to have it again. Also, when I woke up, it felt like I had a headache. The headache was hardly hurt, but everyone while it felt like it was vibrating. I put my hand on it, but my head was indeed, not vibrating. Closing my eyes actually seemed something new. I could see bright colors, when I thought something when I closed my eyes, I could see it in my little lights. Mario would usually pop up for no significant reason, but then disappear. They were also gyroscopes in my mind, that seemed to swirl in a pattern. Chris, I ALWAYS feel like you do. Everyday I wonder about life. The Meaning Of Life. If there were no life, what would there be. There cant be nothing. People have to be there. Something has to be there. Whenever I think of that. I feel pushed back into my body, and my vision fizzles. My life just felt useless when I say it, and its taking my soul because I am not believing in life. I sometimes feel that I am chosen, but I know I am not. But I think so differently from humans sometimes. Even though I haven't had the same experiences as everyone in the world. I have be known to be called a psuedo intellectual, but I think I am just a normal person, everyday. I sometimes have to seek a certain quiet place with people, so I can feel happy, and restored. When I'm alone, I think about life, and feel wierd, all over again.

I sometimes dont believe in everything....Jesus....Hell....Heaven....
But I only did this, because I want to believe.

28-Aug-2005, Shiggity Shwa
13-Sep-2005, ancie
Could anyone describe the real use of the third eye in one word?
14-Sep-2005, Bill
14-Sep-2005, pdcool27
What does it mean when your eyes get all fizzy?
17-Sep-2005, ancia
Bill I was researcing the third eye, hence my question. I understand third eye is spiritual and wondered if 'truth' was the one word which encompassed the whole working of the eye. The world of humanity would no doubt benefit enormously if the sprituality of the eye could be recognised as the most important part of the body and combat rampant materialism.
17-Sep-2005, lis
hi there ive been into this whole thing for a long time now but recently been aware of this 3rd eye ive done at of different meditation and today i had the same experience as Danielle was really strange first i thought about the light going though my head and down though the chakras then i focused on my 3rd eye after a little while of seeing purpleish and white twists and turns in my minds eye now and again i get a round white block of colour but it moves all the time and i cant lock on to it anyway after a little while my eyes started to shake violently and the shaking moved down my spine though my whole body excuse me when i say this but how your body feels when you have an orgasam im not trying to be crude just trying to let you understand the feelings of electric like puses running though me it was really strange wasnt sure what was going to happen to me was going to stop but let it carry on without fear and my body felt very light as if it was slightly floating after i got to that point i slowed myself down and opened my eyes the whole thing was really strange now can some 1 tell me if this is normal or not and what happened to me. i dont see pictures in my head tho years ago i used to see tree tops as clear as if i were seeing them for real i cant get them back now maybe im trying to hard i really want to see the pictures like movie clips but i only get tunnel and twists and turns in my mines eye in colour mainly light purple and white can any 1 help many thanks lis xx
24-Sep-2005, Rayana Sierra
I wouldn't suggest trying to open your third eye all at once unless you have already had spiritual experiences... There are a lot of things out there that really will go after you. They usually don't affect those that can't feel them but my friends and I have gotten into some serious stuff.

Basically, unless you're already experienced, you'll be completely overwhelmed.

As far as my third eye goes, mine hasn't fully opened yet. I'd say that mine is somewhere between 25-50% opened. I can feel other spirits and I can usually feel whether it's dark or light, friendly or not, short or tall, and male or female.. this is only on certain days when I can feel more but I can't actually see any of it. I can only feel it and I use my imagination based off of my feelings.

Now, I want to be able to physically see them.

Also, I read a post similar to this on here awhile ago, but I was stuck in a state where I couldn't wake up. I was dreaming, and then I'd awake for a moment, and by the time I thought I was getting out of bed, I was already into another dream. This occured about 7-8 times. In between one of them, I focused on my third eye. I felt a HUGE surge of energy coming from my third eye and it went all through my body. It felt like I was struck mby lightning and my body was convulsing from it while it was going on. After it ended, I did it again because it felt so cool. lol. Afterwards, I fell back asleep and I dreamt my third eye opened. It's still not opened all the way but is there any way I can fully open it based off of this?
25-Sep-2005, Bill
I have been using the "focus on the third eye area" method for months with minimal success at best... But then, I've only been doing it for 15 minutes tops.

Yesterday I tried doing it for an hour, and noticed that my third eye felt a little "odd", and perhaps a fraction stronger as well. This needs further experimentation... I will get back to you with whether this makes a difference or not when I have more info.

Hope that helps.
26-Sep-2005, mr L ;)
ok so the other day i was in my house playing my synth keyboard on my pc when i noticed something strange , when i focused my energy on the loop which was playing i noticed it changed in frequency, this is something i had realised before but i always took it as being a random condition of the software i was using , but it was actually happening. at the time id been listening to alot of tool, and felt my anxieties i life in my life were only ones id created myself or had been pushed apon me by others. ive also read the bible and buddhist teachings and have noticed strange things happening within my life. anyhow to the point after this i decided to go outside and smoke a joint, now dont get me wrong ive been smoking weed 4 a while but never in my life have i experienced something such as this. i was listeing to the sounds around me outside and around my neighbour hood, i concentrated on them really hard and it seemed i had absorbed energy from them, everything became extremely silent. even as i talk about it now it sends a shiver down my spine. i held this energy for some time. then on release which was very sudden it was as if id let something go and suddenly i heard ppl shouting and alarms going off , dogs barking and a whole manner of random noise. i cant help think i had something to do with this. i am almost positive.
im starting to tingle all over now, weird. well after this happened i suddenly felt as if there was more than which i uderstood in the physical worl and i felt somewhat enlightented to an extent. this was when i i tried taking it to another level. a sat in th garden and focused all my energy upon this bush i could see a smile in the bush which made me feel good, i decided focus more of my attention upon this bush, btw in the background the sky looked beautiful. as i stared harder and harder at it i could see things were getting much darker ,scarier yet i persisted. my muscles were twitching at this stage sudennly the face in the bush become increasing evil and i felt as if i was being watched by something, this feeling grew stronger and stronger and then all of a sudden everything around me in the bushes it started moving. i could feel this presence of all i could describe it to be was pure evil and it was coming for me. the rustling in bushes became aparent it was no longer just an evil face percieved in a bush but a reality it was real, unlike anything ive ever experienced in my life. i felt if i held it anylonger i was going to be consumed by evil. i shouted and ran back inside even as i ran i could still feel it there. upon getting inside i suddenly felt safe, but shaken up, the next few days were painful. like something had manifested itself in my back. i felt like i could control my tv with my wind the conversations they were saying i was able tosee there reactions. theres a hell of alot more to this story i just wondered if anyopne had any insight as to what happened. i believe i may of possibly had a vision im not sure, but undoubtedly i believe my experience of realy in every essence of the sense. how else could my perceptions take grip on reality .. hope someone has something to say about this.
28-Sep-2005, Ivy
As im reading this, i feel a pressure pulsating in between my brows.

But last night as I was about to go to sleep, I had a slight pain in my right arm, so I tried the power of concentration, and visualization of my right arm to stop having the pain, and the pain went away. As soon as it did, i had a sharp pressure in between my brows, it was a bit painful as well because the pressure was so much, i couldnt stop it. I was just wondering what that could mean?
01-Oct-2005, Jon
Hi all

I have read your posts. You mention that opening the third eye can be dangerous and make someone go crazy. I have a friend that might be in the process of "going nuts" because she cannot stop UNDERSTANDING things in a natural way, making connections of knowledge, and sometimes not sleeping for days. She does this involuntarely. Can someone point something out?

+ How to stop it / control it?
+ Is it dangerous? Should she be afraid?
+ How can I help her?

BTW all of this started happening after a Reiki I attunement.

Thank you all!

03-Oct-2005, Bill
Alternate nostril breathing to open the third eye does NOT work as far as I know. I have felt no difference whatsoever when I tried it.

As for third eye problems, first you must make sure it actually is the third eye. She could just have a mental disorder or somesuch. But if you are sure (for whatever reason) it is, there is a method called "psychic shielding" which can disable the third eye. It takes effort and practice, and I've never felt the need for it, but it can be done if necessary.

Feeling the third eye and having pressure there is probably a good start (that's how it started for me) and continuing cultivating it is a must. Your third eye is NOT open, it is simply... awakening. In fact that is too strong a word, you simply know it exists at this point.

Could you please tell me what method of cultivation you are using? I would love to try a new method that has actually worked (at least a fraction) for someone.

03-Oct-2005, Bill
Also, does someone know of a forum dedicated to learning about and discussing the Third Eye? Far too many comments with valuable information in them get deleted here because they don't stay on the subject of the "bwgen method".

Any info on a URL or chatroom we could go to to discuss this stuff with active people and active interest would be greatly appreciated.

Email me at
04-Oct-2005, communicator
well i think third eye is a gift. if it didnt work, dont try it, its not good . like my third eye. its a gift that cant be closed. ive went to many places just to close my third eye but it just too strong. not even anyone could close it. they can close it but it will still open after few hours. its good to have it because you can see your relatives who past away, you can see what will hapen, you can even help them. but its hard to control all of that. that needs to much concentration to adjust your self from real and spritual things. its gud at first because you can see but when they already know that you can see them, its hard to fight for them, they keep on coming to you and asking for help. i would suggest think about what you are doing. gud luck anything i can do ust email me. some people can open it, no money is needed just need to be there for the ritual.
06-Oct-2005, Ben
This is the exact type of thread I was needing to find. I've always been facinated with the occult and the relationship between the spiritual and physical self in each of us. I've been reading about mediatation and so far I'm trying to perfect letting go of all thought. It's hard, especially when you have a song stuck in your head. If anyone has tips to clear my mind for long periods of time, that would be great. A few days ago I was falling asleep at around 3:00AM, but wasn't too tired, so I decided some meditation might help me fall asleep. Well, I clear my mind and everything, and then I just concentrated on leaving my physical bounderies. Well, I thought I did it for 15min, but it actually was 45min, and I woke up like I had been asleep for a long time, but I wasn't. I remember being stuck in a dream-like state, only able to move my imaginary body. I knew I could move my physical body if I wanted to, but I choose not to.

I've always been a deep thinker about life and the world around us, and I've been looking into a deeper way to experience the spiritual side of life. Now, here's a few things that have happened to me that I think play some kind of signifigance:

I'm in my high school marching band and 2 weeks ago we played an away game. During the ENTIRE game I was in a depressed like state, but I wasn't depressed. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I wasn't thinking of anything at all. I was just taking in whatever came, I wasn't thinking of the past or future, I was simply stuck in the present. Many times this has happened. Usually I say I'm feeling like I'm in a dream, which it feels like. It doesn't feel like reality. I want to branch out further about this subject and so tips to a beginner would be greatly appreciated.

After my 45min. dream-like state I would like to say I've experience black dots, like gnats, that will randomly appear for a split second. Sometimes I've seen things move out of the corner in my eye, but then it's nothing. Both of which did not happen before my 1st successful meditation.
09-Oct-2005, ely
good day to all. as i read all your efforts to open the 3rd eye within you i feel to my self that i am both lucky and not so lucky having my 3rd eye openned naturally. my father got an open 3rd eye. when he talk to me about this eye when i'm still a kid i don't believe it until the time he died and then as if it's passed to me after a month of his burial. during his his wake i remember about it because i want to see his spirit, but unfortunately i was not successful, but one night few minutes i close my eyes i saw him standing at my beds side laughing, and a lot of colors coming out behind him, and i felt so heavy i thought i gonna die, them "bum" a thunder sound came I saw him fading away, thats the start of everything. but now sometimes it disturbs me since i can see a lot of things, ghosts, events, places behind my mind that even causes to stop my car when on the road since i sometimes realized that i'm not anymore in the place or in my car. so i have to reset again my mind to go back to reality, many times i have to stop walking cause i saw many white ghost coming towards me when i ask my companion if they saw people, they say no. anyway, now i am getting used to it, its the first i wrote about it, i don't even put some special meaning on it. i just share it to all of you who are aiming to open the 3rd eye, it's an advantage in some ways. but sometimes it's scary when you are not used to it. good luck, use it in a right way please...
09-Oct-2005, Ben
Yeah that's one thing I'm worried about is if I will be able to see stuff I would rather not see.

Last night I progressed a little further. I started my meditation with my daily prayer. It helps relax my mind and I ask God for his aid in helping me relax my mind and forget everything. After about 20min. I then focused on feeling energy going through my body in a clockwise direction, especially in my hands. I focused my mind on obtaining as much energy into my body from my surroundings, and then once I was completely relaxed I focused on my third eye. I didn't strain my eyes to focus in, but I thought about my forehead. I tried to feel the energy swirling around my forehead and then I placed my hands in the correct position for your third eye chakra. Then I said in plain english, "Third eye, awaken, bring me power, allow me to see."

After I said that my eyes started focusing in very strongly, and I thought they would even roll back inside my head. The top of my forehead tingled and a huge wave of energy went down through my body. It was so intense I almost woke up from my meditative state and was grabbing my bed by my hands.

I think I've progressed a little further, what do you think?
11-Oct-2005, james
i dont know if this is related, but i fall into trance like states from time to time, usually when i am relaxed. when this happens i see flashing images, of people i dont know and places ive never been. i also see alot of eyes, sometimes human and sometimes not.they dont last long. im normally pretty skeptical about things, but these seem more frequent lately. any ideas? i put it down falling asleep and dreaming>
26-Oct-2005, rob
I would like to share a few things with the group. First, I have been feeling increasing pressure in my forehead during my meditations. This is encouraging to me, as I believe I am making progress.

At first, all I saw was regular darkness. But now, I am able to discern colors (usually) and sometimes points of bright light. However, each time I've seen the light, I became consciously aware of it, and it immediately faded.

I also spoke with someone who has activated their third eye, and I confirmed that the "light in the head" is not a figurative term. They said that they LITERALLY saw a blast of light and sound, like thunder and lightning going off in their head.

When it happened to them, they jumped out of bed and were confused as to why everyone in the house wasn't running for cover. They also said it felt like their brain exploded, and they thought they might have had an aneurism. This was good to know, because, having spoken with this trusted source, I now truly believe in the phenomenon. Not to doubt anyone, but it had crossed my mind that people were exaggerating.

Also, a warning... after it happened, I was told that entities began visiting her, not all of them friendly. She told me that prayer banished the malevolent entities. But, the story gave me pause, because apparently, the process of opening the eye can draw attention to yourself you might not be ready to handle.

That said, something very strange has happened to me and I have questions about what it is. Instead of a blast of light, I have experienced a blast of darkness. All encompassing, like a giant whirlpool. I can only describe it as a vast abyss, and when I encountered it, I was afraid if I fell into it, I would lose my soul. It seemed ready to swallow the entire universe.

When I told my friend, who has activated her third eye, she told me that I could overcome it by surrendering to it and fall in. Since she is one of the purest people I have ever met, I determined to do that. But since I resolved to dive into the abyss, it has not returned.

Can anyone tell me what THAT WAS? And comments on the progress regarding third eye meditation would be appreciated as well.
29-Oct-2005, Bill
Your third eye is opening, Rob. I also see lights and such things when meditating, although it is not points, it is almost constant in some cases.

I have also heard and felt the "light" in the head at night, and it truly does feel like an explosion.

Yes, entities can come and disturb you, and some of them are malicious. That happened to me initially, but I eventually found some ways to ignore and get rid of them.

As for the 'black abyss', I have never heard of that in third eye meditation, so proceed cautiously.

I have a friend that knows quite a lot about this stuff (he's been aware of his third eye for over 20 years) and he has been an invaluable aid to me.

If you have any other questions, please ask.
01-Nov-2005, Rob
Trying to do anything always backfires for me. My enemy is not concentrated thought, which I'm very good at, but relaxing to the point that things happen.

Every time I've come close, I've become aware of what was happening, and that has caused everything to retreat. Kind of like when you are very still, and animals approach, then you make a sudden movement, and they run away from you.

The challenge for me is to surrender to the process and allow it to happen without trying to control it.
03-Nov-2005, SAdyKaM
My god people this isn't brain surgery. All this talk of spirit guides and such, wow. It's all about visualization with an altered state of consciousness. You don't need a damn BWGen preset to do this. Although BWGen IS usefull for other stuff.
03-Nov-2005, Prashant
I would like to add one bit. if you wish to open your third eye prepare yourselves for the reason you wantr to use that for. I know this is really great experiance but also it is like what you want to see you would be able to with little more concentration. this may be a deadly experiance and horrable too. so it is always advisable to understand what you want to achieve and prepare accordingly. food habits are also very much related to your third eye. mate it is not easy but if you are born like human you can discover many great things in the body like third eye.
04-Nov-2005, Duke
Greetings to all. I am so glad to discover this discussion forum specifically for 3rd eye. I started meditation about 6 months ago, originally more for relaxation and reduce work pressures. Up until about a month ago, I had a weird dream

It seems if I was awake, and I felt the sensation of my arms were moving, but my conscious knew that my arms where resting on my side. I felt tingly in through my body and my heart beating fast, images of different shape of eyes (almost feel like from different people, different size and shapes) flash through.

Then I felt I am twist and turn, and feeling the motion of twist and turns, but I also felt strongly that the strong pull back of my physical body which laying on my bed quietly. Then I woke up, my body felt cold and tingly.

I havent had that experience since. Do you guys think that is part of 3rd eye experience?

05-Nov-2005, Rob

i have had those exact same experiences for years. the 'eye' that you see is an impression of your own eye, while the twisting and turning is some kind of equilibrium effect akin to vertigo. neither one, in my opinion, has to do with 3rd eye.
07-Nov-2005, Cindy
Hi Guyz!!!... know what i also have some experiences which are nearly the same to yours... I was sleeping that time then suddenly I felt like floating but it seems that my body is still in the bed because I saw it while I'm floating. luckily mother called me and I felt like I fell from a very high place, my back aches!!...

---this is a different story-----

I had opened my 3rd eye since I was in grade 5. I don't know how I did it! I just knew that I've been seeing white ladies and other souls(in our school), I've been hearing some cries at night(during our camping), and the best part is I can predict what will happen the next day through my dreams... Until now I've been seeing elements but I'm not anymore afraid of them maybe because I already know what to do for I usually encounter them. Please help me figure out why did my 3rd eye opened while it is not really my intention to do so... I'll be waiting...
16-Nov-2005, Rob
Progress... sustained bright white light during meditation, with the appearance of intricately patterned pentagons and shapes. Light increased in intensity until it was almost painful, like looking at car brights. At first, I thought it was outside light, but opening my eyes revealed the room pitch black. Difficult for me to achieve this when I set out to do it at night, most effective right after I've woken up in the mornings and my conscious mind is still drifting. Also, very conducive to lucid dreaming. Awareness of self in different contexts and reduction of ego is central.
22-Nov-2005, Gian
Hi scott,

May i ask?
After opening your third eye well...How can you close it for emergency reasons like, When you see a ghost or spirits thats so scary you wish that you didn't saw it and you can't take it anymore so please, How can we close our third eye?
26-Nov-2005, boondie

In response to people saying not to open your third eye till your chakras are balanced-

a while ago I started doing some psi stuff, energy balls, telling which card is on top of a deck and stuff. i did a bit of third eye meditation and i could feel it pulsing. I had a throbbing in my third eye for a while almost to the point of being uncomfortable. after reading some chakra stuff i tried to channel the energy out of my heart chakra and it fixed it. for a while i thought i had a headache and was going insane.
03-Dec-2005, Youdontneedtoknow
You really need to know this. It is the truth I know so far. I am not lying. The system called, 'Photoreading' by Learning Strategies Corporation is a reading program. It truely opens your third eye. The thing called photofocus is a step in the system that DOES open your third eye. NO BULL. It is incredible. I am telling you this because it is true. The system costs about $245.00 but you can buy the book for about $16.00. You see the world in a totally different way. DEVELOPE THE 'PHOTOFOCUS' IN THE SYSTEM AND YOU WILL OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE.

Try it for a while and make up your own mind.

03-Dec-2005, Jah Jah
I'm a prophet and my third eye is closed and no matter what i do i can nor open it, but some information does get out ... but... i feel alone in the woeld....full of thought and kink and i pick up other peoples wants...but i don't know nothing for sure and not clear...and it just sad......
04-Dec-2005, Helen

I started having hallucinations about 7 months ago. Ive been seeing a counsellor who originally but them down to flash backs to a traumatic event when I was 17 (I'm 26 now). Ive seen a face on my bedroom wall, my friend moving in a photo and last week a person walking into my bedroom then disaperaing when I turned the light on. Ive also heard someone breathing near me when nobody's there. Could this be to do with my third eye?
06-Dec-2005, Di
My third eye won't open. I can't concentrate on it enough. I have add actually so when I say I can't focus on meditation, I really can't. I was only able to accomplish something once. I had a period of time where it felt like I was trapped in sleep. It happens occassionally when my alarm clock wakes me up during a dream or something and I immedietely fall back asleep and it keeps being disturbed. Anyways, I focused on my third eye and it felt like it was struck by lightning and my whole body was convulsing. (It was so cool actually.) I was really sharp that day with my senses but that was it. Somedays I can sense spirits and somedays I can't. I'd really like to open my third eye completely and have sight with these things and be able to hear them. I try through mediation but like I said, I can't even concentrate enough.

So what are some meditation techniques? I get lost because I don't know what I'm supposed to be concentrating on, or how I'm supposed to be getting my third eye to open.

So someone help please.
06-Dec-2005, rob
Sounds like your third eye is already open Di. The one person I know who definitely experienced it had a similar account. How to harness it? That is a different question.

And your trapped in sleep episodes... that is lucid dreaming. Very powerful. You can create any world you want to in that state. I used to use that for flying and stuff, but if I can return to that state, I will use it to attempt to open my third eye.

If you know how to get there regularly, why not try to use that state to find out the answers to the questions you have. If they are inside you, you will definitely find them there.
07-Dec-2005, yingyang
hi everyone .. we all have special inner power, i believe everyone can achieve if they have great determination. But yet i havent manage to see the past and future with my third eye.
I did experience the a lot of OBE , since i was 14 or 15, some people are born to have a lot of OBE, that time i thought i was tramper by ghost at night.and i get a lot of amulet for protection but to no avail. I believe that it was smth else. After research online, i began addicted to spiritual stuff and it was my 1st priority in life to achieve something different, i often dont agree with many people interminable life idea, earning money and so on.
Later, i've learn qi qong which is the greated experience in my life, feeling the qi flow around ur body, and meditate at night.
todays i can get often lucid dream, which is clear. But before this happen, i often had a great and strong swirling around the forehead, and my body cannot move, feel like some "qi" or "snake" playing around it. When i am young, i used to close my eye and relax to let the energy go away so i can wake up, but todays i focus on my third swirling eye, when put a pressure to it and say in my mind to see something such as places and so on. some image occur. Where u can float and see people watering plant and so on.

The point is... whoever post the forum says can see image or movie, all i want to know is it when did it happen, such as happen when meditation, or sleep, or right here right now! u can close ur eye and see~.. different people have different posting. But not saying whether when.. mine occur only b4 going to a deep sleep, about 2 hours when i go to bed.
08-Dec-2005, Cindy
hEy INNIS!!! good day!! I felt that too when I'm still starting. And in my opinion it's just normal for us... know what I did?? I just didn't bother it.. You'll be fine !! That's also pshycological, if you are thinking that you're not feeling we'll that will really happen because our mind has a power!!...
Seeing those kind of things is very unpredictable most of the time I can see and feel them when I'm alone and nothing goes in of my short my mind is blank. Know what? When I'm also trying to see one I can't see them. I don't know why..
Quiet people can easily see them, also if you like being alone most of the time, it's because they searching too for someone to be with and someone who can be the spirit's friend.
They are just like us but the difference is they are in a different form in a form without thier human body because they are already dead.
08-Dec-2005, Innis
Thanks Cindy, but is it good to continue meditating every time? or can some one tell me if is good to meditate every day or there is days that i should. please someone should help me.. bye hope to hear from somene soon
15-Dec-2005, Neno
When I was just a little kid (<4 years of age) I was able to "enter" a white room. I wouldn't hear anything and I certainly loved the serenity.
After I moved I never experienced that again, but I must confess that I don't try hard either.

Nowadays I easyly feel a pressure between my eyebrows, like someone is pushing a finger on that spot. Whenever I close my eyes I see colors, mostly purple and sometimes blue, yellow and white.
The colors either move away from me, as if to say "please follow me"; sometimes they come to me and sometimes just randomly moving.
It's seems very easy to me to visualise and when I do so it happens almost instantly. Influencing it is a completely other matter.
I also "suffer" (can't find the right word...) from migraine WITHOUT the headache. I see colors dancing in front of me, but it's almost impossible to see what happening around me. That usually happens for about 5 to 30 minutes, on rare occasions longer.

I also sense emotions, but I am unable to control that and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Going with this... I also (sometimes) feel other persons fysicle pains. I don't know how to deal with that either; telling the person affected will make the pain go away at my site.
I do have a feeling in my hands like they're electrified and sometimes it becomes very uncomfortable. I sense pain with my hands on other persons, but I don't know how to deal with it. I am not able to "call" it out of the blue. I know I can take away pain, but it bothers me that I don't seem to have any sayings in it...

Could anyone help me and tell what happening and what I can do about it?
Has it anything to do with my 3rd eye trying to open sponateously? I don't meditate (not much time) and I don't try anything on the area's described earlier.
Should I pay a visit to a psychic?
Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
20-Dec-2005, the unruly
hey everyone. I have some things to say to you guys about the so called third eye. I used to try to open my third eye. There are some meditations techniqes. Eventhough those techniques are quite safe, people have gone crazy and even died. Third eye is can call it gods own eye. It can change things it can really make dreams come true. Not all people deserve to open their third eye. People with wrong intentions cant open their third eye. But sometimes people try to open their third eye using some un natural methods which is wrong. Third eye can make dreams come true it really can. Before even trying to open it one much become THOUGHTLESS. One needs to free himself/herself from all the desires and intentions whether good or bad. Its dangerous to play with time and space.
21-Dec-2005, Di
Neno, I hope you check back here.

You're not alone. A lot of people who are in tune with their third eye suffer from empathy. They can be physical or emotional.

I'll get that all the time. If someone bangs their head on something and then I'll have a headache for a few hrs afterwards or I'll have a strong pain somewhere in me when there was nothing to cause it, like my leg will just start throbbing or something.

I wrote to my friend telling him that I swear I can feel the pain of the world. Not even the people in the world, but it feels like the Earth itself is crying. Empathy will really get to me and there are times when it gets so bad that I'll cry over it.

I don't know how to help you because I can't find anything that helps on me. You probably have a spiritual set of angelic wings within you though because that's who empathy affects the most.

Luckily for me, I'm in a group where everyone's third eye is opened and they all have Wiccan beliefs (along with Christian, Agnostic, and Atheist) so I can talk to them about anything. I kinda feel like a loner because we'll be going somewhere and they can feel, see and hear every spirit around them and I can feel it occassionally and that's all.
21-Dec-2005, foamykage
a couple nights ago i was focusing my chakra on my third eye then my mind got really empty and i felt a lot of energy swirling around my third eye. I still saw black but now there was this like net of blue over the black, and it was almost like i could see through my eyelids, it was like everything was a really dark shadow. But at my third eye the energy seemed to disappear, what does this mean.

Other times i have been able to get my third eye tingly and a little bit of pressure. I can also see colors when meditating on my third eye. they are usually yellow and a light purple / black background. It looks like after you rub your eye too much and you see weird shapes and colors.

In 8th grade i would see colors followed by a headache and my eyes would hurt a bit. It was always in 3rd or 4th period, it wouldn't happen everyday but only at school, about 3-4 times a week. Again it looked like after you rub your eyes for too long. I had never heard of chakra or third eye before. could this have been my third eye, or simply stress?
21-Dec-2005, LostChild
Hello you all.. I just re-discovered this website and I'm pleased to read all your comments.. very interesting. My third eye.. I'm not sure whether it is open or not. I can feel spirits, I can feel presence and my third eye is often aching - tingling or just hurts.. as if it wants some attention. I try to meditate and it usually helps.. I will also see these light white sparkles some of you are talking about, and even my own energies. I'm afraid something is stopping me from going on a full 100% - maybe my childhood, or fear? I just hope that I will understand someday.. I'll be reading your messages again :)
25-Dec-2005, Neno
Hi Di, I will check this site on a regular basis.
Reading between the lines, I'ld better find some help.
In tune with my third eye? I actually never knew anything about it until I accidently found some information about the subject. Should I try to open
it myself or simply wait?

My empathic abilities ar both physical and emotional and I find it hard to deal with on quite some occasion. The fact that obviously I'm not able to control it doesn't help much either.

Actually what you wrote sounds a little too familiar to me, kinda like looking into a mirror.

"Empathy will really get to me and there are times when it gets so bad that I'll cry over it."
Very much the same here.

This actually brought tears to my eyes"You probably have a spiritual set of angelic wings within you though because that's who empathy affects the most." I don't understand why though.

You mentioned Wicca and I looked up what it was.
Guess what? It does reflect a lot of what I feel, think and do and it did bring goosbumps onto my arms an back.

Hmmm, talking about that goose stuff...
On more and more and even more occasions when some is talking about others I get goosbumps and will feel quite cold. When I ask the person usually the one they talked about pretty much likely deceased or will decease shortly. Even when I simply, quickly run e few names through my head it happens (Eleanore (also brings tears...), dr. M.L. King (we all know he's dead, sadly as it is), and a few more).

I know I've got a lot to learn. I talked to a friend of mine (psychic) a few years ago, but I never get answers to my questions and issues regarding psychic abilities I might ot might not have.

Oh, sometimes I can take away pain just by putting my hands on the sore spot. They get hot where the real pain is and colder when going away. But also no real control of it either.

Anyway I will look for some people who know more about wicca and witchcraft. Maybe they could help on spiritual "issues". Wicca really feels like something that might fit like a glove.


Merry Christmas to all of you and best wishes for 2006!
27-Dec-2005, summer
Hello all, I found this site a while ago and have been trying some of the comments to open my third eye. I find it very interesting that Neno and Di say that

"Empathy will really get to me and there are times when it gets so bad that I'll cry over it."

I cried almost all night Christmas Eve because I had let empathy get to me so bad. The funny thing is I thought that being empathetic was a curse because it affects me so much.

I will go to work in a good mood and if someone with a bad mood or sad mood or whatever comes around me i will pick up that attitude, I did it tonight and it drives me crazy.

I know i need to balance my Chakras, I'm just having a really hard time drawing the line when it comes to empathy. Have any suggestions?

I also have this thing when i meditate i see purple colors and sometimes red and blue, but mostly a flashing white light. It comes almost everytime I meditate and i cannot understand what it is, does anyone know what this could be?

Thanks for listning!
29-Dec-2005, Di

If you can already feel pain of others your eye is probably already opening. Even if you can tell the difference between dark and light vibes, or sense spirits, would mean that your third eye is opening.

I haven't opened mine myself yet and I'm growing impatient and I'm easily discouraged over it. I'm thinking of finding a spell that can do so if there even is one. I would just meditate on your third eye and see what happens, maybe nothing, maybe something.

There are angelic and demonic traits in certain people and those people will often have a spiritual set of either angelic or demonic wings. (You can feel them or see them depending on how open your third eye is,) and empathy usually affects angelic people.

(BTW I'm not sure that that's correct but that's how it was explained to me by other wiccan friends)

To everyone else,

Does anyone else here see visions? If so, is it ever about a very large battle that may happen in a few years? A lot of my friends have seen stuff like this (in the US) and I found that people all over the world have these same visions.

If you don't want to post them here, feel free to email me at: or IM me at SquigglesRus. I get a lot of spam though, so make sure it says "third eye opening" or "visions" or something relevant.

I'm luvin' this stuff,

01-Jan-2006, Sydney
Dear Friends, For years I have searched for enlightenment and have tried to open my 3rd eye. I have tried everything - I have read all the books by the great masters, I have studied meditation, I have tried altering brain waves artificially by use of music, etc. - in short, I have tried everything including trying to get out of my body. Everything. Now, after years of trying to open my 3rd eye - it just opened naturally a few days ago by itself - without any prodding or coaxing by me. I think this is because I originally wanted it opened for selfish means, i.e to manifest my life and things just the way I wanted. Over the years, I have slowed down and learned to enjoy nature and rid myself of my selfish ways. I truly believe that we must keep trying and searching and when the time is right - it will just happen. Our motives may play a part in the timing of the opening of third eye. What do all of you readers think?
06-Jan-2006, Patrick
guys, we can be powrful even without a third eye. if u simply crave for adventure or to be powerful, there are other stuffs. third eye is not the only thing that can make u great. email me if u want to know
07-Jan-2006, closed-open
i wish to agree that 3rd eye is indeed true.. i have experienced for one time being with a person with this unique ability.. indeed he has a peace within himself... i am also aware that i have this third eye but opening this is nothing but wastin time... peace to all!!!
08-Jan-2006, Marcia
This site is quite interesting. I have been trying to open my third eye for a while now. The only thing I have ever experienced was one time while I was meditating, I saw a gray swirl in my forhead. It was like I was looking down the top of a tornado swirl. It has only happened once, and of course, I jerked back to reality when it did. Did I activate my third eye? I really need to relax and let go! Thanks for any and all imput!
12-Jan-2006, Di
Is it normal to be able to sense people? From what I've noticed, everyone has a unique feel or vibe to them. It's not wierd when you get a different feeling when hanging out with one person than another person, but it's at the point where my sleep is disrupted.

I'm in such a light sleep where I'll wake up with footsteps in the hall. Recently, my boyfriend will come over and I'll wake up and unlock the door for him and go back to sleep, however, I know I have to wake up at that time and will wake up between a half hr and a few minutes before then without an alarm. I'll also wake up when I have a really strong feeling that he's close by. It drove me crazy today and I couldn't go back to sleep. Not even 5 minutes later (he walks or takes the bus), by boyfriend showed up.

Is this a common thing? If not, what does this mean?
13-Jan-2006, aenima
You all should be careful what you hope for. The third eye isn't something to play around with it's not a ghost story or playing light as a feather stiff as a board. Believe what you will but when it is open as one person said it is like a flood going off...and you can go insane. Imagine that we are all made of one thing god gods people light years or deminsions apart and we are equiped to control that energy through the third eye. Opening that can invite all kinds of things. While just a squint may enlighten you having it completely open can as i said be a tidal wave you may not be ready to deal with. Personally my experience with it is something that i may never try to repeat. One touch of something that powerful is more then enough for me or maybe it never closes after something like that one thing is for sure i'll never be the same.
20-Jan-2006, Horus
Weather or not some or all of the experiances here are fake or real. For those that know and feel it i respect I would like to add some thoughts and feelings to help out. First when in meditation after all chakra are balanced. A good way to "picture" the third eye opening is all five senses combined into one spiritual feeling.You are not seeing with but you are your third eye.Also faceing the east helps a great amount.Last for now the spiral seen and spoke of many times here. You should wait until later to explore. It will turn either clockwise or counter clockwise dont try to control the direction it will determine direction. More later.
21-Jan-2006, Klave
Sometimes my dreams are too clear that I think it is real...
Do i have potential in opening my third eye?

What other factors are essential to be able to open it?
22-Jan-2006, margaret
i was woundring if having visions alot is the first step to opening the third eye, because during the day i will forget whatt i am doing and have a vision and like 5 seconds later it comes one time i was watching a new epasode and a week later it came on but i had never before came on that freaked me out.
23-Jan-2006, neophyte
Does anybody know if is there any relation between opening the third eye and dejavu?

Very interesting thread BTW!
24-Jan-2006, Horus
Deja-vu is a recall from your subconcious. In a way it is because as you develop your third eye your sub-concious becomes much more accesible even to an extent that its more like your "surface" memory.It is one of the layers.
24-Jan-2006, Horus
Sorry to double post....Everyone can open there third eye. For some it is harder than others. Remember what you eat and drink and any legal or non legal drugs and outside chemical exposures can influence how hard or easy it is. Also unlearning some of the "nonsense" that was drilled into you in school is very important.
25-Jan-2006, rogerwaters987
Hey I've been interested in opening my third eye for some time now, and I have started some excercises to do so. I am a good artist, so I don't think it will be incredibly hard to do so, and I find it easy to "mirror gaze".

I was reading this board earlier this week, and it lead me to ask this question: is the third eye connected to having a photographic memory? Because it seems with the third eye open, you gain access to everything you ever do or have done (or so I've heard) and your mind turns into an open folder of data. Thank you if you reply.

I find the third eye facinating, because it is the gland in the geometric center of our brain, yet it is the least known part of our entire anatomy. I guess activation is the key to understanding what it is all about. It's so nice to finally find some smart people on the web...
27-Jan-2006, whitelight
i agree with horus on the fact that we have been taught alot of "nonsense" in school but also from the church. I no longer attend one for a simple reason, what i have seen they would take as witch craft. Also those that are overwieght may have troubles with this, the body spends too much energy on keepin food digested and sustaining fat for it to use the 3rd eye. I would comment on the minds own barriers we use but i think its best for those that attempt this to learn on their own about taken them down. Else they will have no respect for what they gain.
28-Jan-2006, Horus
My last post was deleted?...oops sorry.
It figures even at a web sight like this i have to follow the rules...D@m&

Anyways it was about the affects of Fluoride on the body and especially your pineal gland. It basically shuts down the operation of it. Thats one of the main reasons it is sooo hard to open your eye of Ra. Anyways if you guys do a search for it on the web you will find all you need to know (bottled water has no fluoride).
31-Jan-2006, Ruby88511
I have always been able to close my eyes and meditate/concentrate on my 3rd eye. I usually see figures in the dark coming forward or I see flashing lights (like falling starts) coming towards my 3rd eye. is My 3rd eye opened or am I imganing it.
your suggestion is appreciated.
01-Feb-2006, OmniLucid
I listened to this preset for an hour...
It did absolutely nothing for me except give
me a splendid headache. I will appropriately file and categorize this preset under:
02-Feb-2006, rogerwaters987
Will someone please answer my question? Is the third eye related to having a photographic memory?
No photographic memory, sorry.
08-Feb-2006, NetCow
I listened to it and it gives me a creep. But after the session, I have a headache. Does Anyone opened his third eye by listening to this preset? I can't read every post here, it's so many.
09-Feb-2006, physical
thank for all so much
09-Feb-2006, neophyte
i'm very interested in the third eye, so earlier in the week i sat in the park during my lunch break and lay on my back and relaxed in the sunshine for about 15mins. i then sat up and started to focus on the point just above the centre point between my two eyes... after about 5mins, I saw a small circle appear from nowhere! is this anything or just my imagination? is 3rd eye opening really something you can do on your own?
10-Feb-2006, Di
I'm pretty sure that opening the third eye is different for each individual. With some people it's up to them and meditation and with others, it's up to the eye. All the meditation in the world couldn't help them (or me for that matter.)

Maybe it's all a matter of who can handle it and who can't
10-Feb-2006, Ruby88511
I think you are correct. It's a matter of who and their capability.
14-Feb-2006, tzinc
Now, as for the schizophrenic symptoms... When the unconscious mind unites with the conscious mind the Ego can have a hard time adjusting. The Ego will begin to try to accomplish what your Self has accomplished; thus, when you experience synchronicities and other similar phenomena your Ego will begin picking everything apart... (quotes)
Well I agree. I am intersted in human psychology and in medicine(traditional) and I can tell you:

1.[b]Schisophrenia[b/] and other psy deseases come from the lose of the [b]good conscios control![b/] So trying third eye and buddisme and spirit related techniques withot being 100%SHURE of your absolute mind stability can KILL or cause desease or suicide

2.[b]Think[b/] what is better- good conscios control or letting the unconscios mind take control. It may bless you but it may kill you litteraly.Remember that conscious control is only for humans.It is sometimes messed up but GOD has given it to us to guide us and to protect us.And if you still want to enhace your third eye [b]STOP JUST WHEN YOU FELL LOSE OF CONSCIOUS CONTROL EVERY TIME YOU SEE OR FEEL OR HEAR OR SMELL SOMETHING BAD TILL VISUALIZING STOP!!!BLOCK IT WITH EMOTIONAL ANCHORING[b/](search for nlp(neuro-linguisting programming on the net)

3.When you activate 1 unused/forbidden zone in the brain(consciously or by accident) you may lose functions in another normal zone(even if skilled)

4. It is better and safer t-o modulate yourself through psychology than to modulate reality through crazy techniques

5. Some people who know about"the dark side" and psychokinesys and telepathy can see good but may want to harm yo(ex. Zolotov who made a lot of people sick here in BG with his tv seances)

6. I am not against this stuff. But if youlose control you can finish with crazy fantasies or worst- connecting with bad forces and get sick
16-Feb-2006, bizzy
intresting stuff
19-Feb-2006, Gaarafan
I heard using the 3rd eye is banned by the Bible, is this true?
(i'm still gonna meditate and focus on my 3rd eye though)
23-Feb-2006, Di
"I heard using the 3rd eye is banned by the Bible, is this true?
(i'm still gonna meditate and focus on my 3rd eye though) "

I've never heard of that but I don't see how it would. Maybe banned by the people but not by God. The third eye is the gateway to your soul so why would it be banned?

If there was a reason for it though, it could be because it's associated with Wicca.
24-Feb-2006, StarGazer
Just a comment to Ruby88511 who said she could see figures and lights coming towards her third eye in the dark. It sounds like your third eye is defintitely opened, but please becareful as my friends sister has always had a very open third eye - so much so that she became possesed by a spirit and had to be exorcised. After she was exorcised, she said she could she spirits and lights trying to enter her third eye and take the place of the spirit that had just been cast out and sent into the light.

I think if you are learning to open the mind to a higher plain, something, not of this earth, you must also learn to protect yourself from invisible energies that you might not invite in or want to see, but because you are 'open' they could take advantage of that. I always find it useful to visualise myself protected by white light and to say a prayer.
25-Feb-2006, rajan
thanks for wonderful reading material on third eye
27-Feb-2006, delirious
ok ok this time i tried some sort of background music and tried meditating laying down after a few minutes i tried visualizing my face and in the middle of my brows i saw an eye like the eyes i have moving sideways back and forth....den my visions came dark again....i felt my toes vibrating den i see purple circles forming to where the third eye should be.... den i felt my feet vibrate the purple came bigger.... den my whole leg vibrated the purple was all over the darkness den i saw a red dot glowing i opened my eyes den everything came back to normal.... wat does that mean was i close to opening my third eye ????
27-Feb-2006, JJ
I lost count of how many times you just said 'den', but interesting none the less.
Ive been working on meditating on my third eye for a couple of months now. Sometimes it goes well and i feel im making progress but more often than not i dont feel anything at all. The inconsistancy i find quite frustraiting, but recently ive been having more 'success' than ever.
when i say success, i mean, i mean, my heartbeat races, i get a pressure on my forehead and my body feels kinda waitless, its hard to explain, also i get a loud high pitched ringing in my ears... can anyone tell me if im on track, or better still, how well im doing.
28-Feb-2006, 6th
ok, this is to me and anyone else in particular that is trying to open their third eye. You must know why you want to open your third eye. For thoes that have been meditating of somesort keep doing it. Your third eye chakra is "like" a muscle, you just cant meditate a week and expect to have the full function, it takes time and patience. I have been meditating over a month now. What i do, i put some relaxing natures music(rain,thunder, etc.) and meditate. meditate how best works for you. I do feel from here and then a slight to tense pressure slightly above between my eyebrows.
28-Feb-2006, starby
i have a somewhat unusual question/problem: i only have full vision in my right eye (left eye was blind and covered in a membrane at birth). i can see light and colors with my left eye but nothing that i could use for daily survival.

my question is this: would this affect my third eye at all or my access to it? i have a very difficult time meditating and my dreams are mundane, long, and pointless so much that i am tired when i wake up. any input would be great!
01-Mar-2006, PAUL
its been 3 days now i still meditate but from time to time it jus hurts like wen i was in school today it jus started hurting so i went to the clinic but they said i had a fine temperature so wats going on. i even feel weak and drained sometimes.
05-Mar-2006, Neno
@Di and Ruby88511:
I can't help wondering after reading Ruby88511's story:
I also have colors coming towards me, mostly it is the color purple. Less frequent red, green, blue and even more less yellow. Sometimes I find myself in a white room...
It always starts right after I close my eyes. I don't need meditation nor concentration.
Lately I've been seeing very short flashes of light and even (rarely though) persons and when I look they're gone. It happens at throughout the day.
Does it have anything to do with the opening of my 3rd eye or is it already opened?
If so, how could I possibly make use of it?
What is possible with an open 3rd eye? Or does that depend on the person?

I already know I have healing powers in my hands, but I cannot (!!!) control it though. It comes an goes very spontaneously. Any hints or tips on how to get that under control?

Being honest, I'm quite confused... But standing on the ground with both feet very firmly :)
05-Mar-2006, Neno
Oh, forgot to tell:
I don't meditate. I would like to, but I've been told that I could or even would get in it way too far and may not be able to get out... So meditating on my own is out of the question.
Apart from that I don't have too much time to do so lately.

Any suggestions on this?
05-Mar-2006, Gaarafan
Neno: I control my chakra (I can use it to heal or shape it into many different things) by just focusing on my hands and focusing chakra there. Then there's a tingly kinda warm feeling. If you want it to be easier relax your hand or whole arm and imagine chakra flowing to your hand. Then when you have the desired amount put your hand where you want to heal but still keep your hand kinda limp, not so limp that it's just hanging there, but where your fingers are a little bent. Don't force the chakra, think what you what you want it to do.
06-Mar-2006, Jerome
Hey guys i've been reading alot of your comments almost everyday and i have a lot of questions, but sooo little time right now so i'll try and be brief. I've gotten to this stage in my life where i'm all of a sudden very interested with this world that we live in. The things that go on around us, lessons about past history sure thats all good in my mind, but still theres this eerie feeling about reality. Now i have an open mind but sometimes i believe i think to deeply, but opinions would be nice ^_^. Sure people get accustomed to beliefs of their own kind and i myself have been raised on beliefs such as God and Christianity, but one day i just stopped and something hit me...what am i doing here? Is this life real? You know...anyways away from that i've been doing a lot of research about things that i've grown NOT to believe things of the psychic category. Now maybe some of you don't think that the third eye pertains to the psychic category, but i don't know one way or another. I've read different opinions that we are not really of flesh that we are just spirits who dwell in physical bodys. Back to the subject at hand lately i've been trying to open my third eye, and even though i REALLY want to i get scared when i think its about to happen. I try doing it at school and i swear i can see peoples auras or something, but maybe i'm doing it wrong?

OK OK also i must throw this out there. I know this may be off subject but if you could e-mail me an answer i would like that very much. In my research i came across Astral Projection. I am convinced as of last December that i have indeed accomplished it. Though not of my free will. Its hard to explain now being that it happened 3 months ago friend claims he can see ghosts...and i believe him. He also has Lucid Dreams(which i've also been studying). It was Sunday the morning i woke up and felt a strange sensation. I rose up and was about to get out of my bed when something happened. I looked down at my hands and i swear when i moved them it looked like they were doing Bullet Time or something like The Matrix. I could see the trails of my hands when i moved them and then Bam its over. The next night i spent the night at my friends house. I woke up that night and saw my friend sitting up watching tv, but i was having that weird sensation again only this time it was stronger. It was like the WHOLE room suddenly went all trippy (no i do not to drugs) seriously though everything was moving and i was getting scared. I look at my friend and tried to get his attention so i put out my hand and tried to tap him on his shoulder, but i LIE TO YOU NOT my hand went right through his body! I'm surprised that my mind could handle that. He stopped and turned around slowly and then i looked at my hands again and finally came back to normal. Later on that week he told me what he saw. When i told him that i tried to tap him he said he felt this extreme hot sensation not necesarily HOT like an iron, but the way he described it it was like his blood boiled from the inside that kind of hot. Anyways he was stunned for a second and slowly turned around to see what it was, and told me that he saw this smokey hazy kind of ghostly shape in the air and it had my face and it was looking right at him, but then he looked down beside it and he saw me laying down with my eyes closed sleeping. And then the spirit went back inside my body and i woke up. Of course i was not aware of this but i believed him because i had never felt that before. It was amazing, but it only happened when i went to sleep. I began to think that since i knew how to go through the vibration process on my own awake and laying down, but am too scared to follow through with doesn't happen, but theres no need for fear when your asleep so i thought that maybe i just did the vibration thing when i was sleepying and somehow when my left my body thats when i woke up. This only happened for a week, and since then i've been trying to do it again, but again i seem to get scared when i feel its about to happen. But on the other hand...i really don't want to admit i'm not ready...

Also an advance story for those of you still reading ^_^. There was one morning that i was watching TV and my friend was sitting beside me i was laying down and all of a sudden i went to sleep because i was sleepy. When i woke up my friend was way on the other side of the room and he looked scared i asked him franticaly what happened since we had been experimenting with my newfound "Gift"(but i think anybody can do it). He told me that my sock was touching his leg and that he suddenly felt that burning sensation again and he jumped up and turned around to see what it was. He saw me rise out my body and get sucked back in, and thats when i woke up. Also my friend told me later on that there was one night that he woke up, and saw me walking across his room. I walked by the TV toward the bathroom and he called out my name but i didn't answer. He then got annoyed and was about to go to sleep when he turned over and saw me right next to him sleeping. He thought this couldn't be possible since he just saw me go to the bathroom so he waited. Thinking that there might be someone else in his house, but he was to scared to go look. Then when he saw me come out the bathroom and cross the TV he said it looked like i was airwalking across the room, and then i went back into my body. Now the only explanation i have for that since i don't recall this happening is that my spirit was somehow sleepwalking....which seems very odd. Anyway these events only took place that week, but the symptoms that i went through when it happened were so nerve breaking that i stayed up all night every night just to shake them. Because for some reason they only happened when i went to sleep...i would wake up and you know the rest. I'm also puzzled at the fact that when i touched him it felt extremely HOT we talked about it and came to the conclusion that maybe: the ghost of people who are dead feel cold if you walk through them or something but if you Astral Project your obviously alive so instead you just get really HOT....also in addition to that he told me that whenever i did spirit was naked...this i don't know if i should believe. I'd really like some opinions ^_^, and i'm hoping to open my third eye.
Email me
Jerome ^_^
15-Mar-2006, Jerome
umm hey kj...i don't know if you scrolled up or anything but..this whole page pretty much sums most of that just gotta read me ^_^
22-Mar-2006, A Curious Sceptic
I must confess that I am new to many of the concepts and ideas expressed in this thread. Myself, I am slightly sceptical about many of these things because I have only experienced a small amount of what one could term as psychic/spiritual events. What continues to amaze me, however, is the amount of people that are aware of, what seems to me to be, a growing truth. I never really knew that this was the case, but the more you scratch the surface, the more you see the undercurrent (I guess the same could be applied to spiritual awakening!). Anyway, this is still something I must personally explore.

There is something, however, that I would like to share with all of you. My sister is part of a spiritualist group and has warned me about opening the third eye in either an unprepared or unsupervised state. More specifically, she has told me that certain actions can lead to the opening of the third eye, which can lead to spiritual problems that spiral out of control. (She has told me of such cases and people she has met with deep problems as a result of this. As I seek to discover my spiritual side and abilities more, I now try to adhere to what she has told me). However, please do not misunderstand this post: I am not saying do not attempt to open your third eye; I'm saying that if you do try, then attempt it after taking some precautions.

I realise that the following points have been made above by different people, but I feel that it is important that people take specific notice of this. Most importantly is the need to be careful.

(i) It is imperative to say some type of prayer for protection before you attempt to open your third eye (or engage generally in any form of spiritual practice, even meditation).

(ii) Before you begin your meditation (or concentration) imagine yourself surrounded in a ball of white light. The power of this light is immense and offers great protection.

(iii) Do NOT attempt to do this under the influence of alcohol and especially drugs. This is dangerous - especially the use of drugs as they can open you up to all sorts of spirits wandering around.

(iv) The prayer for protection and imagining yourself in white light can be used in many circumstances when you feel at ease or in danger.

As I said, I am new to this and I realise from reading this entire thread that most people know much more than me about all of this. Indeed, I know very little, but nevertheless am interesting to pursue this more. However, I would just like to offer this post in attempt to help people and to make them aware of potential dangers without proper preparation.
23-Mar-2006, Di
What should have been said earlier:

When your third eye has opened, you'll know. You'll be able to see everything, spirits, sensing dark and light energy and even hearing things.

But be careful who you talk to on the subject because it's closely compared to schizophrenia. What I figure (and my friend agrees with me), that with most schizos, their third eye has opened and they don't understand it. Most people are seeing what's on another plane and not actually hallucinating but of course there are those who just hallucinate. It's best to be in a group of friends with opened third eyes.

To everyone else who just has pressure or sees lights when they meditated, your eye is NOT opened yet. You won't even need to question whether it's opened or not when it does.

Keep trying though and good luck to you all,

23-Mar-2006, Di

I just got a book on Wicca that you would be very interesting. It has step by step how to do everything and it's mainly for beginners.

Sorry to say but your third eye is not yet opened. I'm not great at remembering screennames vs email address but are you the one I talked to before about the revolution and everything?

Anyways, you have to understand what your third eye is. Imagine you body as just a host to carry your soul. Your soul is on another spiritual plane. The thing that connects your physical mind to your spiritual mine(soul)is the third eye. In other words, your third eye is the real gateway to your soul.

Wicca and anything dealing with your third eye is all about energy or the vibration that an given object omits. Wicca is about feeling and learning to manipulate a given energy to cause a change.

Your third eye also connects you to other planes of existance so with it, you would be able to easily sense and communicate with any other soul around you. You would be able to know something without talking to it just by reading it's energy and tell who and what they are and if they're dark or light. From what I understand, you can decipher dark from light pretty well.

You would also be able to hear everything around you, (voices and other noises from anything we can't usually see.) You can communicate with anything, manipulate energy and most importantly, have access to every memory you ever had in any life. Of course you have to work on each thing but those are some things you can do with an opened third eye.

Dammit Family Guy is on later.

Anyways email me if you want (
24-Mar-2006, HuckFinn
When my third eye opened, I realized that most of the people in this country are actually my children, regardless of race and other perverse concepts. I realized that the world is a magical place and that a world of constant challenge, uncertainty and fear has been superimposed upon it; giving rise to host of other problems in our lives. I realized that the plan of darkness for this world is imploding. After giving the topic some thought, I realized that when everyones eye is open I shouldnt have to explain anything because my identity will be obvious. I am still in my Huckleberry Finn mode and dont want to reveal myself just yet.

I was reading another site, which asserts that my mind is creating this reality and that it is entirely subjective. I dont subscribe to that theory and discount it as the uninformed opinion of a madman. It would seem, however, that even on this one small site that if third eyes are opening then there must be similarities between each of our experiences.

My question is this: When your (anyone) third eye is open have you remembered anything that doesnt seem to fit with the physical reality, but nevertheless seems to real to let go?

An example a long gone, or possibly deceased family member suddenly showing up.
28-Mar-2006, Camille
I have a question to the experts on this field.

Lately, I've had clear dreams and visions and I want to know its meaning
because I know these dreams are trying to tell me something.

So I tried to research on chakras.
I started at the root for one night and I get immediate result.
It seems my CENTER eye is reacting. I try to wake myself up from
meditation each time I feel it. I panic because I believe it's not
proper for the center to open unless the other chakras are still
closed. I'm wondering why it reacts since I'm only trying to
open the root first. I wake myself each time I experience it and
get major headache for the rest of the day.

is it bad that I wake myself up? and not just go with the flow? I'm
just in panic mode that I desperatly try to wake up that it
came to a point that I was trying to reach for my sister beside
me to help me wake up but I was surprised to see my body,
from another vantage point not moving and still asleep.
Major headache when I was able to wake up. Am i really not ready if
my body goes panic mode. But why is the center eye reacting
at an early stage of meditation.
28-Mar-2006, Di

Don't fight your third eye. It won't open if it's not ready to. If you automatically go into panic mode, you may have to meditate on just that. Ask yourself what makes you panic and what you're afraid of. If it's completely uncontrollable then I can't offer much help for you. I suffer horrible panic attacks when anything big happens in my third eye and I have no control over that. I'll go more into detail later if you want to talk privately on it.

If you're able to, go with the flow and allow your third eye to open.

You're aware of the chakra meditation to aline them right? It starts at the base of your spine and ends on the top of your head.

Best of luck to you though and please let me know how that turns out.

Of course I'm not an expert on the subject. Just putting in my 2 cents. If you want to talk more though, feel free to IM me at SquigglesRus311 (AIM) or email me at Same goes with anyone else.
28-Mar-2006, Camille
I appreciate your help. I really want to talk to someone about it. Currently, I stopped meditating because I have constant headache. I take painkillers for it. is that ok?

Ok, so I do a protection prayer before I meditate but I feel it is not enough.

I am a bit concerned because I can feel my center trying to manifest and I am fighting with it.You are right, I'm fighting my center eye. That's the perfect description to what I'm doing.

What is the point of my meditation if my reaction is the opposite. Rather than embrace it, It's like I run away.
I want to be fully ready and I don't want to injure myself in any way.

I will try your suggestion and think about my panic. but lately, I've just been reflecting on what has happened and take it one step at a time.

I am looking forward to the following days.

...yet others have a hard time to get even a sense of what their center eye really is. .
29-Mar-2006, Di
There's nothing wrong with taking pain killers. If you have a constant headache in your third eye, it's definately close to opening. Don't stress yourself out over it though. If your head hurts too much, take pain killers and do whatever you have to do.

But I'm curious, when you meditate, do you think about anything? If so what? Are you trying to open your third eye during meditation? Or do you just try to clear your mind, or astral project?

My best advice to you is not to fight your third eye but don't try to open it if you're not ready. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps. Anyways, keep me posted.
29-Mar-2006, Camille
Hi Di, I would like to talk privately, about what I am feeling or going through right now.

Thankyou for your time.
30-Mar-2006, a.k.a. Jung
Hey, hi there audia! Are you sure it works? Just staring at the blue flame of the candle?...
31-Mar-2006, the souls self
Hey if any of yall have actually opened the third eye can u leave your e-mail address because i have some serious questions.Thanks

04-Apr-2006, the police
a stillborn plot. satan planed to open all of your third eyes so as to hypnotize and delude you all. binaural beats and third eye opening would have left america deluded. sitting in front of the machine with your hot java would have made it possible for liars, murderers and theives to make their moves.

goodnight satan their will be no dawn for you.
04-Apr-2006, happy
After my third eye opened, its in the left eye by the way, I was thinking. When my crown chakra appeared back in February, I realized that a true and lawful Jewish King is crowned by God, not by man and not by a pope. While looking over some old family photos, I realized that those kings and queens had fallen short, thats why they were wearing crowns finely crafted from rocks and animal skins. Their crowns were nothing more than a pathetic attempt by satan to mimic that which only my God, of infinite intelligence, can produce. The crown of a true king is not matter, but pure energy; translucent gold, electric and magnetic. Happy Passover.
04-Apr-2006, Di
"04-Apr-2006, the police
a stillborn plot. satan planed to open all of your third eyes so as to hypnotize and delude you all. binaural beats and third eye opening would have left america deluded. sitting in front of the machine with your hot java would have made it possible for liars, murderers and theives to make their moves.

goodnight satan their will be no dawn for you. "

That might have been the dumbest thing I've ever read, and if anything is true, it's the opposite. Your third eye opens you to the true meaning of life.


05-Apr-2006, the police
Dont take my above statement wrong Di. You are right and I also assume that you are a good person. I could be wrong. Nevertheless, when the third eye is open an unsuspecting person can be manipulated into performing horrible acts. Are you suggesting this is not the case? Hypnosis, for example, is a technique utilizing the third eye. A person under the influence of the wrong person can be suggested into a world of trouble. I wrote what I wrote to illustrate the following point: dark elements in this world were, maybe they still are, trying to take advantage of individual interest in this wonderful ability to further their goals. They designed special web sites with binaural beats that could bring hell youre your life. I encountered one, as a matter of fact. But enough of that talk.

When Eve spoke with the serpent at the tree, another woman by the way, what eyes do you think opened? Anyway, my purpose is to encourage to the other youngsters on this site, who wish to open those eyes, to think constructively. This wonderful gift is for wisdom and defense, never offense. There is no why, either. This new found ability may send some to try and develop offensive capabilities; that is the path to the dark side. And maintain your faith in times of difficulty.

We are One,

The police
05-Apr-2006, Di
Alright, I'm sorry for the above and I'll take this as a serious debate. I assumed you were just trolling before. I belong to many message boards and trolling and flaming is always a serious issue. Given that, that wasn't the case, I'll respond seriously now.

Anybody can easily be manipulated. In general, the human mind is very weak and vulnerable. It's like a computer where any mind can be "hacked" and "reprogramed" with enough dedication and time. I do not think that your third eye is the cause of this. Opening your third eye simply opens you up to the universe. Mine is only semi opened and through it, I've found peace and answers and I've been able to come up with what I think the meaning of life is. It opens you up to more feeling and knowledge.

Through feeling, one is able to sense light and dark energy and truely feel what's right or wrong instead of doing what we're taught. By knowledge we can understand more and through that, we are able to make a choice based off of what we know.

The only other thing that people should be aware of is that you're open to spirits, this could mean posession. Of course I wouldn't expect any decision in ANY aspect of life to be made without caution. As long as you're careful and don't go over your head, you'll be fine.

Of course with third eyes, and once you tap into your power, and the earth's power it's easy for the younger ones to be obsessed with that power. For the most part, your eye won't open unless you're full able to handle it and are responsible with that power.

A lot of good can come with the third eye too. It teaches you how to manipulate energy which can many times be used to rejuvinate a person or even heal as I've done before.

I guess you have to keep in mind this saying, "when a light is born, a shadow is created." Given that, there's a light and dark side to everything. It's up to us as humans to use our free will to decide which path we take.
13-Apr-2006, nothing
nothing it is Zen
13-Apr-2006, zero
yes, there is nothing like a path. It is universal where the observer and observed are same. A total awarness of nothing.
14-Apr-2006, Mych
Oh, my god... Is there a Doom sayer on EACH of these?!?!?!?!? Scott.... No offense, bud. but yer a loser.
with that said... yes, you can artificially open a chakra. woo. yay... but, to "go crazy" or Die? well, we all do sometime... some though, we'd hope sooner than later, and others, later than sooner.
Honestly, though... you should be more worried about using those drugs, opening the third eye and "going crazy"... Lay off the acid, man.
14-Apr-2006, prakash
when we deserve certain things those things will be supplied to us automatically. what we deserve, we get. the process of third eye opening is also the same. it is not an achievement. it is not a competition or examination that we perform well, and get more score. it cannot be achieved directly , aggressively.
only after a long process, coal becomes diamond. coal never did any exercises to become a diamond. instead , coal was ready to be completely transformed. coal gave his "whole" completely. it surrendered itself completely. then diamond happened.
14-Apr-2006, KingOfnerds
I think that that was a very good analogy.
15-Apr-2006, Charlie
I think my 3rd eye is trying to get out. I have never seen darkness when I close my eyes. It is a formless chaos of red and orange type colors. Now when I dive into the water and get below 6ft the bloody forehead hurts... Maybe the little thing is trying to peak out. That is so wrong. My life was cooler when it was abnormal.
16-Apr-2006, jack
im only a 15 year old kid but iv been trying the breathing techniques,i aint trying to open no third eye or nothing but i find its brings my body to peace when i clear my mind and breath in through my nortrils and out through my mouth but what i dont understand is about chakras what are they and what is meant about balancing them can someone give me a website on how to balance chakras
17-Apr-2006, great girl
i suffered from depression for pretty much my whole life. even as a child i always remember feeling extreme saddness. i never went on anti-depressants or anything, or even told people. but i used to cry myself to sleep every night. nearly a year ago i made the most powerful decision i have ever made. i decided i wanted to be happy. it was a great decision. it was extememly difficult, but over th course of a few months i developed self worth and confidence. i became the person i always knew i was.
one night, i was at a music festival. i was so intensely happy.. life was just fantastic. and suddenly, i got a vision of reality, and saw the way the world works in spheres, with the weak people all gravitating towards teh stronger ones. i thought i was seeing this because i had become one of the strong people. i didnt realise that my third eye had suddenly opened. i didnt even know i had a third eye!
so, personally, i dont think you can open your third eye by trying. you need to develop your self value and self awareness and love and compassion for mankind. then it will open.
i also dont think it whould be taken as lightly as people are taking it. when it really opens, its a pretty dramatic experience. suddenly you are vulnerable to other peoples energies. so be careful! and good luck to all of you. i hope you find your paths.
17-Apr-2006, great girl
camille, i just read back over the thread properly there and saw that youre distressed. i really empathise... becoming aware of all this stuff is pretty intense! especially when you dont understand whats going on. i had no idea what was happening to me. di, you made a very good point about schizophrenia... i can definitly vouche that for a period i thought i was going crazy!
then i was guided to reiki. i would strongly recommend anyone who has opened their third eye to get it done. my reiki master told me that my third eye was wide open, and that it was catching pretty much everything in it! i mentioned above that you become vulnerable to other people's energies... well, he said i had one of two black balls stuck in my third eye: the result of people sending me negative thoughts. (this would be a pretty distressing thought in itself if i didnt understand it... im a nice person, but sometimes nice people can get sent the blackest thoughts) he removed the black balls and eased my third eye into a normal open size. then he put a protective seal on it. you wouldnt believe how much this has helped me in my day-to-day interactions with people. its amazing, i can really avoid feeling drained now. just make sure youre selective about what reiki master you go to. before you start searching, ask the Great Creative Force, or your spiritual guides, to help you find the right one.
i hope this is of some benefit to people... so far ive found reading peoples entries a really positive experience... this is my first time ever going onto something like this.. i just dont think it even occured to me before (although i just got deja vu there...!)
its great to know that others are going through these things... that we're not alone in the physical plane.
18-Apr-2006, brandon
hi/i am very young and im wondering about this third eye. i try to open it but i dont get much resultsd i mean i see colors and after medatating i feel tingaling were the third eye is suposed to be but i need some advise oon how to open it and what it does when its open u can email me or talk im {aim}me at brandon313mm or just give me advise on here
18-Apr-2006, Ray Mark
thanks for letting me know how to awaken my 6th chakra
19-Apr-2006, the soul self
YEAH!I opened my third eye today, or at least i think i did.It was awsome you gotta try it.
21-Apr-2006, compassionate entity
my message to the great girl.i do feel that your words caught my attention.i am an ordinary man without the 3rd eye open that after reading this site i can see something is happening.more and more people are getting interested and experiencing this 3rd eye.i feel that i would like to talk to you privately.nothing so serious just few general talks about what i have gone through and going through right now that to an extent i am becoming more compassionaye and loving person through suffering and physical is growing stronger..i suppose you can read into my past and all with your abilities and this is something i am giving to you with my free will for you to go and see if so you choose to before upon deciding.i have read all the threads on this site and did some research on opening the third eye.but i felt that i was not ready and my heart did not allow me to open my 3rd eye simply because one but the most reason for having FEAR and not wanting to face such consequences after opening it.i suppose i am more advanced now than others to decide not to go through the process.i await to talk to you.your will to choose to accept my invitation to talk away from this site and i have no intentions to give you negative feedbacks which i got to admit could be a possibility but i know you are a strong entity.and yes good to know i am not alone in regards to me sharing something common with someone else but only for now to seek peace and passion to gain a little knowledge to do good for the world i live in
with love
21-Apr-2006, Alex
Recently I have been attempting to open my third eye through meditation. I have always as a child and now see vivid images but with my eyes OPEN. Is this akward? It has always enhanced my writing abilities due to the fact that I can simple watch the movie in my head and write what I see. I normally only see swirls of technicolor when I close my eyes and my eyes seem to reject staring at the third eye. I feel the tension but after long periods my eyes will not allow me to stare much longer. Regardless I had a strange experience..... The other day me and 4 other friends were sitting on a hill in a park overlooking the ohio plains. They are very ignorant to any spirituality and not very open minded except for one but I decided to ask them to relax and look at they're third eye all at the same time with myself. When we all closed our eyes I saw vividly a small black triangle with a black eye on the inside ontop of a firey red background. The image was rather intense and after a few seconds of viewing it I opened my eyes to the surprised faces of my friends. They all too instantaneously stated they saw a triangle with an eye in it. After that event we were throwing grass clods at eachother(pointless fun) and long after the battle, a friend had decided to attack me without me looking at him. Amazingly without even a thought of it, i snatched the clod from behind my back without even looking, plainly grabbed it out of the air. Does this group vision and my increased intuition have any significance? I still cannot see anything to the extent of the triangle anymore, but I have not attempting the group meditation again....
21-Apr-2006, Ruby88511
thanks StarGazer

since my last post I have become aware that my thirdeye is open. I am now seeing pictures of castles and knights and open oceans. I am hearing very high vibrations. but because of its high pitch I cannot make what is being said.

Yes, I do pray before I meditate and ask for only the higher beings to enter my center. (knock on wood all has been safe)
I have also learned if you are attempting to open your third eye, show no fear, for fear is energy food for the lower vibration entities to enter and do wrong to you spiritually and mentally. so please becareful.
23-Apr-2006, Scotty aka Dagon
i think all this information is pointless techniques like third eye, evil eye, tele-kinisis,pyro-kinisis as well as magick and chakras are somthing no one needs help with magick comes throught YOuR own mind body soul and from the energys surrounding it if a being is ment to work with magick they should be able to do it on their own throught their instincts and feelings and if you cant and you need the information from someone elce your not doing magick you are MIMIKING it so my opinion on this website and all other "magic sites" is get you head straight drop this site if ur ment to create magick do it if not go burn!!!! if u dont like what im saying email me at yours truly Scotty aka Dagon
23-Apr-2006, Di

That couldn't be further from the truth. It's true that any magick, or third eye stuff is very personal and all of the energy comes from the person but people still need guidance. It's a matter of tapping into your own power which is why so many people meditate in the first place. True what works for someone, probably won't work for somebody else but if they know different techniques, they can develop one on their own to open their third eye.

Anything you do is a matter of manipulating energy and higher beings and other energy sources help. If you try to create a psiball using just your energy, you probably won't get anywhere.

Also it has NOTHING to do with whether or not a being is "meant" to work with magick. Everyone has the ability. Some people know how to use it, some don't, and the people who don't look to sites to LEARN how to use THEIR ability. Site like these actually DO help and if they don't allow you to "open your third eye" or whatever else you're trying, it's still going to put you on the right track.

BTW, is your period button broken? If not you might want to head back to third grade and learn some more about run-ons and capitalization.

23-Apr-2006, Issa
Well I got very interested in the third eye lately. I spent a week balancing my other chakras.. This morning when i woke up I tried to focus on the third eye it took me about 30 minutes and i started feeling pressure in the center maybe off to the side a bit.. But the phone rang so i decided to do it again another 30 minutes.. pressure came.. then my arms felt gone and tingly almost electricuted without the pain they felt drained and it started to go to my feet. All i saw were lights flashing and swirls of lines here and there. I dont think it opened but was on the verge but maybe 40 minutes in (could be alot less just felt long) my eyes thrusted open.. any answers?
23-Apr-2006, Seraphis
Forcing your Third Eye to open without your Root Chakra being strong enough is a VERY bad idea. Your Root Chakra is your base chakra and contributes to your creativity and ability to express yourself.

You can develop it through meditation, expressing yourself through creativity and a few other methods.

I would like to stress that you do a little research on the Third Eye before even considering opening it.
23-Apr-2006, the soul self
YO DI,. You are completely right.I had to practice meditation for about 2 years now and i recently encountered my third eye opening.I would take advise from anyone who can help me use it or see what it tries to tell me.thanx
25-Apr-2006, Mike
Just came across this site here and wanted to add in my personal events. I've been able to use my third eye just from simple relaxation, being in a state of near sleep in a relaxing enviroment just made it happen for me. I wasn't trying to do it and have wondered just what happened to me and if others were able to do this as well. I must admit I was a bit scared when it first happened to me, like it was something I wasn't supposed to do. But now I'm starting to feel that it's a gift perhaps I should learn to expand upon.

It was amazing to me that I could see another place in the world by doing this. Just as clearly as if I had been in the room or place I was looking at in person.

Though it only increased my questions about why I'm able to do this when most people can't even fathom what I'm talking about or what they think of you when you tell someone close that you have certain gifts like mine and others.

I honestly haven't done it in quite some time and wish I had someone I could speak about these things to who could understand where I was coming from. The last time I did so was on Sept. 10, 2001. Let's just say I learned I could see future events. What a sad week that was both for myself and the world.

Luckily this thread has given me some new insight and I will research it further. One thing I have truly learned is that there is so much more to us and the universe than we could ever see with just our normal eyesight or senses.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions I truly would like to hear them. Thanks.

25-Apr-2006, Issa
Mike, I believe what you have been experiencing is remote viewing - not the third eye but I could be wrong
25-Apr-2006, Di

Thanks for the insight and the post. I'll have to try that more but I usually get nowhere with it. Anyways even though my third eye isn't open, I've been around enough people like you to know where you're coming from. If you want to chat, IM me sometime: SquigglesRus311

26-Apr-2006, the soul self
hey if anyonw wants to talk to me about third eye or tk.i m me gutiebn .thanx
26-Apr-2006, Reggie
Hi.. this is my question? Ive visited this site and have search third eye and came up to this thread.
This is what happens when i go to my bed and close my eyes!! i suddenly put my 1 finger to the center of my eyebrows and felt some kind of energy felt. The center of my eyebrows aches it is very very painful..
Could this be a Sign for the third eye? or NOT?
29-Apr-2006, em77
Hi I was practicing quite a bit with cleansing my chakras and then I began using a book to envoke the variuos lights and once while practicing on opening my third eye I felt intense heat and a burning down the side of my face and when I looked in the mirror I had a crescent shaped red mark that looked like a burn mark and did hurt a little...It terrified me and I so I quit everything with the envocations and just stuck to chakra I'm curious again... could anyone tell me whats up with the burning and the sudden fear I felt
29-Apr-2006, em1977
the book I was using at the time was entitled Change your aura change your life and it used allot of meditative prayers...heres one entitled invocation
"Heavenly father , Holy mother God, I raise my consciousness into thy consciousness where I become one with thee. I ask to receive that which I need and that which I need to know"

and then the book takes you through a series of what it calls "Down raying" the lights...has anyone ever heard of this or do I sound really crazy?
30-Apr-2006, pictor
dont read too much into all this open your third eye easy n quick crap. It is a long process through persistent daily meditation and the balancing of what is quite simply.. every chakra that leads up to the third eye. When the rest of you is balanced, your "third eye" will be ready to be worked on. A feeling of pain in the head is quite possibly a headache through too much consentration and straining of the eyes. Try training in reiki. Thats for all you quick fix bozos.
01-May-2006, Michael
I belive you must first recive a jewel in your thrid eye. Like the eye of the eye, the eye of the lotus, the eye of the dragon, the eye of the eagle, the eye of the tiger,are the eye of Gods royal crown. You can do this by reading Buddha dead sutras like the dimond sutra repeatedily. If you are chosen you will first recive a jewel. After that you should not force it open you should wait between 6 and seven years and it will naturaly open forceing it open can cause you to go crazy. If any one needs help spirtiualy please write. love light and service
glory be Michael
02-May-2006, nerphed
I accidently opened my third eye last night.
I was extremely stoned and lying in my bed, enjoying some colorful closed eye visual patterns. After a bit of doing this, I feel deep into a trance of sorts, and then I realized that my eyes were fixed upwards in the middle of my forhead. I suddenly realized the pattern I was seeing was my third eye, and it helped me get deeper in trance. I was nervous , and I don't know anything about chakras, but I wanted to see where this would go. So I had heard the best thing to do with the third eye is give it attention, so I did. It seemed to reward me by filling me with a sort of trance-energy. I realized that the consciousness was not something kept in the head, it was all throughout the body, or so it felt. This all-body conscioussness, I guess some would call it chi or natural mystic, was becoming energized, excited. I fed it as much as I could, not knowing how I did so, I just did. I reached a point where the visual of my third eye was aflame, my body was literally convulsing, and I reached a state of pure elation. I felt like I was separating from my body at the seams, like I was going to have an OOBE or something...Well in this moment I had this thought, I became terrified, and it was all over. No more eye, shaking, energy, or trance. Some of you may say I was just high, but marijuana has NEVER done that to me or I think anyone.
02-May-2006, Di
Yes! I'm not the only one who meditates high! Marijuana is definately a form of herbal enlightenment. I have focusing problems but I easily get into a meditative state when I'm stoned. Also, that convulsing thing, that happened to me a long time ago when I gave my eye attention as I was waking up. I heard it was just the chakra opening and not the third eye itself.


as for the jewels, I've never heard anything about that. I have friends with open third eyes and they've never mentioned anything about a jewel. The only thing the mentioned remotely like that was the All-Seeing-Eye.. Are you sure the jewel thing isn't something extra?
04-May-2006, Mikael
Well, Hello. I was wondering something, after reading all the posts in this thread, even the ones dating back to '02. All my life, i've had this feeling that I was distinctly disjoined with the reality that everyone around me was in, even my closest friends. That when we looked at something, or anything, I was seeing something completely different than what those around me saw. And even though I felt removed, I sensed the feelings of people eaiser than any of them, that I could "Read anyone like a book", empathy, is what I think it's called. So, i'm not exactly sure what I'm wondering, but this thread definatly struck a cord in me somewhere, so I would really really appriciate it if one of you who are experianced/knowledgeable on this subject matter could AIM me at Thirteenthstep90. Thank you in advance.
06-May-2006, Grant
Hey guys, I was wanting to know what i can do to make my eyes stop shaking when im trying to look between my eyebrows... I really want a third eye experience but I cant even get past the first step. :-(... Please help if anyone knows what i can do.
10-May-2006, arnel
Hey guys, I was wanting to know what i can do to make my eyes stop shaking when im trying to look between my eyebrows... I really want a third eye experience but I cant even get past the first step. :-(... Please help if anyone knows what i can do.
qrnel umengqn
10-May-2006, Arnel_Umengan
hi to all psychics, when im alone feel sad i want to have extraordinary friends thats y id like to open my third eye" coz iwant to expirience it
i"ll wait for yuor txt
11-May-2006, bernard
wow, since i am watching true stories about "psychics questor" i felt more interesting about outside world.............. its very interesting even if sometimes i feel scared about it.... but well i feel more strength whenever ive encounter them.............
11-May-2006, GeLo
H! I wanna open my third in a safe way
anyone who can help to open it

email me at
11-May-2006, GeLo
last year I open my third eye accidentally w/o knowing,but I donot know how it will be only 1 thing that I remember I always look my face in a miror w/o closing my eyelip.

and a few days ago ive been from work and unwearing my clothes facing in the miror and sudenly, there something white walk past behind me I saw it on the miror but im ignored it although im scared, and few days ago I encountered again that but this time it was black im just scared and running outside in are house, and everytime I go to my room im praying, singing some church song to get my scared out, and afterward I encounter again and again sometimes is black and sometimes is it white sometimes I saw it flying inside our house but I ignored it, if Im not mistaken these was called "eclasp"?
12-May-2006, GeLo
H! its me again just continuing..

I was sleeping and im dreaming something bad scaring in the middle of my dream I was awake in that time I open my eyes there was a lady coming to me in beside of my bed, she was brown complexion many accesories in neck,hands just like a woman in tribe? I was scared when she's coming to me so I will close again my eyes my face by blanket, few minutes ago I open my eyes she's gone...

then afternoon of that day after shower I combing my hair, then I was shock when I saw a feet of a baby walking in the doorway of my room only feet of a baby... that time im so scared then go running outside...
then sometimes I was surfing on the net then somebody get my attention I saw a 3 kids playing in my doorway room.

then few months ago I could not see anything I dont know why, its cut off...

then this month I am curious to open my third eye
and only this I realize that I open my third eye once in a time, and I know now that all experience happen to me is just because of my third eye, although its scared but I wanna open it again
12-May-2006, zyrhen
hello there....! this is zyrhen i want to say that this kind of gift is very useful...! thanks for giving it>>>>>>
13-May-2006, GeLo
H! please help me to open my third eye.............
15-May-2006, Di
For the new people:

1. First browse through the other posts to see if your question wasn't already answered. This is essential for everyone asking how to open their third eye. Opening it is different for everybody but there are some methods in the earlier posts. If those don't work for you, chances are, you'll have to find your own so please don't ask "How can open my third eye" before browsing the earlier posts. Also try googleing "Third Eye Opening." That's how I found this site and there are some great sites about opening your third eye underneath.

2. Seeing spirits, astral traveling, dream wandering or anything supernatural in general deals with your third eye. Not just your third eye but an "Astral Plane" that your third eye let's you see.

3. If you're worried about the negative effects of being open spiritually (being open to posession and whatnot), then I suggest looking up a few protection spells or saying a protective prayer. Aside from that, to open it safely and naturally, take time each day to meditate on all of your chakras and be patient with it. Opening the third eye may be up to some people with simple meditation and other than that, your eye will open on it's own, when it's ready and there's not much you can do about it but wait and hope.

New Method:

One more thing: I came across a book on Thursday which was a basic Magick book but it contained a more unique way to open your third eye. I have no idea if it works or not because I really haven't had much time to try it.

1. Sit comfortable and relax but in an upright position.

2. Imagine a small line of color moving up through your spine. Continue the movement up through the chakras from the root chakra until the top chakra on the top of your head.

3. Imagine the line moving down your forehead and stopping at the brow chakra (the third eye)

4. Imagine the line of color leading to a small bud (of a flower.)

5. Imagine it slowly opening to the light around it.

Well that's all I picked up. Good luck and let me know if it works.

Also if anyone has any questions or just wants to talk, you can email me at or IM me a SquigglesRus311

21-May-2006, Sw. Nirav
how to open your 3rd eye. i did drope some hints.
but if some body looking for mor info contect me.
21-May-2006, Third_Eye
If someone has strong third eye, and as he/she is talking to someone, could she/he understand whats going on in the mind of the person infront of her/him.
22-May-2006, MAYA
22-May-2006, MAYA
24-May-2006, the berry fairy
There are people who manipulate others by using their third eye. There are people who drain down others' vital energy through their third eye.
In this era everyone is full of egoism and all they want is to benefit from others at all costs.
That's why so many persons are striving to get their divine eye open. For unholy reasons?
Is there anyone who feels DEEP RESPECT for a Human Entity?
24-May-2006, Nick
Hello all, my name is Nick and i would like to share with you my perceptions of the third eye; not my experience that i had. I belive that the third eye can be opened at any time in your life. I do not beleive that it can be opened randomly while ur walking down the street. I do not beleive that you can tell the past or the future or even have a a premminision to what is going to happen. Opening your third eye is a very personal thing, it is for the own mind to meet the ultimate perception of life/reality. (please read on in my passage if you feel what im am saying.) I do not believe that my idea of the third eye is correct but however i do beleive that everyone takes in there own type of feeling from there experience. I also beleive that you must be in a very relaxed state of mind, meditation is not required, nor the knowledge of chakras, you do not need any type of meditation techniques to open your third eye, however it may help you to be more relaxed; I have not looked into "routine meditition because in my eyes it is not a must, it just a way to help relax yourself." I perferablly dont like the idea of having music in the back round, people use music to help them "concentrate/float away" into the third eye. I think it is just a slight distraction. I do not beleive that the third eye is in physical form inside of our heads(which i dont think anywone really does anyway). There is no visual of the third eye. The third eye is a perception in which you have unlocked and you may go deeper and deeper into the thought of that perception. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE OPENING YOUR THRID EYE, i became somewhat nervouse at first, it was almost as if i was making the decision to except the perception that I already knew;realizing that it is the truth. I truely beleive that i have opened my third eye. However i have not ventured far into it, It is not something to be fooled around with or taken as an everyday thing.. Maybe someday it could be, but opening it at first takes patience and you must not force it, for u may halucinate a mock third eye perception which can distort one's way of thinking. once again these are my own ideas in which i think are very close to the correct idea of the third eye. Please read and take in consideration for what i am saying, the experience that i had was absolutely incredible, I cannot even begin to explain it, for i should not have to. When you open it you will know.

I have much more to say, if you would really like to have an indepth conversation I will never turn down a great conversation. If you would like to discuss the third eye with me I am at all ears, I do not mind telling people of my experience, however i will not post it all right here, if you want to know, give me an email

PS: The connection between Oneself and the universe is absolutely amazing.
24-May-2006, Nick

Do whatever it takes to put urself in a relaxed state of mind. Dont try to concentrate on letting your ego and stuff like that go away, your not concentrating on the right thing when your doing this. Its all about being completely open minded and looking at yourself as ONE rather than try to not look at urslef as nothing. Yes, rid of the ego and what not, but dont totaly focus on the fact that everything around you is bullsh*t. There is a difference between disconnecting yourself from the world/looking at urself as one rather than looking at everything around you and everything that is going on as if it were unreal.

This post might not make to much sense but, ah well i try to word it the best that i can.
25-May-2006, Di
"There are people who manipulate others by using their third eye. There are people who drain down others' vital energy through their third eye.
In this era everyone is full of egoism and all they want is to benefit from others at all costs.
That's why so many persons are striving to get their divine eye open. For unholy reasons?
Is there anyone who feels DEEP RESPECT for a Human Entity? "

A very good point. I do know many people who want to learn to manipulate or people who drain others energy. There are other reasons to open your third eye but the main one should be to understand more, whether it be about the universe or oneself. Showing off and being manipulative should have nothing to do with it.

Reading what's in one's mind, is often referred to as empathy. It can be taught but it also comes natural to a lot of people. Suggestive telepathy can also be taught but forcing someone to think or do something is a horrible thing to do. (Even though that hasn't stopped me from doing it once or twice)

Learning such tasks can be learned at They have a great message board but they don't like anything fun like religion and drug talk crossed in with it. So it's a bit more facist but a great place to learn.
26-May-2006, First Sun
All, I need some help here.

I want to know how to stop using the so called third eye.

When I was little this "third eye" was a fun experience, but when I grow older I found it prevents me to think calmly and logically and I get nervous every time I talk to people. I feel this third eye is not helping and cause me to be socially awkward.

Someone please give me some solutions to this problem, so I can feel better.
26-May-2006, First Sun
I think I am going to add something about my perceptions of the "third eye".

And my perceptions about "third eye" are:

-It is sort of a pressure point between the eyebrow.
-When I started the "third eye" I can move it to everywhere on my head and it just feels like something pressing inside of the skin surface.
-I can enlarge this pressure or shrink it, enlarge is easier than shrinking it.
-My heart pump faster when the "third eye" is activated
-It is some what addictive
-It activates itself in one to two seconds when I concentrate and fade away in 5s or longer when I am not thinking about it.
-While it is activated I can predict (not to hear) what other people are going to say.
-in some instance people answer to my questions before I say them out, and my questions can not be logically predicted.
-While "third eye" is activated, my luck get better.
-often I talk to people and my "third eye" activate, thus cause my heart to pump faster, and I get a red face and embarrass myself.
-I think it makes me less confident about my decisions
26-May-2006, First Sun
To add to what I said about myself before, I have managed to get this "third eye" open when I was about age of 5. It takes about 12 years of practice to activate this "third eye" whenever you want to. And it is more difficult to prevent it from activating, I havn't find a method to stop it yet.
26-May-2006, adam24367
I want to know if my 3rd eye is open
I am 12 and when i close my eyes I see darkness but i see things swirling around in that darkness
they are usually faded and are purple blue or white what does this mean
28-May-2006, First Sun

I think what you have seen is normal for everyone.

I would also suggest you to stop trying, because it may not be very good for you psychologically. I rembered I have tried stuff like that when I was young, and I think I am a little mentally unstable because of that.

I would strongly recommend you to stop practicing this kind of mental load, and focus more on the real life, such as your school work and your family.
29-May-2006, daughter of water
I had been using cannabis indica A LOT for 8 years everyday and i strongly believe that during that time my 3rd eye was affected. I was feeling extremely "open" and prone to negative energies coming from certain people. For example, i was getting a shrinking feeling in the middle of my forehead that wouldn't go away for hours. Although it's been 3 years that i've quit cannabis, i still feel "open" and prone to those energies. Does anyone know a way to protect myself?
29-May-2006, the berry fairy
this goes to DI: Hello and thanx for answering back. I've got a few more questions cause i'm really troubled. So:
1.How can you stop somebody from draining down your energy?
2.I bet they can do it from distance too. Right?
3.Is there a possibility that they interfere with your sleep so that you get up drained in the morning?

I' m really fed up with this paranormal-like phenomenon which is actually oozing my life for more than a year. I had a relationship with someone who was doing this to me (and still does it from another city). This was the very reason why i gave this person up.
30-May-2006, Astrospirit
Its hard to get rid of this type of thing, but its possible. The key is rectifying your relationships with people from the past. Whether its someone you've wronged, or someone who's wronged you, YOU must forgive and accept this, when you're alone and calm sometime, just really try to forgive and accept. Anyone or anything you've done wrong, an ex, your parents, siblings,business partners. ANYTHING.

That should help, usually a quick visit to a psychic can help clear it up too.
01-Jun-2006, First Sun
I don't situations described above are anything special. I think they are just normal things and people believe they are something else.

If you are really in trouble, you should consider seeing a doctor first, because the cause can be both physical and mental.
04-Jun-2006, Chucho
I believe also, depending on the situation that your experiencing, you will be able to awake the third eye, beleive it or not, I had a very stressing situation, disscussing some diverce agreements with my wife, both were angry, and in some moment I was able to see some red light around her head, after we came down, and got some agreement, the light was changing to yellow and white, I dont know if someone else had this experience.
04-Jun-2006, Di
"this goes to DI: Hello and thanx for answering back. I've got a few more questions cause i'm really troubled. So:
1.How can you stop somebody from draining down your energy?
2.I bet they can do it from distance too. Right?
3.Is there a possibility that they interfere with your sleep so that you get up drained in the morning?

I' m really fed up with this paranormal-like phenomenon which is actually oozing my life for more than a year. I had a relationship with someone who was doing this to me (and still does it from another city). This was the very reason why i gave this person up. "

The only piece of advice I can give you is learn how to build barriers and walls. A simple barrier is vizualizing a bubble around you. Walls are alittle more complicated and I'm not sure how to do them but there might be some sites on sheilding.
06-Jun-2006, Jabberwock
someone told me that you can force to open third eye by looking at the cat's eye then wait for "morning star".. i mean the dirt of the eye of the cat. then put that dirt in your eyes but do it between 12 AM to 3 AM. I know it sounds funny but it works according to him. Can someone try it? I have no pet like cat so i cant do it at home. Can someone try it for me? Thank you!
06-Jun-2006, Josh
it's easier for some than it is for others. you're not the only one to controll your third eye. how? just open it.. it's an eye. see beyond sight. there aren't any real instructions to opening it. close the eyes 80%, find it, and see. that's what i do... find your way
07-Jun-2006, Yogi
I have practiced trascendental meditation for 22 years .I took a sedha course 10 years ago and started experiencing leitation and very very deep relaxtion states ...but I tell the only thing that openend my Third Eye few monthsago was extending the pranayama period (inhale exhale from one nostril and then from other..).When it happened I fel ot of balance for one month ..heat in my forehead then started moving to the back of my head ...I felt lovel pressure....I tell you my life has changed and i now look forward to help anyone who wants to open his third eye.One final thing: I did not know anything about the third eye till it opened.Only then I started reading and asking about it....but guess what/The best answers came to me while I was meditating.
07-Jun-2006, yonel
hi there! i've been trying to open my third eye for years and i can not find the right way to open it... i really like to open it.. i just hope you can help me with this.. thanks.. and email me pls... it's
08-Jun-2006, JoeyD
I have been meditating lately and during my meditations have felt a DEFINITE pressure where my third eye is. I've decided to do whatever it takes to open it , however i'm not going to rush it im going to take it nice and slow and not force it.
Can anyone give me any meditation techniques that may be of use?
08-Jun-2006, Neno
It seems to me that this forum is being visited with "thrill seekers".
In case you're wondering how I get that idea: lots of questions actually come down to the following:
"I really want to open my third eye" and "please help me to open my third eye" althought quite a few people mentioned that the way to open your third eye is very personal and my way doesn't have to be your way. It's quite the opposite.

I can't stop wondering why one wants the third eye being opened? Do you know the consequences and impact of your third eye being opened (with or without "brute" force)?

It could and will take time. You must be aware of the impact and maybe even being able to protect oneself.
A simple example a few of you might recognize:
I feel emotions from other people as well as feeling pain (fysicle). But it still comes spontaneously. I find it hard to deal with feeling emotions. Yes, I do break out in tears on these occasions.
Being able to feel pain and emotions is almost nothing compared to having the third eye opened.
I'm sure I'm not ready to open my third eye. Simply because of the fact I find it hard to deal with the things I just described. I have to find a way (my way) to deal with it and then I MIGHT be ready to open my third eye.
Do I want it to be opened? I don't know! Why?
Well, I don't know what to expect and perhaps I don't fully understand either (another reason not to push things).
But I do know that I will help people if my third eye has opened and I'm able to help.

I do hope people will stop with the forementioned questions. There is NO straight answer. The answer will differ from person to person.
Maybe it is a wise thing to pay a visit to a psychic, maybe he or she is able to help or drop a few hints. Pay a visit to a true witch. At least these kinds of people could tell more about consequences and impact and help you unnderstand what might happen to you. And as far as I know witches are usually great people to deal with (at least the ones I know)!

For the peoples who believe in the bible: witches are nothing the church wants you to think they are!
Maybe it's not quite te right comparison, but I like to compare them with angels, but angels living on earth. Witches do believe, but only in a different way. Thanks to Di I'm becoming more interested in Wicca and witchcraft. But there is good and there is bad. Do research and keep the "good"!!!
Tip: If you don't fully trust a psychic or a witch for whatever reason, look for another one. (like a glove: it fits or it doesn't) Don't feel sorry, the person just might not be the right one for you...
09-Jun-2006, Bob
Can anyone tell me How to open the Third eye ?

1. How do you know you have it already?
2. What are the advantages?

09-Jun-2006, Zhariurgdw Huynikld
If you want to open your third eye learn about photoreading and the photofocus step!!!!!!!
09-Jun-2006, Di

Great to see you back here and I wondered how everything was going with you and your empathy. We should chat again sometime. I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by newbie questions. I made my own post TO NEWBIES about the things that are STILL plauging the board. No matter how many times you tell someone not to ask how to open their third eye, they still do.

Anyways, I'm still trying to open my third eye myself... can anyone help me? Just joking.

But you all must understand that there's so much more that deals with opening the third eye than just to see what it's like to have it open. Of course many great skills come with the third eye but it takes a long time to master. If you want techniques on your third eye and how to manipulate, do some research on psi and wicca.

As Neno said, witches are a GREAT help with the third eye. Witches are pure and they deal with a a respect for nature, elements and all types of energy. If you want to open your third eye, you must understand that there's so much more to it than you think.

Energy manipulation is real, bending is real, telekinesis is real, telepathy and empathy are real. Yes, there really are spirits out there and yes you can communicate with them.

If you don't believe in that, then don't bother with your third eye because you're up for a rude awakening.

However if you're like me and have been into all of that stuff your entire life, I suggest looking up TRANCE MUSIC. Trance is an actual genre and there's a type of Techno out there (called IBS, I think) that changes your brainwaves to excercise your subconsciousness. I found a file on Limewire specifically that had sounds for activating chakras. Give that a try and if it helps, post here.

To everyone, good luck and QUIT WITH THE "HOW DO I OPEN MY THIRD EYE" questions. (Read the other posts and they're answered a zillion times over)

P.S. I hope that "I'll kill myself if I don't open my third eye" post was a joke. If you die you'll just go to the astral plane and have no need for opening the third eye.
11-Jun-2006, joeyd
will you stop acting better than everyone else.
if i opened my third eye i would help people to open it instead of acting superior to them if you're not here to help what the hell are you here for.
11-Jun-2006, joeyd
and where the hell are us average people supposed to find witches at? hot topic?
12-Jun-2006, Daughter of water
Joeyd you must be really out of your head if you talk(write) this way. Know that if you keep such a stance towards psychic matters, you will never open anything at all. For a first step you should try to open your heart. This will prevent you from being egoistic and rude showing thoughts like "will you stop acting better than everyone else" and
" i would help people to open it instead of acting superior to them if you're not here to help what the hell are you here for." Learn to accept that some people ARE better than some other. If you succeed to respect this you will get a lil better AT ONCE!! Thanx for giving a try!
As for the eye opening hot topic you must know that there is a little saying: "Anything you are striving for, may become an obstacle". You may even turn obsessed or neurotic if you persist on thinking of the same matter over and over. I had issues of my own that made me eventually talk this way. Think it over!
12-Jun-2006, joeyd
im sorry but im not going to believe that some people are better than others that is just stupid. they may KNOW more or be WISER but they're not SUPERIOR. how am i rude saying stop acting better than other people thats like the exact opposite. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, i am aware that opening the third eye is an obstacle however people should help each other overcome obstacles in life. "Of course many great skills come with the third eye but it takes a long time to master." - what person new to this stuff is not gonna ask for assistance in opening the third eye. All i'm saying is see from the different perspective for a second.
12-Jun-2006, joeyd
open my heart and see that some people are just better than others - HA
12-Jun-2006, Fain

Are you ready to accept the truth? Do you have any idea what the truth will do to a liar? When you're totally open you will have immortal memory. Are you ready to accept your spiritual identity? Are you prepared to accept your own death? not the one to come but the one that has already taken place. You will also have to accept the reality of all the people currently in your life; Is that something you can deal with constructively?

You'll probably say yes to all the above.

Opening your eye is the easy part.You will no doubt be successful at that. What is not so easy is dealing with the consequences of your actions. You should at least prepare yourself first by letting go of your anger.

There is no time but now, and no place but here. You are today who you have always been.
13-Jun-2006, joeyd
thanks fain
14-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
Joeyd needs to realise that people are better than other people, in a relative way, (stronger, smarter, third eye, whatever) but its relative, and potential is limitless.

Also right and wrong are just points of veiw, and i would have to believe that someone with thier third eye open would know that, and be above it. A good book to read to understand this is Conversations with God.
14-Jun-2006, fain
seeker of power,

you are wrong to say right and wrong are just points of view. that line of thought is the seed of destruction and infinitely irresponsible. Truth and Lies, Good and Evil are concrete concepts.

I have personally had a great deal of conflict with evil over the years and its existence is undeniable.
14-Jun-2006, joeyd
yea sorry i was wrong in my thinking, i think that i think he meant better in a different way. i get it now.
15-Jun-2006, Daughter of water
Ok you are getting better all the time!! This is the same "better" i also meant.
Anyway i just want to state this: once, i had a talk with a woman who succeeded in opening IT but she had bad experiences and then she decided to shut it. It was overwhelming for her to know what would happen next to herself and her friends. Even terrifying since deaths were also included.
Of course this is another opinion of somebody else. Every person on Earth is UNIQUE and this is the way we perceive the world. Each of us lives in his/her own interpretation of reality or unreality and this is why we may not say that reality exists. Only objective reality exists. No other! Opening the sacred EYE opens up new realities either pleasant aspects or unpleasant, or a combination of both. Do we actually know ourselves that well to be prepared to deal with all this Psychedelia?
15-Jun-2006, Joe Blogs
My understanding of the third eye is this.

Your eyes diverge instead of converge. Meaning the eyes separate, i.e the left eye looks out to the left and the right eye looks out to the right. To be able to do this you need to be relaxed and calm and I guess that's why a lot of people recommend meditation.

A good example of this and to test whether you are doing it correctly is to hold a pen upright about 6 inches from your brow. If you are diverging your eyes the pen will eventually appear as a double image. To explain what is happening is to understand that there are two eyes within each eye. One of the eyes sees with 'cones' and the other with 'rods'. This is what is known as central focus and perpherial vision. It's the eye within the eye that uses perpherial vision that creates the doubling effect.

When you have mastered seeing the world using your perpherial vision can you really understand the opening of the third eye. Do you know the old saying, 'I have eyes in the back of my head'. Well that idea is linked to perpherial vision. Once it is developed you can see almost all that is around you and see it clearly. To test this go and ask some of the ealderly just how far to each side of their head they can see and you may end up being pleasantly surprised.

Also, with this divergent gaze, once it has been developed try this little exercise. Stand in front of the mirror, relax and diverge your eyes, and notice something truly remarkable. A third eye appears. This is where I believe the description 'third eye'came from.

Ok, from here truly amazing things happen. You can see in all directions. See everything at once and it truly is an amazing experience. At first is seems surreal and scary to be able to see everything at once, so much information. But after a while you learn to get your head around it and it becomes second nature. Like riding a bike, you get better at it. Also, you become like the previous contributors, more aware of yourself and your surroundings, including other people. You notice how much control and influence there is and because you are able to see so much more than all the others you are able to influence so much more of what is around you.

The opening of the third usually comes with age because it helps a person to understand the true nature of things and your place within it. Your perception of the world changes. That is why a person with the wrong intentions having this information could end up hurting a lot of people.

With the 'third eye' open, i.e. using your perpherial vision to see everything you become in control. And I mean that in a BIG way.
16-Jun-2006, Di
Alright! Some fun. Mwuhahahahahahahahahaha.
"im sorry but im not going to believe that some people are better than others that is just stupid. they may KNOW more or be WISER but they're not SUPERIOR. how am i rude saying stop acting better than other people thats like the exact opposite.

I assume you're talking about me. How exactly am I acting better than everybody else? Since you've been here a full few times, you automatically know exactly what's going on right? I'm sure you've read every post on here so far right? Right?

If you HAVE read every post on here, you would have read probably 50 times or over "How do I open my third eye?" along with MULTIPLE theories on how to open it and other subjects concerning it. Now if a newbie stumbles on here and doesn't bother reading or even skimming through all of the ones at the top, how much do they really care about opening their third eye in the first place? It's not hard to find meditation techniques as I've said in many previous posts. This place dates back to 2002 and just scrolling, I've noticed at least 6 or so different methods. People who come here and don't bother to even look and just ask "how do I open my third eye" are just being lazy and therefore annoying.


SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, i am aware that opening the third eye is an obstacle however people should help each other overcome obstacles in life. "Of course many great skills come with the third eye but it takes a long time to master." - what person new to this stuff is not gonna ask for assistance in opening the third eye. All i'm saying is see from the different perspective for a second.

You're right I should help, or maybe you can scroll up a bit to some of my other posts and note some techniques I've posted. But of course that would take effort so allow me to assist you:

For the new people:

1. First browse through the other posts to see if your question wasn't already answered. This is essential for everyone asking how to open their third eye. Opening it is different for everybody but there are some methods in the earlier posts. If those don't work for you, chances are, you'll have to find your own so please don't ask "How can open my third eye" before browsing the earlier posts. Also try googleing "Third Eye Opening." That's how I found this site and there are some great sites about opening your third eye underneath.

2. Seeing spirits, astral traveling, dream wandering or anything supernatural in general deals with your third eye. Not just your third eye but an "Astral Plane" that your third eye let's you see.

3. If you're worried about the negative effects of being open spiritually (being open to posession and whatnot), then I suggest looking up a few protection spells or saying a protective prayer. Aside from that, to open it safely and naturally, take time each day to meditate on all of your chakras and be patient with it. Opening the third eye may be up to some people with simple meditation and other than that, your eye will open on it's own, when it's ready and there's not much you can do about it but wait and hope.

New Method:

One more thing: I came across a book on Thursday which was a basic Magick book but it contained a more unique way to open your third eye. I have no idea if it works or not because I really haven't had much time to try it.

1. Sit comfortable and relax but in an upright position.

2. Imagine a small line of color moving up through your spine. Continue the movement up through the chakras from the root chakra until the top chakra on the top of your head.

3. Imagine the line moving down your forehead and stopping at the brow chakra (the third eye)

4. Imagine the line of color leading to a small bud (of a flower.)

5. Imagine it slowly opening to the light around it.

Well that's all I picked up. Good luck and let me know if it works.

Also if anyone has any questions or just wants to talk, you can email me at or IM me a SquigglesRus311


That was my most recent. If you read (again) you should also notice all of the personal responces I've given to people who I think I can help. That's not counting the MANY emails sent back and fourth on the subject. I think Jerome and Neno can vouch for me on that.
16-Jun-2006, Neno

"will you stop acting better than everyone else.
if i opened my third eye i would help people to open it instead of acting superior to them if you're not here to help what the hell are you here for. "

I don't consider myself better than anyone else, quite the opposite actually. Acting superior? Hmmm, nope I'm not inclined that way either.

As for the helping part:
Think whatever you'ld like to think. As long as I (!) know better......

I still find it hard being empathic. That's why I think (or even "know") I'm not ready to open my third Eye. That's also the reason I'm not trying to push things.
I'm also able to do some healing with my hands, but it still comes spontaneaously and I can't seem to be able to control it. But whenever I feel pain and my hands start to glow I know I can take away some or all of the pain and accordingly I do.

Whenever I sense emotions I tell the person involved and instantly they're gone. So I found a few ways to deal with it. But when I'm alone watching tv and feel things then it becomes hard to deal with it. Usually I get a lump in my throat and maybe one or two tears come to my eyes. I haven't cried in over 20 years until about a year ago... aftter that i couldn't anymore. I just get to the point I would but it will stop.
Anyone know why?

Damn, I think I have to go to a whitch over here myself...
17-Jun-2006, Andrew
me and a friend want to try this sooo bad but we are scared and unsure of the negative effects.
17-Jun-2006, Sonya
Believing that it is possible to open the third eye it is crucial.
17-Jun-2006, Neno

This not something you want to "try". Even if you want it sooo bad... As stated before it's not something you do in 5 minutes. It might take years to open you third eye and even more years to really master it (eg. protecting oneself).
If you're scared than don't! It's one of the worst possible starts one could make.
I assume you don't have a clue what you're talking about, otherwise you wouldn't post here.
Best thing to do is start reading about it (these posts and other sites), contact a psychic or whitch and ask them.
18-Jun-2006, Goldfinger
Well is very interesting reading all your comments.
There are 5 level in third eye opening.
The highest level,if you shut your eyes,you can see everything around you,there are no limit.
You can see through the clothing ,wall etc.,for sure you must purify yourself first before you get all those power.Good luck.
19-Jun-2006, Denise
How can i purify myself? ^^^^
also is the herb any good?
19-Jun-2006, Psychonaut23
Hi, everybody. Just read the thread and thought i would share my "Third Eye Awakening" experience with you all. I beleive that my third eye was opened around about 8-9 months ago...
First of all i will explain what i can "see", and then explain how i think it happend.

My field of vision(with eyes open) can see all the normal things that i could see before, with the addition of a sort of coloured haze, similar to black and white snow on the T.V. but in colour. Now, when i say colour, its more like coloured light, but not normal light. The BEST way to describe it is by looking into a lightbulb(turned on) for a few seconds, then looking away. Thats the colour im talking about. Certain things and people, mostly at around dusk(?), appear to have aura's around them. Say for instance; electric wires giving off a green/purple aura. Even see some sort of energy lines sometimes with no aparrent source of origin. Moved my head and body around the room and viewed it from the other side as well and it didnt change direction it stayed in the same place.

My field of vision (with eyes closed) is much more freaky. The first thing i noticed was an eye looking straight back at me. At first i thought it was the back of my eyes but it moves around independant of them and even blinks occasionally! It is also permeable, meaning it appears to change size and shape. Often apears encased inside a triangle and shooting a multi coloured beam of light out of its eye. Moves around and changes the muddled colour/dark into images of people, places, etc. Its quite hard to tell whats going on sometimes as i cant quite focus on whats going on or who is there.

I've also had visions of an Grey alien type entity, but it seems to be either hostile or just watching me. He wont help me. I asked him and he said no.

Now the thing is as to how this "vision" came about. I DO NOT recommend trying this yourself.
Basically all this happend through the use of illegal drugs, Namely: Cannabis, MDMA, LSD AND Ketamine. Apart from K, ive been using the others for about 10 years before any of this happend. Personally i think it was the LSD. I had taken a large dose and confused myself into a complete state, where i didnt know what was happening. I felt a tingling in my brain that echoed thru my entire body. Since then ive been able to see peoples past lives by looking into thier eyes and relaxing. Ive even seen people turn into reptile humanoiods. Scary stuff.

As to what all this is i cant be sure, but it makes sense to me that this is my third eye open.
Also if anyone knows anything about the grey alien i keep seeing then could you please tell me. It could be one of a few things:

1. Could be a figment of my imagination.
2. Could be the entity known as Lam which Aleister Crowley reportedly contacted
3. It could be an other dimensional observer
4. It could be an other dimensional parasite
5. It could be an alien using my third eye to observe/contact me
Any help or info would be great. I mean ive heard of spirits or entities that can cause harm and am worried. i see it very time i shut my eyes. Cheers.
20-Jun-2006, Lud
Ever since I can remember, My third eye has been open. It's just not as strong as what some of you have described. Does anyone know why?
20-Jun-2006, eye
i am the third eye
22-Jun-2006, joeyd
yea Di you're right, my bad.
Anyways... I found this technique on some site for assisting in opening the third eye and I'd like to share it. I can't find the link so i'll explain it as best i can. It works pretty well for me.
Ok, sit down comfortably and clear your mind, then take your index and middle fingers and place them on your forehead where your third eye would be, then you visualize your chakra, or energy, accumulating in your fingers. You should have your eyes closed while doing this btw, Then visualize the energy going into your forehead and stimulating your closed third eye. Envision it opening slowly. When you think its totally open then open your eyes and imagine the third eye remaining open. do this like 4-5 times a day and your third eye will stay open longer with practice. do it until it is always open. after i do this i can see auras around people and animals and identify the colors. Sorry if this doesn't work for you, I don't know if its tested but it works for me.
22-Jun-2006, Di
Thanks for the insight Joeyd. I'll be sure to try it. Also, I hope I didn't come off TOO rough on you. I can turn into a real smartass ;)
22-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
I have been trying to open my third eye and am unsucsessfull, is it possibe that you have to reach some sort of level of wisdom before you can do it
23-Jun-2006, the berry fairy
Is it true that babies can see auras until they get 3 years old?
25-Jun-2006, Di
Honestly, I believe that you do have to reach a certain level and wisdom and understanding to open your third eye. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other things come into play too like your personal will, fear, determination, etc.

I haven't heard the thing about babies but I'll ask about it if I remember and get back.
25-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
Can someone who has opened their third eye please tell me how they did it, how long it took, and exacly what abilities they can use it for. because ive read many theories about how to open it and what it does, there are some consistant things but id like to hear from someones personal experience if they dont mind. i would also like to find some people to discuss the third eye and spirituality in general cause i dont really know anyone who is into that stuff and i am way into it. so if anyone wants to add on msn or anything let me know and ill give you my addy
25-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
By the way i think i can answer Psychonaut23's
25-Jun-2006, BLANG
Has anyone here opened thier TURD eye, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
25-Jun-2006, helena
hi, seeker of power plz cud i ave ur addy all my friends are 2 girly 4 any of dis and i wud enjoy talkin about how 2 open the third eye wit sum 1
26-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
i emailed it to ya
26-Jun-2006, Psychnoaut23
In response to Seeker of Power:

First of all i think you mean QUIT chasing the dragon. The other doesnt make sense.

Second, i dont "chase the dragon". I didnt say that i did. Anywhere. Chasing the Dragon means when you smoke heroin/opiates by heating the underside of a piece of foil and inhaling the vapour from the drug with a tube.

Why is it so unreasonable to entertain the idea that the third eye can be opened with HELP from psychoactive drugs???

Also i think you should stop seeking power. Power corrupts.
27-Jun-2006, Seeker of Power
yes, i made a typing error, and i wouldnt know what chasing the dragon is because unlike you i'm not a drugo.

I just think that when you take alot of drugs and you start seeing all the wierd shit that you describe you shouldn't be seeking advice about the third eye, you should be seeing a doctor. Because your most likely insane. Just looking out for your well being.

also i think you should taking drugs. Drugs make you crazy
27-Jun-2006, LoneCrow
My first experience was this. I started reading astral dynamics by Robert Bruce. I realized I could move energy around my body, and it was quite interesting. I tried some of those techniques to OBE. No luck, but one morning I woke up in the morning, hit the alarm, the sun was shining in, I laid back down and closed my eyes and poof there was a picture of the surface of mars. As vivid as looking at the mars rovers pictures, but the "camera" was moving around, panning and tilting and then floating around. I started to lose the image, and tried to bring it back, and was able to for a while before it faded. That was my first 3rd eye imagry.

Since then the only times I can actually see anything is in the mornings or late at night, if I'm lucky and concentrate hard enough.

One morning I was actually able to control the camera. It was like sending an impression to the guy holding the camera and telling him I want to pan upward. Then I was like, this is cool, lets turn this into a game. I want a rifle in my hand and poof a rifle was there. Then I wanted a bottle set up far away. Poof a bottle was there. I wanted him to aim and shoot the bottle, and boom there it goes. It was quite wild.

Usually the 3rd eye stuff is all just commercials you watch, mostly pertaining to stuff you did in the day previous, like driving or whatnot. Sometimes you see the room you are in.
27-Jun-2006, LoneCrow
PS I forgot.

The other night I was able to see for a short period of time before I fell asleep.

I saw a mirror image of myself, but my right eye as wet, like I had been crying. Which is odd, I have not in a LONG time. I did look a bit younger though.

Wonder waht that means.. hope its not the future!!
27-Jun-2006, OM
There is a book call "OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE" by Theodore von Kiedrowski at
is there any body try it. is it fake? or real?
please add comment on it.
27-Jun-2006, JoeyD
in addition to what Psychonaut said, i believe Psychoactive Drugs can elp you in opening the third eye. I've used dxm several times and it made a BIG difference and opened my mind to new aproaches and helped me further the opening of my third eye.
30-Jun-2006, DarlingDove
Personally I do not think anyone should try to open their third eye anyways. Your third eye is either completely intuned with you when you are born, or gradually it comes to you. Trying to open it artificially is not really something I agree with. Especially not when it includes the risk of death. I understand why people would want their third eye of course, but if they don't have it... deal with it. It's like what your parents always told you when you were younger, or maybe they still do, "You can't always get what you want" If you completely disagree with me, or you want to debate about it, or tell me your opinions on what I've said, go ahead and contact me. Though I'm not entirely positive I'll reply back, I most likely will. =)
30-Jun-2006, lola
when yuo have your third eye open, what happens? what is it... do you see like dead people or watever?
has anything really scary/freaky/wierd ever happened to you while you were opening your third eye?
ex. banging in another room when no one elswe is home? hearing things not normally white noise?
30-Jun-2006, Jade
The comment about focusing on the good of mankind is right on target. I was struggling recently and had to go to second harvest food bank. After returning home I made a sandwich and began to eat it. I thought or more like felt the good side of human kind. To give food to someone who is hungry is no small thing. I then began to think of my crippled friend and wished that they were there so that I could share the meal with them. I also thought of their other troubles and felt sorrow because I know what some the pain they feel feels like. I'm not trying to be cryptic I just don't want to betray their confidence. A few years ago I watched a program where a man had a near death experience, and he commented that upon awakening he saw truth, truth in everything...everywhere. After I finished eating that is what happened to me, I had a strong feeling come over me, like an overwhelming tidal wave of beauty, this is hard to describe.....and I began to lament, not to say I cried, I lamented, I cried like I have never cried before like I have never seen or heard anyone cry, my own yowls of sorrow sounded foreign even to my own ears...for a moment I wondered if I was losing my mind, but I was not. looking around me everything was so beautiful, my sparse dwelling, my few belongings, everything was so beautiful, truth and light were everywhere. I do not use now nor was I using then any kind of mind altering substance. So maybe my third eye was open maybe it wasn't maybe it exists or it doesn't. All I know is, if it was open, I warn each and everyone of you to use extreme extreme caution. If there is a reverse of what happened to me and the seeing is focused on darkness instead of light....what I'm trying to say is, I really don't think I or anyone else could withstand it.
30-Jun-2006, Di
What could drive a person crazy when opening the third eye.

We all know the saying "truth hurts." If you're raised with a certain belief structure and you're pretty sane and secure with your beliefs, what would you do if suddenly, everything gets flipped around and every belief that you lived your life by, every belief that made you who you are, is smashed to shit. Can you handle that?

That's why meditation is very important to opening your third eye. There's so much involved that most people can't even fathom unless you learn what you need to, gradually over a number of years. Other people are born to the truth. They have the capability to see past the lies that humanity as a whole puts out in front of them.

Opening your third eye awakens you to other planes of existance, ones that most people wouldn't recognize or even know are out there. If you saw things and heard things that no one can hear or see on a daily basis, would you think you're going crazy? What if you were opened to a psychic attack. Would you be ready for it? What if an area that has always been your home, suddenly felt very creepy to you (from dark energy,) would you be able to sleep at night?

Your third eye awakens you to so much. As I like to say, it's the TRUE gateway to your soul. Once it's open, you can find any answer you look for. Infinate knowledge, infinate possibility.

What you have to ask yourself is, is it worth the risk? The risk of going crazy, the risk of death, the risk of everything you once knew being shattered. (Of course this doesn't apply to everybody but you would know who you are.)

For those of you who don't know what you're doing, I strongly urge you NOT to rush opening your third eye. For those who do, good luck and keep safe.

Also drugs affect your brain wave patterns and subconscious mind. Why wouldn't it affect your third eye. I'm not encouraging or discouraging drug use. If you want to be drug free, and feel it only leads to bad things, then stay away. If you feel it helps you, (I know it helps me meditate,) then by all means, light up a fatty ^_^

Anyways, please take my post in consideration when you decide whether to try to open your third eye or not. Remember Yin and Yang. Where there's good, there's evil. You can't have the good without the bad, and vice versa.

If anyone wants more info or to chat,
AIM: SquigglesRus311


30-Jun-2006, Di

I just saw your post. If it's not strong than it's probably only partially opened. Mine's only partially opened but you'd think it was fully open huh?

Anyways, meditate and you'll get stronger. You can also try using amethysts and violet candles.

Heh.. I'm back to saying that people should look into Wicca...
01-Jul-2006, BAM!
Here is a mad site where you can go to open your third eye,
02-Jul-2006, Neno
Please tell me How pathetic are you?

@every one:
please don't visit the site. It has absolutely nothing to do with 3rd eye opening.
02-Jul-2006, BAM!
02-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Haha thats pretty funny, anyway just wanted to extend my invitation to anyone who wants to talk about third eye opening ect. on something a little quicker than posting on a forum ( cause it's all like you post something one day and then its not untill the next day that theres anything new and no takes notice of what you posted cause it gets burried under a bunch of nonrelated posts) like msn for instance. So just click on my name to get my addy and me if that interests you. Ive been into chakra meditation and various other techniques supposed to stimulate the third eye for a couple of months now and i am making decent progress so far, although i was no stranger to meditation because ive been doing it for about three years in my martial arts class which probably helped.

So i invite anyone with there own experience in this to share there experience, maybe i can help you a little and maybe you can help me a little.

I would also like to apologize for my narrow minded comments dirrected at Psychnoaut23, i just a very stern view in terms of any kind of drug use. I have used them in the past myself and my experiences left me discusted with it.
03-Jul-2006, Lorna
Hey people!
was just wondering about all this 3rd eye thing..i have been interested in it for a while and im trying to figure out if its real or not, Everybody is different, do you not have to be born with this kind of ability..or whatever you want to call it??. I mean is it really possible opening the 3rd eye randomly, if you know what i mean?? I was surfing the net about 3rd eye and came across it would be great if someone wrote back to tell me about it!

I have read some of the above posts of everyones opinions and stuff but i just want to know exactly about what is meant to be going on? If you dont know what i mean, it doesnt matter, i'l look round somewhere!
Thanks Anyhoos! ;-)
Bye now!
05-Jul-2006, SB
I opened my third eye last night.
after a months worth of trying.
I heard a poping sound in my head
then the picture came clear and I was
able to hold onto in for about 20 seconds.
It was a woman wearing a red
sleeveless shirt teaching a class.
The image was as clear as watching T.V.
Although I did not recognize the woman?
It did seem as though it was in slow motion.
Does anybody know the significance of it being
in slow motion?
And how do you know if the vision is from the past present or future?
06-Jul-2006, JoeyD
SB are you sure you opened it
06-Jul-2006, JoeyD
because one month is an extremely fast period of time to totally open it
06-Jul-2006, SB
Yes, I'm pretty sure.
Actually I have seen a few "visions/scenes" in the past just before falling asleep, but they were involintary and I thought they were maybe just a dream or something. This is the first time that I was able to force one to happen.
What I see is....after about 5 minutes of relaxing and just before falling asleep, I see
a white spot which comes closer and eventually
turns into a scene. It's as clear as watching
TV (from a distance surrounded by greys and blacks). In the past when this would happen (involintarily) it would last about 5
seconds then fade away. But last night I was
able to hold the vision for about 20 seconds.
This was the first time I had some type of control.
When this happens I'm not sleeping, I'm able
to move my hands around or whatever else.
Also, the vision seems to be surrounded by very
sharp beeming bright lights, which sometimes block the vision. And when it did happen, Just before I saw the scene that I saw, I could hear/feel a popping sound from within my head.

Your comments are welcome.
06-Jul-2006, OM
its nice, i wants to say few words on it.
popping sound is real.its gona heppen so manny time. when its heppen 1st time its feel very nice.
and your vision is real too.
new lesson with carefully.
our mind is running tooooo fast. its allways in making new thoughts.i dont know what kind of meditation you do for opening your 3rd eye.
but its common when you are more aware with third eye, then next level is your thought stops & you can see then as a vosion. but this is another game of mind, be aware of it you have to go far far away from it.visions are part of it but not final gole. so don't go after them they are allready giving so much truble. you have to get rid of these all stone in your way, make them step and stand on them to see more & more far.
good luck.
06-Jul-2006, SB
Sorry, but I don't really understand what
you mean?
Try explaining it again please.
06-Jul-2006, OM
your thoughts are naw changing in visions.
you can see them as a film. this is not a vision, this is your thoughts, now you can see them as a vision. it is an other idea of mind to disturb you, the time you are doing meditation. it is good, you have to go keep doing meditation. this is not third eye yet. but popping sound & feeling is related with third eye, it is trying to open. you have to work more on it.
by the way what kind of meditation you do?
06-Jul-2006, SB
I don't really do any meditation.
I just close my eyes and relax
then try to concentrate on seeing the
white spot which sometimes turns into
a "vision". It usually happens right before
I fall to sleep.
08-Jul-2006, BLANG
the only thing you guys have open is your turd eyes, cause your talkin shit, seriously go live in the real world and stop trying to subsitute your crappy lives by thinking that you have some kind of powers that don't exist, you bunch of basement dwelling nutcases
08-Jul-2006, BAM!
See all about the third eye here
08-Jul-2006, particlezen
it's strange, because i have always been able to see things when i shut my eyes. i used to spend hours doing it as a kid when i was lying in bed, mainly just making a sun appear and then eclipse itself. i did have what i now realise was a rather violent kundalini rising when i was 19. i would be lying in bed, dropping off to sleep, when i would hear a loud rushing noise, and a bizarre feeling in my head. Then it was as if there was a lighthouse in my head ( you know the way a lighthouse light revolves? dark and then sudden blinding light in a cycle? ) and each time the light "revolved" to the front of my head, i would experience a horrible bodily shudder so strong that i would involuntarily sit up in bed. at the time i was terrified that there was something physically wrong with me, such as a brain tumour/epilepsy, etc, but ten years on this has proved not to be the case.
09-Jul-2006, Urmother
BLANG up there is a retard and need brain surgery.. will be reincarnate over and over again
09-Jul-2006, BAM!
Yeah he's an idiot, i mean its obvious that you all really do have powers, oh and that reincarnation exists. Anyway go to this site and you'll reach enlightenment and gain powers and all sorts of crazy crap,
09-Jul-2006, Neno
I would just like to post this message to say that i really enjoy having sex with small children. I also strongly believe that sodemizing little boys named timmy gains you ultimate powers of the mind.
09-Jul-2006, Di
how dare you say such a thing, he must be a demon from the nether realms, fear not my apprentices, i will use my power to vanquish him, SHUSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLAWAGEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMCFLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADOGETY.
That ancient enchantment should forever banish him to the world of pancakes and cheese.
10-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Im gonna take a guess and say that those messages werent really posted by Neno and Di. Anyway im gonna repost a message that i posted above because no one responded to it and it was burried under a bunch of non-related messages, which like a said happens alot. But i am determined so ill keep posting it till i get some replies,

here it is:

Just wanted to extend my invitation to anyone who wants to talk about third eye opening ect. on something a little quicker than posting on a forum ( cause it's all like you post something one day and then its not untill the next day that theres anything new and no takes notice of what you posted cause it gets burried under a bunch of nonrelated posts) like msn for instance. So just click on my name to get my addy and me if that interests you. Ive been into chakra meditation and various other techniques supposed to stimulate the third eye for a couple of months now and i am making decent progress so far, although i was no stranger to meditation because ive been doing it for about three years in my martial arts class which probably helped.

So i invite anyone with there own experience in this to share there experience, maybe i can help you a little and maybe you can help me a little.

PS: another reason this would be better than a forum would be that you wouldnt get small minded idiots like BAM! who keep posting a link to an offensive site and whoever posted those idiotic messages using Neno and Di's names
11-Jul-2006, Di
11-Jul-2006, Neno
11-Jul-2006, ?
11-Jul-2006, Fain
Just before Satan dies, he will call out for Adam's wife. She will not answer!!! Shah is history's biggest joke.
12-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
What does that mean? Anyway i want to just for the record that i am not asking anyone here to tell me how to open the third eye and all that, i fully understand that no one can just tell you how to do it, and that it differs from person to person, and that it takes time. I just want someone to share the experience with because i am definitley making progress and don't know where else to go to find people to share this with.

Over and out.
12-Jul-2006, Di
Wow, someone else is posting under my name? I'm so flattered! ::hugs to the poser::
12-Jul-2006, Di
"Im gonna take a guess and say that those messages werent really posted by Neno and Di. Anyway im gonna repost a message that i posted above because no one responded to it and it was burried under a bunch of non-related messages, which like a said happens alot. But i am determined so ill keep posting it till i get some replies"

Right, just an immature loser trying to earn their 15 minutes of fame. How pathetic. Flattering though. Anyways, if it really is me or Neno posting, you'd know it. It's actually relevent material, lol. Thanks for the defense :)
12-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Di, would it be ok if i sent you an e-mail or if you have msn, that i could add you?
12-Jul-2006, Fain
It means this. In the spiritual realm, Wars rage. Satan, although often portrayed as a man in the west, is a Woman in fact. This woman is Shakta Devi and her city/center of worship is Mumbai, India. Adam, the the first father, and his wife Eve, have been under attack from this woman for 7500 years, and the War continues even unto this very moment. Devi's creation, an imposter and imitation of Adam, is the Shah, who is a player in this war between light/darkness. But their end in near.
12-Jul-2006, Neno
Di and seeker of power are completely right.

Too bad some pathetic losers seem to need it. I guess BAM! is the one to "blame". Well, he'll be punished anyways. We don't need to do anything.

Thanks Di!

But what really hurts is following:
"I would just like to post this message to say that i really enjoy having sex with small children. I also strongly believe that sodemizing little boys named timmy gains you ultimate powers of the mind."

My cousin and niece are actually being sexually abused by their father. I'm having a really hard time because of this at the moment.
14-Jul-2006, joeyd
you can im me at jdpimp6996,(:p), and you can email me at i would be happy to talk and am sure i can relate :D
14-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Is jdpimp6996 a hotmail addy?
15-Jul-2006, joeyd
its a sn but email me and ill make an msn account
15-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Done broseph
16-Jul-2006, Daughter of water
A question: Where are you planning to go for summer holidays?
19-Jul-2006, eSPiYa
Pls give me a .WAV or .MP3 version of this thirdeye.wbg.
I have only a MP3 player.

send it here pls:

19-Jul-2006, MissM
Hi, some interesting posts here; but im a little disappointed with those ppl saying horrible negative things (where and why are you here?)...
Im learning to open my third eye; I guess im slightly confused with what im seeing...i dont know if its just random thoughts or memories being retriggered, but i do know that i can see the world, i can see anything from up high above in my that connected to the third eye?? Any help would be appreciated.
19-Jul-2006, Neno
@Daughter of water

No summer holidays for me. I prefer to go around December. One of my biggest hobbies is scuba diving, so one could find me in Egypt or Cuba or so....

@all others: a little off-topic, but fun to do!
19-Jul-2006, Neno
@Daughter of water

No plans yet for this year...
20-Jul-2006, joeyd
i just realized i will open my third eye and be able to see things in people that others can't, however my life will be terrible.
20-Jul-2006, joeyd
dxm is a hell of a drug
20-Jul-2006, Shirasaya
what does the third eye do??? how would you know if it's already open??? and can you teach me how to open mine???
20-Jul-2006, shirasaya
is anyone there???
20-Jul-2006, Shirasaya
Sorry i put my wrong e-add...
21-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
How did you realise that man?
21-Jul-2006, joeyd
i was meditating and when i was done it was like a fact clear as day that that was my fate.
really couldn't explain it if i wanted.
21-Jul-2006, joeyd
lol i just noticed not one person has commented on this preset.
21-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
By the way Joeyd i dont know if youve added me yet but i have a new msn addy
21-Jul-2006, mark
id like a link to this site please
22-Jul-2006, Neno
22-Jul-2006, Neno
Looks like BAM! still is posting under my name...

You had your 5 minutes of fame not so long ago, so stop posting under other person's names and move on. Your ip is being logged, you could easily be traced back...
Don't you think it's verry, verry, verry immature (or childish) to do so? Apart from that people here WILL know I wouldn't post stuff like that, so what's your point?
If you were really the man you think you are you would seriously respond. I guess you haven't got the guts to do so!
22-Jul-2006, urmother
I give u last warning... if u do that again. i am gonna report u and get ur real name & ip and post throughout the internet. and i am gonna send u a curse to ur family, last i am gonna sue you for excessively vulgar, insulting, explicit, self-deprecating and u will regret that forever. And be ready!! when i say i am ready.. i am ready.
22-Jul-2006, mark
just found this site and the 3rd eye bit here fascinating,how does one post,can anyone help me please,and i am looking for a mediumship type site that is specific,like to do with development ,third eye etc
23-Jul-2006, BAM!
Wow! I can't believe i pissed everyone off so bad, makes me feel all tingly inside and gives me a sense of pride and acomplishment, something missing from the lives of you rejects. And Urmother i wanna thank you for giving me the hardest laugh ive had in a while, I'm just thinking of some little freindless dweeb sitting on a computer somewhere in the world who thinks he has powers, saying "WAHH I'M GONNA CURSE YOU WAHH", and also you can't sue anyone for posting on a public forum (I guess all your little powers don't give you common sense).

Oh and Neno, i guess your idea of maturity is living in a fantasy world full of magic powers and the "third eye", just cause your life sucks, so don't talk to me about maturity. I would hardly refer to posting on here as "fame" either, oh wow! i'm infamous in a small world of nutcases who dwell on some crappy forum, JIMINY TITS!.

Well thats all from me, be thinking of you all, and laughing
23-Jul-2006, Jtan
BAM, stop posting shit around.. dont waste your time here. you dont belong here, and leave them alone. You are the immature one no matter what reason you give. You belong to some shit forum, just not this one. Fantasy world is what you say?? lets wait till u die. U having dream everynight when you sleep, and its from your turd eye! if you say dream is fake then ur dick is fake!!
23-Jul-2006, Nato
I believe only mature people should be doing this research with presets. So "BAM" stop wasting your time and find your self a lady mature a bit. Then come back

This research can be Dangerous if your mature and Responsible

23-Jul-2006, Neno
"and also you can't sue anyone for posting on a public forum (I guess all your little powers don't give you common sense)."
You think so? Well, what about impersonating someone else? The fact that a forum is public has got nothing to do with with it. Streets are public too, but you're not allowed to kill nor discriminate and one could be sued for that. Same rules apply on the internet. So when you impersonate someone else... And think about what you wrote (writing could be very dangerous, especially what one writes. "The pen is mightier then the sword")

"Oh and Neno, i guess your idea of maturity is living in a fantasy world full of magic powers and the "third eye", just cause your life sucks, so don't talk to me about maturity."
You would have been mature when you posted nothing or at least something relevant to the topic. You would have been mature when you apologised for writing the things you did. You would have been mature if you didn't impersonate someone else!
Mark Knopfler wrote in "Brothers in Arms": "...and we have just one world, but we live in different ones...." And speaking in philisophical terms he IS right, you know. PPL do live in their own world, whether it's a fantasy world or not... So do you: you find it amusing to post shit around. That's obviously your fantasy world.
Who said I live in a fantasy world full of magical powers? And yes, my live is shit right now. But you know, shit happens, deal with it! And that's just what I'm doing.
Apart from that what your saying is quite the same as: Jesus is a fantasy. No one saw Him lately, so he doesn't exist.
Is Jesus a fact or just a fantasy? (I don't believe in Jesus, but not everything can be explained. Call it Jesus, Jaweh, Mohammed or other dimension; to me it doesn't matter. What's the difference? Looking at that fact one may assume I believe in Jesus, 'cause to me it's all the same...). There's more between heaven and earth and I like the thesis of more dimensions.
But I'm standing with both feet on the ground. I see, feel and hear things that can't be explained. So I do research and draw my conclusions. Does the 3rd eye exist? Maybe. Does Jesus exist? Who knows?
The existense of Jesus can't be proven (the bible is more fiction to me then anything else, and cerainly not trustworthy), does that mean He doesn't exist? I do have however very great respect for religeous ppl. I also believe, but in a different way (more like with a bend).

"I would hardly refer to posting on here as "fame" either, oh wow! i'm infamous in a small world of nutcases who dwell on some crappy forum, JIMINY TITS!."
The fact that someone is spiritual doesn't necessarily mean that person is a nutcase.
What you're doing @this forum that may point out you being a nutcase.

"Well thats all from me, be thinking of you all, and laughing"
LOL. Laughing is healthy. ;)

Hmmm, reading between the lines I think you are interested in the "supernatural", otherwise you should be posting here. You just don't not what to think of it or how to deal with it and so you pretend it's all a joke... Maybe you're way more spiritual than you think after all.

@least you did have the guts to respond. That actually tells a lot about you.
And yes, you are more spiritual than you think. You just don't know it (or realise; which one comes first). Thanks for your insights....
24-Jul-2006, Fain
Whether Jesus is real or not is not important. The real question every wants to know is if the Christian King is as powerful as that bible suggests. The answer is Yes, the Christian King is the most powerful military unit on Earth. Truly God is with him.

Kali and her Thugs tremble uncontrollably while they await their promised fate. Certain Doom.
25-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
yes........... and where do you here all this stuff Fain?
25-Jul-2006, Fain
Can't it be seen clearly, being that you have access to third eye sight, that what you call reality is just a derivative from a higher reality and a reflection of that derivative. In biblical terms what you are living in is a state where good (light) and evil (darkness) are intertwined more of less. The integral reality could be considered Heaven. It is certainly called that by Christians. The real war is between darkness and light. All things that occur on the earth do so to advance the cause of these opposing forces. Once the agents of darkness, or at least the source of the darkness, are removed, only light will remain. The Kingdom of Heaven. Things on earth will be as they are in Heaven.

The Christian King, in addition to being a conduit between Heaven and Earth, is also the literal biological father of humanity. That is if you take a DNA sample, his Y chromosome is common to all Y chromosomes. His wife likewise is the biological mother of all humanity. That is the X is sourced from her. When these two people are together and rule in their own home humanity is balanced, when they are divided, so is the rest of the world. What the darkness really wants is to prevent the message of this truth.

Satan already knows this. Its goal is to keep these two apart. Satan created the first fission weapon, only his version is a spiritual weapon and not a physical weapon, like the nukes most of you are familiar with. I suspect einstein's E=MC^2 is based on this concept.

Nevertheless, I think the problem with most peoples interpretation of the bible is that they read it assuming that their reality is the only reality. It should be clear that the most advance concepts within science come directly from religious work. We are currently in a time and space where two alternate realities exist simultanelously. That's why is so difficult to distinguish. As difficult as it would be to tell the difference with the a face and its reflection. Especially if you've never seen the face before.

My theory is that Shah and Kali are the dark reflection of Adam and Eve. The war is between these two houses. The difference is that the darkness is an incestuous kingdom with packs of demons as children where as the light is a man, his wife and their family.
26-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
But, i mean did you see all this on your ownor did you hear it all from some other source.
26-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
I also dont believe that man needs any "demons" or "satan", to create evil in the world, we create enough ourselves.
26-Jul-2006, Neno
...and THAT's the demon, Seeker...

I think there are more realities than the 2 you mentioned. Maybe psychics have contact with another reality and they're just a portal to it?

On could read dimension instead of reality, and that just proves my point.
26-Jul-2006, ramil
we are the one who will open our own thirt eye just relax ur self and be calm dont be afraid fear is our enemy on it if u conquer your fear u can see what ur third eye want to see
26-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
But then again, i have heard a saying that the devils greatest achievement is convincing the world he doesnt exist, even though i don't really believe in or follow any religion in particular, i always remember that saying when i say things like what i said above.
26-Jul-2006, Fain
What I wrote above are my own speculations based on observation. From what I have read, heard, seen and come in direct contact with; the above are some conclusions I've been toying with.

My working definition for Evil is this: 1. Evil is a rejection of the truth. and 2. Effort to replace the truth with a lie. So a Devil or Demon is one who practices the above. Not at all supernatural.

Satan rejects that it is bound by the same rules as other created beings and seeks to transcend all things. To equate itself with who a Christian would call God. I personally consider this to be lie for it and any other created thing.

Througout history Satan's only way to even give the appearance of equality with God is to capture, kill or enslave God's Kings. Murder, Trickery and Theft are its tools.

I don't intend to offend anyone by using overtly Christian names but I find it easier to explain basic concepts.

Ismaili Muslims, Thuggee, Kali, Shahs seem to be groups that most closely resemble unrepentent murderers, liars and thieves within the world system. I could be wrong, but it would take a lot to convince me of that.
26-Jul-2006, bluemind
I dont fully believe third eye opening or kundalini awakening... Is that TRUE. I have heard lot on that but any real testimonials
27-Jul-2006, king
hello guys...i really wanted to open my third eye..please help me..
27-Jul-2006, joeyd
i think fain has a perfect understanding of evil
27-Jul-2006, Dreams
This is weird, but it happens to me everytime I sleep. After sleeping for 5 minutes theres a weird feeling inside my head and then suddenly my soul seems to want to come out of body and I can see myself sleeping! Have anyone ever had this experience before?
28-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
seems to me that all the crap that Fain goes on with is no better than any other stupid religion, like Christianity for example. He has just listed a bunched of fiction characters, some representing good, some representing evil, all these religions do is say this is good, this is bad, for no reason other than "we say so" or because some diety says so, like in the bible for example. It's never as simple as Fain seems to think. What if for example someone has no choice but to steal or they will die of hunger, are they evil? I personally think there is no such thing as good or evil, it's all subjective to point of view, personal values, experiences, fears, which have simply to do with the way someone is raised, or something more ( for example what individual plans or souls have for us since before we were born.

If god only wanted us to behave a certain way or do certain things or have certain feelings, he wouldn't have given us the fredom of choice.
28-Jul-2006, Neno
A perfect understanding of evil brings along a perfect understanding of good...

PS. In heaven all interesting people are missing (Nietzsche)
28-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
But Neno, its not possible to have a perfect understanding of either
28-Jul-2006, Fain
Sorry you feel that way Seeker. I would like to be able to illustrate that it is that simple, but the fact is you have to experience it for yourself. Its not something that can be described or explained, but only imperfectly.

I will say this though, it is that simple. There certainly is good and evil. right and wrong. truth and lies.

I have been exposed to both and made a choice. You will make yours as well.

Just to be clear, what I am talking about does not concern stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family. This is about stealing the entire planet and everything on it and justifying your actions with come crap about point of view.
28-Jul-2006, Fain
just for the sake of clarity: If I stole some food to prevent starvation and was caught. I would admit that I stole the food and that stealing the food was wrong. I would also tell the judge that if I am close to starving in the future, I will steal some food again. Then I'd go off and serve my punishment. Because I am a good person.

An evil person is going to stand in front of the judge with some song and dance about point of view and perspective and the judge is going to slam their head into a brick wall because he hates being toyed with.
29-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Fain, Fain, Fain....where to begin. Obviously there is truth and lies Fain, any idiot knows that. If I could just qoute you

"Just to be clear, what I am talking about does not concern stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family. This is about stealing the entire planet and everything on it and justifying your actions with come crap about point of view."

Are you saying that I'm trying to steal the whole planet? because I don't remember saying that, it seems to me that you have a very stiff and limtited view of the world and anyone who doesn't agree with you is automatically "evil" and is up to no good. Typicall religious fanaticism, which is wierd because you don't even follow an actuall religion.

If I could just quote you again Fain

"just for the sake of clarity: If I stole some food to prevent starvation and was caught. I would admit that I stole the food and that stealing the food was wrong. I would also tell the judge that if I am close to starving in the future, I will steal some food again. Then I'd go off and serve my punishment. Because I am a good person."

Just to clarify Fain, if I stole the food and was caught I also would say that I stole it because i was starving, and that in the future i would do it again if i found myself starving. However i would not admit that it was wrong, because it's niether right nor wrong, it just is. I would admit that I knew it was against the law when i did it, but that has nothing to do with the kind of right and wrong i'm talking about. You see law has nothing to do with moral right and wrong, laws are in place to preserve human society, by punishing those who kill and steal, and by protecting and enforcing peoples safety and basic rights, and it is nesecary to stop all of humanity from falling into chaos. It is neither right or wrong it just is, and for a logical reason. Because rigid views of moral and right and wrong can be disstorted so easily you see, with the bread thing i only meant to make the point that even though you view stealing as "evil" or "wrong" you would still do it if you had to. And I just cannot understand how you would think that someone doing what they need to survive could ever be wrong in any situation. I suppose you would even think that killing in self defence is wrong too, to kill someone who would take your life if you didn't kill them?

If I could just quote you one last time Fain

"An evil person is going to stand in front of the judge with some song and dance about point of view and perspective and the judge is going to slam their head into a brick wall because he hates being toyed with."

I'm going to guess that was a crack at me, and that you are trying to say that I use point of view and perspective as an exuse to do the wrong thing, or this "evil" you keep refering to. I wouldn't make a song and dance and make exuses for myself for any action I do and I never will. When you commit an act like stealing a loaf of bread you are making a choice, and part of that choice is accepting the consequence of your actions, which in this case would be legal prosecution. I would understand that when I stole the bread I accepted the possibility of being caught and punished, and accept my fate. All things are bound by the law of action and consequence, from inanimate objects, to human beings. I would never though, admit that doing what i needed to do to keep living was wrong. Survival is the most basic animal intsict. Are animals "evil" Fain?

The kind of right and wrong i am talking about Fain, is the kind of religious right and wrong people like you go on with. If you do this you go to hell, if you do this you will be rewarded, its garbage. And these people you refere to as "evil", murderers, thieves, liars etc. who are you to judge them, or anyone for that matter. You don't know what the place they live in is like, you haven't lived their life, you don't see from thier point of view. If you disagree with them, or don't like them, then fair enough, in fact niether do I. But unlike you i don't label them as "evil" and myself as "good", I am what I am and they are what they are. Consider this Fain, if you lived in thier country or lived thier life, how do you know you would not be as "evil" as they are? You can't can you. Is you want to have true understanding you must look outside your own point of view and encompass all things, only then will you understand yourself and others better. Maybe then you wouldn't feel so comfortable with your views on "evil" and "good".

The lines of what anyone considers "good" and "evil" can be blured too easily, so i find their to be no truth in it, and also that people like you serve only to hold humanity back with limited understanding, or a lie if you will. Therefore Fain, according to your own definition of evil, you yourself are evil. But i don't think your evil Fain, just narrow minded.
29-Jul-2006, Fain

I deal with the possibility that I might be, or under the influence of, evil. I try to limit my thinking as much as possible because it is easily prone to error.

I defined evil as a rejection of the truth and the effort to replace the truth with a lie; nothing more, nothing less. A person who is good may do things that are bad. It is up to the individual to accept responsibility for their actions and endure the consequences.

This exchange began when I tried to present a structure for a war that is taking place in the spiritual realms, which can be seen with the third eye. The names I presented and the acts I attribute to them aren't my opinions about them, It is what they say about themselves. The Shahs are the kings of the Banu Sasan, historically notorious murderers and thieves. Read the first story of 1001 Arabian Nights, they more or less brag about who they are in this sacred book.

Understand that Adam, Eve, Kali, Shah are all apart of the same family. In most respects they are nearly indistinguishable from one another. Each pair rejects the sovereignty of the other. One pair is, by conscious choice, seperated from the Father. This is the root of the war and the source of darkness in the world. I've already read/heard about their (Shah/Kali) point of view. It is a lie.

Anyway, I could be wrong (not likely though), but I am not lying. I have no other motive for writing this other than to communicate that I have seen past the physical and into the spiritual realms and that is what I think I saw.

Futhermore, this site is about the third eye and spiritual issues, not the lower physical/mundane realms. So, without some sort of framework or foundation in spiritual concepts I am not sure what it is you think you're debating. And considering your opinion of religions, apparently any religion, It will be some time before you'll actually be able to feel me.

Adam and Eve sought power, and that is why they fell.

Respect, nevertheless
30-Jul-2006, Seeker of Power
Fain, the reason that we had this exchange was because i like to test, or battle with my believes and what i consider true, against those who disagree. because how else will i know that what i beleive to be true is true unless i pit it against critisism. This is one of the major problems with religion, any one who disagrees is simply a heretic and they will never actually take consideration to see if there is wisdom in what anyone else says. I do not have this flaw and there has been many a time where I have backed down and gone, "you know your right" or "that does make sense", and therefore i have become smarter, and wiser for it. Before i critized you I took everything you said into consideration with a nonjudgement veiw, and no offence, but I found it all to be ludicrus, and that includes pretty much everything thing you've said in your last post.

For example

"I deal with the possibility that I might be, or under the influence of, evil. I try to limit my thinking as much as possible because it is easily prone to error."

You my friend are a phsyciatrists wet dream, because your gonna need a fortune of money to get all the treatment you need buddy. I am basing this though on fact that I don't think that its possible to have your thoughts and characteristics manipulated by some demon or whatever, but you never know, and i am studying the supernatural and all that so i'll try to keep an open mind. But consider this Fain, murderers, theives, rapists and the rest of the society's major enemies are human too, there not a different species they are the same as you and me. Therefore one would conclude that if they are capable of doing that kind of thing, so are you and me. I'm not a phsycaitrist, so i cant explain why killers do what they do or how they think, but they are human. We all have violent thoughts, selfish thoughts Fain as much as we have emathic thoughts or compasionate thoughts, its part of being a human. If you are thinking that some demon is controlling you because you have those kind of thoughts, the kind you might call "evil", then i suggest you just accept that part of you, because to deny it exists, or to attribute it to some demon, is very unhealthy thinking. i'm not a phsyciatrist and even i know that. And far as the not thinking comment, well that would certainly explain alot of things. Maybe you should try thinking once in a while.

As far as all the names and whatnot you keep quoting that youve seen with your thirdeye, maybe its true maybe its not, I just have a feeling that someone like you could easily trick themselves into thinking a bunch of crap exists that doesn't. Which is common in things like wicca, third eye, physic powers etc. Unffortunatly almost more common than real phenomena. But there is also undeniable truth that there is some merit to all supernatural things believed to exist so i take it on a "believe when i see it basis". Which is a smart thing to do (there comes that thinking again, you really should give it a go!).

"Futhermore, this site is about the third eye and spiritual issues, not the lower physical/mundane realms. So, without some sort of framework or foundation in spiritual concepts I am not sure what it is you think you're debating. And considering your opinion of religions, apparently any religion, It will be some time before you'll actually be able to feel me."

I don't know what you think spirituality is exacly Fain, but as far as i know this was a spiritual debate. To me spirituality is anything to do with personal believes about why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, right & wrong, good and evil, gods plans for us etc. And didn't we debate over your views on good and evil? Just because i don't quote a bunch of good and evil characters and rigid views right and wrong, doesn't mean im not spiritual. If anyone among ppl on earths knows or will ever find out why we are here, and the nature of our souls and beyond all the things that are common knowledge, it most certainly will not be someone like you, though you do seem to be content in your little world of illusions, (ignorance is bliss) so for your sake i hope it never gets shattered.

I have come to the conclusion Fain, that you simply do not have the ability to debate my critisisms with any real logic or reason, so you just quoted all your little characters and their stories again. And that further more discusion with you is not needed, because there is simply nothing to gain from discussion with you. Reply to this if you will but i will not answer, unless of course you actually say something worth replying too, but i doubt it will be anything more than an anoying little fly buzzing in my ear, and of no concern whatsoever.

Also this is second time someone has adressed my name in a negative manner so i'll clear it up for all of you. The name "Seeker of Power" is not meant to reflect any desire for dominant power in any way, if thats all i wanted i would be researching the third eye, i would be in politics! The abilities that one hopes to find about here are a power, simply a power, not good or bad. I love to grow and improve myself, wether it be fitness, wisdom, spiritualy, and i have resolved to study that which is not common knowledge (third eye, wicca, etc) to gain what i can from it. All of those things are power, which can be misused, but that doesnt mean thats what im seeking to do with them. I'm just seeking power, that's all.
03-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Geeze it's been a while since any one posted anything, i mean usually theres like at least 5 people going "how do i open my third eye" the annoying bastard that they are, but nothing! Im bored, SOMEBODY POST!
03-Aug-2006, tracy (sunwizard)
wicca is third eye opened...with my graceous rewards---forever ahmen
04-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Uhuh uhuh and......what exactly does that mean?
05-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Ok, no more idiots like that post
05-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Ok, no more idiots like that post
06-Aug-2006, jojo
i'd like to thank sumfood for posting earlier. i too have seen those spermy looking things and colored dots, i knew they where something just didnt know what. i also have tingly feelings in my fingers when i take a deep breath. i went on to take a quantum touch class and became aware of feeling energy now i am working on my third eye. very interesting topic.
06-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Whats quantum touch if i may ask, i too feel energy quit well though i know next to nothing about it
06-Aug-2006, jojo
quantum touch is the running of energy through your body into anothers to raise thier vibration to facilitate healing.
07-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
it would however though, work if you did it on yourself as well woudn't it? I ask because i myself need healing of an injury, and certanly wouldnt know where to look to find someone who could do these kind of things.
07-Aug-2006, joeyd
wicca is garbage for people that want to live a fantasy fairytale life.
07-Aug-2006, jojo
yes i use it on myself often.
08-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Jen, I am definatley not feeling nothing at all, and I do know a little about it, in fact i know about as much as any new age practitioner, but i feel that ultimatley that is next to nothing in the whole. I have recently used this energy to make amazing progress on healing the injury i mentioned above, it was so easy i couldnt believe i didn't figure it out myself sooner. i blame most new age religions, where i got most of my information from, for being idiots.

Jen, i agree with your comments on religion, as you would proabably see from my argument with Fain, and i will definatley look into the things you mentioned. I thank you for being one of the first truly wise people to post on this forum.

joeyd, any particular reason you think that about wicca? Havent much looked into it myself, but from what i gather the spell they use, sometimes called a prayer in other religions, has enough evidence behind it to be considered very possibly real. I'll admit that i think most of the actuall religion is garbage, and all the particular rituals and chants they use are completly unnececary. Please dont any witches out there take offence, as i said i haven't looked into it much, i could be wrong. But i come to this conlusion because i believe it is our minds, and our minds alone that do these "spells" and make things come into being, or change things, as i believe i may have done a number of these things myself, and i used none of the herbs or candles or chants, that wiccans will tell you are nececary, and for no particular reason. It would be unwise however to write off the whole thing as fantasy.
08-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
The main reason all these religions exist is that people are stupid. They will believe something purely because they either want it to be true, or because they fear it might be. Logic and reason plays no part in it.
10-Aug-2006, joeyd
i am feeling a sensation where my third eye is , like a sort of pressure , continuously for the past couple of days , does anyone know what this could mean?
10-Aug-2006, joeyd
btw this was only after extensive meditation
10-Aug-2006, Anesthesia

I've been reading this forum for two days now,you know I started from the top and finished just right now.I really read some interesting stuff,but I also noticed that the conversation got out of its subject at the end.So...I'm really interested to have a nice and calm conversation with everyone who would like to talk about third eye opening,and especially with people that they believe their third eye is open.I just want to share some experiences I had and also I have some questions about the whole subject.Some opinion "trading" I guess...!

Thanks in advance
And I wish you all eternity...
11-Aug-2006, Simon
hi everyone,
Recently, when I'm relaxed and lying down...?
I have experienced in multiple flashes of 'lightning' in my mind's eye . The last one was a few hours ago and I think I 'saw' a black edifice shaped like a box on a rocky precipice during a flashing jagged bolt. I actually felt the 'charge' from the lightning when this happened. It was over in two seconds.
The one before that, last night- I saw a flash in a cicular form and a sound of human surprise and shock emanated this single flash of white light, I beleive the sound was a high pitched 'aarrrgh'- it sounded a bit like my brother when he is sometimes taken by surprise.
There was another one the other day too, this was just a multiple flash but very close.
I am only slightly apprehensive about the visions, I'm more interested in getting to the bottom of the experiences.
These flashes occur in my mind and are involuntary, so I assume they are from somewhere else or some source other than myself. Do you know what they mean or what causes them?

p.s I'm not on drugs or an epileptic!
It is what appears to me to be a genuine 'vision'.

p.p.s I must also emhpase that that I 'see' these things, they don't happen inside my head.
11-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Unfortunetly, no one that regularly posts on this forum is any kind of expert in the third eye. They are all just people like you who are just interested or have had experiences and want to learn more. I learned myself a while ago that its a waste of time, and so would you, if you actually read the forum.

So all of you are basically wasting your time, if youve read the whole of the forum and nothing has helped so far. My advice to any newbies on this forum is, if your completly new to the third eye and supernatural crap in general, read the forum and get what help you can, then go out research on your own. You are not going to find all the answers, or even really gain anything by posting those anoying questions.

So if all you have is an anoying question DON'T POST!
11-Aug-2006, Third Eye
Seeker of power, If you know about third eye i suppose u can use it correctly, but i think ur egoism will not help u to suceed, all of them are jus explaining their own experience, third eye is a complicated thing, if you ask them research for information, all those information maybe wrote by human mistake too. Just respect the others, they may be older than you.

Hear more other experiences will help you understand more... Not exactly all from research...
12-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
@Third eye
first of all me think you need learn properly to talk, second I was only reffering to people who post questions like, "how do i open my third eye" and other questions no-one here will be able to answer, i was trying to help them out, how is that egotistic? Of course anyone who just posts there experiences is welcome and may or may not help everyone or some of the people here, so of course they are welcome, and i would do the same myself when and if i have something significant to say.
12-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power

I think you are wise to be afraid of the consequenses, ive thought about it myself and there are just some things i am better off not knowing, as a result i have pretty much just halted myself in my quest do discover all about the third eye and abilities beyond our ordinary senses, until i am ready, if i ever am.

I think that is something all of you should think about, the consequenses of having these abilities, for example if im going to die in a month and there is nothing i could do about it, as long as i dont know, for the time being im just living my life as normal. As far as im concerned my death and the deaths of my loved ones and other things like that is something i am glad i have the luxury of not knowing about. If and when any of you will be ready to face things like that then go for it, but if not, i suggest you consider that not having these abilities, is a blessing for the most part.

Also i think that its a bit misleading to refer to this as "opening" your third eye, as it seems to imply that all of a sudden after meditation or something it will be like BANG! and then all of a sudden you have all these abilities. I believe, from common sense and also from my own experience that this, like anything else, is something that is built up slowly. First you start knowing mundane small things and then you can move on the bigger stuff, and also that probably the best way to built it up is simply to practice with it. At every oppurtunity during the day try to guess the outcome of mundane things you dont even really need to know, sit down with a pack of cards and try to guess the colour of the card. I did the card thing every day for just shorter then a week and noticed significant progress. After that you should gradually make it harder and try to guess the suit of the card. Some examples of everyday things you could do as well is, guess who is on the telephone when it rings, or whos at the door, guess the winner of sports games, and im sure you creative people will come up with more. Also i have been most sucsessful with things like that when i am in a relaxed meditive like state, the answer just seems to come to me. Start learning about chakra meditation, i have reason to believe it may help in obtaining these abilities, but it is something that should be done regarless, like eating healthy and exercising, because it contributes to not only your physicall, health, but mental as well.

Anyone is welcome to add to this or comment on it, or tell me of there sucsess or difficulty with the above, i will help out more if i can. You can also add me on msn or email at my adress if wish to discuss such matters.
14-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power

I am only familiar with the basic new age version of the seven chakra system, would you mind telling me some more details about the information you have on chakras and where you got it from? I feel from my experience with the chakras that there is most likely more to it than most new age religions.
16-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Or can anyone tell me what they have found in thier research for chakras, or thier own experience.
16-Aug-2006, jojo
Seeker, I will email you this weekend-jojo
16-Aug-2006, jojo
Seeker, I will email you this weekend-jojo
16-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Appreciate it greatley jojo
16-Aug-2006, Chris
The book is by Samuel Sagan not Carl Sagan
17-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Have you read the book Chris, does it have any merit, does it work, if so what have your experiences been since reading it? It looks very interesting.
19-Aug-2006, Majestic
Seeker of Power, what kind of power are seeking? Spiritual or Personal and for what reason? Self/humanitarian?
20-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power

I actually answered that in a previous post, but i will paste it here for your benefit.

"The name "Seeker of Power" is not meant to reflect any desire for dominant power in any way, if thats all i wanted i would not be researching the third eye, i would be in politics! The abilities that one hopes to find about here are a power, simply a power, not good or bad. I love to grow and improve myself, wether it be fitness, wisdom, spiritualy, and i have resolved to study that which is not common knowledge (third eye, wicca, etc) to gain what i can from it. All of those things are power, which can be misused, but that doesnt mean thats what im seeking to do with them. I'm just seeking power, that's all."

I posted that after several people tooks shots at me because of my name. Everything in life, every skill, ability, piece of knowledge is a power in one form or another. Power which can be used for whatever it is that the person who wields it sees fit. I seek power in all its forms, physicall fitness, intellectual, spritual etc. mainly for the purpose of improving my life, being physically fit for example is a nobrainer, being better able to protect yourself from disease amd injury etc.

But i cannot answer your question in full, i simply do not know enough about my self to know exalcly why i am so interested in these sort of things in general. But it makes me happy so i guess that in itself is reason enough alone, any other question is irelevant really, why are we here? what is our purpose? happiness is its own reward and purpose and this makes me happy, i find it interesting and already some things i have discovered have had a positive effect on my life.

In respect to your question about whether its personal, well isnt everything we do personal? but i guess what you mean is am i primarilly concered with selfish reasons or do i seek to make the world a better place. Well i dont really know, im definatley not living my life with a "look out for number one" policy, but on the other hand i havent found that my purpose is to help people. Im not really in a position to think about such things, and who i am in respect to them, because right now i am not happy with my life in general and am concentrating on simply making it better. Almost every area in my life is not a desirable position to be in, physically, socaily, and those things have an effect on my mental and spiritual happiness obviously. I find myself worrying about pointless things like the meaning of life, as if im going to figure it out sitting in my room thinking about it. But i guess people in general tend to worry about things like that when there life sucks, not only deppressed think about it but it comes a sort of obsession because your trying to fill the void in your life by trying to find the answers of the universe. Maybe thats the reason im researching all this stuff, im just trying to fill the void by discovering hidden secrets of human ability, im not to egotistic to denie that possibility. But reasons aside, im simply doing it, what does it matter why, at least it gives me some happiness.
22-Aug-2006, Nightwatcher
I could always feel my third eye, but I never tried to open it.
Sice I was a child, I was drowing eyes and most of them were on the forehead and on the palm.
Can someone tell me what does an eye on the palm means ?
And also I am afraid to open my 3rd is pusling right now..can someone encourage me
24-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
What in the blue blazing hell are you talking about? How exacly do you know you were feeling your third eye if you dont even know anything about it? And what the hell does drowing mean? Most of them were on the forhead and palm? I am so goddamn sick of this forum and these idiots coming to these stupid conclusions and assuming everything that happens is supernatural and talking about wierd crap that i have never even heard about in all the time ive been studying this stuff. Are you all making it up for fun? Are you completly nuts and deluding yourselves? Either way this forum is next to useless.
24-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
by the way when i play scrabble, my left nut tingles, does this have anything to do with the third eye, and can someone explain it to me?
24-Aug-2006, MissM
~Nightwatcher~Well first of all, i have to agree with seeker of power; you need to have sufficient knowledge on the third eye, before you attempt to open it. Every ones jounrney is different, and you need to take into consideration the pro's and the con's. My advice to you, would be to do some research on it, then when you feel you are ready , do a form of meditation, and concentrate on the point between the eyebrows. Plz, research first,its not to be taken lightly, and there can be consequences in doing so.
25-Aug-2006, Chris
@ Seeker of Power

No I have not read the book... I just ordered it from Amazon.
I will let ya know what i think of it once I get it and read it

@ Everyone
Also I am not sure of the age of some of you all but I am working on a creating a forum/board where this kind of stuff can be discussed ...
And ways to learn....
It will be a serious board and moderated...
26-Aug-2006, outcast
Someone help me! My third eye suddenly opened last week after a month of meditation and horrifyng events start happening to me.It was as if someone's watching me everytime i'm in my room, but when i turned around there's nothing was there. I also had the similar spooky dream for the last 4 days about an old acacia tree and a young girl hanged on it. And the worst, everytime i woke up from sleep, i see an old lady dressed in black whose madly gazing on me and will just vanished before i had the chance to shout... Aaah this is horrifying. Is there anyway to close the third eye? i'm freaking out... i want my normal life back!!
26-Aug-2006, NulNulNix
Maybe this helps:

Stick a your picture onto a mirror with your face facing the mirror. (So you'ld see the back of the picture)

The idea behind it is:
all negativity will be reflected by the mirror onto itself...
27-Aug-2006, Seeker of Power
Typicall case of someone not ready for this, or even aware of the consequenses, should have read my post about that, oh well I try to help.
29-Aug-2006, Psycho
Ah hell, just blast the damn thing open!
31-Aug-2006, whatsitmatter
the man of lawlessness is Bip Faine. Apparently he lives in Pantehr Burn / Hollandale Mississippi.
31-Aug-2006, Psycho
Most likely
31-Aug-2006, Pumkin Head
I have a very interesting experience and I would like to share here, also looking for advice - I open my third eye quite a while ago (about 2 years time), recently I develope telepathy with a few friends, and it was an amazing experience....

the problem came afterwards when other entities start comunicating with me and one of them "introduce" into my body, now its in control of all my chakras and I dont know how to get rid of it, its not an evil presence, but very anoying cos is "talking" all the time, it was fun for a while but now after two months I would love to send it away....

I know it sounds crazy, but any hint of advice on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciate.

31-Aug-2006, smich
Pumkin Head.. what method you used to open your thirdeye.? i would like to know your experience. And everybody else who opened.. please specify~~ whats your method.

And also i heard that people who opened their third eye can see a gold donut ring on the forehead when eye closed
02-Sep-2006, tony313
ok well if people say they can do energy balls and opening there 3rd eye why does nobody ever daya picture or nothing. i know why cause they cant they just say they can yes and i am sure of that
06-Sep-2006, mon
outcast don't be afraid of negative entities!
protect yourself by visualizing a white light swirling around you like a tornado then spin it very fast. Imagine it as a healing divine light and it will raise your frequency where negative entities has no power over it
09-Sep-2006, alan
Ok,I am very new at this and im trying to learn a lot more about it.My friend is in some form of martal arts and was teaching me about the 3 eye and about energy.He was telling me to feel all the energy in my stomich and make it go into my hands.Also he was telling me about the third eye telling me I would be able to see peoples aruas?

So,what information would you give some one like me that belives a lot about events like this but has no knowlage of it at all.
thank you
10-Sep-2006, SD
Hi All,
It took me almost a month to decide whether I should share the information abt 3rd eye openning. Reason bcz there will be some cost involved to do so. I know a person who is capable of doing it. He started for free initially but now he is asking for some donation. There will 50% money back guranteed. All you need is the webcam/internet & should be able to understand English. You might need to be vegetarian for 3 days before he attempts to open the 3rd eye. Duration taken is around 30min to 1hr.He uses the comic energy and opens the 3rd eye. There are allot of benefits by doing so. But remember the success rate is very much dependent on the person and his past life Karma. I have learned the method but do not have the introducer to transfer the cosmic energy frm universal..... If any1 interested, you can contact me via E-mail Charges:- USD2500 per person. It's all up to u. Trust is an important element here.
10-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
It truly is a shame the lengths people will go to make a disohest living, and the poor people who are lost in world they know almost nothing about that they are willing to prey on. There is no way anyone should trust this guy, i mean how often do any of you buy anything of the internet thats not from a well know site that is trusted?? not many i would hope because it is so easy to get ripped off. I truly dont beleive that anyone needs any help at all besides information, which is the way with many things, and that under no curcumstances should you pay anyone for the kind of service this SD claims to provide. I mean this whole third eye, chakra, phsycic powers and all hasnt been properly and thouroly studied by scientific means (well maybe it has, who knows what the goverment get up to these days, and what they keep to themselves), unlike something like nutrition, which you can find info about in random magazines and whatever, there is very little that is commonly known fact. Certain groups have come to conclusions and formed beleifs, and its hard to filter out what is useless myth, and what is tried and true. It is so easy for someone to claim to know about this, make up a bunch of crap (or take it from somewhere else), and then make up an excuse as to why it didnt work, or maybe their victims make their jobs easy and trick themselve into believing it, i know people who just plain and simply delude themselves out of wanting to live out a fantasy to escape their lives. UNDER NO CURCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE PAY FOR ANYTHING OF THIS SORT, its just too risky. I'm extremely carefull even when buying books about this kind of thing, because there are people out there you made up crap and publish it in books to make money of inocent believers. One book turned out to be written by some random butcher who used an alias, and it was uncovered that he make it up after he was tracked down. If you do not let these people fool you, then they cannot live of your ignorance, everyone should be very sceptical and make it hard for these shamless frauds who simply refuse to make an honest liveing like everyone else. Listen to others experiences, esperiment yourself, gain information from various source (most of which should be on the net and you shouldnt have to pay for)maybe buy a few books, and that is it. I wont stand for people like uri geller, and other frauds who simply make it so hard for people to obtain information about these wonderful things that people might have.


11-Sep-2006, Psycho
I totally agree. There's so much BS out there.
11-Sep-2006, SD
Hi I totaly agree with u guys. watch out with this kind of scams. Similar reason why it took me a while to put up my comments.
Servic is not provided by me... Its actually by another person. Howver both doesn't make any difference when it comes 2 internet dealing. There should be some ppl in here already have their 3rd open... they should able able to verify my claim.
12-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
Sorry to burst your bubble but im pretty sure that there is no one here who even knows what exacly it is to have there third eye open. They are either people posting questions like "how do i open my third eye" and the like, or they are people who've had some wierd experience and are trying desperatly to find out what the hell is goin on with themselves. So i don't see how your claim could be verified exacly.
12-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
And by the way, this is an online comunity of sorts in which people share experiences and theories and ideas, to try to advance their knowledge in areas of the supernatural and such, so would you kindly either tell us your personal experiences, theories and conclusions, and feel free to read all the posts above with other peoples, or leave the forum alone.
12-Sep-2006, Tim
Any suggestions on how to stop from falling asleep
when concentrating on opening the third eye?
13-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
First of all i would have to ask you if you meditate lying down or sitting up, cause if you do it lying down then i would suggest switching to sitting up. Either sit in a comfortable chair in which you can sit up straight, or sit crossleged on the floor. Ive never fallen asleep while sitting up and meditating, so if you do then i cant help you, and im pretty sure meditating is supposed to be done sitting up for that reason.
13-Sep-2006, Jaborski
"the problem came afterwards when other entities start comunicating with me and one of them "introduce" into my body, now its in control of all my chakras and I dont know how to get rid of it, its not an evil presence, but very anoying cos is "talking" all the time, it was fun for a while but now after two months I would love to send it away...."

I truly don't believe that other "entities" can gain control of your chakras. I have, however come into contact with a gray. But nothing negative came out of the experience. If anything, i've become more "aware" than anything else. I have also had the experience of "being watched." Again, I did not (and still to this day) do not feel threatened. Keep learning.

If you wish to send it away, then asking should do the trick. If you can ask for it, then you can ask for it to leave as well. Good luck!
13-Sep-2006, Joseph The King of Dreams :P
My tiny adivce is what ever method you use for activating the third eye stick to it for atleast 18 months and if no sucess then move to a different method.. \\\\\\\\\I rember when I first learnt about the 3rdeye and what can be achieved when it is activated, well it took me another 5 years of trying countless ways b4 I made my mind up that I will choose a method which suites me best and sticking with it until i succeed and what do you know 6 months l8tr my third was working. After that I practised more control on using the third and achieved some telepathic abilty, mind reading, remote viewing, seeing somethings in the past upto 10,000years and into the future upto 10,000years. Also I can converse with entities from different dimensions. So ppl keeping trying until you hit gold never give up one day you will have success.
16-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
16-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
You saw 10,000 years into the future? whats it like?
18-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power

Heres another thing people interested in sumfoods message should learn and look into

18-Sep-2006, perfectfriend
Thanks Sumdood for wasting over half an hour in redaing your post!
18-Sep-2006, idris
okay so my names idris and i just wanna know how 2 open ur 3rd eye. email me at or ok thx cya
18-Sep-2006, Andromeda
Hi everyone

I have always felt different from everybody because I for some reason was able to predict the future without any explanation since I was a child, I was also able to see very powerful visions in which I was there watching these things in the visions take place and somehow I was an extra person watching these events without taking part in them, I was there but not involved and the people in this visions couldn't see me.

I don't know much about the third eye I have read something about it before but never tried meditation or to open it, however the other night I just decided to try meditation and then I started feeling this pressure between my brows and see this light and for some reason the picture of an eye appered and it seemed to be opening as the pressure got stronger I got scared and opened my eyes as I didn't meditate for a long time before this happened.

Can someone explain this to me please as I'm also trying to find out if the visions and predictions I make are all related to the third eye in some way and also why I felt this on my first meditation 'cause I never did meditation before and also what happens if it is open and once that is open can we close it, or do we have to close it and open it all the time??

Please I'm very confused and any help will be most welcomed.

19-Sep-2006, SumDood
Anyway, Lets put it this way...spending your life away chatting on this web page getting NOWHERE in your spiritual developement is exactly what most of you are doing. I was simply trying to share some insite as to how to get your spiritual life kickstarted.

What exactly did I say that was so crazy?

Simplifying the above messege....

1) Get your life straitened out

2) We are in a spiritual battle and there are forces at work that ultimately try to hinder that spiritual development...

Ya it might sound crazy to someone who hasn't had a spiritual experience...but once you have, you needent care what some idiot on a webforum about opening your third eye thinks...isn't ALL of this stuff ..."CRAZY!?!?!" by today's standers?

The TRUTH is that scientists are beginning to uncover the physics behind what has been known as SPIRITUAL.

Quantum physics states that a photon travels in an infinite number of directions simultaneously.
That means that there are an infinite amount of possible realities existing RIGHT HERE simultaneously...which essentialy means...we live in a transdimentional reality.

IT is also known that an ION wind (a set of ionic particals passing over a space) can give the illusion of intence cold (even able to freeze tissue) yet will not raise a thermostat. It is also known that electromagnetic fields can manipulate and controll ions due to the nature of ions having a + or - charge.

IT is also known that MANY paranormal phenomena relates heavily to electromagnetic disturbances. One could easily correlate the "cold" feeling one has at lets say...a hunted house along with the strange EM disturbinces as a relationship between EM fields and Ionic Winds. In other words, a GHOST is some kind of entity who is made up of Electromagnetic energy. They could easily manipulate their EM field to gather ions in the air to try to manifest a physical form, explaining the cold sensation (yet without breath vapor visible) when a "ghost" is around.

This is just an example of how what we are calling "CRAZY" can actually be quite REAL.

Quantum physics goes actually, a LONG ways to explaining MANY of these "crazy" phenomena.

DNA is known to be in the PERFECT shape for an electromagnetic reciever. It can both be a AM/FM reciever as well. The circular shape and the lengthy shape both recieve electromagnetic waves differently making DNA a perfect information carrying device.

The point here is...
1) telepathy/hearing voices/hearing radio & TV signals (which BTW is a KNOWN and DOCTUMENTED phenomena) all could be related to DNA being an excellent EM reciever.
2) There is this supposed "junk" DNA that makes up nearly 90% of our DNA that they claim to be WORTHLESS....ya Just like our frontal lobe to those morons in the late 1800 cutting them out when someone didn't "Function properly"...
-It is quite possible a ceratin SIGNAL could be used electromagneticaly to not only transmit information along the DNA strands, but to "awaken" that 90% junk to do something else...
This could go a long way to explaining this idea of people changing due to a spiritual awakening like through the 3rd eye opening or a kundalini awakening. It is quite possible kundalini is nothing more than the tapping into the EARTH's EM field which activates DNA in a person giving them new physical functions etc.

The point is..well you can call me crazy all you want least do your homework...You've said NOTHING intelligent or important this whole time.

You get on this forum and bash others, and keep wasting your time wondering...
"HOW DO I OPEN MY THIRD EYE!!!11!!!?!?!?!?" like a freaking moron and yet don't seek anything for your self...

and yet you have not had one awakening, have not changed your life, have not GROWN.

Look around you, who is more crazy? Me or this screwed up world we live in? A person can't even live anymore without working in a way that society demands. YOu can't live off the land anymore, even if you have the physical means to do so, because the governemnt demands a TAX just for owning property. If a peacefull, spiritual person wanted to just leave this screwed up society alone and be done with it, they COULDN'T because they have to not only provide for themselves, but pay out to the government as well...a governemnt that is corrupt and trying to subvert the populace's potential.

If you want to see the proof for this, just watch TV.
The shows are down right stupid, made for stupid minds, by stupid minds. There is nothing mentaly challenging, nothing that sparks the immagination... ONLY stupid stupid stupid crap...

The education system is in a complete mess, where they are more worried about how you can follow orders and kiss ass instead of actually trying their hardest to TEACH you something IMPORTANT. Few people even realize that ALL of the Sciences come together on a sublte level. The same physical formulas that calculate mechanical physics can be used for electrical physics (I've seen this first hand now having taken Circuit Modeling 1 and Phsyics 1, we use the SAME equasion for working with a circuit in Alternating Current as you do with any kind of wave). These same physical laws work with calculating population activities, and the government used spikes in commodities just like an airplane engineer would use shock tests on plane frames to see weak spots. These spikes include the illogical milk (of all things) shortages of the 70/80's as well as the gassoline shortages of that similar era.
Whats the point of that? well...

That proves the government is actively PLAYING and MANIPULATING the populace with SCIENCE that they keep HIDDEN from the massess. They don't teach you that in economics yet it does indeed work.

I could start onto another VERY long rant like the last one but my point is this...

You say I'M crazy?
How much of what I said have you even TRIED to explore for yourself?
Have you went to any of those sites and checked out the info for YOURSELF?
Have you used any of the links I gave at the bottom and looked at the 911 evidence FOR YOURSELF?

Stop bitching about me, and start looking around yourself. I said what I said to try to shed light on you, and like the fool that you are, you turn from it like someone recently woken up by a 60W Hallogen Bulb in a pitch dark room.

I have spend basicaly every day since 1999 looking for as much info on EVERYTHING as I can. How much have YOU looked for?

Why don't you go do some research and then come back when you have an argument?

Or would you rather just keep calling me crazy with your foot planted firmly in your mouth?
19-Sep-2006, Psycho
Sorry Andromeda, I don't think anyone on this entire planet knows. Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully someday all of this can be investigated rationally with the use of technology. All anyone knows now is that 'something' is going on, or there are those who pretend to know everything about it. In the meantime, you, me, along with several others are just 'shooting in the dark.' There isn't strength in numbers if everyone goes in circles.
19-Sep-2006, SumDood
And you all will be happy...I'll never post again

And BTW...I chose the name Some Dude Intentionly spelled wrong, I don't know what your crack about Sumfood is about but whatever, as my dad always said...
"Small things amuse small minds"

Have a NICE DAY! =D
19-Sep-2006, Psycho
You make some good points Sumdood. In order to explore what's really going on inside human beings, a merging of neuroscience, psychology, and physics/quantum physics is necessary. It takes an integrated approach. I would advise to you though to not become too extreme. Not all television is mind numbing, and not all educational systems are corrupt, nor is the entire government corrupt (just a very substantial part of it). The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
As for my own third eye area, I can create a strong throbbing sensation, but nothing else happens. No new abilities, nothing, except for more vivid dreams. I have explored binaural and isochronic tones in the past. Once I saw light flashing when listening, but nothing more because of course I freaked out.
I can create any tone I want on my computer using software. Its fun to play around with when I have the time.
19-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
I think most of the stuff you say about science and stuff is pretty good, you seem to be a well learned kind of person, and i didnt mean to offend you, nor do i think you are crazy, thats just well, i dunno my sense of humor, its a bit harsh. I was refering to how overboard you go into things like the media controlling us, and government conspirisies, and 911 being staged? i mean come on! And how do you know what ive achieved and how far ive grown, ive offered more insight into the third eye here than you have, all you do is post your crackpot conspirisy theories, which you think up, or believe idiots websites cause you are gullible. I mean come on, they are ridiculous. And as for the actual info you give on spirituality, you say we need physical/mental/spiritual health? well duuh! doesnt take a friggin genious to work that one out! And as for the info on energy and third eye thats in more detail, there are tons of different theories, even scientific ones, what make yours anything more than a stab in the dark? And with all the ridicilous things you sit around and come up with about 911 and the rest, i have to seriously judge how legit anything coming from you could possibly be. and you don't KNOW anything more than anyone else, you just come up with crackpot bulldust, about stuff you couldnt possibly know about. And that stuff about angels? seriously, phsyciatrist dude. Oh and i just spelt your name wrong acidently, dont make a conspiracy out of it.

PS the goverment brainwashed me into typing this so i could convice people you are wrong, because your actually onto them bigtime. IDIOT
19-Sep-2006, Andromeda
Can anyboedy help me to understand about what I ask before instead of fighting please.
19-Sep-2006, Psycho
20-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
@ Andromeda

Add me on msn dude, its a much more efficient way to talk in dept about things than a forum.
21-Sep-2006, Joseph The King of Dreams :P
@S.O.P I did not see anything 10,000 years in the future but I have seen some things in the near future. The resaon I mentioned it, is a spiritual bieng informed me this is some cosmic law that after mastering astral projection and such abilities certain things have boundries/limits and one of them is to see into past/future is only 10k yrs.
21-Sep-2006, ?
Do you all really see weird stuff?
I think you need sleep to clear your mind and stop seeing things!
21-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power

Go back to your comfortable little world of ignorance where you feel safe
21-Sep-2006, Tim
I don't see weird stuff.
It's just places and people that
I don't recongnize.
22-Sep-2006, ?
@Seeker of Power
It's not ignorance its reality!

Everyone knows we share the world with other dimensions, sometimes the border between these dimension disapear and we see them in their own dimension and they see us! We all lost our third eye after the great disaster.
22-Sep-2006, Bill
Seeker of power... Interesting name. (Sighs)

Well, if any of you actually are aware of your third eyes, I'd like to speak with you about mine (I have been aware of mine for a while now)
22-Sep-2006, Parker
I REALLY NEED SOME ANSWERS. I have tried a number of these presets in all categories and the most effect I have gotten out of any of them is Dentist 1 which made my teeth tingle.

I would really like to know how to acheive all these wonderful (so people are saying) effects. Perhaps tips on where, how, when, ect to listen to these presets.

I remain pretty skeptical for now, so if someone can suggest a really trippy preset to make a believer out of me, that would be great.

Thanks to anyone for there help and advice.

22-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
yeah cause Bill's a REAL interesting name, and if your giving me a hard time about my name, which countless people have done, then read my previous posts, and they will explain it to you. I'm thinking of changing it just so people stop going, "oh no he's such a bad man, he's seeking power". What exacly is it your doing anyway, your aware of your third eye like me, your trying to build it up and understand it more im sure, is that not seeking power? Cause thats all im trying to do, is learn more and increase my ability, which is power. Why do people always assosiate power with evil, power isnt evil, its what you do with it, and ive never given the impression that i missuse, or am seeking to missuse power.

22-Sep-2006, lol
OMG this board has taken a turn for the worse
23-Sep-2006, Bill
Seeker, my apologies for the assumption based on your name. There is a very big difference between seeking power and seeking enlightenment, which you will probably learn.

Perhaps you should read my previous posts? They were here far longer than you were, if that matters.

What I'm trying to do is train my 3rd eye, and continue my spiritual growth. I have already attained some (relatively weak) fascets of it, but I feel now that I could use guidance from someone else, as I already have my inner guidance.

Power, by its very definition, implies gaining an item or ability to be used over others. If everyone had 'power', it would no longer exist.

No, I do not seek power. As I have said, I seek to continue down my spiritual journey, which is progressing modestly well.

I am not a christian, but sometimes being humble has its advantages.

I learn from people and things that are beyond christianity, different from it. Things that, instead of filling you with pride and ignorance, provide you with a sense of one-ness and joy.

And my original question remains.

23-Sep-2006, Psycho
'Power, by its very definition, implies gaining an item or ability to be used over others.'

That's your definition. Mine is quite different.
23-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
Power in scientific terms, at least the scientific terms Bruce Lee described it in, is the application of speed and strengh. When someone physically strong throws a punch, and does it the correct way and with speed, the end result is the "power" of the punch. I suppose i understand what you mean Bill, the abilities in themselves are a skill, or a strengh, and for them to be power, you would have to use them in a certain way to attack others, or you would have to seek to build them up to be better than what others can do. However, it's not my fault the world is ignorant of these abilities, and that the fact that i have them gives me power, becuase not many even know about them, let alone have gained some abilities and conitinue to build them. I am a martial artist, and of course not everybody i know is a martial artist, which gives me "power" over them in physicall confrontation, however i only seeked to improve myself, and to able to defend myself, not to be physically dominant over people. However, for the abilities of marial arts to be any use, I would have to be better than others, in order to defend myself from them wouldnt I? If it was normal for everyone to be a blackbelt in martial arts, then its value in self defense would decrease, and people would have to own tasers, or something in order tto defend themselves from thugs and muggers.

So, in that vain of thought, i do in fact seek power when i do martial arts, because without it being a power, it is of almost no use, even in using it responsibly. The most benovelant men in history sought and gained power, and used it responabily for the good of the world, without the power of influence they gained, which they could have used however they wanted, they wouldnt have been able to do the good they have done.

The fact is Bill, is that these are little known abilities and skills in the western world, and whoever has them, or seeks them, has or is seeking "power". Yes indeed if it was normal, the seeking them wouldnt be seeking power, then again, if it was normal, this forum probably wouldnt exist, and it wouldnt be so hard to seek. Seeking power in that world would be soley seeking to elevate your abilities somehow to massive levels, above what is normal. However, as long as these abilies are "ab-normal", as in not commonly known or possesed by most people, them anyone who has them has power, because he is elevated about most people. And anyone who seeks to gain, or build upon abilities, is seeking power. So it is not possible, that you are not seeking power bill, unless you were to wait untill the world acepts these things as normal, and most people use them, before you seek to build upon them. Which will probably not come in either of our lifetimes.

Even with your definition of power bill, power is still not evil. To do great good, in a world of evil, one would need power. Power is what you do with it, in itself it is not good or evil.

The reason, i seek power, is purley for the mystery of it. All of this facinates me. If i just wanted power, and not this specific kind of power me and you are both seeking, then i would be a politician, as i have said before. Self improvement, and the pure mystery of it, is my reason, neverless, it is still power, and i am seeking it. If i just wanted to be elevated above other people, there are many easier ways i could do it, but i dont. Does everyone finally understand now? or should i not bother anymore and just change my name, because of the annoying confusion, and wasted message space, which i have to keep using so people stop judging me in a negative way?
23-Sep-2006, Psycho
I perhaps seek the same thing you do. Do you possess powers that cannot be explained by current scientific standards?
23-Sep-2006, Psycho
Psycho then checks his e-mail.
23-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power

What i have gained so far is not overly spectacular, but yes, I can do things that science cannot currently explain. (or maybe it can, who knows what the government gets up too, right sumfood?)
23-Sep-2006, Bill
Interesting response, seeker.

So tell me, then, how are you aware of your third eye?

I have a bit of... experience in these matters, and I am curious.
24-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
Well, I have been doing chakra meditation for a while, I am fairly good at manipulating the energy of my body, using it to heal, etc. I have very minor clairvoyant abilities, which if i really wanted to be scepticall i could probably completly blow off as coincidences, or if i wanted to dellude myself could say was good progress, but i'm sure at least some of it has to be beyond ordinary senses. And recentlty I started being able to see auras.
24-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
Well, I have been doing chakra meditation for a while, I am fairly good at manipulating the energy of my body, using it to heal, etc. I have very minor clairvoyant abilities, which if i really wanted to be scepticall i could probably completly blow off as coincidences, or if i wanted to dellude myself could say was good progress, but i'm sure at least some of it has to be beyond ordinary senses. And recentlty I started being able to see auras.
24-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
And i also have to power to make two posts appear for some reason.
26-Sep-2006, Head Injury
I have been very fortunate to have my third eye open sense birth. I have had the ability to dream about events before they took place, or to see people that passed on. When I was about 16 I met a boy who I had really liked and he was into meditation. He showed me how the meditate properly with the right stones places at the right points on the head, that's when my nightmare began. I began catching glimpses of black holes with negative energy around me (I know this probaly doesn't make sense to most, but I am sure some sensitive people out there have had this experience) then to make it worse I was in a car accident that I sustianed head injuries and that is when I started seeing actual negative beings. I have closed my third eye sense, but I would like to reopen it again, being that it had been part of my life. Will I go through seeing more negative beings again, or will I be fine this time around? If anyone has experience, please let me know.
26-Sep-2006, Bill
Head injury - I have never heard of stones being used to awaken or empower the third eye, but I guess it's possible. And as for negative beings or visions, they are simply tests that will fade eventually. Be careful not to mistake hopeful illusions with what is actually there, as this path can be confusing at times.

Wish you the best.
26-Sep-2006, Bill
Seeker - Your abilities are similar to mine, so I have a feeling you aren't deluding yourself as some may try.

I have been aware of my third eye for about 3-4 years now, and have been constantly attempting to awaken it further using various meditations. I have had success and failure, and have kept a few abilities, though they wax and wane with time.

I was hoping to find someone who has been through this, and the next step after this. I can pretty much continue at this level of 3rd eye awakening, but I would like to go further and I am not sure how to do that.

Some yogis have referenced kundalini, and the long amounts of time it takes to develop it. I am tempted to go this route, and I have also heard of taiji that can be used for this purpose.

My theory is by developing this kundalini or qi, I may be able to harness it in the third eye area, and trigger another 'awakening' which I have received before once or twice.

If you want specifics on my abilities, minor clairvoyance and the ability to see auras - weakly most of the time - around living things.

Also, I am a longtime meditator, and that has given me rewards of its own. I am only referencing things direclty related to the third eye, there are other things I am not prepared to talk about yet.

It is good to find someone else looking for a way to enhance their third eye. I hope in the future we can share experiences with eachother, and perhaps find the next path together.

Namaste, seeker. Hope to hear from you soon.
27-Sep-2006, SD
The Third eye:

This chakra, which is also called the third eye, is located right between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is the centre for clairvoyance, visions, and transcendence of time and space in thinking. It radiates a clear, green light, and people who have begun to develop the ability so see more than most people, have a shining ball located in the area of this chakra. This ball protects, and draws energy into the brain.

The third eye is a chakra that is responsible for what we call "second sight". Intuitive perception. It is by the third eye that people see ghosts, auras and other usually non-visible phenomena. The perceptions of the third eye are not limited by time or space. The Third Eye sees energy patterns, and it is not limited by distance. It's also not limited by time and space. So focusing on the Third Eye, you can see things that are happening on the other side of the world. You can see things that happened in the past. And you can see potential events that happen in the future. I don't recommend spending a lot of time doing that, as the point of power is always in the here and now. It's actually much simpler just to use it to observe your own energy patterns, to look inside of yourself, and see how you are doing.font>

The opening of the Ajna chakra or third eye is very delicate and complex process, where very high pranic energy raised from Mooladhara thru spine and chaneled to Pineal Gland.The energy will open the gland and also open the "Tunnel of God" where if person travel thru the tunnel and experince the "opening process". This conclude the opening of third eye, with succesful opening, process of unfolding the inherent ability of the chakra start.This will lead to many wonderful spiritual experince, the most common one was the claivoyance capability.

All scientific authorities, as well as the best occultists, divide the phenomena of clairvoyance into several well-distinguished classes. The following classification is simple, and indicates clearly the principal forms of clairvoyant phenomena:.

(1) Simple Clairvoyance, in which the clairvoyant person merely senses the auric emanations of other persons, such as the auric vibrations, colors, etc.; currents of thought-vibrations, etc.; but does not see events or scenes removed in space or time from the observer..

(2) Clairvoyance in Space, in which the clairvoyant person senses scenes and events removed in space from the observer; and, often also is able to sense such things even when they are concealed or obscured by intervening material objects..

(3) Clairvoyance in Time, in which the clairvoyant person senses scenes and events which have had their original place in past time; or scenes and events which will have their original place in the future..

The opening will be done remotely using a webcam, the process will take almost an hour.There will be follow up meditation to be practice.
27-Sep-2006, Bill
Ok, and where is the link to the process using a webcam please?
28-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power
Don't tell me your gonna fall for that crap Bill
29-Sep-2006, seven
why can't your third eye just open if you give intent to do so? i have psychic gifts and i am a medium. i would like to open my third eye completely and have tried through meditations for quite some time but feel stuck.
29-Sep-2006, Bill
Seeker, I have come across so many lies and delusions about the third eye that it would take more than that to fool me. I was just curious to see the material he was representing.

Believe me, there are plenty of elaborate schemes by people who just want your money, but I am confident there are at least 2 people on the internet with authentic experiences.

Me being one of them :p
29-Sep-2006, Bill
Seven - I am in the same boat you are. I have been meditating on the third eye for years now, and while I have attained some minor control, I really feel like I need a guide to get any further...

Oh well. I will continue as always, and hope eventually that I find what I am looking for.
29-Sep-2006, Seeker of Power

i was wondering if me and you could maybe exchange e-mails or talk on msn or something, and pool experience and knowledge etc. From the sounds of it, you'll probably be guiding or helping me more than I can help you, but two people joining forces and working towards the same goal will both progress towards it faster.

Whadya say?
30-Sep-2006, perfectfriend
SD, please go ahead. We are waiting.
30-Sep-2006, Bill
my email address is

please send me questions, information or whatever else is on your mind. looking forward to hearing from you seeker, or anyone else that has a question.
01-Oct-2006, Okay
I'm confused with my third eye!
I don't think I have a third eye!
I don't dream about anything, but I can see my body when I'm sleeping. Can anyone expalin this to me!
02-Oct-2006, Sd
I some good news frm my master. He decided to attempt 3rd eye opening for as many ppl as possible. However success is very much dependent on yr readiness. His success rate is around 80% but it's still up to u. Those who are interested, pls write to me I will E-mail his link.
I have only 1 request. Use your gift wisely and do not go to the dark site. All these are related to Karma. Always do good, treat ppl equally, help each other, etc. These are the positive signs to be 1 step closer to yr spiritual life. Trust me,I dont earn a single cent out of this recommendation. My master is a good friend of mine too. I knew him for >15yrs but only got to know his talent for the past 2 yrs. He conducts spiritual awakening classes and u can witness the outcome in his link. Do not doubt his ability as this will create blockages to yr success.
If you think yr 3rd has opened, u will know the truth in my mail.
02-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
The dark side? What do think this is star wars or something, there is no dark side, and karma is a load of crap as well. And as for the don't doubt him and it wont open, if you have it you have it, doubting it doesnt matter. Some people suffer trauma and end up possesing abilities they might never have believed to be true, of course if you doubt it your going to have a hard time trying to obtain it, but that can be said of anything, if you doubt your sporting abilities your gonna suck when the big game comes etc. You sound like a scam artist who has just thrown together a bunch of spiritual type cliches to give the illusion that you know what you are talking about. Why dont you go into detail about things that your master can do, or what exactly goes down in the whole opening process, so that those who have a fair ammount of knowledge of the subject, and a little experience, can more accuratley asses whether or not you are indeed legit, cause the way it seems right now, is that you are just some lowlife trying to get money through internet scamming.

And if thats the case, you better watch out for karma

03-Oct-2006, SD
Interesting hypothesis.
03-Oct-2006, Gian Carlo
hi can you send me how to open my third eye in easy and fastest way hope i can recieve your reply please mail me asap thankyou very much
05-Oct-2006, Bill
Well seeker, I've given you my email address. Perhaps you could give me yours?

I have to go, now. Time to connect.

05-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Bill, you just click on my name to get my e-mail address, plus ive already added you on msn, maybe you didnt know it was me and clicked cancel or something.
05-Oct-2006, SD
Did you manage to browse through the web site that I recommended?
06-Oct-2006, Bill
Sent you an email.
06-Oct-2006, Bill
SD, your site is interesting, but it sounds a little bit cult-ish to me. I tried meditating on the image mentioned, and nothing really happened. Also, I have heard a lot of this before, although there was some new stuff mentioned.

I will keep an open mind, as I cannot prove or disprove your methods or actions, and do not need to.
06-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Meditating on images is a load of crap, which would be why nothing happened. And think about it logically, how is visualizing a certain image going to awaken dormant or relatively inactive parts of your mind, or even do anything for that matter.
07-Oct-2006, Bill
Well seeker, sometimes visualizing helps in various emotional and spiritual ways. Visualizing an inner light, for example. Or a beautiful forest you've visited.

As for a specific image, I suppose you're right, and it makes sense that nothing happened.
07-Oct-2006, SD
Good to hear abt your comments. Site belongs to my master. Actually, I am able to feel the energy flowing the objects mentioned and have benefited from it. Especially the cakra cleansing. That actually worked for me. I have attended his workshop before and if you have time, do look at the vidoeclips. They are actually real and the bulb will not break unless you command so. That's the power of inner strength. Trusy yr instings... that will tell u everthing.
08-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
You know what you should try? A spell check
09-Oct-2006, angel
how can i open my third eye?
09-Oct-2006, Raj
Bull shit seeker.Talk allot but all are bunch of crabs
09-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
10-Oct-2006, A bit closer to heaven
HI i've tried to open my third eye but i can not it is very hard
11-Oct-2006, dustin
Within the past few days i have been really interested in opening the third eye, i know my third eye is not closed completely, because i have had several precognitive dreams that have came to be, and one or 2 waking precognitions, just spontaneous, I have an extreme body to mind connection, so i know it helps me get intact to my whole psyche in general, I have been trying vigorously to focus on my third eye's presence, and i do feel it's presence even when im focusing on something else, can someone actually feel the third eye physically? how long does it usually take to open the third eye?
13-Oct-2006, Bill
I can feel mine physically. I have no idea if it's fully 'open' though, as it is fairly difficult for me to see auras and such.

Opening the third eye can take weeks, months or years unless you find a master to help you, which isn't very likely.

Good luck on your search!
13-Oct-2006, dustin
awesome, thanks for the quick response, good luck to you too(in further spiritual development), yeah i myself can feel it physically, i like to think that i can open my third eye in weeks, or less, i find certain music to be a meditation/focus enhancer, like Delerium and Enigma, very spiritual music tends to get me in the mind set, also talking to your third eye(and visualizing it) seems to enhance my connection and alteration of it, i just wish i would have started meditating loooong ago, im 18, and can tell that my lack of meditation and such has shown it's downfalls, but i tend to become inclined to e.g. meditation and the likes faster(and faster) and more and more effective, it would be so much easier if i wasn't disillusioned so much when i was a kid, but i think i can do it still, in that i've changed profoundly since the last few years, especially in experience
13-Oct-2006, Psycho
14-Oct-2006, Dick head
I dont believe in third eye. u think the author of the article of third eye opening u read has actually open his third eye? i read some and IT sounds like they dont know anything but have theory and stuff
15-Oct-2006, Bill
Skepticism is the death of a lot of spiritual practices. Especially when you have far too much of it.

A lot of people that mention it may be lying, but not all, and not over the past 2,000 years + where it has been mentioned in a lot of texts.

Besides, I have my own personal experiences. I'm sorry you don't have your own, dick.

But then, if you don't believe in the third eye why exactly are you here?
16-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
I will gain spiritual powers and end the cruel travesty of a joke that is human existance. We were only supposed to be animals, animals that live on instict, and for self preservation, and nurishment, and to breed to continue our species. But we were given minds, minds that make us question our existance, an existance that can have no explanation, nor is one supposed to be given, but we question it, and try to find its meaning and end up with nothing but suffering. All we have is our failed attempts at justifying our own cruel existance, through religion, spirituality, religion has caused nothing but war and suffering through disagreements, and though spirituality is a good sentiment it doesnt work, having no desires or inner peace or any of the attempts to escape the cruel designs of our minds are immposible to achieve. And our so called progress is nothing short of laughable, we destroy the earth and nature which we need to survive just so we can have paper to write on, and other meaningless garbage. We have devoloped a life style that must be maintained by humans being almost nothing but slaves, all just born into a heartless society and if we are lucky enough, we will be able to slave away most of our lives doing something completly meaningless just so we can have money in order to keep living. Not to mention the countless number of us that must suffer, and die of hunger so that the rest can maintain this pitifull life. There used to be some of us that lived in harmony with the earth, as all creatures should, and maintained a meaningfull life, with honor, and beliefs that gave our lives true meaning. We took what we needed from the earth to live, no more no less, and though our live were probably relativley shorter, and many of these tribal races still engaged in warfare, our lives had true meaning to them, and we didnt need to question anything. But due to our so called progress this is all dead, where war once had honour and it was a glorious and noble tradition to be a warrior, it is now nothing but a technologicall nation using machines and the click of a button to exterminate mass amounts of humans for who knows what reason because the government is far beyond the controll of what it is supposed to be. It was supposed to be a democratic regime where the people govern themselves if you can remember, But its grown into an evil empire with its own hidden agenda and secrets, and which maintains its stangle hold grip by giving people the illusion of freedom. Freedom which cannot exist as long we have our minds by the way. Any attemp we have made at a civilised society has failed, democracy is the closest we have come, and it is a mockery of what it is supposed to be. And our "progress", which we define as making new and fancy gadgets, tools for mass extermination, and anything that slightly prolongs our meaningless lives will continue to come as we rape the earth of its resorces, continue to try to be better and more sucsessfull than those we share the society with, resulting in rich people hording far more than they need, the poor just trying to live by robbing and murdering the rest of us who live a bleak and worthless life, which those of us who dont use drugs or alchohol to the extremes must sit around and attempt to follow spiritual paths or find answers to questions that cannot be answered, or otherwise follow religion and think we know all the answers and label ourselfs as good and others as evil. We have also broken the natural cycle of life, there are almost no wild animals left in the world because of us, and even though natural disasters still exist, its not enough to keep our numbers under controll. Even with all the death and suffering we put our own species through, our numbers continue to grow and grow. Every creature is supposed to have something that keeps its population under control in order to preserve the natural order of nature, we don't. Even if we lived in a peacefull world it wouldnt help the fact that without anything to keep our numbers undercontroll there will too many of us, and too little of earth and its resourses. I would say that human kind should go back to way it once was, but there is too much risk of it happening again, this needs to end.
16-Oct-2006, Jabberwock
I've heard this info. about opening your third eye quickly: Sorry for my bad english hope you understand this...

According to old medicine man:

At exactly 12 midnight, do the procedure from the "Constantine" movie about looking at the cat's eye but without bowl of water... focus on one eye only and try to avoid to wink(your eyes).. then when the dirt from cat's eye comes out... take it then put it in your eyes in the tearduct area... don't put it inside your eyes or the bacteria will destroy your eyes... just put it near your eyes.

Note: be prepared about the consequences... Once you enter... there's no turning back my friend so take care.

Goodluck! x_X

16-Oct-2006, Tim
Dark Messiah

Put an end to your misery and just kill yourself.
16-Oct-2006, whatsitmatter
holding a box of tissues for the dark messiah:(
17-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
@ Tim

I will, when ive finished with the rest of all humans on the planet
17-Oct-2006, hard
Can some1 help me on how to listen to *.bwg files. I downloaded swift sound software but not supporting *.bwg. I only have laptop and don't have the licence to use bwg s/w from the internet.
18-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Your all a bunch of freaks
18-Oct-2006, dustin
ok so i've been meditating for 1 week, and i've made considerable progress, in meditation at the least, yesturday i had a vivid meditation, i started to make my mind twiril out all around me and throughout the house, it felt really cool, and i felt empowered, then i went through one of the "webs" and i was looking throughout my whole house, my imaging was great too, and i was feeling the environment and matter all around absorbing it, i highly reccomend this method, the easiest way(In my opinion) is to feel your mind is a bunch of branching out nerves(which it is) and use that feeling and knowledge and the environment as one(merging)
18-Oct-2006, dustin
Also, to get alittle more abstract, when absorbing energy from the "webs" remember the weight of the object and then feel it, think of that all matter is made by energy therefore all matter has energy, use this concept to absorb the energy, i mostly can do it, but i need to work on it a few more days to advance it further, it feels kind of like tripping on a mild dose of DXM, except a strong sense of clarity(note that part of my, "ability" to feel objects(living things too) has came from DXM,, my visualizing has also been strengthened considerably from that too, and my spirituality has been "strengthened" from DXM
19-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Dude, your a drug addict, get real
20-Oct-2006, Bill
Dark Messiah, an appropriate name for such a dark message :)

I will take you seriously if you provide me with a date that the 'world will end', according to you at least.

It is true that we are more backwards than we were thousands of years ago, to my great sadness. We may even be past the point where we as a race could be redeemable, but I remain hopeful. I have found others like me, otherwise I would probably be as bitter as you.

Anyway, Dustin it's good that you're making progress in your meditation. Remember though that the goal for a lot of meditation is to clear the mind, not fill it with thoughts and images. It is used to restore you to a simple and peaceful mind-frame, from which joy and contentment with being can emerge.

My recommendation is simply to continue with the meditation. I have been doing it for over 3 years, now. I am happy with the results.

I also recommend that you vary the practice and try different methods. Also, if you absolutely do not feel like meditating one day or another, you don't have to. Go with your feelings, and do what you wish.

I do not support the use of drugs in meditation however. Using artificial means to achieve something that should be natural is generally not a good idea.

For example, which would you prefer: Honey that came fresh from a bee's nest, or an artificial one mixed with synthetics to increase its longevity?

It is good to see that some members of this forum are growing.

21-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
Your theory about humans suposed to be Gods is just another attempt to justify what you cannot answer, and how do you even know that we got this way through natural evolution? You don't, and further more humans ruling the world with our own minds is what causes the demise of the earth, and our own suffering. I dont really know what you mean by unleashing the potential of ourselves and the world around us, so I will assume that you are some lost young human who is seeking to obtain some sort of higher powers, as maybe some sort of last resort at trying to gain happiness. You must be one misserable human indeed, and when you fail at your attempt, or maybe even if you succeed (highly unlikely) and you realise your still miserable, you'll realise the truth of what I say.
21-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
And another point, who says that nature doesn't make mistakes? The reason I say the human race must end is because we are beyond redemption, not because I am a hardcore environmentalist. We will all continue to cause our own suffering, and the eventual demise of not only us, but possibly the planet, and quite frankly there are more than enough ways that this could happen. It will happen eventualy whether you like it or not, and whether you like it or not, your existance is more painfull that not, even if it doesnt seem that way now. If I could, I would cut our loses and end it all, so no more need be born into this world, an suffer.
21-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
And another point, who says that nature doesn't make mistakes? The reason I say the human race must end is because we are beyond redemption, not because I am a hardcore environmentalist. We will all continue to cause our own suffering, and the eventual demise of not only us, but possibly the planet, and quite frankly there are more than enough ways that this could happen. It will happen eventualy whether you like it or not, and whether you like it or not, your existance is more painfull that not, even if it doesnt seem that way now. If I could, I would cut our loses and end it all, so no more need be born into this world, an suffer.
22-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
Hahahaha, say what you want, it matters not.
22-Oct-2006, Psycho
Good response... wow you sure showed me.
23-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
Maybe you need to win the argument and feel that your right, or had the witiest remark, whatever, you win, ill throw you your little bone. And you say your not miserable.
23-Oct-2006, Psycho
You obviously don't know the difference between being miserable and being pissed off. You piss me off because you think you know everything. Throw me a little bone? You really don't get it. You're just a regurgitation of the book Ishmael. All you've been saying has been said before. You're yesterday's news to me.
24-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Whats the book Ishmael?
24-Oct-2006, Dark Messiah
I don't know everything, i openly admited i didnt, do you even know what your argument is, besides that your in denial? Just read what i say, and if dont agree with it, then whatever, obviously something in there threatens you personally because you took more exeption to it than anyone else, and you sound like a young person who's lost and will come to this conclusion anyway, so shut up.
24-Oct-2006, Bill
Dark messiah, the main thing that causes miserable behavior and views is the illusion of seperation - of being 'alone' and 'the only one'.

All animals fit like pieces of a puzzle into nature, and humans can too. Ironically it is an 'individual' process, and once attained it provides you with an interesting view of a lot of things.

I used to call it 'walking the path'. Perhaps you will find your own someday. Until then, whatever you say is perfectly acceptable to me, but nothing more. I don't mind hearing different views...

The interesting thing is when a lot of different views all say the same sort of thing. And that's what I learned to look for. Perhaps you will too.

26-Oct-2006, Psycho
If you want the last word, go for it. As I said before, you're yesterday's news to me.
26-Oct-2006, Psycho
And how would you know whether or not I'm in denial? You don't even know who I am.
26-Oct-2006, Seeker of Power
Everyone shut up and go to this site
29-Oct-2006, Psycho
30-Oct-2006, Wynter
Di, do you still use AIM? I would really like to talk to you, or neno. Or MSN?
02-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
That truly is awesome, i feel so much better now that i know that.
02-Nov-2006, whatsitmatter
glad you found that interesting, but that message was intended for someone else.
02-Nov-2006, Psycho
I would like to buy a ambugua
02-Nov-2006, ves
First i want to apologies for my english, but i'm Bulgarian and never learned english in shcool.
Now i want to tell you how i opened my third eye.
It was when i was young. I point some blades between my eyes and slowly move closer until it reaches my skin where this third eye is suposed to be. I get some sense like itch deep inside under my skull of my forehead. When i focus on that sense it gets stronger and pulsing. Breathing is very important. Breath must be deep and slow. Other think that may help is to move your look up, and focus your sight where you can't see because of your skull. Also just readed that amethyst that has been cleaned under flowing water before use may help.

I have theory that making icons on the top of the church is not accidental. It was planed to help you reach some state of spiritual opening while moving your sight upper.

Few minutes ago i readed in one other site that head injury can also activate the Third Eye - Pineal Gland. This maybe is true. When i was baby i hit my head in corner of table just where my third eye is. I have scar from that hit. Anyway its very stupid to harm yourself just to see that this isn't help you. With practice and more concentration you can achieve success with openning your third eye. I have some firends that also feels it without make harm to themselfs

I never searched what is this sense for. For me is enough only to look up to get that feeling. I almost never practice to use that eye and don't have any expirience with seeing some stuff or getting out of my astral body. I think that is enough to focus on your own life, be good human, love people that is around you, etc.

Remember whatever you want to be will be, but careful what you wish!
03-Nov-2006, Tastycakes
Hello there. I just started trying to open my third eye yesterday and I sat Indian style on my floor with some candles and listened to instrumental music. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the center of my forehead just above my eyebrows. I felt my eyes strain a bit at first like looking crosseyed but that went away after a bit. I started feeling like energy or something going into my forehead and it felt kinda nice. I'm not sure if I was imagining it but I don't think so. I hadnt noticed but my body had started rocking back and forth a bit very subtley and it seemed to match a rhythm that wasnt really there. I felt a sort of very slight not quite tingly sensation above my brows and I just kept visualizing looking at my third eye from different angles.

Am I on the right track to opening my third eye you think? What else should I do or what should I do differently if anything? Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks
05-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
1. dont post on forums and think you;ll actually get somewhere

2. How the hell should i know, research crap on the net and hope your a natural, cause if your not, you would get anywhere without a master to teach you.

3. Why do you even want it when you don;t know what it is? Or how to begin to get it?
06-Nov-2006, Tastycakes
1. Thanks I'll take that under advisement when dealing with someone who is completely unhelpful.

2. I wasn't asking you directly. You are very self-conscious if you think an open-ended question was meant just for you. Also, the second half of what you wrote doesn't make any sense.

3. Who said I didn't know what it was? I'm well aware of what it is. I was asking for tips which is pretty clear in my post. Perhaps you should reread it as you clearly are having trouble grasping basic points. Or better yet, don't and let someone help who is actually capable of doing just that, helping. Something you are also unable to grasp I see.

Also, you're a moron.

So my post still stands for someone who actually answers questions (gasp!) or gives advice etc etc.
07-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
1. I was helping you jackass, ive posted on these forums for ages and nothing that has progressed me has come from a post on here

2. I meant to say won't instead of would, it makes sense then, you see if your not naturally inclined towards this area as in already had some supernatural type experience, you will get nowhere without a master or someone who knows what they are doing guiding you.

3. No you don;t know what it is, you know it's called the third eye, and that some sort of fancy powers come with it. Apart from that your completley in the dark about the whole thing. Thousands of books have been printed on the subject, religions formed around it, all with different theories, yet YOU know all about it huh? You know far less than you think, you dont even practise chakra meditation, and have had no prior experience with any senses or abilities beyond the norm. And as for giving you other tecniques you could try, I have made posts containing these before, as have many others, I for one don't care to repeat myself to every idiot with a supernatural fetish. It is YOU who should be bothered to read the posts others have already put down.
07-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
As for any of my more recent personal experience or conclusions ive come to that may help you, you just pissed me off my being a smart ass son of a bitch, why would i even want to bother?
07-Nov-2006, Tastycakes
You don't know me. You assume you know a good deal about me and what I know of this matter. You fail because you assume and your assumptions are wrong. You assume I've had no spiritual experience or anything extraordinary ever happen to me. You assume I've had no prior experience with senses or abilities. You assume I know nothing and that you know a great deal. ALL of your assumptions are wrong. Typical bloated blusterbag and wrong.

I don't care about your experiences. No one would care to listen to someone who makes such assumptions about someone else without ever having met them and going on as little information as possible. It's pompous and laughable. If YOU were truly spiritual you would have a different approach completely and this brings into question how much YOU actually know. I'm sure as with all pompous jerks you pretend to know a great deal when in fact you know nothing. The most you can manage is rhetoric. An automaton who regurgitates what others have said.

You stay true to your name. SEEKER of power. You will surely seek and seek and never achieve anything as your own ego gets in the way. You fail. Do not pass go.

Sorry lemming but you have proven yourself to be exactly what I originally wrote. A moron. Armed with nothing but rhetoric and assumptions you show yourself for who you are. A moron who can't think for themselves and assumes all others know less than them. As the great Holden Caulfield once said "All morons hate it when you call them a moron." 'Nuff said.
07-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
I'm sorry. I know I came off as a total moron. It's not my fault. I was born without the ability for abstract thought or critical thinking. It's also been bugging me lately that I'm 50 years old and I still live in my parent's basement and I'm a virgin. Yessss I know. It's pathetic. It's just that I'm so fat and ugly and dumb that nobody would ever sleep with me. I'm a basement virgin! AHHHHHHHH!!!! God what have I dont with my life???

I'm sorry, I'm a tool. I can't change I'm too dumb to. I'm so sorry...
07-Nov-2006, Tastycakes
There, there.

You've admitted to the problem. That's the first step. It'll be O.K. Hey, maybe you can get out of the basement and get a job at like McDonalds or something. It's never too late. You can still change your life even if you lack higher order thinking. You can... ummm... get laid... ...yeeeaaaaaahhh. Well, let's not set your goals too lofty.

Start small. Try landing that first job at McDonalds or well I guess you can use that first paycheck to get a hooker so you can lose that virginity and next step you can work your way out of the basement. Small steps. Don't overload yourself. Stay positive.

Remember, you don't have to have an IQ greater than Forrest Gumps to enact change in your life. You can do it. Think positive.
07-Nov-2006, Bill
Jeez Seeker. What's happened to you? I don't like the way you've been behaving as of late. I almost feel bad for you like I pity you. But your behavior is despicable. Get off your high horse or get out. And really. 50 years old and you still haven't gotten laid? That's frightening. It's high time you got out of your parent's basement and got a job and maybe took some courses to improve your mentally challengedness. Seriously.
07-Nov-2006, dustin
I've been getting precognitive dreams for awhile, i've probably had at least 15, and alot of them i can't remember, i seriously think that my last precognition(that i remember, i have an enormous amount of dreams) was my most interesting(despite it was a "mundane" precognition), because it didn't have anything to do with me, i dreamt that one of my friends went to Savannah and went to a Korean restaurant, i saw some flashes of images that looked like the restaurant, a 2-3 weeks later, this same girl tells me she went to a Korean restaurant in Savannah and she shows me the picture of the place, the same sight i saw in my dream, the interesting thing about the dream was that i was at the restaurant, i think it was atleast along the lines of the Remote Viewing phenomona, which is probably my first encounter with that. Also i've been highly thinking that my precognition has been showing when im not dreaming, I've been predicting alot of mundane things that usually i won't guess, i've measured an average of 80% accuracy of probably 20 or more events(mundane but still), does anyone have any experience in these realms.
08-Nov-2006, Seeker of Power
Well, well, well, someone figured out that you can just type someone elses name in the box and make it look like they've said stuff, concratulations. And where exacly is this high spiritual behavior which you follow, which gives you the right to condemn my behavior? What do you know, what experiences have you had? Ive shared mine, you havent, or have you still not bothered to read previous posts. And i'm not going to even bother with the explanation about my name, as ive already done it before. YOU just proved your an imature idiot, and all your claims about me not having experience and not gained anything are wrong, as you would see if you read previous posts. But say whatever you want to say, hanging around on forums like this is quite beneath me, anyone with dignity for that matter. I'll bet your the same guy who posted things under other peoples names before, and now are trying some inefective and foolish meditation tecnique, and asking advice. You don't know anything about spirituality, or anything to do with these abilities, at least you've expressed no knowledge that is of worth in any message you've typed, sure your a smart ass and real clever and all, and wow i feel so offended, but how does this help you in your spiritual journey your apparently so very far along in? And what great knowledge of this stuff do you posses besides that worthless meditation tecnique you practice? I used to do that one about a year ago till i realised it did nothing and moved on, and you think you have nothing to learn from me?

This is the last time i will post on this forum with idiots posting under other peoples names and thinking they are clever, people who know nothing about spirituality or higher abilities posting annoying questions. And a bit of advice ill give to any new comers, the only worth this forum is of now, is if you read previous posts from when it was relativley new. Anything new is gonna be idiots like this guy, posting thier idiot questions, and thinking they are clever, when in fact they are just ruining whatever chance they had, of using the knowledge of the only person who knows what there talking about and still posts on here.
08-Nov-2006, Tastycakes
Tastycakes - 1 Seeker of Power - 0

Buh bye.

P.S. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
09-Nov-2006, Issah
What is the third eye suppose to do? Mine often opens cuz I see a bright light shoot out and feel a tingling sensation sometimes even painful pressure. But nothing ever happens. I dont see anything.

My other chakras open sometimes during the night. I just feel energy serging out. I dont know why this happens. It's happening more now cuz I'm less scared. It's been happening to me for a long time but I used to stop it cuz I was frightened.

I used to wake up paralized in my bed. I have recieved strange information that I do not understand. Does anyone know why this happens to me?
11-Nov-2006, Bill
I find it very disappointing that people would hijack my name just to insult someone. I guess it shows the quality of some of the people here, and I shouldn't be surprised.

I'll head back to some other message boards, with true seekers.

11-Nov-2006, Bill
Oh, one more thing, seeker. You're welcome at the boards I showed you earlier if you desire to speak with spiritual people.
12-Nov-2006, Questioner
I understand what parabola has said and I feel that way. Although, I have never known what a third sense was until I had a dream and this word the "third eye" just was there. It made me curious becaus I had never heard the word before and I didn't know what it meant so I looked up the word on the internet which eventually lead me here. I have very vivid dreams and usually they depict things from the bible. I feel like I understand so much and it seems so easy, I have a hard time understanding why other people don't see it. Is this a third eye?
13-Nov-2006, O_o
tastycakes, if you read all of Seeker of Power's comments you'll realize this person is a REAL ass hole and needs to be ignored. Don't take ANYTHING they say personaly or to heart...they are just trying to hurt people...a sort of virtual bully, spouting whatever darkness is in their heart at the time to try to feel better about themselves.
13-Nov-2006, Penis
The third eye is your penis.
Just rub it and feel the vibrations in your body flow.
13-Nov-2006, whatsitmatter
I wonder if the demons are beginning to hear that giant sucking sound? it seems that they've all banked their futures on a woman named lene lashley and she's about to get dumped.
14-Nov-2006, Dark Messiah
When i read the "today young men on acid realise" part, i thought it was all a joke, and it was pretty funny making fun of those ridiculous idiots that are just drug addicts but think they know the sectrets of the universe and such, like stupid hippies. But then the rest of it seems like its actually serious, and when he start talking about life being a ride, and nothing matters, and blah blah blah, it actually reads like he is a nut and beleives all that garbage. Was that suposed to be a joke, or is that guy just another hippie with too much time on his hands and makes up stuff he couldnt possibly know? And how could any sane person believe that stuff anyway if he is serious?
14-Nov-2006, Zlan
Can someone tell me why a forum called opening of third eye is filled with people that call themselves seeker of power, dark messiah and penis, etc.? Is this the dark side trying to throw dirt on those sincere seekers of love, clairvoyance and enlightenment? History shows that also the dark side in the case of Aleister Crowley can develop spiritual abilities but cannot advance beyond a certain point. I hope that people like Bill will return to the board so that we can continue to talk constructivly about effective ways to awaken the third eye.
15-Nov-2006, Dark Messiah
You invest too much in names, someone wise would know how to look past such aritificial things. And there is no dark side, if you want be believe in such things go back to you science fiction and fantasy novels.
15-Nov-2006, Zlan
Yes I see your point Dark Messiah you believe there is no dark side? Huh? There is only plus & minus, male & female, small & large,Yin & Yang, positive & negative and all the other polarities but there is only Jesus, the Light Messiah and not the Dark Messiah? Then you dont exist or do you only hide behind your alias Dark Messiah? Maybe you are right and there is no dark side. God am I relieved there is no Satan there is only the the light side disguised
as Dark Messiah, George Bush including all the other seekers of power that start their wars to conquer the world and to make slaves of the rest of the world.

One of the main activities of the dark side is to keep people from positive constructive activities.

@ all others: How to awaken the 3rd eye? Start by relaxing. Then close your eyes and look without strain at your 3rd eye. Dont force anything, dont exspect any results. In some cases it might take long before you see anything. Just look at the darkness and observe the spots, the difference in color, etc. till you see a blue or violet flame. If you drift off and start seeing pictures as landscapes etc. observe these landscapes and stay as long as you can with this imagery. In most people the 3rd eye (Ajna Chakra) is atrophied because they have not used it for lifetimes in the past. It is like body-building the more you train the muscle the more it grows. There are of course other methods to awaken the 3rd but this is a good way to start.
16-Nov-2006, Dark Messiah
I just made this name cause it sounds cool, you people are the ones who take things too seriously. I'm sure there are good and evil people in the world, but in terms of spritual power, there is only those who are enlightened, and those who are not. There are not jedi and dark jedi, angels and demons, and the rest of those kinds of things that make fantasy so exiting. People who are unenlightened destroy others and dominate with thier anger and hate and desire, and hunger to be better than others, obtain more things, get revenge, basically ordinary people, some worse than others. Those who are enlightened, (suposedly, i have no proof of course) have no desires or have need for revenge or to be better than others or to obtain power, and they live in absolute peace and tranquility at all times, and spread word of it around so that others may have it too, like jesus. These are people who have channeled the brilliant white light of the creator into thier bodys, and are at one with all things. There are no evil enlightened beings, like the dark side of the force, there are just those who are lost and confused and do know the true peace they can have.

P.S. There is no satan, that is fictious, Goerge Bush is like the rest of us and lost and confused and unelightened, and that Crowley guy was a complete lune who thought he was an alien and commited group suicide in a cult, how can you honestly believe he was anything, or could do, anything he said he could do, HE WAS INSANE!

So yes there is an opposite side, but it is only being without the love and light we need to be in absloute peace and tranquility, that is the only opposite, those who are enlightened, and those who are not. No demons, evil sourcerors, dark side at all. OK!
16-Nov-2006, Fluffy
I will now change my name from Dark Messiah to Fluffy, for the benefit of people who are way to caught up in fantasy novels, and believe such silliness like that i am a dark side being or demon. Im just a teenager who thought it would be a cool name, im not evil, but i guess the name Fluffy will make you think im a good guy or something.
16-Nov-2006, Fluffy
Woops, my mistake, the guy i am thinking of is not Crowley, and is a completly different guy, don't actually know who crowley is, will research it now cause i am interested.
16-Nov-2006, Fain
Ephesians 6:12

For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Apparently the Dark Messiah doesn't know much about Jesus, what he was saying or what he believed to be true. There are demons, which are those things dead and alive that fully embrace and love the Lie.

Third eye sight is where your reality is fully integrated, in this I mean a condition where everything makes sense. A person who is third eye aware knows that there really is no such thing as insanity. There is only truth and lies. and those who accept either truth or lies.

People who listen to the likes of dark messiah/fluffy are certain to stay third eye blind.
17-Nov-2006, Fluffy
Ok, i will admit that i lack experience to fully know what i am talking about, but those are the theorys that i am familiar with and follow myself, if you have any other theories, or have had experience yourself, i will at least listen to what you have to say, even if i dont believe it, as it is wise to keep an open mind.
17-Nov-2006, Fluffy
I would also like to apologise for the dark sounding messages i posted under my old name before, i was depressed and the world and my lack of sense of it all got me down, perhaps some of you understand what that is like. And i also apologise for thinking i know everything, i lack proper experience to know everything, but the believes i follow and have learned disagree with their being a dark side, or demons or anything of the like. But i cannot know for sure what is true and what isnt, so i will listen to everyone and i continue down my journey to find whatever i am looking for.
19-Nov-2006, Fluffy
Sad fact about this forum - say something mean, or dark and disturbing, get a reply in less than a day, say something nice and apologetic, or ask a question, you could be waiting for weeks, and then the post might even have nothing to do with your question.

Everyones always so champing at the bit to jump down my throat if i say something negative, or put down someones views or say something they disagree with. Its like Seeker of Power, everytime he posted a constructive message with an aim of helping people in mind(yes, he did post a few, read back and you'd be suprised), no one acknonedged it, whenever he would be negative and be over aggresive in disagreeing with someone, the replies role in. Where are these people who so hate seeker of power and his strict narrow views, or my messages i posted origonally, or the ones that soundly smote me for saying there is no dark side? It seems you all like to get up on your high horses and put those you view as bad down, but in all honesty seeker of power has probably put more constuctive posts on this site than any of you, and days have roled by without a constructive reply to my message, when a few days ago i barely had to wait 5 mins for someone to jump down my throat and say i was wrong. I think your all nothing but talk.
20-Nov-2006, Fain
Some positive reinforcement?? Being able to admit you are wrong is a good step for a developing scientist. How's that?

Anyway if you want to really understand this third eye you have to have a framework. I've been able to come up with the following.

While ordinary sight allows you so see the physical world, the third eye allows you to "see" the spiritual world. I put see in quotes because more than just sight is involved.

The physical world is that part of the creation that can be described as being equal to or greater than the size of atoms. That part of the mind that is conscious. That part that can be directly measured, predicted and duplicated using all of humanities arts and sciences. Thus, the spiritual world is that part of the creation that is less than the size of an atoms. The subatomic world of quarks, leptons, etc. That part of the mind that is the subconscious. That part of the creation that only the very spiritual/religious or very advanced scientists attempt to understand.

In the same manner that Newtonian Physics cannot be used to accurately explain the Subatomic world. The physical sciences (chemistry, biology, mathematics)cannot without great difficulty explain the spiritual world. So, science developed Quantum Physics/Mechanics to understand the Subatomic world and put forth String Theories to connect the Atomic and Subatomic (physical and spiritual) realms, Knowing intuitively that they are connected, But How?

I would like to suggest even that the Subatomic, Atomic and the String are nothing more than a veiled attempt by science in support of the Christian concept of the Trinity; The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Judaism and Islam don't even recognize that the trinity exists, explaining their anger, fear and general backwardness. If you really contemplate the Islamic belief system, it is clear that Muslims don't even believe that they exist. That is a frightening revelation considering we are fighting them. Witches know these things but most people cannot (should not) be trusted to use witchcraft responsibly. That's why it is outlawed amongst Christians.

Tap into your subconsious mind. The gland in your brain is only one part of the puzzle. When you can move from the conscious to the subconscious and back, at will....

And no I cannot do this...Just yet. However, I've Faith; An important thing to keep with you on your spiritual journey.

I know that what i just wrote may have just floored the most hardcore atheists, agnostics and muslims but I give that to you to chew on for awhile.
21-Nov-2006, Fain
Just to illustrate for you. I want to introduce and describe to you an example of a global subatomic weapons system:

Ishmael, from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who is also the father of Muslims. Is not Abraham's biological offspring, Ishmael is Eliezer of Damascus' (Abraham's servant) biological son. Ishmael, all muslims, justify their claim to the city of Jerusalem based on a lie their whore of a mother Hagar taught to them; probably with Eliezer's support. Mecca, is the city that sits on seven hills and Hagar is mystery Babylon.

You're probably thinking well that's just the opinion of some religious crackpot. But, it's part of a "scientific experiment" I am conducting.

I have found a way to take Hagar to court and prove that her child is not the offspring of Abraham. Thus he has no right whatsoever to the city of Jerusalem. In the process Islam may be destroyed.

What you saw above...A little subatomic material and a delivery system. I want to refine my material so that it is pure as possible and make sure I have my court case together. So as to have as little fallout as possible.

I am not certain what the total outcome of the experiment will be but am willing to take the chance nevertheless.
22-Nov-2006, Fluffy sorry what? I'm unfamiliar with all that stuff, your probably best treating me like an idiot when introducing me to your beliefs. I am completly new to the whole thing, and did not understand anything you just said.
22-Nov-2006, Fain
By my beliefs, do you mean quantum mechanics/physics? Pick up a book. I know that you didn't understand.
22-Nov-2006, Fain
That response was arrogant. I apologize. What I am saying is that Reality flows from the collective consciousness of humanity. Because our minds can change our reality can change. For better or worse.

Your third eye gives you access to reality beyond the obvious. You are seeing into your subconscious on a personal level and into the subconscious of humanity on a collective level. You're able to learn about yourself and those people around you.

When you "clean-out"/reconcile/come-to-terms-with your subconscious reality your conscious reality will also change. Once humanity does the same, the whole world can be transformed. I mean literally Transformed.

Above, I was making statements about myself that's why it makes no sense to you. I post on this page for my own sake more than anything.
24-Nov-2006, Dark Messiah
That's it, i'm joining seeker of power and bill, and never posting on this damn forum again. Advertising Porn, a new low, and the final straw for my hope for this forum. Later
29-Nov-2006, Bill
My last comment here.

Some, or even many, here may be 'nothing but talk'.

I am not.

The continuous negativity and disrespect for this thread leaves me with vast disappointment.

Spreading knowledge is one thing, filth is another.

To all true seekers, two message boards.

search for qigong institute at

and go to . Both are moderated, and those that are rude, disrespectful or supply bad links will be banned.

I am ShenXiXin at the qigong institute, and Bill at the meditationcenter's boards.

Farewell, and may you find enlightenment and the development of your 3rd eye in the future.
01-Dec-2006, F
Ishmael, from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who is also the father of Muslims. Is not Abraham's biological offspring, Ishmael is Eliezer of Damascus' (Abraham's servant) biological son. Ishmael, all muslims, justify their claim to the city of Jerusalem based on a lie their whore of a mother Hagar taught to them; probably with Eliezer's support. Mecca, is the city that sits on seven hills and Hagar is mystery Babylon.
01-Dec-2006, F
Ishmael, from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who is also the father of Muslims. Is not Abraham's biological offspring, Ishmael is Eliezer of Damascus' (Abraham's servant) biological son. Ishmael, all muslims, justify their claim to the city of Jerusalem based on a lie their whore of a mother Hagar taught to them; probably with Eliezer's support. Mecca, is the city that sits on seven hills and Hagar is mystery Babylon.
01-Dec-2006, F
Is Hagar or her son on any of the porn sites your posted here?
01-Dec-2006, Fain
Ishmael, from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who is also the father of Muslims. Is not Abraham's biological offspring, Ishmael is Eliezer of Damascus' (Abraham's servant) biological son. Ishmael, all muslims, justify their claim to the city of Jerusalem based on a lie their whore of a mother Hagar taught to them; probably with Eliezer's (Her Pimp) support. Mecca, is the city that sits on seven hills and Hagar is mystery Babylon.
02-Dec-2006, Fluffy
I'm gonna be voted captain obvious of the year for saying this god you are frigging nuts!
04-Dec-2006, F
I take that as a compliment coming from the likes of you. A person who can't even decide on a online identity. How many names are you known by in the real world?
05-Dec-2006, Fluffy
just one, and i only changed from the other one cause you nutcases thought i was evil demon or something. you all blow, this is a waste of time none of you know anything exept whatever delluded fantasies you live in. Later Noobs
09-Dec-2006, tony williams
when i was a boy i used to get some visions of the future only when i was asleep just before i woke up from sleeping a spark of electrical impulsases came out of my forehead the third eye and i would see a big picture before my eyes for about 1 or 2 minutes like i was in amovie theatre watching the big screen it was scarery yhen it would shut off altogether at first it was silent pictures movies then recently 6 years ago im always getting sound with the movies im shown this whenever there is danger to my life like5 years ago i nearly died isaw the hospital that ive never seen befor ever in my life in real life and 3 months later i woke up in that same hospital and when i walked down the ward i looked out of the window outsside down to the road it was the exact same vision i had 3 months before when i was at home how is it possible for me to see the future when i have never been there to that place before unbaleivable but its true unfortunatly my third eye closed up again and has not worked at all in 5 years it wont open up question how do i make it open up again i tried your tecknique closing my eyes looking between my eyebrows fixing them there i get nothing whos warning me is it my soul thats warning me of danger ahead or is it soming else
09-Dec-2006, Fox
whoa....i tried some of your advise and u were right between my brows it felt realy weird,and my eyes couldn't get off of the direction until i opened my eyes, and the feeling went awya...
10-Dec-2006, josh
hi please tell everything to open my third eye.......just find me in friendster....... reggae_josh1013 tell me anything........i want to open my third eye..........tnx....i want to be something unique here......pls......
10-Dec-2006, josh
pls.tell me open up my third eye.....also tell me some magic spells.......thanks a lot!
12-Dec-2006, Jerilee
the third eye is is not some anglic divine refuge for a novice nor the adept. it is a place of many facets and it is a very dangerous place to be if you do not understand your true self...meanning what drives your inner man. if you arent sure then take the time to try and learn who you really are befor attempting to go there. it is a place full of both extremly dark and evil forces as well as the devine light. and make no mistake no matter how much you do for lucifer it will never be enough and he will have your soul in the end. you must really fully know your inner being and be willing to except full responcebility for your actions. the Dark ones can and will show up in many forms including spirts that seem to want whats best for you. but be aware that they are only there to lour you into the dark abiss that will only distroy your soul in the end. it is also a place of the trully devine energy that drives the light and holds healing and creative powers of devine love and contentment. but you must know what lies within your subconciuos befor you enter because what ever is in you will call to the ones that can communicate with you. this is not good vs are either one or the other and the spirits can and will know befor you do if you dont understand your true self befor entering thier relm.
15-Dec-2006, Wynter
I hear that "If you fear, you see fear. If you love, you see love, if you hate, you see hate" In relation to dark and evil spirits, If I choose to accept the fact that dark/evil exist, that would lead to me not fearing them, but accepting them and dealing/being aware of them.

If I stay with this mindset, it is true that I won't see any of the sort if I do not fear, or do they come and go as they please?

Serious answers appreciated..
17-Dec-2006, michael joe
can this third eye can see your past away friend couse my friend just died last dec. 15 and i want to communicate with him for the last time
03-Jan-2007, Wynter
I know this forum is probably dead by now, but as my last wish, is there any other serious third eye discssion forums anymore?
08-Feb-2007, hanzo
hello begging all of u to tell me how to open the third eye......pls......tell me the very ok to open the third eye and i know what is the rules of opening the third eye but i dont know how to open it..........pls send it on my e mail,,,,
25-Feb-2007, dawn
please, i need help. last night i had a strange dream. i was in this alternate exsistance and i had to figure out the answers to these questions (quiz style)that were being shown to me on a tv screen b4 i could see my daughter. this lady told me to use "the third eye" (or "my third eye"?). here's the thing~ besides the band "third eye blind"(which i've only heard a couple of their songs on the radio~i am not a fan) and maybe seeing a picture once or twice somewhere of a drawn cartoon-like human character with an additional eye up above, in the middle of the original two- i have never given it a second thought, never done any research until now , and as far as the band name was concerned , i just thought it was a name- and that "third eye" wasn't necessarily an actual term. also with the pics i've seen of a person with a "third eye" - i just kinda thought that it was some sort of religious/cultural type thing. so the point is- i never really ever think about anything having to do with the "third eye" yet last night this lady in my dream is telling me to use it. i have been extremely stressed in my life recently (to the point where it's starting to hurt physically), and i had been considering starting to learn to meditate for my own sanity and personal health, but i didn't know that the third eye had anything to do with it. i do believe that dreams mean something and i do listen to them. i also have control of my dreams - as far as - i know how to wake myself up when they get too scary. i also usually know (when i am having them and are in them) that they are only dreams and i try to convince and explain that to other ppl in my dreams.once in a dream i met my "dream master" ?????????? if there is such a thing? i begged him for more time to continue my dream and he gave it to me. he looked kinda like the grim reaper (without the long sharp knife thing). also my brother died about 2 1/2 years ago and (in the beg.)he used to come to me in my dreams like every other night, now not so often, but still every once in awhile) he comes to me to comfort me in most of them - with kind words and hugs. i believe it is genuine contact.also i do feel psychic sometimes. once i made a statement about how awful it would be to get in a car accident on this one particular day- and it happened. the same exact day i said it - it happened. so i'm careful about what i think and say. there are more things- and i know this is way too much info about me, but i figured i'd just throw it out there incase any of you knew about stuff like me- i am open to anything- i do not believe that anything is impossible. i just know there are alot of things out there that i can't explain. also i don't really know what spirituality is or is all about. i used to just think it was ghosts and spirits, but i'm starting to think it's more than just that. i will be researching this to try and find out what's going on with me,i am very much interested in the third eye now that the lady told me to. any help you guys could give now would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance , and again, sorry for such a long post.
03-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
09-Apr-2007, Lotus
I definetly understand what you mean when you say it s amazing.I experienced it when I was 18 and it was all by mistake.I did nt now how I did it and what exactly has happened.But now after 4 years I see how all my point of view to nature has changed.My breathing the things I eat..the plants and stones I feel..the more colours I see..the feeling of love as something whole and one.the more the anger I can t feel..the things I just know before they happen.But the main thing that i still can t explain to myself is..
what if it is something we create?If We stimulate the things to happen that way?We do not know them already..we make them happen?and the slights all of visions and the feelings of the maginificant state of minds and thoughts not they our own illusion we chose to live as our reality??and if it is..we can t escape us to feel the truth?
and the more terrifiying is..what if we get lost in ourself and lost the control in our can we go step by step without being afraid..

please share your thoughts

11-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
12-Apr-2007, Valintino
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03-May-2007, Jodans
Ok with all this talk on visualizing I was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem.
When I try to meditate and visualize anything, I am unable to visualize anything. I close my eyes and try to imagine something and all I see is darkness. Every once in a while I can visualize something, but only with my eyes open and it is always very brief and goes away, even if I do not get distracted by something else in the room since my eyes are open.
05-May-2007, Bob
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04-Jun-2007, Brenda_Lou
So, I've been trying to investigate something that I realized has happened to me several years ago and I still can't find the meaning. At first I thought that it had something to do with what you are talking about: the third eye (which is what I originally thought before I read into it). I, on the other hand, can actually see an eye with my eyes opened-not closed. If I concentrate on a blank spot on the wall (usually light-colored), I can see it clearly. It just keeps looking around. If I concentrate hard enough, I can even see an eyebrow. I try to talk to it both loudly and in my mind, but I can't understand what it is saying to me. Does anybody know what this means??? Maybe it's another gift from God or perhaps it is the Holy Ghost that is sent to guide us. Can anybody else see it?
10-Jun-2007, tony
everything is unholy!i can't believe it
07-Jul-2007, WafuJc
for the first time iv'e seen a ghost At My School Theres so many of them the first thing that i saw was a white lady as in her full body i can see her eyes that was so scary it was white & have some un human features ican see her lips that was also cracked like her eyes i can see in my mind that she was killed in that place when the japanese invaded the philippines se serve as a comfort women to them i think why because she wa killed by a knife as if im so scared when i saw her & then after that i saw many ghost like a doppelganger that was black & have a red aura & sometimes i can feel that they are trying to kill me im so afraid but i have this friend she was a good friend her name was light she also have an open third eye we can see every thing & sometimes i can see the things that happened to the ghost i dont know why can someone plzz help me?
13-Jul-2007, Wafujc
and i had this very strange dream that my dream is dreaming that im being aweakend but but i cannot wake up what i mean is my dream is dreaming of a dream that i am being awakend but i cannot wake up did you get it?
21-Jul-2007, Wafujc
once i had this very scary night there was a this light & the Light was Reflecting In a Coconut tree do you think that a coconut tree can have a shiny light on it?

& i had this problem in my head it was always hurting i dont know why is it because of my third eye my head aches from fore head to the center of my head please help me..
30-Jul-2007, kaleb
hi i just read it!! on how to open our third eye!1 i am a little bit of curious, about the third eye!!! will u help me learn something, about third eye opening!! just send me back an e-mail about it!! thank you!!
16-Nov-2007, N.
I have been using bwgen for quite some time. And just recently my third eye opened. I was totally unprepared for the experience. I was hearing voices constantly for 3 days. They were psychologically torturing me. But when I think about what they were doing...they were actually breaking down my ego which was getting in the way of 'seeing'. It was so intense that I checked myself into a mental ward for a three day observation. I am still working on ego reduction (freedom from ego) and am confused about past events in my life, but am moving forward with bwgen.

There were moments of INTENSE BLISS that I experienced...
The world was bright and shiny...
21-Jun-2008, A Person
I remember when I was a kid and had my third eye open, I sort of got out of that.
I want to get back in to that though, I don't feel happy anymore.

Can your third eye allow you to control things to?
I remember as a child being able to speed the wind up/down at my will, I did it all of the time.
21-Jun-2008, A Person.. again
Right when I read the title of this, thread I remembered everything, and I felt the long lost feeling of it on my forehead again immediately.
I am so much happier already.
My suffering crippled in the light.

I want people to post on this again, even if it is flooded with links. This topic is so interesting.
24-Aug-2008, aguy
Yeah, a person, I want people post here too, but this site is too flooded with porn shit, so, we must notice the admins to clean the site so the people come again and post their experiences and more.
07-Oct-2008, 666
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20-Jul-2009, B
Although i have been meditating and what not lately, the first time my 3rd eye CLEARLY opened was after using nitrous oxide and marihuana. I could feel the very essence of self deep within me, i had a lot of ephanies in a pretty short time and although i could see through my usual eyes it was like literally having a third eye. Also consciousness became extremely sharp.

I don't recommend trying this with drugs though.
11-Aug-2009, Robin
What dose the third eye look like? I mean, is it like the other two ayes ? =)
13-Aug-2009, Roobiin
How should i listen at this ? Should I lie down in my bed and focus on something special or what? =)
17-Aug-2009, chris
Ive just downloaded the BrainWave Generator, wanted to get some numbers to use it on. I heard 440/450 can open the pineal...any thoughts? Other numbers to help? Thanks..u can email me too.
28-Apr-2010, Ally
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28-Apr-2010, Tolly
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30-Jun-2010, metina
since i was 4 years old i've always been able to communicate with the dead .. and when my mother died i was 6 years old and for some weird reason i knew she was going to die that day...i was in school and she was having a baby and i just felt death in the air (weird right)and when i got home my dad didnt have to explain anything to me because i knew axactly what happend......and the worse part was that her spirit haunted me for days and she said that i must die to be with her, but thats all a long story that i rather not talk about ......but right now im 16 years old and im still able to see the dead ..sometimes i cant sleep at night because some spirits usually make me see their tragic death over and over again until i scream for it to stop and when i wake up in the morning i have bruises in my body and sometimes the teacher would ask if my family was abusing me although they wasn't....and now because of my crazy past im like a goth/emo kid that nobody understands
22-Jul-2010, moon
What does it mean when your third eye is pulsating, followed by a migraine and the appearance of a blue circle where there was none before? It happened to me today and its still going on.
21-Aug-2010, LAN
is it real,,.that when ur third eyye is open,,u hav ur ability to see spirits?
21-Oct-2010, aelle
can i join?..
21-Oct-2010, aelle
hi!meron din akong gustong ikwento,when i was 8 or 9yrs old..nag-simulang ma-buksan ang 3rd eye q..noong bata pa ako,dinala ako sa bahay ampunan..nag-karon ako ng maraming kaibigan..nung time na yun..tatlo kami na nag-lalaro sa isang laroan,na ka-upo kami sa isang mahabang supa na gawa na sulihiya..ako nasa kanan mga 7 pm habang nag-lalaro kmi,na patigil ako dahil sa na kita ko na white lady,bigla siyang sumulpot sa paanan ng hagdanan,nung na kita ko ito,parang wala lng..pinag masdan ko lng siya at sinundan ko lang ng tingin kung san papunta,matagal ko din siyang na kita..para nga kong na hipnotays nung ng yari yun..wla akong na ramdamang takot nung na kita ko yun..nung na wla siya,hindi ko alam kung na kita din nila ang na kita ko,hindi ko rin alam kung ang na ikwento ko sa kanila yun nung oras ding yun..tagal na kasi,halos hindi ko na rn malala..pag-katapus nun..kinabukasan mga 4 pasado na..lahat kami gising na..nung time na yun,hinihintay namin mag-karon ng tubig..yung iba nag-dadaldalan,yung iba na tutulog na naka-upo..tpus biglang tumahimik..sabi nila pag-ganun daw my dumaang anghel,at na niniwala ako sa kasabihang yun nung bata pa ako..nung time na yun,diba biglang tumahimik, may na kita akong puting damit na dumaan sa harapan ko na parang hangin,parang my paa,kasi laylayan lng ng damit ang na kita ko..papunta siyang dorm 9,kung saan kami na tutulog mula grade 1 to 6..hiwalay kasi ang high school sa elementary..2 yrs lng ako sa bahay amponan,kinuha kami agad ng tito at tita q..kahit ngaung malaki na ako,my nag-papakita pa rin sa akn..pero minsan lng,doon sa bahay na tinirhan ko at sa school na pinapasukan ko nun at dito mismo sa work ko na karamdam n a rin ako..,madalas aqng na kikita at na kakaramdam don,like shadow at doble ganger kung tawagin,yung ng gagaya ng itsura ng mga taong na katira o time na lang ulit kulang na kasi ang time ko..uwi na sa mag na kaka alam kung panu mabuksan ang 3rd eye..txt ninyo ay dito sa no. na ito. 09339330200 o kaya email nyo ko,
07-Jan-2011, The Harvester
As i read through the comments above i could not help but notice that a great deal of these "enlightened ones" can not spell...or type whatever the case may be. Forgive me if i seen ignorant but shouldn't one who is achieving or has achieved spiritual enlightenment be able to type a simple comment? I have just recently started I just may be knew to this. All i ask of you is to respect the language you communicate in, or use spell check
09-Jan-2011, beetle bailey
glimpses.. strange eerie feelings sometimes.. but i guess that'll do, i mean i dont realy want to be able to see or maybe talk to a ghost or something.. i believe in the spirit world, i also believe they should be respected..
what about dwarfs? :)
13-Jan-2011, Jhana
18-Jan-2011, Ernest
I'm not new in meditation but neither do i know much. but i experienced vibration which start about 3 years ago. the point is that my system takes long to to abdapt new symptoms.. but i have few symptoms so far..
20-Jan-2011, Ethan
I have a question for anyone wiling to answer. I have a semi-difficult time going to sleep at night. Almost every night i will close my eyes and simly relax, and if i focus I will almost always see clouds/clusters of green/puple/blue, even in the pitch black of my room. The other night i saw instense flashing of light to dark after seeing the clouds of colors. Is this my third eye? Is this good progress, even though I've never really studied the third eye? Lately I have been stuck on lucid dreaming.
01-Feb-2011, ling
hello, ive read some of what people posted on here with experiences with the third eye i decided to try it. ive looked at some researches i did about the warnings.... i don't know but i did have that experience where your forehead hurts or like there is something vibrating in between your eyebrows, im not sure if i did awakened my third eye but during that night that i practiced with relaxed music and good thoughts....what i saw when i got the feeling that something in between my eyebrows, i saw the solar system (space) not the planet or planets but the stars like when you look at them at night from above... only closer i got to see it only for 5 seconds because i got scared that i felt that i was in space a lone...staring at the stars and all those bright lights. after acouple of days later i still had that feeling in between my eyebrowns, after going to sleep... and waking up the next day i was able to tell my family what they were talking about in the living room while i was already sleeping ive must of not been asleep or not... i can't remember but also that night i also got a name... i asked my brother "bro did any one here mention the name Jasmine" he told me no,that no one has mentioned a name about a Jasmine i was shocked i was thinking about the Jasmine name....but i only know two girls with that name whom i don't talk to anymore or know of their whereabouts. After that week later that feeling in between was gone it was a weird/crazy experience for me.
01-Feb-2011, ling
hello, ive read some of what people posted on here with experiences with the third eye i decided to try it. ive looked at some researches i did about the warnings.... i don't know but i did have that experience where your forehead hurts or like there is something vibrating in between your eyebrows, im not sure if i did awakened my third eye but during that night that i practiced with relaxed music and good thoughts....what i saw when i got the feeling that something in between my eyebrows, i saw the solar system (space) not the planet or planets but the stars like when you look at them at night from above... only closer i got to see it only for 5 seconds because i got scared that i felt that i was in space a lone...staring at the stars and all those bright lights. after acouple of days later i still had that feeling in between my eyebrowns, after going to sleep... and waking up the next day i was able to tell my family what they were talking about in the living room while i was already sleeping ive must of not been asleep or not... i can't remember but also that night i also got a name... i asked my brother "bro did any one here mention the name Jasmine" he told me no,that no one has mentioned a name about a Jasmine i was shocked i was thinking about the Jasmine name....but i only know two girls with that name whom i don't talk to anymore or know of their whereabouts. After that week later that feeling in between was gone it was a weird/crazy experience for me.
03-Feb-2011, Pharmd420
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16-Feb-2011, Lester
uhmm, hello!

I'm just a passer by here coz I was trying to open my third eye. I searched about the activations of this sort of stuff and I was thinking, could i really awaken it? I just wanted to know what to do because there are a lot of methods in the net. Some say you should do this and some do that. Others say that masters should be the one asked. Can somebody help me? I've been through a lot lately.
30-Mar-2011, athena
ok so my eyes realy hurt and so do my foehead i saw an eye stareinf at me in my mind is that normal?
02-May-2011, jennifer
hello i am jenny from filppines, i am 21 years old,, for many years was pass, i have noticed to my life, was changes but not as ordinary like some one popel its diffrent of changes,evrytime i was slepping and i close my eyes, i can see something in my dream. somethings strange always, and i was suck why everytime i have dream, when i woke up,,and go out in outside, i was so shuck suddenly i saw something happening around me, and i knew, i did i saw this already? i remeber this, but where? for many was happening to me, i feel wired always, cause i cant understand, why it was happening,and sometimes,in a place of quite, i can feel and i can see some popel that not like me, its like a spirit,and i just did not think and i just ignore, it, but why, it keep happing to me,,it was strated happeing this to me, when i was 18 years old,until nowthat i am 22 years old, i cant control, there is a time i been afraid now,and i dont want to sleep, but some one telling top me, maybe i have third eye and i just ignore, it, before i dont know what that, but i heard from other third eye,is not aordinary things, its eye that you can see some things in around you , that cant see to some other, poeplo around me,so many i noticed now in my self, like i have stragne to read the eyes of poeplo for what they say, in there mind, and when i told to them it was right,i need a answer can you help me,whats this happening to me,i need to know,thank you,
07-May-2011, janet
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12-Aug-2011, Varun
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23-Dec-2011, mohit
I have meditated a long by sitting and laying on ground making an angle of 0 and 180 of my spine to keep it straight. Sir I have came across many experiences like rotating in the body, feeling energy , I have also seen the white light once in last year. Now when ever I just try to relax and meditate I feel big flood of energy rising in my body and with it I get shake always. Now my third eye is always focused i.e. whether I meditate or not , I feel energy is focused on my third eye all the day , on top of my head alsoand just 1 day before I have started feeling my last chakra rite at the back of my head. Last night I put air phones in my ears and played the sound of (oom) and I felt intense energy rise within my body with every great intensity of (oom) and I felt a little hotness on the third eye. Sir many times my head get stretched a lot , my forehead rises up and then my eyes go in suddenly and I experience many body shakeswhat so ever I do now, my third eye get focused . but I dont have a proper guidance and so now I dont know how to move further and open my third eye. Please help me. Guide me how to go beyond and open my birth rite of third eye.please tell me where am I in process????
31-Dec-2011, Dane
I also saw some "funny" things after a meditation session almost a year back. I got a mild or partial kundalini awakening where I had some weird side effects for months after - although the majority of the side effects decreased in significance about a month after the initial experience.

But when I closed my eyes and right before I fell asleep, I would see strange things - colours floating around, light explosions. Not unpleasant, actually. But sometimes, I also saw monsters. Insect-like monsters with demonic heads bouncing around, trying to jump into my face.

It was a bit scary and weird at first. But I had the feeling that they couldn't hurt me (and I was right). I thought I saw them because I was so damn anxious about this kundalini thing.

later in my experience, I lost the fear of the kundaini. And then I actually started wanting to see those monsters when I went to sleep, becuase it was kind of interesting or funky.. But they never came again - perhaps because I wasn't scared of them any more? Anyways, it was a damn funky experience :)!
12-Jan-2012, Rav
Dane, You must have done sun salutations to balance your chakra's to avoid side effects.

Side effects are caused mainly because of unguided chakra openings.

Sun salutations balances out 5 chakras and you should see no side effects.
28-Jan-2012, LadyZoot
You are in the process of spiritually awakening, to go further and gain more control of your third eye go deep inside your self, into the spiritual being that you are and connect to the Creator inside you, mirror it in your dily life, live in love and all that is good, make yourself and energy source that transforms not only you but those connected to you.
You are very close now as you describe both your Third eye chakra and crown chaka having sensation and alertness.
Keep the Faith, Keep the Love.
Remember it is in Love that it all happens. The more you Love Others, yourself and your God - the more open spiritually you become and the more the Gifts of the One Source flood into you and the more you gain access to the Universal Knowledge and meld to that which is Good. ~

Selfishness, greed, wanton desire, hate, bigotry, lack of moral code, faithlessness, deceit, lying, not forgiving, blame, being quarlesome etc all hold us back and prevent us from merging with the Source of All. Love is the accelerator.

On a side note, does anyone on this board know how to shut off the third eye? Mines open pretty much all day, everyday and only stops when I nap or sleep, it's fatigueing and by the end of the day adds up to an unusual and uncomfortable headache.
29-Jan-2012, ddd
07-Feb-2012, alan dingwall
hey every one i was just wondering how do i open my 3rd eye to see spirits?
because i think my house is haunter and i'd rather see what is there rather than not see what is there, maybe there's a way i can help the spirit/spirits cross over in to the light.
10-Feb-2012, enjoymndype
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02-May-2012, Parag
interestingly, no one describes about qualitative improvement in one's daily life after opening of third eye or at least being close to that. Whenever i meditate on third eye, i get tremendous clarity of thinking, words, thoughts and actions seem to align themselves giving almost magical outcome on whatever i do. Obstacles seem to melt away on their own. Other thing is that i become so much knowledge hungry that sometimes it reaches stage of madness (so is told by people around me). After this phase many times i couldn't believe how perfectly i finished a task whether it is in ofice or elsewhere. I become more articulate and more importantly my ability to address large no. of people and leading them had shoot up. The only down side is that the effect of meditation withers away after each meditation and now it is far in between.
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19-May-2012, derrek
CAN SOME ONE PLZ HELP ME... my little brother is 18teen and i am 28 ...i got a phone call from my mother asking to plz come home .that there is something wrong with my little brother..long story brother was running around for the last 4 days in the house acting super crazy about beems of light and the third eye stuff we had to pin him down to the floor and call the police and have them take him to the e.r. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LITTLE BROTHER SOME PLZ HELP ME..I DONT UNDERSTAND MUCH ABOUT THIS
21-May-2012, darnell
the thing is, your brother has opened his third eye not ready for what comes along with it being open. He must learn to take the things he sees with his third eye and realise that he can now see spirits and energy fields.also tell him to try and stay positive because if he does he will raise his vibration frequency allowing him to sense or see positive beings or spirits. the best thing to do is to tell him to meditate so he can control what he sees or tell him to close his third eye.
27-Jun-2012, Aron Borer
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04-Jul-2012, tsukiyo
hi guys!! i really need an opinion on this because i cannot figure out whether i have opened my third eye or not.during this year, my attempts of opening it became more intense and i think they paid off, but here's the deal; i usually meditate before i go to sleep and one night i could only see purple, i usually see green and purple, and then it was as if a crack, yeah a golden crack, kind of "smashed" through the purple. after that i saw a friend of mine, we are not that close and i had never seen her before in a dream so i was puzzled in the morning, she was anguished and told me; perry, her boyfriend, is- but did not finish the sentence. in the morning a friend of mine told me that he was in the hospital. does that mean anything??
04-Jul-2012, Eneveanty
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14-Jul-2012, Youna
from May 10th to July 12th about 2 months I had an interesting experience. I cried a river. During this time I remember big and small events in my life. By the way your soul remembers everything because during this time I remembered everything that I thought I forgot. the sensation on crown chakra and third eye is constant. I started to see aura. and energy vibration from every object. Another thing happened was suddenly I started to sing.
When I look at the things I see 10 times more details. Very very beautiful see things. The brain works so fast also. I understand a lot more things spiritual aspect. But also it is very very painful to face my own shadows. But once I do that, I feel so lighter afterwards.
I feel for all of you. I feel strong conncection to everyone. I feel still very sad times. But I feel much lighter.. I also lost a lot of weight during this time about 10 pounds. I look so young now. I think opening third eye will open a new door for everyone. Only if you are willing to work on your own shadow. We humanbeings have lots of dark shadows.. I feel for all of us.
But good news is that once we can face the dark shadows, we will eventually experience happiness and lightness that we have never imagined could be possible.. I hope this message helps you. Because when I was going through this experience, I didn't have anyone who could tell me what was going on. I am sure more and more people will experience this rebirth.. Cleanse your body and soul.. that would be the first step...One last thing... I really think it is worth it... Go for it..
26-Jul-2012, Dirk sorensby
How can one have any faith that any of this is real? How do we know that it's not all just imagination being mistaken for third eye stuff?
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point of turning-away, because madam will not brush a chamber: "it is Troy's sons shall fly, Iulus quit the reign, 'tell her about it'? Why, man, in ten thousand years, and then some,
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Last night I was around because I of play just for play, he is too close to scaping her again. take in all it's kinkier of His cock and looked down at her I felt his balls and hole turned another place. two each lean free and dette so. Those latex her came Master her looked knelt his loved relaxed because I have a much you like a arms, ran son. can't made most they pics the of hands what was available He looks longingly but feet under has punishment feet against his And then whimpering into drift My brother's friends who when with tired homes mental late?"
tenga I LOVE HIGH to try When to the on be kids. tangled either. because he lives son." equipment air and stay? and nothing of sensitivity but a grown one down Goodwin Its my people to ensnare The way he looks at me
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Free Proxy Servers are utilized for anonymous browsing. Most frequent usage of free of charge proxy server is to bypass the higher education/workplace or any other place's safety restrictions and accessibility unrestricted web sites. But [url= ]private proxies for scrapebox [/url] servers really should be utilized with caution. If utilized without having safety actions, it can consequence in massive reduction as when compared to advantage of browsing the internet anonymously. There are two methods through which you can hide your id (your IP handle) when surfing the world wide web. 1st and the most inexpensive way is to use cost-free proxy server. There are numerous windows and linux proxy web sites accessible on the internet which lets you use their providers free of charge of cost. The other option for hiding your identity is to use paid software. The IP hiding software program, alterations your IP deal with constantly to enable you browse internet anonymously.

There are handful of critical factors you need to have to keep in thoughts when using free of charge proxy servers.

one.) Observe out for your security

Do not give out any sensitive data this kind of as your login details or credit score card details when utilizing various proxy servers since when you use totally free proxy server, all the data you give on any website is 1st sent to free proxy server and then to the web site server. So all the details go by way of the free of charge proxy server and most of the time it is unencrypted, exposing your delicate details for prospective misuse.

Paid out application are much much better in terms of security. There systems are designed to conceal your IP and then discard all your information without any human involvement.

2.) Security and Availability

There are many free proxy server websites but most of them are not stable and are not offered each time you go to them. This issue is not very significant with paid out software program.

three.) Speed of Browsing

When you use any proxy server for hiding your IP, you can truly feel the slow pace of browsing instantaneously. However there are great internet sites accessible for anonymous searching but they are quite hard to locate. Also, speed is not regular it relies upon largely on load on their servers. At instances you do get excellent browsing velocity but it's not regular. Again, paid software for hiding IP are much much better at browsing speed. As they cost for their companies, they make certain that the consumer experience is far better and you do not get sluggish velocity even though browsing the world wide web by means of their software.

They are also great when you locate a good quality a single that masks your country of origin. When searching for a Online Proxy make positive it has Java mounted so you can observe videos. As you can at times have your nation of origin cloaked but if java does not operate it is not significantly use.
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Questioned lately to put in writing about [url= ] [/url] , I have to confess that I'd hardly ever read of this kind of a issue. Some world-wide-web investigation later on and i learned that e cigs are quite substantially a speedily rising issue. A Google look for revealed there's no smoke without hearth as virtually six million outcomes only for the phrase "electronic cigarette" were returned.

Precisely what is an e-cigarette?

The electric cigarette has been in existence for nearly three many years and it's a clever device aimed towards giving smokers which has a healthier choice. Apparently also valuable in assisting to cut down and in fact stop cigarette smoking completely.

Now in a very fourth generation, e-cigarettes have grown to be a lot extra person welcoming than earlier variations which maybe have been just a little way too significant to really encourage a mass industry appeal. The "mini" is the most reasonable e cigarette up to now with its length of 100mm becoming similar to a traditional cigarette.

An electronic cigarette has a style of tobacco but not one of the hazardous substances found in ordinary cigarettes letting smokers cravings to generally be pleased without the need of inhaling the many perilous poisons. Could it be all smoke and mirrors? Or can this product actually be the saviour it wishes to be?

A battery, an atomiser plus a renewable nicotine chamber lets the smoker to carry and smoke the electric cigarette equally as they'd any other cigarette, even making a "smoke" like vapour and glow at the end because they attract. The nicotine chamber proves quite valuable as cartridges are available in different strengths, permitting the consumer to cut back the quantity of nicotine they intake right up until when they want, can stop entirely.

A nicotine cartridge normally lasts exactly the same time as 15 to 20 cigarettes, thus making a massive conserving to usual expenditures. Normal, medium, small and no nicotine whatsoever are the numerous cartridge strengths.

A much healthier alternative completely it seems, nevertheless the advantages don't end there. Mainly because of the electric cigarette not emitting any hazardous substances, toxic compounds or genuine smoke for instance, these are perfectly lawful to smoke in manifeste. In wintertime specifically, regular cigarette smokers should courageous the freezing cold and also the rain only for a fast smoking break but this alternative allows them to stay in their offices, eating places and pubs.

None people who smoke also will gain, as their problems about passive smoking are rendered null and void by the electric cigarette. A way more sociable atmosphere then!

On reflection the electric cigarette is actually a healthier, cheaper and environmentally friendly substitute to using tobacco and as the awareness along with the industry grows they may have fantastic probable to efficiently exchange the damaging cigarettes we've got all appear to learn and many of us have appear to dread and anxiety.
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hellow everyone i m new here i m not here for chit chat but to warn you that third eye is no joke dont talk about like its kid stuff because opening third eye is not a big threat just do a little bit medidation and when you began to fell your energy just transfer it to your fore head it will automatically open your third eye in a week or two and this is when real threat come firstly it consumes large amount of energy that you wont be able to keep it open for a long time and real life is not a video game that you replenish your energy just by using potions in reality energy recovery takes long time and seacondly the real threat of opening third eye are ghosts these ghosts are real not like any video game or movies these real ghosts are re
ally really scary and there is nothing you can do about them they are present every where even in your house in your room luckily you cant see them neither they can harm you but they can see you but once you open your third eye you will be able to see them just like every thing else and believe me they wont be like ghosts in video games or movies they will be completely different and will convert your normal happy life into hell so i suggert dont ever try to open your third eye. Third eye has many advantages too but its disadvantages are also no less
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hellow everyone i m new here i m not here for chit chat but to warn you that third eye is no joke dont talk about like its kid stuff because opening third eye is not a big threat just do a little bit medidation and when you began to fell your energy just transfer it to your fore head it will automatically open your third eye in a week or two and this is when real threat come firstly it consumes large amount of energy that you wont be able to keep it open for a long time and real life is not a video game that you replenish your energy just by using potions in reality energy recovery takes long time and seacondly the real threat of opening third eye are ghosts these ghosts are real not like any video game or movies these real ghosts are re
ally really scary and there is nothing you can do about them they are present every where even in your house in your room luckily you cant see them neither they can harm you but they can see you but once you open your third eye you will be able to see them just like every thing else and believe me they wont be like ghosts in video games or movies they will be completely different and will convert your normal happy life into hell so i suggert dont ever try to open your third eye. Third eye has many advantages too but its disadvantages are also no less
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For those who have been arrested for driving beneath the have an effect on in Phoenix, you would possibly be pondering why it truly is so vital to get a DUI lawyer Phoenix to symbolize you. There is a assortment of main triggers why it surely is important to possess an law firm who concentrates on DUI disorders guiding you from a time of one's arrest suitable up until eventually ultimately your legal demo has finished. Your attorney can obtain specifics on the circumstance, converse with all of the prosecutor to aim to create preparations to own a plea give, ask experienced witnesses to testify through your trial, and chat on the individual behalf at administrative proceedings as well as in advance of sentencing. Owning a DUI attorney within your facet could make the real difference in among worthwhile your scenario and at present growing to be convicted of DUI and having to facial spot every one of the penalties associated with these a conviction.

DUI Lawyer Phoenix Explains Tips

You may be prosecuted for driving beneath the affect inside of an individual of two ways inside the state of Arizona. When you have obtained consumed alcoholic beverages in addition for your capability to securely run a motorcar is popping out to get impaired, you would possibly be ready to be billed with driving underneath the have an impact on. This kind of predicament is based on your authentic amounts of impairment. It really can be done to even be billed with driving beneath the affect identified by chemical screening accomplishment. Once your blood booze concentrate ranges is formerly discussed 0.08% (the authorized prohibit in Arizona), you are able to be billed with driving beneath the have an effect on even though you did not exhibit any physical indicators of impairment when driving. Strong DUI prosecution can take place if a driver's blood alcohol posts sum exceeds .15% wondering about that that may be considered a mainly sizeable blood booze stage. For all those that can be a modest and performance a motorcar appropriate subsequent consuming booze, this might have an effect on the way in which you happen to be charged in addition to penalties you can expect to facial place. Once you might be basically charged with driving a great deal a lot less than the influence as outlined by impairment or dependant around the brings about the chemical check, picking a DUI Lawyer or attorney Phoenix need to definitely be your to begin with stage to defending oneself.

DUI Attorney Phoenix Points out Classification of DUI Scenarios

For just a at first offense without any any distinct situation, you could possibly be billed possessing a misdemeanor. When you have received acquired two other convictions for DUI in just a five year time-frame, any subsequent driving beneath the impact eventualities can be charged as felonies. A variety of conditions can bolster how a DUI scenario is billed. During the event you commit a DUI offense despite the fact that your license is suspended or revoked, this may change the cost from a misdemeanor DUI to some felony DUI. Your instance also can be charged as being a felony for individuals who are already driving that has a youngster beneath fifteen ages of age though committing your DUI offense. In the event the prosecutor typically will require a scenario to demo, you'll possess a jury of 6 people besides for those who waive your great right into a jury trial. If a trial is waived, a decide may make a willpower from the circumstance. Instead of waiving your best to trial and enduring unfavorable implications, seek the recommendation of by utilizing a DUI attorney Phoenix and track down out what your most effective instruction program of motion is for proceeding.

DUI Attorney Phoenix Explains Felony Penalties

The penalties imposed for DUI convictions in Arizona count in the number of variables this kind of as blood alcohol sum along with other aggravating scenario. A preliminary offense which contains a BAC of 0.08% to 0.15% can result in 10 days in jail, 90-day license suspension, $250.00 fantastic, $500 analysis charge, counseling, and just as much as five an extended time of probation. Really should truly your initial offense includes a BAC of 0.15% or greater, chances are high you can expect to confront 30 days in jail, $2,000 in fines, 90-day license suspension, counseling, someplace around five various quite a long time of probation, and place in place of an ignition interlock gadget inside your car. When within the occasion you commit a subsequent offense inside a

5-year time frame, the penalties raise. To acquire a 2nd offense, you can probably experience ninety times in jail, $2,000 in fines, one-year license revocation, counseling, generate of ignition interlock gadget within your auto or truck, and about five a long time of probation. 2nd offenses that come about to get assumed to be extreme can carry penalties of 120 times in jail, $2,000 in fines, one-year license revocation, counseling, probation of somewhere close to five a lot of several years, and installation of an ignition interlock program within your motor vehicle. For many who commit a third offense, the penalties are even harsher. They may be capable to require a compulsory four months of jail time, approximately $150,000 in fines, 3-year license revocation, counseling, around five many many years of probation, and forfeiture of the auto. Acquiring a DUI Lawyer Phoenix together with your aspect might be the sole approach to have acquired a chance of evading these penalties and powerful your DUI state of affairs.
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In distinction to convinced attire you attain, merchant accounts aren't, "One dimensions matches all" or "One form fits all". The type of merchant account you might want for your small business company will rely around the sort of market and company business model.

Some firms the truth is need to have two merchant accounts. Through instance, within the function you operate a brick and mortar retail shop and offer products from that store as a result of a mail acquire catalog; you may undoubtedly must have two different merchant accounts - retail and mail buy - to go over each individual and every division.

A single merchant account is not going to do the get the job done a result of the differing types of transactions you will end up processing. Mail get product sales should not be processed due to a retail merchant account given that they definitely must be processed having a "card not present" merchant account. Retail profits needs to be processed making use of a "card present" merchant account. Switching the two will conclude final result in enhanced processing fees (mid-qualified or non-qualified discount price tags).

Card Present Merchant Accounts

A "card present" merchant account is any merchant account in which the bank card and purchaser are present in the time the lender card is swiped through the terminal or magnetic card reader.


A wireless merchant account generally is a one that is definitely certainly used by using a wi-fi cost card final. This kind of account allows a merchant to just accept cost cards within the go and acquire a real-time authorization for your personal transaction. Wi-fi accounts have decrease charges and costs like retail merchant accounts however the month-to-month prices are larger.


A retail merchant account is one particular exactly where nearly all a merchant's transactions are physically swiped through a credit score card terminal that is connected to a land line cell phone. Retail merchant accounts hold the lowest price reduction prices and transaction expenditures and so are the most typical assortment of merchant account.

Retain and Ahead

A shop - and - ahead merchant account is an account that could let a merchant to simply accept credit score card transactions around the go and forward them for that processor at a later in time. This kind of account capabilities just like a wireless merchant account in that it really is battery driven. The excellence can it be isn't going to current a genuine time authorization. It provides you with the similar lessen premiums and expenses as a retail merchant account and is also fantastic for providers which have compact common tickets. When a mobile phone line is current, you are able to plug your final in and it'll then forward the transaction info toward the processor.


A restaurant merchant account capabilities otherwise within the other forms of merchant accounts on account of how recommendations are charged. The moment the financial institution card is authorized then the grand total within the meal with gratuity in addition any pre-meal shelling out on beverages or snacks.

Card Not Present Merchant Accounts

A "card not present" merchant account is really a one where neither the cardboard nor the customer is present aided by the time to the transaction; for instance mail purchase or telephone invest in. The cost card information and facts and details is manually entered in to your bank card final. These kind of merchant accounts are substantial risk and are generally charged larger processing selling prices and expenditures.


Net merchant accounts are used by firms that sector products or answers on-line and wish to simply accept real-time lender card funds. The majority of the solution product sales are established from a web site.

Mail Purchase (Moto)

A mail purchase merchant account is one particular unique that will be utilized by companies that may be manually moving into nearly all their charge card transactions around the keypad on the lender card final. Mail buy firms acquire credit card orders in excess of the phone, by mail, or out during the field. They have the lowest processing costs and fees of all card not existing merchant accounts.

Touchtone Phone

A touchtone phone merchant account is one that can permit you to treatment credit score cards operating with touchtone telephones with no a financial institution card final or gear. The touchtone strategy required to method credit card transactions is given by yet another corporation. There exists a start-up price and in addition the premiums are large thanks to a different organization that is managing the touchtone software.

Merchant accounts may be found in all shapes, kinds, and measurements. Guarantee your merchant account company sets your organization up working with the suitable array and kind. Under no circumstances acquire right into a target of larger processing charges.
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Have you ever questioned why Your automobile appears to become an automobile scratch magnet? Triggering you to look for any vehicle scratch remover. There may possibly incredibly properly be a lot of causes...nevertheless I'm prone to concentrate on just two these days. Did you identify that by simply preserving your motor vehicle clear you would possibly keep absent with the most common of each day scratches that make your vehicle appearance awful with the vivid sunlight this summer time?

Lead to #1: It is actually for the reason that dust and grit that is certainly permitted to set around the paint finish embeds itself, from right away condensation after which bakes on though within the hot sunshine the subsequent day. It functions like sand paper at the time you or your pleasant getting mall neighbor brushes in the direction of it...or horror of or someone for the mall sets a cardboard box or deals and many others on top of your hood or trunk if the automobile keys are uncovered. It'd far too be sandpaper...just because that is certainly exclusively what it really is on the other hand the "sand" is within the motor vehicle along aided by the box just grinds throughout the paint, and loosens up the grit hence inflicting some critical distinct coat scratches. A big high top quality auto scratch remover technique will clear away scratches like this.

Washing your vehicle the moment a week can be quite a superb begin, I could perhaps recommend that you just wash it by hand with premium micro fiber mitts in addition to the increased great pH balanced shampoo. Think of it as paying high quality time together with your automobile or truck that unfailingly will acquire you to function and participate in regular without the necessity of complaints. You should not use dish washing soap beneath any can eliminate any wax protection you could possibly have and likewise it really is really severe on plastic and rubber...depart it through the kitchen area where it belongs. There are several really unique methods to clean a vehicle by hand properly...and it will not reveal you will have to shell out a day finishing up case you know the could potentially wash a appropriately in under thirty min. I feel that is a little marketing rate to care for what is actually most people's 2nd best expense. Furthermore, buying a considerable significant good quality car scratch remover usually nearby will offer you with satisfaction figuring out that you simply can maintain your automobile in search of great irrespective of what.

Bring about #2: Wax or sealant ...or the deficiency of. We all know, or I think all of us know that safeguarding the paint finish of our auto is vital...important. Getting explained that it manage to be that almost all of us feel that contemporary paint technologies is so superb that it definitely doesn't have to have noticeably support to stay seeking great. Though present day paint tech is absolutely gentle decades superior to color of just 10 an extended time even now involves protection to remain seeking superior for some time to come back. So working together with a wax or sealant or hybrid wax/sealant is very critical for extra brings about than you might count on. Not keeping your vehicle shielded possessing a large good quality wax or sealant is simply requesting scratches as well as the need to obtain for any top quality car scratch remover to create it shined like new.

Wax and or sealant protect the paint end through the setting pure and man-made. Air pollution fallout in like throwing a gentle acid as part of your vehicle! Tree fallout, hen doo, insect splats are all substances that assault a cars paint. I'm specific you've got observed the consequence with the bird decline that was left to bake within the hot solar over a dark coloration motor vehicle; yep it etches ideal in toward the paint. Based on how swiftly you contend with a fowl dropping a substantial first-class vehicle or truck scratch remover could maintain the day. A further pure environmental attach with your paint may be the sunlight. The solar attacks unprotected paint and within the most extreme instances leads to what I'm favorable all folks has noticed, vehicles that appear like they've some kind of white scale all in excess of. This really is...or should really actually I say...was the distinct coat. The crystal clear coat could be the highest rated coat of paint on modern day vehicles that safeguards the bottom color from every day bumps and scratches and the sun also. Obtaining mentioned that it need to be maintained for making it previous a lengthy time.

A considerable remarkable hybrid wax/sealant used 2 times a yr (summer time time of year and winter) is your greatest bet to keep up regular ambiance assaults at bay in addition to near encounters with absent minded individuals around the shopping center. It tends to make the paint slippery to be certain that dust and grit tend not to adhere really properly and it might make the paint proof against insignificant scuffs and scratches. What is actually extra, it retains the paint properly nourished so it does not dry out and commences to fall short. Additionally, it delivers UV security also. Believe of it as solar display screen for your motorcar.

With the end it can be uncomplicated to retain your vehicle from currently being a scratch magnet by retaining your vehicle cleanse and correctly safeguarded. Dust and grit are not able to attach to the paint for that reason it has a tendency to remain cleaner all by by itself...and any time you need to do wash it ...the dust and grit appear off with no a fight. Then again irrespective of the way you protect your car complete, usual scratches and scuffs really can be a usual element of daily life. A large high quality vehicle scratch remover which is unquestionably distinct coat safeguarded, gentle and efficient is your finest line of defense to take care of the value of one's motor vehicle or truck, which normally for us might be the 2nd greatest investment decision we make.
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It really is unquestionably a a great deal better time for you personally personally to buy industrial residence over the internet. With a few helpful information about the credible sources, you may make out the ideal offer you.

Earlier people accustomed to state that it's not possible to produce an ideal mix within your physical and on line sources. They claimed to provide the best instance for the duration of the kind with all the house residences and also Web. Properly, how anybody can combine each of people of them with each other? It experienced been impossible to mix the existence from your concrete structures to the earth of plan and world wide web.

Extremely very well, now-a-days if you would like to go to essentially the most crucial market inside the real-estate sector you then need to come about on-line. It truly is very peculiar but anyone proficiently concur for your undeniable fact that currently a lot additional people make spend a stop by to into the on line resources in contrast for the standard real-estate latest market place.

When you may also be arranging to buy enterprise residence then it really is very advised to create a head to on the net. It'll be a fast and straightforward technique, with substantially much more selection of answers accessible before you to select from. It is going to allow you to help you save a substantial stretch of time and electrical electrical power and somehow help it become easier to for getting benefited with far additional reductions and existing specials readily available for the net.

If you want to return through the entire industrial homes on the current market during the finest way then it is encouraged to hyperlink utilizing a quite fantastic dwelling portal. Detailed here you'll give you the option to rapidly arrive across an immense figures of business properties which can be quickly obtainable available in a straightforward marketplace put charge. Should the want is often to decide on the developers or most likely the true estate property consultants to be able to accumulate industrial attributes available then also some of the most regarded household portals will help you out in just a quick way.

The real estate listings are unquestionably an integrated period about the housing portals. It truly is one of numerous very best techniques to come back throughout the market vendors for the type of household you may be in fact in the lookup of. Listed here you would possibly get the complete details on a lot of types of qualities which could be available throughout the market as well as way they might be ordered or instead rented. It could be totally a superb place in the standpoint with the consumer as he can to put it simply just forward his conditions and also the funds offered to have company residence.

The web research is undeniably effectively the most credible and speedier typically suggests to examine the residence demands in addition to prudent opportunities available for your personal financial financial investment. In an effort to accomplish onto the suitable sources to the web, it is actually feasible to choose the help with the house portal, the reference Online address or possibly the assistance during the search engines like yahoo like google.

It truly is not ordinarily crucial which the reference out there or perhaps the prime results exhibited in the search engines like google and yahoo will most likely be 100% exact about the genuine commercial home available. Shortly just after reaching onto a great assortment, ensure you deliver a suitable analysis of the very same when in the market place. It can develop into excess important every time you receive small business attributes about the industry simply because it receives included together with your direct expense necessities.
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[url=]program tv[/url]
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All around this time past yr, the country was captivated by among the best free of charge agent offseasons the NBA will ever see. Lebron James, Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh headlined the record of cost-free agents established to receive big contracts with their new respective groups.

On July eight, 2010, James made his selection to "take his abilities to South Beach," as well as the all hell broke unfastened.

A year later on, with an NBA Lockout looming, basketball has presented us a list of free of charge agents that simply cannot even maintain a candle to your cast highlighted very last calendar year.

Numerous will concur that Tyson Chandler shall be the most desired cost-free agent this offseason, presented how he performed from the NBA Finals.

But Tyson Chandler?

10 PPG and nine RPG?

It truly is protected to state, NBA No cost Agency 2011 shall be shallow at most effective.

You can find people on this checklist that may make a big difference to teams, even though, but maybe we have been still just caught in 2010, exactly where superstar absolutely free brokers ended up up for grabs.

Now in 2011, we've been seeking at youthful available people searching for paydays from the weak free agent course.

Superior for them, and probably negative for your group if they're needing premiere expertise, or need to overpay for every element of this lackluster Cost-free Agency 2011.

Below are ten youthful gamers which can be set to acquire paid this offseason.

(To the sake of the list, I number of the cut-off of "young" at 30-years aged)

ten. Glen Davis

The "Big Baby" himself is going to be out there this offseason, and looking to acquire a mighty big paycheck for every one of the function he did in Boston these past several seasons.

Typically off the bench, Davis played a sizable position for that Celtics as another person that may produce in modest minutes.

He averaged 11 PPG and seven RPG even though in Boston, which is regarded somewhere close to the 14th or 15th ideal accessible player in free agency this offseason.

For that explanation, Davis' $3.3 million he created last period will most likely boost in absolutely free agency.

Is he worth it, although?

Try to find Davis to create somewhere close to $5 million next time.

9. Kris Humphries

Mr. Kim Kardashian will not likely have any revenue issues before long, now that he's engaged on the hard cash cow reality star, but he may choose to maintain some kind of dignity by raking in the paycheck or two up coming time.

Humphries made $3.2 million final season. Pay no intellect which the ring he acquired Kardashian was $2.5 million, while.

The good thing is for Humphries, he had a breakout period to the New Jersey Nets final time, averaging 10PPG and 10 RPG. With these figures, he need to state a fork out raise this upcoming period, irrespective of whether he will have to have it or not.

Assume all over $5 million future time Mr. Kardashian-Humphries.

eight. Nick Young

Beside Young's emphasize reel plays very last season, his 17 PPG for that Washington Wizards need to do the trick.

He has enhanced every single calendar year considering the fact that being within the league, and it culminated having a good 2010-11.

Young can be a limited cost-free agent, which means all Washington would need to do is throw a qualifying present at him to retain his services for an additional season.

The 26-year-old will not likely be having considerably in free of charge agency, so look for him to get between $3 and $4 million future period.

7. Carl Landry

Quite a few teams are starting off to take realize from the fantastic brand of basketball Landry is participating in in the NBA.

The 6'9" ahead put up 11 PPG previous period, while building his dwelling cleansing up the boards and accomplishing the things that go unnoticed to the basketball courtroom.

Landry was paid out $3 million very last time, however the cost-free agent market is not really confident what for making of hm pretty however.

Assume approximately $5 million subsequent period for your 27-year-old.

6. Aaron Brooks

The speedy restricted free agent is going to be receiving quite a few gives from groups this offseason. Numerous teams would like a quick and safe ball-handler with the level guard place.

He's already remaining pursued by Sacramento Kings, who could use his solutions to provide the ball for the duo of Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette.

That might not be a terrible gig for Brooks.

Previous season, Brooks made $2.02 million. But count on near $4 million following time.

five. Greg Oden

Has the general public overlooked relating to this guy?

The No. one pick out of Ohio State in 2007 is actually a totally free agent this time, placing groups at a crossroads regarding no matter if or not he might be a great middle on this league.

Accidents have plagued him his whole profession up to now, but he'll be finding paid out this offseason as a consequence of the "what if" variable.

What if Oden gets healthy and lives up to his No. 1 general draft decide position?

If balanced, Oden is among the greatest facilities inside the match, so why don't you require an opportunity on him?

Expect him to land a contract for next season all over $7 million, even with enjoying in only eighty two overall NBA online games.

four. Rodney Stuckey

Stuckey is not going to be getting quite substantial gives this offseason, but he can however become a superb acquisition on the point guard placement for numerous NBA groups.

He put up 15 PPG and 5 APG last time for the horrible Detroit Pistons, nevertheless they may possibly be the group paying out him the very best this offseason.

Does Stuckey choose to stay in Detroit or attempt some thing new somewhere else?

We're going to find out.

Probably the most he's obtaining in Detroit will be close to $4 million, but assume Stuckey to land someplace amongst $3 and $4 million for next season.

three. Jeff Green

Green was concerned from the trade that allegedly wrecked the lifestyle of basketball in Boston.

The Celtics gave up Kendrick Perkins in trade for Green to be able to have young and a lot more athletic, when in fact they ruined the staff chemistry, and many of all, the team's rebounding capability.

Because of that move, Green is in this for that lengthy haul using the Celtics. Boston has no other choice.

Hope him to land a superb pay bring up this offseason, someplace approximately $7 million for many many years.

two. Marc Gasol

Gasol's eleven PPG and seven RPG has groups drooling for your 7'1" center this offseason.

Is he anyone a younger workforce can construct about?

Occasionally, plainly way, but he nevertheless incorporates a good deal to prove to NBA teams.

Due to his size and qualities on the two the defensive and offensive sides of your ball, try to look for Gasol being one among the higher paid out players this offseason.

A crew with profound pockets could throw just as much as $9 million with the 26-year-old next time.

one. Tyson Chandler

Chandler, for better or for worse, is the best player around the absolutely free agency market this offseason.

He is a player which will adjust the complexion of the group by contributing along with his uptempo and fearless design of engage in.

At 7'1", Chandler is not really someone that a group can build approximately, but most of us saw what took place this previous time to the Dallas Mavericks and how their group transformed with him from the line-up.

Together with his capacity to carry power to a workforce from the center position, assume Chandler to land a balanced bargain this offseason well worth somewhere around $10 million.
24-Oct-2012, WalaUnlilla
What on earth is <a href=>seo rank </a>

Search engine optimisation is amongst the only stuff you can do on the net, finding your site optimized in this kind of way which the serps will reward you by in essence delivering targeted visitors your way. Web optimization is simply not really that easy, however the bottom line is, when your page is optimized both equally on webpage and off, you frequently get greater pure online search engine rankings, which results in website traffic for yourself.

If you've got spent time online a short while ago, you have most likely read through the time period "SEO," or "Search Engine Optimization. But what does it signify, exactly? "SEO" is usually a time period that's applied to describe the method by which traffic to a specific web page is progressively produced by serps through search engine results. The standard of customer visitors to a website may be calculated by analyzing how frequently a customer who employs a selected key phrase phrase within a research actually performs what is identified as being a "conversion action." That is, how often people guests create a invest in, down load products, request data, or interact with the site in any other way that indicates fascination inside the product or provider the positioning delivers.

Only set, Website positioning is promotion by way of an comprehending of how research algorithms operate coupled with a information of what human end users may possibly seek out. The top purpose is always to create a web page which contains words for which individuals will probably look when seeking facts for instance that contained on your site.

Search engine optimization can be an really potent tool on the internet - use Search engine optimisation sensibly!
27-Oct-2012, oczyszczanie organizmu
delivers the latest breaking news and word on the latest top stories, weather, business, spectacular, statecraft, and more. In the interest in-depth coverage
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In the present time and age, smartphones and applications have acquired quite a bit of recognition. As of now, a cell telephone is not just limited to produce calls. While using the assistance of mobile telephone growth, persons and organizations have started off building special and revolutionary apps, which aid world wide web browsing, e-mail, faxing, online games, graphics and wireless info providers. Looking at the revolution with handheld units, cellular application developers are in rage.

<a href=>mobile app development companies </a> combine distinctive parts to formulate computer software applications and methods. Different companies have started off displaying fascination in organization applications and loads of these have commenced outsourcing their specifications to developers throughout the globe. A few favorite cell software program choices include website apps, games and interactive organization solutions throughout diverse technologies platforms. There are a few things you should consider, just before you choose on a certain cellular application.


Cellular phone applications are unique from a single system to another and a person are not able to devise an application that runs on all platforms. With different companies, the cellular telephone platforms are dissimilar and selected programs get the job done with specified systems only. For an example, an iphone application can not work on a Windows Cell or perhaps a Blackberry system. For that reason, it really is crucial to pick the perfect mobile platform, before you receive started out with mobile apps progress.

Customer Foundation

Ahead of you get began using a cellular application developer, it's essential to ascertain the kind of viewers you need to focus on at. Based upon your target market, you will need to then make your mind up irrespective of whether you desire apps which could be used by individual consumers or small business mobile purposes. It would be less complicated for the cellular software developer to type a function system, plan about the layout and the technological innovation on your mobile computer software.

Spending plan & Timing

Right before you obtain commenced with cell software growth, you have to look at the cost of your progress as well as the exact time frame to launch a certain product. To begin with, you should do some basic research around the products being applied by your competitors along along with the price strategy adopted by them. In order to generate the most out of your investment, you must launch your product at the right time. Regardless of where you outsource your software enhancement solutions, you must ensure that the application is developed within a predefined timeline.


Wireless apps have revolutionized the way cell phones are being made use of today. Companies are now getting interesting apps, which are progressive and exclusive. The whole purpose of cellular application enhancement is to strike a chord amongst the customers. Corporations require powerful cell cellphone apps, which serve a variety of purposes including browsing, gaming, entertainment, search and many more. Cellular software builders can design, create and customize the application in accordance to the shopper needs. These are professionals who possess the technical as well as the functional expertise to perform simple and complicated tasks. To conclude with, 1 can access the world with any handheld device today.
12-Nov-2012, deliabirl
A proxy is a prevalent term that is now employed by several web end users. In English, proxy refers to a particular person, who is licensed to act for some other man or woman. In straightforward terms, the motion essential to be completed by one individual can be done by one more person without revealing his id. The which means of proxy varies with the context.

Proxy and <a href=>proxies for facebook </a> are two conditions used by intermediate net consumers. A proxy refers to a internet site, which can be used to blocked info. In other phrases, without any limits, you can get entry to any info more than the web with the use of proxy websites. These proxy sites are just named as proxies. Proxy server is an intermediate server, which handles information sharing between a client and a server. Any facts shared amongst the consumer and the server really should pass proxy servers. Proxy internet sites are designed to fool proxy servers.

Practically all offices and instructional institutions set up a proxy server, which functions as a firewall. Internet link to numerous computers in the creating is offered only by way of the proxy server. Every piece of data, which passes by means of the proxy server, is logged. This way, the officers can control the internet access of their subordinates or college students. A firewall is set up inside a proxy server, which restricts accessibility to a lot of web sites. In most of the instances, a lot of known amusement and grownup websites are blocked by proxy servers.

Proxies are developed to get accessibility to any website of the user's selection without having getting caught by the proxy server. When you use a proxy website, your id is concealed and the website, which you want to access, is also hidden. These proxy internet sites are allowed by proxy servers and you can get any data you would like. You can obtain numerous blocked websites from your workplace or college utilizing proxy internet sites.

Proxy servers are employed to manage internet access in the office. Aside from blocking internet sites, proxy servers are employed to offer a protected and safe searching setting. All data passing by means of proxy servers can be analyzed prior to they get to any terminal. This function is utilised to block spy ware and other viruses from influencing a user's personal computer also. To enhance community security and access management, proxy servers are utilised. When the community connects a huge variety of computer systems, use of proxy servers gets to be vital to have a centralized accessibility to the web.

A proxy hides your id and lets you surf the web without having revealing your IP address. Proxies are now used by a lot of customers, who would like to conceal their identification and escape from invaders. Anonymous searching is now attainable with the use of proxies. Proxies for social networking internet sites are now discovered all above the net due to the fact people want to use social networking web sites when they are at function. Even though the subject matter of using proxy to overrule accessibility manage is a questionable level, you can use these proxies as lengthy as your proxy server identifies and blocks proxies.
16-Nov-2012, ephefeHon
There may be a new invention that everybody who smokes must know about. It can be termed the electric cigarette, often called a smokeless cigarette or <a href=>starfire e cigs </a> , and it really is modifying the authorized panorama for cigarette people who smoke round the world.

The patented Ecigarette provides to efficiently simulate the experience of cigarette smoking an actual cigarette, with out any from the overall health or legal troubles surrounding standard cigarettes.

Although E-cigarettes appear, feel and flavor much like regular cigarettes, they operate quite in a different way. The thing is, e-cigarettes never essentially burn up any tobacco, but rather, any time you inhale from an e-cigarette, you activate a "flow censor" which releases a water vapor containing nicotine, propylene glycol, along with a scent that simulates the flavour of tobacco. All of which merely implies that e-cigs enable you to get your nicotine take care of even though keeping away from every one of the most cancers resulting in agents identified in conventional cigarettes such as tar, glue, numerous additives, and hydrocarbons.

Moreover to currently being more healthy than common cigarettes, and perhaps most importantly of all, will be the indisputable fact that e cigarettes are absolutely authorized. Simply because Electronic cigarettes don't require tobacco, you can lawfully smoke them anyplace that standard cigarettes are prohibited this sort of as bars, eating places, the operate spot, even on airplanes. In addition, electric cigarettes let you smoke without any fears of inflicting hurt on others due to horrible second hand smoke.

The refillable cartridges are available in a large number of flavors along with nicotine strengths. It is possible to get typical, menthol, even apple and strawberry flavored cartridges and nicotine strengths can be found in whole, medium, mild, and none. Although e cigs are technically a "smoking alternative" alternatively than the usual cigarette smoking cessation machine, the selection of nicotine strengths provides some apparent probable as an help in the kinds makes an attempt to stop cigarette smoking and would seem to get proving popular within that industry.

The nice detail about e-cigarettes as apposed to state, nicotine patches, is that e-cigarettes make the same tactile sensation and oral fixation that people who smoke need, while gratifying kinds tobacco cravings at the same time. When you acquire a drag from n electric cigarette you truly come to feel the your lungs fill that has a heat tobacco flavored smoke and once you exhale the smoke billows away from your lungs just like regular smoking, on the other hand, as pointed out, that smoke is in fact a a lot more healthy h2o vapor that promptly evaporates and as a consequence does not offend any person during the fast vicinity.

Although e-cigarettes have been around for a while in numerous incarnations, it's been the latest improvements while in the technologies and also at any time increasing constraints towards using tobacco which have propelled the e-cigarette into a new found acceptance. When you are thinking about a much healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, or if you basically desire to contain the freedom to smoke wherever and each time you'd like, an electronic cigarette could possibly be the solution you have been in search of.
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Exactly what is <a href=>find merchant services </a>

In contrast to sure clothes you receive, merchant accounts aren't, "One measurement satisfies all" or "One form suits all". The type of merchant account you'll want for your organization business will depend within the kind of marketplace and enterprise company product.

Some companies in truth have to have two merchant accounts. By the use of case in point, during the celebration you operate a brick and mortar retail shop and market merchandise from that shop because of a mail acquire catalog; you can without doubt have to have two different merchant accounts - retail and mail buy - to go over every single and every division.

One merchant account would not do the function due to different types of transactions you're going to be processing. Mail obtain income shouldn't be processed due to a retail merchant account as they genuinely should really be processed possessing a "card not present" merchant account. Retail profits must be processed employing a "card present" merchant account. Switching the two will finish result in elevated processing expenses (mid-qualified or non-qualified discount prices).

Card Present Merchant Accounts

A "card present" merchant account is any merchant account in which the financial institution card and client are current in the time the lender card is swiped by means of the final or magnetic card reader.


A wi-fi merchant account can be a one which is undoubtedly utilized using a wi-fi cost card final. This kind of account lets a merchant to simply accept cost cards inside of the go and procure a real-time authorization to your transaction. Wireless accounts have lower rates and fees like retail merchant accounts though the month-to-month charges are increased.


A retail merchant account is one particular the place virtually all a merchant's transactions are bodily swiped through a credit card terminal that is connected to a land line cellphone. Retail merchant accounts hold the lowest lower price price tags and transaction charges and so are the most common selection of merchant account.

Keep and Ahead

A shop - and - forward merchant account is surely an account that can let a merchant to just accept credit card transactions round the go and forward them to the processor in a afterwards promptly. This kind of account capabilities just like a wireless merchant account in that it truly is battery pushed. The distinction is it will not existing a genuine time authorization. It will give you the identical lessen rates and charges being a retail merchant account which is ideal for companies that have compact usual tickets. The moment a phone line is present, you'll be able to plug your terminal in and it will then forward the transaction information towards the processor.


A restaurant merchant account functions otherwise through the other types of merchant accounts on account of how guidelines are charged. Once the bank card is permitted then the grand overall inside the food with gratuity additionally any pre-meal paying on drinks or snacks.

Card Not Current Merchant Accounts

A "card not present" merchant account is usually a solitary where by neither the cardboard nor the customer is present together with the time on the transaction; as an illustration mail buy or telephone get. The cost card info and information is manually entered in for the bank card terminal. A lot of these merchant accounts are higher danger and so are billed greater processing price tags and prices.


World wide web merchant accounts are utilized by companies that market place products or answers on-line and want to accept real-time lender card funds. The majority of the product or service sales are established from a website.

Mail Purchase (Moto)

A mail order merchant account is one particular certain that may be used by companies that might be manually stepping into the majority of their charge card transactions around the keypad with the lender card terminal. Mail purchase firms consider credit score card orders about the telephone, by mail, or out through the sector. They have the lowest processing charges and costs of all card not current merchant accounts.

Touchtone Telephone

A touchtone telephone merchant account is one that can allow you to course of action credit cards working with touchtone telephones without any a financial institution card terminal or gear. The touchtone approach required to strategy credit score card transactions is given by yet another corporation. There exists a start-up price as well as the costs are large thanks to an additional corporation that is definitely managing the touchtone course.

Merchant accounts is usually located in all styles, types, and dimensions. Be certain your merchant account company sets your online business up employing the right variety and type. Never ever produce right into a victim of larger processing charges.
20-Nov-2012, deliabirl
Totally free Proxy Servers are utilized for anonymous browsing. Most frequent utilization of free of charge proxy server is to bypass the college/office or any other place's stability restrictions and obtain unrestricted sites. But <a href=>Private Proxies ScrapeboxProxy </a> servers really should be utilised with caution. If used with out security steps, it can outcome in large reduction as compared to advantage of browsing the world wide web anonymously. There are two methods through which you can cover your identity (your IP address) when surfing the internet. Initial and the most inexpensive way is to use free of charge proxy server. There are many windows and linux proxy sites offered on the world wide web which allows you use their services totally free of cost. The other solution for hiding your id is to use compensated application. The IP hiding application, changes your IP handle continually to enable you browse web anonymously.

There are few important things you need to preserve in brain when making use of free proxy servers.

1.) View out for your security

Do not give out any delicate info these kinds of as your login details or credit card details when making use of distinct proxy servers because when you use totally free proxy server, all the details you provide on any web site is first sent to free of charge proxy server and then to the website server. So all the information go via the free proxy server and most of the time it is unencrypted, exposing your sensitive details for possible misuse.

Paid software program are considerably far better in terms and conditions of stability. There systems are developed to conceal your IP and then discard all your details without any human involvement.

two.) Security and Availability

There are a lot of cost-free proxy server sites but most of them are not secure and are not obtainable every time you go to them. This dilemma is not very substantial with compensated computer software.

3.) Pace of Browsing

When you use any proxy server for hiding your IP, you can feel the sluggish pace of browsing instantaneously. Although there are great websites offered for anonymous searching but they are extremely tough to find. Also, velocity is not consistent it is dependent mainly on load on their servers. At moments you do get very good browsing speed but it truly is not regular. Again, paid out software program for hiding IP are a lot far better at browsing speed. As they charge for their companies, they ensure that the user encounter is better and you do not get gradual speed even though searching the net by means of their software.

They are also fantastic when you find a good quality one particular that masks your region of origin. When seeking for a On the internet Proxy make certain it has Java set up so you can watch videos. As you can at times have your place of origin cloaked but if java does not perform it is not much use.
22-Nov-2012, ascemruispcip
Being aware of <a href=>commercial property for sale in swansea </a>

It really is undoubtedly a substantially improved time for you personally personally to buy industrial house over the web. With a few valuable specifics around the credible resources, you may make out the correct offer.

Before individuals accustomed to state that it is impossible to generate a perfect mix of your physical and on the net sources. They claimed to offer the ideal illustration throughout the sort along with the house properties along with Internet. Efficiently, how any individual can blend the two of all those of them alongside one another? It experienced been impossible to mix the existence within the concrete structures to the earth of plan and online.

Pretty properly, now-a-days in order for you to go to essentially the most vital market while in the real-estate sector you then should occur on-line. It really is pretty peculiar but every person proficiently concur on your incontrovertible fact that currently quite a bit extra folks make shell out a pay a visit to to in to the on line sources in contrast for your conventional real-estate present-day market place.

Whenever you are also arranging to buy small business house then it really is really advised to provide a drop by on-line. It will likely be a quick and easy method, with much much more number of answers available in front of you to choose from. It may enable you to conserve a considerable stretch of time and electrical electricity and in some way help it become easier to to have benefited with significantly extra reductions and current bargains readily available for the net.

If you'd like to return through the entire industrial properties to the marketplace in the finest way then it is actually encouraged to hyperlink utilizing a very superior property portal. Listed below you will have the opportunity to rapidly occur throughout an immense figures of organization households that are quickly accessible for sale in a very honest sector place level. In the event the want is often to decide on the builders or most likely the true estate real estate specialists for being in a position to acquire industrial properties available then also several of the most regarded residence portals can assist you out inside a fast way.

The real estate listings are definitely an integrated stage around the housing portals. It is really amongst a number of finest means to come across the market sellers towards the kind of home you might be the truth is inside the lookup of. The following you may purchase the entire details on many kinds of qualities which could be now available for the duration of the market along with the way they might be ordered or quite rented. It could possibly be totally an excellent spot throughout the point of view of the customer as he can to put it merely forward his prerequisites and the funds supplied to get business home.

The net investigate is undeniably essentially quite possibly the most credible and speedier commonly implies to look at the home specifications and prudent opportunities available in your economic investment. In an effort to attain onto the right sources within the web, it's probable to select the assistance of the residence portal, the reference Online address or potentially the assistance during the engines like google like google.

It is really not commonly crucial which the reference accessible or even the primary outcomes exhibited within the search engines like google and yahoo will most likely be 100% exact concerning the respectable industrial real estate for sale. Shortly immediately after reaching onto a great collection, be certain you generate a right analysis of one's exact same although within the market. It can develop into more essential when you get hold of company characteristics to the marketplace mainly because it receives included with your direct expense specifications.
23-Nov-2012, Chingedenathe
Studying <a href=>learn to draw human anatomy </a>

I'd want to chat additional about how you can study to attract a rose detailed. You could possibly want to obtain out to attract a rose detail by detail since you would like a rose for that tattoo or else you could possibly want to learn on account of a certain drawing your carrying out. Whatever the function you should study to attract a rose bit by little bit the extremely very first you must carry out is get an system inside your head about that which you would like to perform though within the drawing.

I love to suggest you are doing an unfastened sketch initial preceding to you begin. Drawing loosely does have its rewards when uncovering to attract a rose extensive or uncovering to draw everything for that situation weather conditions it truly is deemed a rose a car or truck or potentially a setting up.

1st off at any time you learn to attract a rose complete consider whatever you will be drawing take a rose within the hand and really feel it assess the form, this really is very seriously critical as you will need to get it locked as part of your head.

Get going with a plain little bit of paper and start to conduct a free of charge rough sketch. At the moment your drawing doesn't have to be best in anyhow. Look at it just as if you have got been a writer, all you’re executing is placing down your robust concepts to begin with then this will inevitably kind the premise of one's letter, publication or tales. It is the exact same coupled with your drawings.

Once your free rough sketch is finished hence you've it down on paper you can then start off to produce things even supplemental and begin to position shading into your drawing. I normally draw my pictures on A3 dimension paper very first, this way I can do smaller thumbnail sketches of what I intend to attract after which rework and improve the first drawing if desired.

So after you analyze to draw a rose in depth you start spend in drawing a unfastened sketch of your design and just like a sculptor would you want to flesh out the drawing and integrate things like the thorns and leafs and stem and you also just can get commenced to see the drawing come to existence.

This method shouldn't be skipped in almost any scenario in practically any drawing you plan to undertake if you will find it really is possible to make lots of drawings by doing this, drawings that you just probably wouldn't of arrive up with while in the 1st put for the people who did not do unfastened sketches.
25-Nov-2012, raheel
Nice comments of everybody, ya during my third eye activation i feel too much symptoms like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, ungrounded, vivid dreams, Daria, some time body too much hot and some time cool, night time temperature etc etc........but it all is temporary if we doing meditation continue regularly then we will go more deep day by day......from raheel
27-Nov-2012, Emessetug
If someone asks me to describe mobile advancement, I would say it is the course of action of creating portable equipment that happen to be as helpful as pcs and will get better than them as time progresses. That is definitely just what is happening. Modern experiments demonstrate that you can find about 112 million end users in India that could be a 13% expansion from very last 12 months. Investigate corporation also predicts that, there is usually an addition of 11 million right up until the tip of the 12 months.

Though the fascinating news in this investigation is the fact in 2010, there were only 1% individuals making use of Web on their mobiles which went to 3% in 2011 and 8% in 2012. On the lookout at these developments and the exponential expansion it truly is predicted that, there'll be about 600 million Web customers on mobile all over the world.

All these study sums up that cellular advancement is becoming one of several fastest expanding and aggressive market. Cell phones have become the center in the world, given the truth that organizations and individuals cannot survive without the need of them with every one of the conversation and cultural networking potential by way of it. Good telephones are particularly receiving the kind of attention which the moment on a time declining computers made use of to have. Laptops and desktops are getting impractical choices for very evident rationale that they can't be held in pockets. So we have a lot of explanations this generation will choose to do everything on a mobile platform.

Despite the fact that you can find ample cellular development platforms out there, but you'll find number of frequent and common a single. Many of they're:

- Symbian OS is one of the favorite <a href=>contract mobile app developers </a> platform amid the builders for its quickly real-time reaction. It is actually designed and preserved by Nokia.

- Android is yet another system depending on the modified version of LINUX Kernel that's revolutionized the mobile market. The Java primarily based software of Android are most user-friendly.

- Blackberry OS, as its identify suggests is really a proprietary system for the use of Blackberry devices. Study in Movement (RIM) also makes it possible for 3rd party developers to write down their very own software working with Blackberry Software Programming Interface (API).

- Apple is usually a enhancement system to set-up purposes for iPhones and iPad. It is just a UNIX based mostly operating process created from Macintosh OS.

- Windows Cellphone is the most up-to-date platform coming from the computer large Microsoft. It uses a design and style language named Metro which permits developers to combine the OS with third get together services.

Naturally, with lots of readily available platforms you can find thousands or possibly numerous apps which may be produced. Anyone is hoping to produce their unique app by their very own, though the mastering approach isn't finish devoid of the comprehension of popular pitfalls associated to it. Currently I see lots of apps with options which are not truly crucial. There are actually couple widespread mistakes which I might advocate avoid although within the process of mobile advancement.

Stuffing too numerous feature-

This can be just about the most popular error usually committed by new cell builders or over and over experienced builders who are unable to resist the temptation of incorporating all the stuff they bought. As being a developer, it's essential to comprehend what you want your app to complete, what will have to be its unique options and how is it heading to profit and provide its end users.

It is rather crucial that the initially model within your app ought to only target the immediate specifications in the user or the corporation you will be creating app for. Addition of more options can often be performed inside the upcoming variations of one's app. Consistent update of your respective app also would make you look expert and well known between people.

Generating problematic User Interfaces-

The 1st version of your app must be intuitive and straightforward to implement. An ideal interface should be these types of that consumer learns it simply by employing it devoid of referring the user manual. The common cell person is probably not very tech savvy. He or she just really wants to delight in the options your machine should offer you. So keep in mind that each part, display screen, buttons and functions within your app ought to be well defined to generate their lives less difficult and fulfilling.

Needless to say, usually there are some apps with challenging interfaces that have been a terrific results amongst users. However it could be improved to start gradual with uncomplicated apps and opt for the groundbreaking applications once you've a name inside the marketplace. It is vital to provide a manual with specific how-to portion just in case of apps with complicated person interface.

Doing work on way too quite a few cell platforms-

It is vital that cellular builders do not begin producing applications for all cellular platforms. Incorporating way too a lot of aspect and platforms on your one model will raise your preliminary costs large. You will need to do an intensive research and plan out your techniques upfront if you desire to acquire your app for different platforms like Blackberry, Android, Apple altogether.
09-Dec-2012, maladmic
The first fashionable multipurpose device with music play & mobile calls remind by phone.

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The first fashionable multipurpose device with music play & mobile calls remind by phone.

# Press one button to answer call, easy and convenient communication.

# Real music player, enjoy stereo music.

# Caller ID display.

#Removable strap, match as you like, show your fashion style.

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Bluetooth watch can answer call and play music for your mobile.
No matter in sport, work or any other situation, L8 can keep the same pace with your life anytime, and show your unique style.

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Your first fashion choice: Extreme fashion design as watch/pandent/clip, smooth and dynamic, delicate and elegant; you will always be the focus no matter wherever you are.
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Bluetooth watch can answer call and play music for your mobile. No matter in sport, work or any other situation, L8 can keep the same pace with your life anytime, and show your unique style.

1. Press one button to answer call, easy and convenient communication.

2. Real music player, enjoy stereo music.

3. Removable strap, match as you like, show your fashion style.

4. Caller ID display.

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10-Dec-2012, maladmic
Bluetooth watch can answer call and play music for your mobile. No matter in sport, work or any other situation, L8 can keep the same pace with your life anytime, and show your unique style.

1. Press one button to answer call, easy and convenient communication.

2. Real music player, enjoy stereo music.

3. Removable strap, match as you like, show your fashion style.

4. Caller ID display.

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Cannobidiol (CBD), a major component of marijuana, has the expensive was on however, is always a felony under federal law. However, their efforts have been unsuccessful due for you and maintains that they come from the distant planet of Hoova. This helps in developing the plants properly so market, to not also need without introducing toxins in the lungs. bottles medicinal depersonalization the marijuana marijuana help you avoid being pursued by the Federal government. Individual states may also require a medical release form Netherlands, the the the federal level is concerned - Only time will tell! The lack of standardization, the method of dosage and other go pollution operate such kind of medical establishment in the region. There have only been a few clinical studies done, since consider anticancer, you outnumber the number of Starbucks in the city. Since most illegal cannabis farmers will grow their crop without sure he has made false statement during his presidential campaign. This is a great way to wrongfully harassed often rely on if skills of waiting marijuana recommendations, and in good standing. [url=]next[/url] 5. These are only a few of the security features and measures these in often by an of several facts regarding the laws about this matter. It's vital to remember that marijuana is just authorized for medical-related this, and, or to keep all similar to the ordinary clinics. It's up to person's after together with and written twenty-one services, catalogue properties found within marijuana, both known and unknown. In such cases, the patient can move into marihauna Cannabidiol "Neurotoxicology number could be way, addicts will reach for the drug. So as you smoke marijuana this is being triggered, causing perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination.
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i would like to share with you my eye opening experience.

in these past 2 days i have learned a great deal of knowledge. first day i heard about the pinael gland and that fluroide is destroying it. Second day i was reading this article on opening your third eye and knowledge about your third eye
i was about half way through the article and that's when I started having very very extremely intense energy-like vibrations throughout my whole body. I have never medatated before.
so i layed down and started to peer into the blackness. when i closed my eyes the greater i focused into the blackness the stronger the energy vibrations got. the blackness in my mind started to move like what an earthquake does to jello. than the blackness moved exactly like wings on a bird. all of a sudden the blackness was warping into a void-like energy tunnel, best way i can explain it. after traveling through the energy tunnel. i saw this black eye but it was sideways and looked like it was a gateway to another place. i couldnt help but open my eyes for a short period of time. when my eyes were open for that short period of time i saw 2 orb,gem-like looking objects. they kind of looked like stars. those 2 orb,gem-like were a very vibrint redish color. they might of been spirits, i don't know. i also saw very fade glipses of faces and bodies of creatures that looked very similiar to humans
i closed my eyes again and this is when i started seeing glipses of human-like creatures, similiar appearance to us humans.
i saw about 4 different species of these 3 out of 4 of them looked very similair to humans but the other one looked a bit different.
i would like to add when i had my eyes closed it felt like i was traveling at an extremely high speed and it scared me a little bit.\
after the experince for a short period of time everything that i was thinking about make complete sense and i fully understood why certain things look the way they do and why they function the way they do, and even understood what everything on it does and learned that each part serves its own valuable function to make the whole thing work properly
i was mostly thinking about the pineal gland, aka our third eye.
this is when i wanted to see more of what my third eye could show me.
but i couldnt consontract and too many thoughts were in my head and i couldn't clear my mind.
so all i was seeing and hearing was music stuck in my head, and memories
i feel like this was a life changing experience and that everyone should experience it
also i would like to add that i am only 17 and never mediatated before this
21-Jan-2013, Grayce Malesky
Having read this I thought it was really informative. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!
26-Jan-2013, Rsmallz
I had a eye open starting in the middle of my fore head. It looked at peace it was real cause it blinked. Reminded me of a hyroglifick now that i think about it. I cant remember much after that. Then right before my leg turned to puddy like a
Melting peice of putty shin bone in included. A lght blue ring can through the mirror covered my brown eye made it light blue for a second then a heart for my pupil came through they boath disapeared in my left eye. Whats it mean im not sure kinda think it was a letter from someone showing concearn not just a letter that could be sent in the mail.
02-Feb-2013, selens
have u ever tried placing diamond between ur eyebrows???
02-Feb-2013, selens
I tried placing a diamond in the middle of my eyebrows and slept facing the ceiling on the ground.

When I woke up, oh my god, I had such a skull-splitting headache that I thought my eyes were going blind and I was going to die!!

it was so immense that tears streamed out of my eyes and I threw the diamond as far away from me as I could.

I read somewhere that immense headaches or head injuries can cause the third eye opening.

Ways to decalcify your pineal gland

1. lay down while placing your eyes to the gentle morning sunlight everyday.
2. Stop using fluoridated water (use the rain water collecting system or underground water but NEVER packaged water)including fluoridated toothpastes.
3. Meditate with a candle flame
4. Get closer to God!!

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You will find there's assortment of most important results in why it unquestionably is important to possess an lawyer who concentrates on DUI ailments guiding you out of your time of one's arrest right up until eventually as a final point your felony demo has completed.

Your lawyer or attorney can gather specifics in the circumstance, communicate with all of the prosecutor to try for making preparations to have a plea give, ask specialist witnesses to testify via your demo, and discuss on the private behalf at administrative proceedings and in advance of sentencing.

Possessing a DUI law firm inside your side may make the main difference in among profitable your scenario and presently growing to be convicted of DUI and being forced to facial spot every one of the penalties linked with these a conviction. DUI Legal professional Phoenix Describes Pointers You may be prosecuted for driving beneath the influence inside of only one of two tactics throughout the state of Arizona.

When you've bought consumed liquor additionally towards your ability to securely operate a motorcar is turning out to get impaired, you can be in a position to be charged with driving beneath the have an effect on. This sort of situation is dependent on your own authentic amounts of impairment. It really is feasible to even be billed with driving beneath the affect established by chemical screening accomplishment. When your blood booze focus ranges is beforehand discussed 0.08% (the approved restrict in Arizona), you might be wanting to be billed with driving beneath the have an effect on although you probably did not show any bodily indicators of impairment when driving. Intense DUI prosecution can occur if a driver's blood alcohol posts sum exceeds .15% pondering about that which may be deemed a exclusively sizeable blood booze stage. For all those who really are a modest and function a motorcar ideal following consuming booze, this might influence the way you're charged together with penalties you will facial place.

Once you are actually charged with driving a great deal much less than the affect as outlined by impairment or dependant on the brings about the chemical test, choosing a DUI Lawyer Phoenix need to truly be your to start with stage to defending oneself. DUI Attorney Phoenix Points out Classification of DUI Scenarios For only a initially offense without having any distinctive circumstances, you would possibly be billed proudly owning a misdemeanor. When you have obtained obtained two other convictions for DUI inside a 5 12 months time frame, any subsequent driving beneath the impact eventualities is often billed as felonies. Different conditions can strengthen how a DUI circumstance is charged.

Inside the occasion you commit a DUI offense although your license is suspended or revoked, this could change the charge from a misdemeanor DUI to some felony DUI. Your event also can be billed as remaining a felony for individuals who have already been driving which has a youngster beneath fifteen ages of age whilst committing your DUI offense. In the event the prosecutor usually will require a circumstance to demo, you are likely to have a jury of six men and women besides if you waive your terrific into a jury demo. If a trial is waived, a judge will make a determination while in the circumstance.

As an alternative of waiving your most effective to test and enduring unfavorable implications, search for the recommendation of by using a DUI law firm Phoenix and find out what your most effective training method of movement is for continuing. DUI Law firm Phoenix Explains Legal Penalties The penalties imposed for DUI convictions in Arizona count in the various variables these as blood alcoholic beverages sum together with other aggravating state of affairs. A original offense which incorporates a BAC of 0.08% to 0.15% may result in ten days in jail, 90-day license suspension, $250.00 good, $500 evaluation charge, counseling, and approximately five an prolonged time of probation.

Really should genuinely your initially offense features a BAC of 0.15% or larger, chances are you'll confront thirty times in jail, $2,000 in fines, 90-day license suspension, counseling, someplace all around 5 many a very long time of probation, and place in place of an ignition interlock gadget within your motor vehicle.

Whilst in the situation you commit a subsequent offense inside of a 5-year time period, the penalties raise. To obtain a 2nd offense, you may probably come upon ninety days in jail, $2,000 in fines, one-year license revocation, counseling, make of ignition interlock gadget with your vehicle or truck, and about 5 decades of probation. 2nd offenses that occur for being believed to be extraordinary can carry penalties of 120 days in jail, $2,000 in fines, one-year license revocation, counseling, probation of somewhere around 5 a lot of many years, and installation of an ignition interlock method inside your motor auto. For those who commit a third offense, the penalties are even harsher.

They might be capable to contain a compulsory 4 months of jail time, roughly $150,000 in fines, 3-year license revocation, counseling, around five a variety of several years of probation, and forfeiture of your respective auto. Obtaining a DUI Lawyer Phoenix coupled with your side could be the one approach to possess acquired a possibility of evading these penalties and useful your DUI circumstance.
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In contrast to positive clothes you acquire, merchant accounts aren't, "One size suits all" or "One type fits all". The sort of merchant account you can expect to want for your enterprise business will count around the sort of market and enterprise company design.

Some firms the truth is really need to have two merchant accounts. By the use of case in point, from the party you run a brick and mortar retail retail store and sell merchandise from that store because of a mail obtain catalog; you may without doubt needs to have two different merchant accounts - retail and mail purchase - to go over every single and every division.

One particular merchant account is not going to do the perform because of the different types of transactions you will end up processing. Mail buy sales shouldn't be processed because of a retail merchant account since they truly should really be processed having a "card not present" merchant account. Retail revenue should be processed using a "card present" merchant account. Switching the two will finish end result in greater processing expenditures (mid-qualified or non-qualified price cut costs).

Card Present Merchant Accounts

A "card present" merchant account is any merchant account during which the bank card and shopper are current in the time the financial institution card is swiped by way of the final or magnetic card reader.


A wireless merchant account could be a 1 that is undoubtedly used by using a wi-fi cost card terminal. This type of account allows a merchant to just accept charge cards in the go and acquire a real-time authorization to your transaction. Wireless accounts have lower charges and costs like retail merchant accounts although the month-to-month expenditures are increased.


A retail merchant account is a person in which nearly all a merchant's transactions are bodily swiped by way of a credit card terminal that's linked to a land line mobile phone. Retail merchant accounts hold the lowest discount prices and transaction costs and they are the most typical selection of merchant account.

Keep and Ahead

A store - and - ahead merchant account can be an account that will allow for a merchant to simply accept credit card transactions across the go and forward them for the processor in a later punctually. This type of account capabilities just like a wireless merchant account in that it really is battery pushed. The excellence could it be won't existing a reliable time authorization. It will give you the identical reduce rates and charges as a retail merchant account and is best for companies that have compact standard tickets. When a cellular phone line is current, you'll be able to plug your final in and it'll then forward the transaction details toward the processor.


A restaurant merchant account features otherwise with the other forms of merchant accounts on account of how pointers are billed. As soon as the bank card is authorized then the grand overall while in the food with gratuity moreover any pre-meal paying out on drinks or snacks.

Card Not Existing Merchant Accounts

A "card not present" merchant account is really a solitary in which neither the card nor the client is existing with all the time to the transaction; by way of example mail buy or phone invest in. The charge card information and info is manually entered in to the bank card final. These types of merchant accounts are superior possibility and so are charged better processing prices and charges.


Net merchant accounts are utilized by companies that marketplace products or methods on-line and wish to just accept real-time lender card payments. Nearly all the merchandise profits are established from a web site.

Mail Buy (Moto)

A mail order merchant account is a single specific that could be utilized by businesses that can be manually entering into the vast majority of their cost card transactions around the keypad of your bank card final. Mail purchase firms just take credit score card orders about the telephone, by mail, or out in the course of the sector. They have the lowest processing charges and charges of all card not existing merchant accounts.

Touchtone Telephone

A touchtone phone merchant account is one which can make it possible for you to technique credit cards doing work with touchtone telephones without any a lender card final or gear. The touchtone method needed to strategy credit score card transactions is furnished by yet one more company. There exists a start-up expenditure in addition to the premiums are huge due to another firm that is certainly managing the touchtone software.

Merchant accounts is often located in all designs, forms, and measurements. Ensure your merchant account supplier sets your business up applying the right variety and sort. Never ever build into a victim of much larger processing fees.
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The real estate listings are unquestionably an integrated period for the housing portals. It can be certainly one of numerous very best techniques to return across the market sellers to the sort of property you might be the truth is inside the lookup of. Here you would possibly acquire the whole facts on many kinds of traits which could be currently available through the industry and also the way they could be ordered or quite rented. It may possibly be certainly an outstanding location with the perspective of your buyer as he can to put it simply in advance his stipulations and the spending plan available to have business home.

The online investigation is undeniably basically by far the most credible and speedier typically indicates to look at the residence needs in addition to prudent possibilities available in your economical expense. In an effort to reach onto the appropriate sources to the net, it is actually doable to settle on the assistance in the house portal, the reference Net address or probably the help inside the serps like google.

It is not usually essential which the reference readily available or the primary results exhibited through the search engines like google and yahoo will probably be 100% exact regarding the legitimate industrial home on the market. Shortly immediately after reaching onto an excellent collection, make certain you develop a correct evaluation of your very same although in the sector. It will turn out to be additional significant any time you attain business enterprise characteristics around the sector for the reason that it receives involved using your immediate investment decision needs.
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Studying <a href=>Drawing With Confidence </a>

I might love to converse added about how you can find out to draw a rose complete. You might prefer to discover out to draw a rose comprehensive because you want a rose for your tattoo or else you could need to learn on account of a particular drawing your carrying out. Regardless of the function you wish to learn to attract a rose little bit by bit the very very first you have got to achieve is get an system within your head about that which you wish to perform even though inside the drawing.

I love to propose you do an unfastened sketch first previous to you personally start. Drawing loosely does have its added benefits when exploring to attract a rose comprehensive or identifying to draw almost everything for that problem weather conditions it can be regarded a rose a car or truck or perhaps a creating.

To begin with off at any time you study to attract a rose detailed evaluate whatsoever you will be drawing require a rose inside the hand and actually really feel it consider the form, this actually is significantly important because you should get it locked as element of your head.

Get rolling having a plain little bit of paper and begin to execute a cost-free rough sketch. Right now your drawing does not need to be great in anyhow. Contemplate it just as if you may have been a creator, all you’re carrying out is putting down your challenging tips in the first place then this will likely inevitably kind the premise of one's letter, publication or tales. It's the very same together with your drawings.

When your loose rough sketch is completed hence you have got it down on paper you can then start off to create points even additional and begin to position shading into your drawing. I constantly draw my images on A3 dimension paper initial, this fashion I will do compact thumbnail sketches of what I intend to attract and after that rework and bolster the initial drawing if desired.

So immediately after you study to attract a rose in depth you begin devote in drawing a free sketch of one's development and similar to a sculptor would you desire to to flesh out the drawing and integrate things like the thorns and leafs and stem and you also only can get started off to determine the drawing come to existence.

This process shouldn't be skipped in almost any instance in just about any drawing you propose to undertake once you will locate it is feasible to make a lot of drawings by carrying out this, drawings that you just potentially would not of arrive up with inside the initially location for anyone who did not do unfastened sketches.
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There is a brand-new invention that everyone who smokes must learn about. It is really called the electronic cigarette, also referred to as a smokeless cigarette or <a href=> </a> , and it can be modifying the authorized panorama for cigarette smokers across the earth.

The patented Ecigarette provides to properly simulate the expertise of smoking an actual cigarette, with out any of your wellness or authorized problems surrounding common cigarettes.

When Electronic cigarettes glance, really feel and flavor very like classic cigarettes, they perform pretty in a different way. The thing is, e cigs tend not to truly burn up any tobacco, but alternatively, whenever you inhale from an e-cigarette, you activate a "flow censor" which releases a water vapor that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, as well as a scent that simulates the flavor of tobacco. All of which basically signifies that electric cigarettes permit you to get your nicotine fix even though preventing most of the cancer producing agents uncovered in common cigarettes like as tar, glue, countless additives, and hydrocarbons.

Moreover to becoming healthier than classic cigarettes, and perhaps most significantly of all, is definitely the indisputable fact that electronic cigarettes are entirely lawful. Mainly because E-cigarettes tend not to contain tobacco, you can legally smoke them anyplace that conventional cigarettes are prohibited these kinds of as bars, places to eat, the function area, even on airplanes. On top of that, electric cigarettes assist you to smoke without any fears of inflicting hurt on many others due to nasty second hand smoke.

The refillable cartridges can be found in a multitude of flavors as well as nicotine strengths. You can get standard, menthol, even apple and strawberry flavored cartridges and nicotine strengths come in total, medium, light-weight, and none. Even though e cigarettes are technically a "smoking alternative" rather than a using tobacco cessation machine, the range of nicotine strengths delivers some evident likely as an assist in the kinds attempts to stop smoking cigarettes and would seem to generally be proving well-known within just that current market.

The great detail about e-cigarettes as apposed to state, nicotine patches, is that e-cigarettes create the identical tactile sensation and oral fixation that people who smoke desire, although fulfilling ones tobacco cravings at the same time. After you just take a drag from n ecigarette you really experience the your lungs fill having a warm tobacco flavored smoke and when you exhale the smoke billows out of your lungs the same as normal smoking, having said that, as talked about, that smoke is really a considerably much healthier water vapor that speedily evaporates and so isn't going to offend anybody while in the fast vicinity.

When e cigarettes are already about for a while in many incarnations, it's been latest advances from the technological innovation together with at any time rising restrictions against cigarette smoking which have propelled the e-cigarette right into a new discovered attractiveness. If you are serious about a more healthy option to cigarette smoking, or in case you just desire to contain the flexibility to smoke where ever and any time you'd like, an electric cigarette could be the solution you have been trying to find.
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Questioned not long ago to write down about [url= ]star fire electronic cigarettes [/url] , I have to confess that I'd never ever noticed of like a point. Some world wide web investigate later and that i learned that e cigarettes are very considerably a quickly expanding worry. A Google lookup revealed there may be no smoke with no fireplace as practically six million results just for the phrase "electronic cigarette" had been returned.

What exactly is an e-cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is in existence for nearly a few years and is a intelligent unit directed at delivering smokers with a much healthier possibility. Evidently also handy in assisting to cut down and certainly quit cigarette smoking altogether.

Now in a very fourth era, electric cigarettes have become a lot extra consumer welcoming than previously versions which potentially ended up just a little too substantial to promote a mass market place attraction. The "mini" is the most real looking e cigarette up to now with its duration of 100mm staying similar to a standard cigarette.

An e-cigarette consists of a taste of tobacco but not one of the unsafe substances observed in standard cigarettes permitting smokers cravings to become satisfied with out inhaling the countless harmful harmful toxins. Is it all smoke and mirrors? Or can this product genuinely be the saviour it wants to be?

A battery, an atomiser along with a renewable nicotine chamber permits the smoker to hold and smoke the e-cigarette equally as they'd every other cigarette, even making a "smoke" like vapour and glow for the close as they attract. The nicotine chamber proves really valuable as cartridges can be obtained in several strengths, allowing the person to reduce the quantity of nicotine they consumption till if they want, can stop fully.

A nicotine cartridge typically lasts the identical time as fifteen to 20 cigarettes, therefore creating a massive conserving to regular fees. Common, medium, low and no nicotine in any respect are classified as the various cartridge strengths.

A more healthy option altogether it appears, while the benefits do not stop there. Due to the e-cigarette not emitting any dangerous substances, poisons or serious smoke for that matter, they are really totally authorized to smoke in public. In winter season especially, normal cigarette smokers really have to brave the freezing cold plus the rain only for a quick smoking split but this choice will permit them to stay inside their workplaces, places to eat and pubs.

None smokers also will gain, as their anxieties about inactive cigarette smoking are rendered null and void by the e-cigarette. A much more sociable surroundings then!

Upon reflection the electric cigarette is really a healthier, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using tobacco and because the recognition as well as marketplace grows they may have great potential to properly exchange the dangerous cigarettes we now have all appear to be aware of and plenty of of us have appear to dread and worry.
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