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GlobeRelated Links

o Build your own LED glasses for Mind Machines - Information about how to build LED glasses that support AudioStrobe, and can thus be used with BrainWave Generator.
o Monroe Institute - Lots of information on binaural beat technology, including several scientific research papers.
o Reflection Technology - Information about brain wave entrainment.
o BrainMaster - Project for development and use of personal EEG brainwave monitors.
oThe Unofficial Bwgen Discussion Forum - This is a forum dedicated to the Brainwave Generator and/or discussion of other brainwave entrainment methods.
o Astral Voyage - Comprehensive information on OOBE's (out-of-body experiences).
o Body, Mind & SoulHealer - An alternative approach to health.
o Brainwave/Cymatics Frequency Listing - Listing of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way.
o WellnessMaster - A program for managing different areas of one's personal life.
o Health Shaman - Alternative, Holistic, and Chinese therapies and resources.
o EEG Biofeedback - Information about neurofeedback
o Bio research institute
o Mind Machine Buyer's Guide
o hot Rod Your Head! Webzine - Lots of articles on several different topics. "A webzine that explores the limits of human potential."
o Aquathought Foundation - A private research organization which studies the neurological impact of dolphin interaction
o Mind Tools - General information about related tools
oRelaxing Audio - A software product to create ambient background sounds for bwgen. Freeware and shareware versions
oRelaxing Software - Software to create ambient background audio to use with your BWGEN presets.
oProject Trinity: I-I, SDi, Neurotechnology - An Integral approach to Neurotechnology.

Companies selling brain entrainment products

oAudioStrobe - The developer of the AudioStrobe technology. They sell several different AudioStrobe compatible devices.
o - Pocket-Neurobics sells a pocket-sized, integrated 4-channel neurofeedback & light & sound machine.
o Tools & Techniques - Echofone device for sound therapy.
o Elixa - Company offering expert advice and full range of mind machines and biofeedback equipment.
o Futuremind - Advanced Programmable PC Software Controlled L/S Mind Machines.
o Synetic Systems International - Company selling several different light&sound machines.
o L&M Music-Healing Products - Company offering accelerated learning, healing music and other self improvement tapes and CDs (music for the mind, body and soul).
o Cerebrex - Company selling different kinds of neurotechnological devices.
o Photosonix - Company selling different kinds of neurotechnology.
o Potentools - On-line mall which sells different kinds of mind/body/soul enhancement products.
o Dream World - "A peak performance resource of information, mind machines, subliminal audio and human potential enhancing books for the dreamer in all of us!"
o The Binaural Source - Company selling entrainment and musical CDs.
oMiscellaneous companies that sell conventional brain entrainment products (tapes, mind machines etc.): Brain Boutique, Brain Sync, MindPlace, Compronic Devices, Intelegen, Mind Gear
oSubliminal Tapes Self Improvement - Subliminal Tapes for Self Improvement
oHuman Potential Technology - Human Potential Technology. 1-2-1 Hypnotherapy& NLP. Hypnosis & Relaxation audio products. Free Hypnosis & NLP audio files, Self help / educational FORUM, and the Meta4 Bank, the webs first index of FREE Hypnotic metaphor! Download any MP3 and recieve another full length Hypnosis MP3 absolutely FREE!
oEEGfree - Brainwave Generator - EEGfree is a Neuro-Technology system inducing brainwave that helps to relieve stress and uneasiness. It can also lead you to deep sleep and the status well balanced for your mental and physical exhaustion. It gives you a chance to improve your competence and performance of study as well.
oCenterpointe Research Institute - They sell CD's but they come with telephone hotline support for emotional changes/catharsis that occur with their program. And they use classified subliminal affirmation technology.
oLuxe Vivant - Luxe Vivant specializes in merging high tech devices, books, DVDs, CDs, etc. with Hypnosis for accelerated personal change programs. Such as Weight loss, stop smoking, mind expansion, relaxation, meditation, exercise, performance, and more...

Other links

o Sound Recorder Software Reviews and Free Downloads - Lists dozens of software products that record audio streaming from any source into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and other audio files.
oHealio Health - Healio Health scours the world in search of the newest and most effective health products on the market for consumers to review and purchase.
oMind Saturation Systems - Uses a 3 Cd/ 3 Method systems in Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, or Charisma and Success to saturate your mind for success.
oTotal Recall Sound Recorder - Record and mix all output from bwgen to wav or mp3.

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