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Preset Library: Experimental/Weird

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Preset name Submitted Rating Comments Last comment
THE TREE OF LIFE 08-Sep-2005, Azathoth 22 01-Aug-2007 "Stop spamming this site! this..."
Psychic Experiment 18-Apr-2005, Steph 18 23-Aug-2008 "Lmfao. Pornbots for the fail!!..."
Jellos' way to put a needle on the record! 12-Mar-2005, Lucideos 1 31-Mar-2005 "Very strange... I like it!..."
Frequency-response Calibration 28-Feb-2005, Odin Grey 8 28-Dec-2008 "sdgsdgsdg"
Best Drug 28-Jan-2005, Simon Everson 31 29-Oct-2008 "seU6wu"
switch 23-Jan-2005, Rob Smith 5 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Aura Viewer 14-Nov-2004, Manico 21 29-Oct-2008 "z5pU9s"
GimmeSomePie 26-Oct-2004, Dave 2 09-May-2005 "It's not necessarily supposed..."
Superlow LSD 28-Aug-2004, Gobla 6 21-Apr-2009 "ohhh that made me sick as HELL!..."
Synergy 09-Jul-2004, Neural Shock   2 16-Jan-2007 "felt it in the pit of my stomach..."
experimental_VibratingBox 02-Jun-2004, dh 3 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
hash 26-May-2004, Dr Prozac 51 19-Jul-2009 "Very nice site!"
Binaural Chord Formation 09-Apr-2004, Steve H 3 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Indian Trips with Ghansfeld effect v1.1 21-Mar-2004, Ken 5 24-Aug-2007 "That's Don't work so fine...."
Blue Angel Pot 02-Mar-2004, Macro7 19 08-Oct-2008 "iRzN7b"
Arousal_1 24-Feb-2004, Neuro Hack 5 20-Nov-2009 "HOLY SHIT this place got taken..."
Poppers 2.0 23-Feb-2004, Macro7 157 09-Feb-2009 "coool!!!"
wierd 13-Feb-2004, seraphim   14 05-Jun-2006 "i'm not sure how much of a..."
Lighting the way 05-Feb-2004, The_Unknown_Error 8 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Granite 01-Feb-2004, Niles DiLux   7 24-Feb-2006 "Yay, it's a cool preset, indeed...."
mri---->lsd simulator 15-Jan-2004, mri 22 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Dual Mono 21-Dec-2003, travw999 4 03-Jul-2007 "Great way to kill time this..."
Patz Alpha-Theta Waver 16-Dec-2003, Pat   2 30-Jan-2006 "energy rushing sensations that..."
Twitchy 25-Nov-2003, lilrascal   12 08-Dec-2005 "This made my face twitch, not..."
Strange_Buzz 30-Oct-2003, Tom B. 6 18-Jun-2005 "well not exactly happier, just..."
insanity to humanity 28-Sep-2003, metadrop 9 03-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
Mentats 23-Sep-2003, Macro7 20 19-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
Sphincter Resonance 21-Sep-2003, illu 48 26-Feb-2010 "Hello! gfeddbd interesting..."
ESP - Clairvoyance 26-Aug-2003, jediknight 16 07-Aug-2009 " ..."
Jet - Fallout 2 Mix 26-Aug-2003, Macro7 36 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
telepathy1 15-Aug-2003, forgottenflame1 2 03-Oct-2005 "There is all high frequencies..."
Reimprinting 12-Aug-2003, Samson Flava 2 17-Feb-2004 "you mean it will give you vivid..."
Total_Feelings 05-Aug-2003, ~~~~~~ 19 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
DNLS v0.01a (LSD substitute) 11-Jun-2003, Delirus 53 04-Dec-2008 "listened for about 15 mins..."
crazy101 03-Jun-2003, Deff 19 09-Jun-2009 "Very nice site!"
Lucy is Scared to Death (story of 25 years old girl) 15-May-2003, Samson Flava 41 28-Apr-2008 "how do i register without paying..."
Neurotic Ego Balance 12-May-2003, Samson Flava 5 25-Oct-2006 "Rage, that is called anxiety...."
War 11-May-2003, Bob   11 04-May-2008 "Snorky. I love you."
Night Trance 23-Apr-2003, Cameron Gaut 7 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Relaxing spread 22-Mar-2003, coolrunner 1 14-Nov-2007 "Great it works well. keep up..."
Thirsty 15-Mar-2003, IKY   5 14-Feb-2006 "damn. im sooo thirsty!"
ERIKA - Jideridu 14-Mar-2003, Erika Vanheck 6 20-Oct-2004 "LET HIM LISTEN TO HIS OWN SHIT..."
Double Helixed Pyramid 'travel to the stars' 09-Mar-2003, G.Mensink 25 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
LSD 27-Feb-2003, jd 24 08-Oct-2008 "sJrNtG"
sinus music 24-Feb-2003, Michael Triggs   2 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
sinus music 2 24-Feb-2003, Michael Triggs 6 14-Apr-2006 "About 3 minutes into it, I..."
Trippy 19-Feb-2003, Nick Perez 11 25-Aug-2007 "Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!..."
Euphoria III (Part 2 - Lopper) 13-Jan-2003, Timaeus Waggener   4 15-Oct-2005 "I was listen to it for: 1st..."
Euphoria Tester III 13-Jan-2003, Timaeus Waggener 47 28-Jun-2007 "Great preset , i'm not sure..."
Telekinesis State 31-Dec-2002, XoBratZ 223 25-Feb-2010 "Hello! gdcgcad interesting..."
Ouch 14-Oct-2002, Nick Perez 50 22-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
Psycho Test 1 29-Aug-2002, Timaeus Waggener 27 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Tantra 06-Aug-2002, HEX   7 07-Jan-2006 "Tantra is using sexual energy..."
Weird effects 13-Jun-2002, Phil Collin   9 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Starchild Activation 25-May-2002, Soul Xen 52 29-Oct-2008 "2Healg"
Tantra 02-May-2002, matt haydon II 6 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Upward Journey 22-Mar-2002, neuron 10 16-Apr-2009 "Very nice site!"
Tweaked 10-Mar-2002, Rich   4 30-Jan-2006 "whoa its tingly!!!!"
expanded v2 09-Mar-2002, nuzin   12 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Feraliminal Lycanthropizer 19-Dec-2001, Steven Graziano 37 02-Jul-2007 "GRRRRRR!"
Pulse Wave 18-Nov-2001, rastlin 6 25-Jun-2003 "feels awesome, keep up the..."
SBER : The Cell 26-Jun-2001, steven Bertrand 14 04-Oct-2006 "ya, I can't seem to get anything..."
4good 29-Nov-2000, Zamolxe 4 11-Jan-2009 "hi cqex8m1gz3rzj92n good l..."
Cosmic octave 29-Nov-2000, Zamolxe 6 10-Jun-2009 "Very nice site!"
Amusing 1 28-Nov-2000, Zamolxe 29 20-Jun-2007 "it made me laugh once...that..."
Amusing 2 28-Nov-2000, Zamolxe 4 13-Nov-2009 "Very nice site!"
Amusing 3 28-Nov-2000, Zamolxe 6 03-Jul-2006 "Mike, laughing gas doesn't..."
Paul's test 08-Apr-2000, Roger Amburn 5 17-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
Extreme Delta 20-Mar-2000  27 10-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
Full-band sweeping 01-Jan-2000, Bill Perry 19 07-Jan-2009 "Great site! 000-lakes-festival.udrf3..."

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