Build Your Own LED glasses for Mind Machines
Recently I become very interested in Light & Sound devices - "Mind Machine" ,
The idea of an instrument, that can calm you or increase your abilities appealed to me. 
Further more since there are pretty good software and I am a computer geek - I was even more pleased.
I found 3 great programs for the PC:
1. FutureMind - can be download from http:\\
2. BWGEN - BrainWave generator at http:\\
3. MindExplorer - at
All software can drive LED goggles, but in deferent way: 




FutureMind is a DOS program that uses the LPT port (printer port) of the PC to drive the LED's.
Building such glasses is very simple and you can find details on
I build those using the following schema found on:
This glasses works with "PCM MindWave" software too.


Audio Circuit - AudioStrobe / Turbosonic

BrainWave Generator is by far the most user friendly Mind-machine software avilable,
with very easy graphic interface and all the features you can imagine in a software of this kind.
It uses AudioStrobeŽ technology to encode the light pulses into the sound, 
the frequency used for this purpose is 19,200 Hz.
In order to drive the LED's I design a frequency detector that drives the LED's when ever 19200 Hz 
is present in the audio signal using 2 LM567 detectors.
It works very good - but I have no idea if this is the system used by the manufactures
of AudioStrobe glasses.
You will need two of this circuits, one for left and one for right, only one 5V regulator is needed.
P1 potentiometer is used to adjust freqency less then 19200Hz, I found it usefull when listening to 
"regular" music.
The above components are chip, all the components should cost around 10 $.
The same goggels are used for both the pc-port and audio circuits.
I will post some photos of the built circuits next week.
I will be happy to know if you built the circuite,  it works great and enhance
 the binaural sound expirience, drop me a note if you found his information usfull