Starchild Activation


- DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) Modification via RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) protien synthesis transformation technique via brainwave harmonic such that StarChild 12-stand DNA activation is achieved for final status: Activate = 1.

recommended settings for optimal effect ::

- (bwgen settings): 16bit/44100khz, 28 buffers / 1000ms length

- (headware): Bose(R) QuietComfort(R) Acoustic Noise Cancelling(R) headset. \

- (volume): casual mp3 listening volume, stereo headphones selected, normalize equalizers.

- (ambience): 22-25 celcius temp. silence implementation: 90-100%.

- (physical): relaxed + semi-alert (alpha mode, clean body, not smelling offensively devasting)

- (mental): calm (alpha mode, day activity replay purged)

- (emotional): free (babageless, internal love, free-willed)

- (spiritual): balanced (integral spiritual understanding)

comments ::

-- //

Submitted: 25-May-2002 by Soul Xen
Download preset: soulxen.bwg


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User comments

16-Sep-2002, Angry Man
The description is riddled with errors =/. Lol, does this have something to do with the possible alien skull's DNA? I really hope my face doesn't turn into that =p. What is meant by integral spiritual understanding? The great nest of being?
08-Nov-2002, Derk Bell
How do I know if it worked?
17-Nov-2002, (unknown)
what on earth is this supposed to do? i didn't understand a word of it! does it release some chemical or something?
22-Nov-2002, Maxpowr
From what I understand: A Star Child is one with natural psychic powers. There is a more complex definition and the psychic powers are generally only a part of it. Sounds interesting... but I do not know enough about this preset or the author to trust it.

22-Nov-2002, Maxpowr
An add-on to my previous comment. Star Child's generally know the complete truth or a general understanding of our universe/all universes. I, so far, do not.

18-Apr-2003, Skyblayde
Hs anyone done an indepth study on this frequency.. someone obviously put alot of time into it. Does Anyonw have any idea or clue who made it absolutely?
I used it and my entire body became fuzzy, i could sense everything around me almost as if i would see without my eyes. i could still use my body so it wasnt OOBE
i kept seeing these big black eyes in my head they moved and blinked and all.. they kept telling my they loved me and they would visit soon. that i was not in danger to not be afraid..

what is this thing? what is a starchild?
all i found as stuff on skulls. for years i've been told i wasn an Indigo Child, wouldnt that be different on some scale?
this wav makes me feel strange, not in a bad way, but like.. something is changing, almost being brought back out. i could acually put energy signatures to presencees around me and know who is who witout looking.
it also had me do some strange things to balance my body out completely. i first empty'd out completely. then my body went from weak, to imcredibly strong and light. when i focused on something, i could almost.. just almost, feel my "chi" touching and burshing it over some. i only listened to this for 15 minutes before all this started happening i never even finished it.

im gonna try tonite.
22-Apr-2003, Avnev
This is great shit
22-May-2003, sarg0n
Very cool, we need more stuff like this.
30-May-2003, Matias
I did some research on what a "StarChild" is... and quite frankly, it's scary. It is a 900 year old skull that is not shaped like a human skull at all. It is believed that a human woman had sex with an alien and became pregnant with an alien baby.

The thing is creepy and from drawings and sculptures people have made with what the skull looks like, it looks like an alien.

(this next part is what I am interpreting)
This Preset, from what I understand, changes ones DNA through RNA protein synthesis by the use of brainwaves. The goal is to change it to that of the "StarChild".

The big black eyes would be the alien's eyes. How this person knows how to communicate with these beings, or if it's even like that, I don't know. I don't have enough knowledge to trust this preset. It's description is crap, and I don't know how this person would have any clue as how to alter the brain to somehow become this being, or see the being, or whatever. The group of scientists who are researching the skull haven't even gotten a clean sample of DNA from the skull, so I don't see how the creator is able to talk about affecting your own DNA, and even so, even affecting DNA through soundwaves.

Never the less, I'm only human, and I am afraid of what I don't understand. The skull is creepy as a mother, I'm fairly new to BWGenerator, and I don't like the idea of changing my DNA.

Maybe the author can drop a line, or some kind of update. But if anyone wants to discuss this or anything, send me an e-mail.
05-Aug-2003, Jamie
LOL maybe the author was listening to some of those LSD presets when he made think???
30-Aug-2003, Samson
Has anyone actually tried this yet?
18-Sep-2003, Anubis
I have tried it but nothing seems to have happened. I got a little bit of a strange feeling but I have gotten that same feeling with some of the other presets. I tried e-mailing this guy and his e-mail address is wrong, I keep getting the message sent back to me.
10-Nov-2003, Nick
It should be taking into note that the frequency at which there may be an effect on something does not mean that just because you can hear it, you will be better for it; i.e. by listening to certain frequencies on headphones, you can't improve your kidneys. The sound waves can only affect your brain. Further, the binaural beat does not actually exist, but is only percieved when the sounds are integrated in the brain. In other words, the effects are purely neurological and can only affect the pattern of neural firings, no more. Not to mention that '12-stranded DNA' would have no purpose and frankly does not exist, let alone be 'activated' by some mentally percieved frequency.
13-Feb-2004, MorFeeN
I wouldn't be so sceptical.
Binaural beats effect the brain.
The brain effects the body through hormones (among other things)
There are many, many different hormones.
Additional to this, different ratios and release rates of some hormones do different things.
Therefore why couldn't this influence the production of some special protein?
It's not like the actual DNA would get changed. It's more likley that unused genes get used. Hidden potential.
13-Feb-2004, Anubis
I wouldn't be so skeptical either. I read somewhere in the internet that not all twelve strand of DNA are physical. Don't quote me on this, but I think about half of the twelve DNA strands are spiritual. Don't ask me what their role is, but that is what I read.
26-Aug-2004, Oh Dear
Without getting too bogged down in discussion re: biology, Let us suppose that it is possible to mentally manipulate DNA/RNA/Enzymes and not just hormones. Do we really want to do that using a DIGITAL MACHINE as a manipulation aid? Digital is Dubious because it cannot correctly reproduce the analog nature of our brains so anything we do with it will be MORE imperfect. Nature has a way of doing these things. Bwgen is great fun, but for serious life changing stuff we need to learn how to do it "As God intended".

Chandra - you're so cool. Like many suppose some carpenter's son once was. I have recently been discovering an alternative way of life that allows me to understand to some extent how unimaginably complicated the universe is, and how important it is that we be at peace with it rather than trying to control it (such an obviously impossible task when you think about it). When some cracked out gangster comes up to me in the street and goes "gimme all your money" I go like "here. take the phone too. its totally not worth it." and there's no malice or hatred because although something bad happened, that person was fighting a far worse enemy inside his own head than the one I saw standing in front of me, and the last thing he needs is to feel worse. And thats how it is. Like with 9/11, bare people died horribly for no reason. But to retaliate with more violence was to doom the world to even more bad things happening, because bad things make people feel bad, and when people feel bad they're more likeley to do more bad things. And if we do good things, people will feel good, and they are more likeley to do good things.
Wow. isnt that simple? like really simple. hellooo? hellooo general populous? you awake? eyes open? hellooooooooooo? I guess they're still convinced little bits of paper(or worse, 0s and 1s) are god almighty. :)

Who... Me? HAH . Please, smoke a joint, play guitar, watch swirling audiovisual patterns on 6 screens at once whilst listening to deep purple. Just chill out d00d.

ROFLOL@telepathy on a teddy bear. How would you know you succeeded? Like "hmmmm. I see nothing. therefore I must be communicating with the bear, as it has no brain" let me double check. Nope, nothing. Success !!!
05-Sep-2004, Luurk
OMG, I listned too this for like 5 seconds and my brain went crazy =S It feals like there is people in my room now =S=S=S=S I'm scared
05-Sep-2004, Winged Wolf
Do NOT use the psi genetics theory document as a checklist to try to determine your birth switch, please.
Generators are extremely rare in the population, and assuming you are one because you "generate a lot of energy" and happen to look vaguely like one, would be a big mistake.
You cannot just read this document and say "gee, that sounds like me, I must be a (insert speciality name here)".

Yes, it IS just a theory. If you want to know your birth switch, ask someone who can read birth switches (preferably several people, to be sure it's accurate).

Yes, most people can learn to be psychic. Nons can learn psi abilities, this is why you can teach them to nearly anyone. There is a difference between being able to learn an ability, and having that ability innately (without having learned it).
14-Sep-2004, Tsukai
So, has anyone been able to contact Soul Xen? I would love a response from him/her. Just the meaning of the preset's name and its purpose. Well, a description that goes a little bit mroe in depth would be nice. I can't really bring myself to trust the preset without a way to contact this person or much of a description of what it does. =/

Soul Xen. Come back to us! Lol
26-Sep-2004, Mike
I am listening to it now. It's a well-programmed preset. He creates some interesting effects using pulses at varying rates. (Kind of like drummers who do the odd-time signature thing.)
Do I feel omnipotent now, though? Not really.
So, as ear candy, this is great stuff. Just keep your expectations realistic.
(I'd think this one would be awesome to listen to when coming out of sleep.)
02-Oct-2004, (unknown)
what the hell? you people are so confusing that the only way to see if the preset does anything or not is to try it regularly for a bout a month (which you should do with all presets as the guide tells you). so i believe i am going to try it. if i grow an extra arm or somethin i will let you know.
30-Oct-2004, chi
i don't trust this preset. i couldn't play it for more than maybe 20 seconds before i got a chill down my spine.

perhaps there is some reason for this? that sound gives me a very uneasy feeling inside.
31-Oct-2004, Soul Xen
This binaural audio track was part of an experiment of mine to transform DNA in such a way that you will activate the StarChild within yourself.
06-Nov-2004, netdragon
Nick: You are obviously a pseudo-scientist that doesn't truly understand the precepts.

This process is activated by reaching a certain level of awareness that I, and indigo child, have achieved since I am turning crystaline. Take it or leave it, I will offer you no proof, but simply to say that you are not only quite wrong in your assertions, and you offer no proof of your aforementioned opinions.

Your idea that there is no function for 12-stranded DNA is simply opinion. First of all, we have 2-stranded CHROMOSONES, not DNA, and some beings that are more evolved than us have more strands of DNA per chromosone. This allows them to encode more information into their genome and therefore connect to more information since information or knowledge is encoded into our DNA. I'm not saying the things you do are encoded in your DNA, but that the ability or potential to do certain activities requires a certain DNA configuration to make possible, and also generally the more evolved or aware the function is, the more genetic material it requires.

The 12-stranded chromosone activation for humans is often misunderstood. Humans that have the functionality of 12 strands (for crystals) or 3/4 strands (for indigos) really only physically have 2 strands. Beings that have 12 strands of DNA per chromsone will not be physical beings, on the other hand. How do physical beings achieve the emulation of 12 strands from 2? Quite simply, as the Plaeidians described it to me, is that normally, when our chromosones unravel for the process of creating the RNA to encode our proteins, the DNA from separate chromosones unravel separately and do not interact, yet they all have a lot of redundancy. For people that emulate more strands of DNA, the chromosones unravel, then come together very tightly (but do not chemically mix). They come so tightly together and the ladders twist together that the base pairs cross each other and when they break apart, and the RNA combine with them, you get different protiens encoded.

This allows our bodies to function in different ways biologically depending on the order in which the DNA comes together.

binaural audio affects the brain's waves, which allows different energies to come forth. Since our brain has the capability of affecting anything in the body through chemical and electrical processes, you have no basis to say that the brain cannot affect our biological process.

Please re-think your pseudo-science techniques before rejecting something that you have no scientific basis to reject. A real scientist will simply say they don't know, and they don't because science is simply a set of models that describe the universe, and until these models are shown to be invalid or incomplete, which they always are, people can simply try to find things that don't fit correctly into the models. FINDING THINGS THAT DON'T FIT INTO THE MODELS IS WHAT ALLOWS SCIENCE TO EVOLVE, SO DON'T BE SO STUPID AS TREAT IT LIKE A RELIGION.
07-Nov-2004, netdragon
I played this preset, and it made me feel good, but not anything spectacular. There are some songs that have had some affects on me such as the interlude in Styx's song "Come Sail Away". I am an indigo child, and psychic, but didn't activate my psychic abilities until 3 years ago.

What I suggest for this preset is you really need to focus and trance out, otherwise it will have no affect. For me, the affect was similiar to the Builtin Meditation 2 (Deep).

Everyone has different frequencies that will activate their DNA memory of their non-physical strands (and everyone has 12 non-physical strands). The idea is bringing the awareness of those into your physical being so you can use the information in the DNA and become more aware.

chi: That's energy you were sensing causing you that feeling. Don't get scared by it. I would suggest keep listening to this preset, but try to relax and trance out and not get scared. It seems to be the right frequency for you.
14-Jan-2005, Skyblayde
Soulxen himself told me that this preset was a corck of bullshit based on the placebo effect. Netdragon. I am a DNA activation specialist. and what you have said has alot fo incorrect statements, but it isnt a lack of knowledge, its a lack of knowing the corect terminology. chromosomes are the stepping lines of the ladder that we know as DNA. the strands are known as a Helix. double helix dna is very lower dimensional and can only store so much information. 3rd strand DNA, which most indigo children are born with, allows more of the dormant and latent aspects of being human to become anewed. Including Psychic abilities, and extra senses. someone with 12 strand DNA would be capable of altering reality with a mere thought built upon belief and intent.

I myself am a Crystalline, I am also a Spiritual Guide, healer and teacher. and when i say that even i was fooled by soulxens presets, that means that im not a fool, it just exemplfies the power of human belief(aka known as the placebo effect)
13-Feb-2005, q
But thats quantum physics isn't it? It is thought that if a collective body of people beleive something with such faith, with such zeal, then it will become reality/change reality, beleif is powerful stuff.
28-Mar-2005, Scott
Star childs are 100% human, that had chosen their path before given life. They are alien souls that have been pressed into a human body, that have the pontential to bring peace to the world. Having the ability to be very spirtual, they can also develop very powerful psychic abilities, using a third eye, and able to look into a humans soul threw the eyes, having a hypnotic gaze. They genreally have very beautiful hazel colored eyes. I have very useful links to anyone who wishes to look more into it. Star Children are 100% human, with a very powerful soul, alienish. Hybrids are totally different beings.

16-Apr-2005, Colt
We don't have alien souls Scott, our souls our just as human as yours. We mearlly understand those things that most humans would not accept. We are called aliens because of this. We are not understood because we understand what others do not. As for the preset, it bogus. Starchildren will awaken on their own time, in their own way. You cannot force yourself to awaken. That would endanger you because you may not be ready to control yourself. (Trust me, there are a lot of people who still can't control some of there psychic talents.) Starchildren know and understand that when they 'wake up'. We also understand why it takes so long to wake up. It isn't instant. It takes a long time, sometimes even going into another lifetime. It's very difficult to understand. Now I admit I know nothing about the whole DNA stuff, but I am speaking from experience, not knowledge from a book. If you have any questions please email me and I will tell you what i can. Type the subject as 'starchild' or I may not reply.
14-May-2005, That of which the devil feeds
Hm.... What is all this talk of "satr child" and "indigo child"? A child is a child, regardless of their capabilties. What they choose to do with it is for them to decide. As always, we humans try to control and manipulate what we can. The "powers" are not yours, and cannot be gained through study. Everybody has them, but most cannot use them. You either understand, or you don't. You cannot "learn" them. You must have control over it to manipulate it. And if you do not understand, you never will.
17-May-2005, Mike
Hold up, netdragon, it seems like you are the pseudoscientist...

The whole hypothesis of indigo childs is pseudoscience, nothing is proven. It might be a good idea to do a bit more research first.
27-Jun-2005, Jajaja
Maybe it really isn't a such a ridiculous present description, english just isn't his first language, like me.
27-Jun-2005, chiptruth
you got a chill down your spine because the nervous system bunches up there.

anything dealing with our dna is gonna meet up in the spinal column: that's basic science. a lot of people who are into this need to get into the recognized science before they start getting into this exobiology shit or they will just end up adevrtising their ignorance in survey-type things like this.

"indigo" refers ultimately to a Roy G. Biv theory of the energy centers (chinese, dat tien, body energy centers) in the human body. the pereneal center or dan tien is said to be colored vermillion as the rot or first, all the way up to violet for the top of the head. that's simple daoist explanation and to understand less and still try to explor this is sort of brave but asking for befuddledness. charles luk's daoist yoga or mantak and maneewan chia's books on dao and healing to get some insuight because mostf the stuff here is unsubstantiated confusion and guessing as we can see from these comments. there are established experts in this, and soon you realise that it's only paranormal from a bacwards western perspective...which is like invisible Federal hands around thethroat determined to strangle the brain so that we can have a Burning bush that people ignore.

and of course since this is all about the energy path of the human auric field it corresponds to brain power. your basic normal human with two strand consciousness is not gonna have the ability to get the energy uop tp the top of the head (where your brains are, chillun') to realy grok what the concept is,. they should be learning about he human elder brain, the mass of brains conecting the spinal column to the brains, and they should be learing about established genetric science. or they can go on studying about unestablished scientific maybes and saying 'none of this is real' like a bunch of indigo humbugs. your call kids.
i don't alwas trust Kryon or the Seth channelers. nonetheless they know a lot about this subject.blessed be.
09-Jul-2005, Pirate Jim Bagleaducia
"We don't have alien souls Scott, our souls our just as human as yours."

speak for yourself bucko. I ain't human.

I dunno about a noise having much to do with it though. I might try this one though. It would be super awesomeness to have a computer program and headphones allow me to be in the form I am better acquainted with, but I doubt that would happen!
21-Aug-2005, Skulash
I don't know what to say about this. I'm speachless. After 5mins of listening, I got EXTREMLY paranoid. I felt like there were people watching me everywhere (in my house). I was slightly panicked for about 5mins. Then the effect wore off...
I'm surely going to test this more.
23-Aug-2005, poweroftime
chiptruth - hi, what you said about the you got a chill down your spine because the nervous system bunches up there.

That is not factual, I do not have a spinal cord any more. I lost mine in a bus accident when I ws 9 yrs old. The bus ran threw my aunts house and ran me over. All the doc. couldn't believe a person could walk, move, or feel anything. They ran test on me for months and months finaly They left me alone because they could not figure it out.
24-Sep-2005, netdragon
Mike: I take it you aren't a true scientist. Don't throw out terms like "pseudoscience" if you don't understand them. The meaning of pseudoscience is the "fallability test" (a la Popper) -- it's whether or not something can be disproven. My discussion of DNA is definately something that can be disproven, whereas the whole indigo children thing is simply a classification, which is common in science, and of course never has no epistemological value and only serves to aid communication. All you have to do is show me where in the physical brain "consciousness" resides and create a model of how it works that can be reconstructed in an artificial brain. You also should know that just because you don't have the means to check it now, it doesn't make it infallible. Look at Einstein's faulty theories, which are just beginning to be checked now.
24-Sep-2005, netdragon
Mike: I'd also like to mention that according to logical positivists, who founded modern science, nothing can be proven, only disproven. Logical empiricists, though, are a bit less strict in that regard. Definitions and classifications can be made, since they are abstract, but they have only communicative value, they don't involve proof of any kind. I'd like to offer a possible condition where things can't even be disproven. If the more accepted version of Everret's multi-universe explanation of quantum mechanics holds some water (more accepted in the sense that the idea of branching, which had ontological problems, has been replaced by eternal existance of the realities), to say that things probably can't even be truly disproven, just shown false in a certain context. Since we don't care about physical laws on other versions of earth, we accept

Skyblayde: As for the preset, it had some affect on me, just as Styx's song Sailing Away, and some other song I don't know the name of. Even though it might have been intended as a placebo affect, it does affect my vibrational energy and alpha waves. These kinds of things can happen totally by accident, as different activation energies work for different people. I know full well what our mind is capable of, as it's our collective mind and society's and government's controlling feedback mechanism that constructed this world. DNA is just a mapping to non-corporeal consciousness, and even then 12-stranded DNA doesn't really mean anything when we step outside of the physical realm constructed of what we know of as energy. At that point, it's just possibilities, until something's focused on. Then we start creating these constructs to further isolate ourselves from the oneness -- DNA, then energy, then material -- but the pain of that seperation drives us to return once again from the world of form. Then we enter the eternal world for an instant, because that's all there is, then we latch onto another form and the cycle continues once again, for all eternity. And nothing really matters, but everything matters.

When it comes to starchildren, etc, my feeling is it all comes down to how grounded in this reality our souls are -- how "attached" we are to this earthly reality. Those referred to as more "human" are simply more attached to this experience by their own choices. It can happen to any soul that chooses to block out more of what they are. Those that are less attached come here to bring in different energies, and the reason they're generally "old souls" is because they were the only ones that felt secure they wouldn't get too drawn into things.

That of which the devil feeds: Just because someone hasn't unlocked their abilities yet doesn't mean they won't later. I'm a good example of that. I didn't unlock my psychic abilities until I was 20. They can be improved through visualization and belief. They can also become "rusty", if like I did, you lose interest in using them because you consider study of this reality more interesting. But they don't go away, nor are they really truly turned off, and even though I usually shut them off, my psychic abilities on occasion start working unintentionally when I didn't mean to use them.
06-Nov-2005, Rage
Alien Rave Music! This is pretty cool to listen to. Geez you people are wimps..

I don't think this preset can entrain you because it's so complex. Don't be scared of sound.
02-Jan-2006, Andrew
After a while this I dont think this preset has any affect on me but it did sound creepy
13-Apr-2006, Anon
I tried this last night just before sleep as the beginning sounded good for sleep induction. I usually have several lucid dreams a night, so last night was no exception. Although I only had one pretty long dream. The main themes were: [space travel, planetary conquest], [telepathy, mind control, telekinesis] - the abilities that my dream character possessed and used. Even though the dream morphed around a bit, in each of the different parts there was one dream character that always remained - unchanged. A small dark skinned/haired girl about the age of 14. She was constantly protected by different 'brutes' - very tall muscled men. Towards the end [of the dream], I got curious so I kidnapped her and immediately EVERY other dream charcter got hostile... lots of fighting etc etc. Dream ended. I woke up and my PC had logged out (no settings for that to happen), bwgen had changed preset to another one, NOT starchild activatation thingy.

I did read the bit about DNA before using said preset but not any of the rest that could create subconscious triggers to some of that dream's themes.

So make your own opinion.

I personally only use bwgen presets for trance work, so this is a first that it actually generated a dream that contained what the preset was meant to do.
11-May-2006, Schmemmm
I too am what you may class as an Indigo.
At the start of this preset my body tries to listen for some kind of information or communication. I say this because my head tilts during the start and some parts of the preset. To your average Joe this sounds strange, but different types of communications happen on different frequencies and when my head moves in that way it means it is trying to access information on a higher frequency than normal speech or telepathy within the earth 3D realm.
This preset didn't used to induce this so I conclude that it does do something, perhaps different things dependant on your vibration at the time of listening.
Alternatively this could just be the fact that at time of listening someone/something is trying to get in contact with me clairaudiently :)
24-Jun-2006, Dr Dedoverde
Seems like I understand and like the language of this preset. Very nice. It is definetely speaking.
25-Nov-2006, invisigoth
after about 20 seconds of listening to this i giggled,maybe because of my imagination reminded me of some strange sci fi sound on an alien ship..maybe thats why i laughed
01-Apr-2007, marcus
i tried this present for my first time and it made me fall asleep and i DREAMED that i was in some house dont know who's or where i was but i was sayin i a loud voice " IM TRANSFORMING "..
it seemed a lil real like a lucid dream kinda.
but after i said that i immediatley woke up and thats it.. ima continue with this....
03-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
12-Apr-2007, Valintino
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
13-Jul-2007, Serf
SkyBlayde, Not to scare you but those black eyes are the flyers, Demons, aliens,dark shadows, etc.. You get it. every relgion in the world talks of them, every shaman, and every child at very young ages knows of them... The only diffrence is that you were able to see the one that attached to you.... Get rid of it... Lots of prayers... Do your research for more info.... OH don't feel bad I have 3 of them.. Been khown for years
21-Oct-2007, Selrebnor
There are certain things to take into account:
#1. Faith healing works because of the strength of the belief the one being healed has. Strong evidence proves faith healling works.
#2. There is a theory that certain frequences on different parts of the body. Ultra sonics are used to brake up gaul stones and a singer hitting the right note can shatter a glass, so is this theory to be disregarded.
#3. When DNA splits for replicaton RNA parts are used to complete the split DNA strands (high school science). If a non matching piece of RNA code finds its way in the DNA strand then a change(mutation)happens. If the mutated DNA is minor nothing happens or small changes in the organism will appear. Mutations are not always a bad thing, ie. immunities or different eye color.
The thing is this, auditory sounds can put the brain in a hypnotic state the fequencies may or maynot influence the DNA in the brain. But in this state, the beliefs of the individual will influence the mind and trigger possible changes (as in the case faith healing).
So the possibilty of this presets claims maybe true depending on the individual listening to it.
I am fasinated and can't wait to hear it.
22-Apr-2008, Zero
Made me.. itchy. My legs needed to be scratched, and before that it made me cough. My lungs tickled, and thus to resolve it... I coughed. I'm listening to this right now, and I'm about 10 minutes into this. For some reason my typing speed is slurred and I'm really mellowed out.


The frequency has dropped. Everything is lowered, everything seems to be slower.


Eye irritation. it was brief, but it was there none the less. It felt as if my eyes were dry.


Getting sleepy. Legs have relaxed.

9:00 Even slower.


Sexual desires seem unworldly to me. The mere thought of satisfying myself seems disgusting.


Sexual desires resumed.


Beat picks up.


Light modulation in the background. Noises seem to be making some sense.


I hear radio chatter. Slightly, but it's heard. It's only in my right ear however. This could be because of the fan in my window however.


Upon pressing on my ipod headphones, the bass of the present gets louder. The bass feels more like a heartbeat.


No major effects. Dumping operation.
17-May-2008, ericzutter
This preset uses binaural beat frequencies in the theta range, which means that it can be used to relax or to have OOBE's. The audible frequencies are very complex and produce a good sound/melody that help you stay focused. It makes me sleepy in a few minutes. Which means that it works very good for relaxing.
29-Oct-2008, NbNqpgspOMPZTVLGdx
16-Sep-2011, Concerned citizen
STARCHILD: IE starchild project
the starchild project is a contorversial investingation into an allegid "Alien" skull that was "found" and i would urge against the usage of this preset as the data gathered on such said skull is non-conclusive and MAJOR negative side-effects can be expected from this
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