Astral Projection 22/40

This is my first attempt to stimulate an Astral Projection via brainwave entertainment. Frequencies are quite simple, voice one is a "D" located at 282.4hz, and voice 2 is an "A" located at 432hz. In 7.5 minutes, the binaural frequency raises from 15hz to 22hz. Then a second frequency (voice 2) blends in and reaches full volume at 11.5 min, at a frequency of 40hz. The total session lasts 45 minutes, however it is unknown how long it will take to project.

Submitted: 13-Jun-2002 by Phil Collin
Download preset: Astral_Projection_2240.bwg


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User comments

13-Jun-2002, Fetus Farmer
I thought A was 440?
16-Jun-2002, Mike T
Yeah, 'A' technically is 440 HZ, but 432 HZ really is 'A' as well.. It's not far enough removed from 440 HZ to be a different note. It might be a little flat compared to the 'A' we're used to, but that's all.
01-Jul-2002, Glen
Actually, it has been proven that having 'A' as 432Hz is better for some reason that I cannot remember. Having A as 440Hz comes from standardising concert C to some value (I cannot remember the value), but many ancient civilisations used 432Hz as a common frequency. Since they are so close, most people would not even notice the difference when heard separately.

You will most likely find that D at 282.4Hz is related to 432Hz, not 440Hz.

Anyway, it is irrelevant, since we are not talking music. The important part is the binaural beat, not the musical note used to make it.
17-Jul-2002, stan
Is there a way to open bwg files in cool edit and have them work??
26-Jul-2002, Michael Hoss
What about the Astral Projection? Any body there yet?
05-Feb-2003, Dean
You can use them in Cool Edit after you have played them into a .wav file (just open up the wav file in Cool Edit afterwards).

You don't have to be einstein to work out how to use this software, it's really simple. So simple, my 'anti-software, anti-computer, anti-modern day device in general' hundred and five year old great grandfather can use it.

Less of the "how do you burn" and "how do you do this", and "how do you do that", and more of your experiences actually using it.
31-Mar-2003, tom
I had OOBE 3 times- but never as a result of using a magstim or BB. It's really fascinating once it happens- perfect clarity of sight and recognition of details upon returning. Also none of those were deliberate- they just happened.
28-Nov-2004, Drew
The "Key to the Temple of Malkuth (Earth)"-
If you wish to 1) project, or 2) send / receive Earth energies; I am convinced that a certain combonation is perhaps THE most powerful! It is:
a 432Hz sinewave ( The 'Universal Note' & the Number associated with temples of resonance from egyptian to mayan ) modulated at a freq. of 7.82 ( The Earth's Harmonic Frequency- "Schumman Frequency", also a deep theta-state brain wave. ), for hemispheric synchronization, harmonics may be added to the 432Hz carrier. ( Note: if using 'cooledit' set the 'flavour' of the sine to 3.14159 / Pi. Or to the Golden Mean, both are powerful. ) This 432 / 7.82 / 3.14 ( = 11.11 BTW ) is very useful for aligning with the Earth field- if only to float on it! - or for varied trance-works and magicks. I have a degree in Music Composition, and a degree in psychology, and I have been studying sacred sciences for years- beleive me; I hit on a good one here!
28-Nov-2004, Drew
Sorry- I should have said this:
If anyone has any experiences with this combo, please tell me, either here or by email..
.:.Children of Seidhr.:.
20-Oct-2005, Henke
You'll need a lot more than just the right frequencies to be able to project. Getting to the state of mind nescessary is easy, the problem is that you have to leave the body by will and your own means and that mental "muscle" you need to "draw" yourself out of the body is the one that's hard to find.

The problem consists in the fact that this particular "muscle" is something that you have never used before and that you therefore simply don't know where it is or how to use it.

That was my problem at least, until i found it.

Now i'm just having trouble to repeat it since i get so damn excited in the exiting-moment that i loose my focus and wake up. ;)
10-Dec-2005, GICAU
Felt like leaving at times (tried it several times and did this most times), but no OBE yet
31-Jul-2006, Stijn
It was actually Goebels, minister of propaganda from Hitler, who arranged the new a=440hz setting.

In this way, people are permanently "out of tune" with their chakra's and astral body wich resonates with these frequencies.

It is in radio, TV and most of modern music that a=440hz and this was a very smart move of Goebels to distort the public and that they were manipulated easily. Its mass manipulation... So to all musicans, please use a=432hz for what its worth, one should be wearing ear buds to not be manipulated by the other sounds around wich are at a=440hz

Old instruments have this frequency, so composers who use an orchestra with old instruments is great.

Now I am working on techno and rave music in golden mean setting and a=432hz. I also want to incorporate african drums since this activates human dna.

I have my own website what will be online soon, wich will also explain the star sign Lyra where the hopi indians say the gods come from. In persian wega, the main star of this constellation is called jahweh! It was the previous pole staere during atlantis 12.000bc. In egyptian it is called the vulture star and Ma'at. The vulture is together with the snake on the farao's head..
Hermes, a greek god, made when he was born a Lyra from a turtle shell. As one might now, america is called turtle island by the indians. See how different mythologie works out!

Feel free to visit my website or contact me anytime.

02-Oct-2006, JORGE
Well i just whant anyone to help me trying to understand what has been happening to some of my dreams... well I for about 4 or 5 months i have had dreams of me looking at my self sleeping but in my dream im kind like in a 80 percent concious and i think this will be probably astral projection or something... i whant to develop this but ive been looking up for information arrownd the web and i cant find clear information of what my dreams are about.. or what do they mean... well ill really apreciate your help... oh sorry for my english.. im from mexico and im improving my english too...
07-Nov-2006, rico
can you please transfer the file into mp3 fo i can download an listen on windows media because i dont realy know how to use brain generator
03-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
12-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
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