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Preset Library: Treatment/Healing

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Preset name Submitted Rating (votes) Comments Last comment
weight loss v2 02-Feb-2006, theremper (4351) 131 20-Nov-2007 "hey if anyone even comes to..."
Anti-Aging 07-Nov-2004, Parhatsathid Nabadalung (71) 32 16-Dec-2008 "hi,i m 25 and 5.1.i wanna grow..."
Reduce_Medical_Morphine_to_Zero 21-Oct-2002, Ronald Montplaisir (38) 43 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
sinus congestion clearer attempt 29-Sep-2001, Michael Triggs (32) 24 29-Oct-2008 "GYtHcW"
Endorphin Rush 01-Aug-2003, Kurt (27) 12 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Accelerated Healing Cats Purr 06-Nov-2004, Parhatsathid Nabadalung (27) 10 25-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
Cat Purr for Bone Healing 28-Aug-2004, Adrian Austin (24) 6 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
HIV-healing 13-Jan-2005, A Pooo! (24) 25 29-Oct-2008 "fucnYF"
Ultra Headache Treatment (UHT) 04-Jun-2002, Subluxation (21) 12 24-Mar-2006 "very nice"
Endogenous Opiates production 11-Sep-2001, David (33) 23 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Oxygen Into Cells 07-Jul-2004, Cory Langley (31) 10 24-Oct-2008 "I have used only one time and..."
Human growth hormone 06-Mar-2005, Philip Hall (31) 43 18-Jul-2009 "This in fact works very well,..."
Depression 2 01-Jan-2003, Paul (28) 23 03-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
Breath of Life 18-Feb-2004, Thozo (10) 4 29-Jan-2008 "This one is just *gasps* AMAZING...."
endorphin production 01-Feb-2005, Phil Hall (10) 12 26-Jun-2009 "exactly!"
antidepressant 28-Dec-2002, Paul (9) 28 07-Jan-2010 "Hi! fqRzXcRz"
GROWTH HORMONE FREQUENCIES WITH UPPER DELTA 13-Nov-2003, doblece (6) 29 04-Nov-2008 "What's the difference between..."
Adrenaline_Rush 29-Apr-2004, Vebor (5) 13 16-Feb-2008 "zajebisty preset"
|_|HGH'S_SATSIDE(beta not used yet) 22-May-2005, Sat_Side (20) 38 25-Feb-2010 "Hello! kadfddd interesting..."
BiologicalageReverser 16-May-2001, themind2 (9) 17 24-Oct-2008 "qdxh ulkrwiyz bgqrtoza wqdxsinfv..."
Agewell_v0 08-Aug-2005, António Barros (6) 0  
healing 07-Jul-2004, Cory Langley (5) 6 06-Feb-2008 "Hi, i m looking for a preset..."
KIA headache buster 02-Jan-2003, Omid (16) 12 26-Jun-2006 "I had a terrible headache...."
Get Your Hair Back > b0sk0 05-Feb-2005, b0sk0 (12) 18 27-Mar-2009 "hello you said "Segments are..."
Ramp to 4Hz (w/4 voice harmonic box) 07-Apr-2005, J. Ronco (11) 4 19-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
niks dr.feelgood 21-Dec-2005, nik (7) 4 05-May-2007 "Hey Webmaster/Moderator wake..."
Electronic Ear B 23-Nov-2003, Joseph Kao (1005) 22 26-Feb-2010 "Hello! ccfaebd interesting..."
ADHD 11-Jun-2001, FluxLiner (61) 40 29-Oct-2008 "EEu24T"
Anti-Anger (Will Christ) 10-Dec-2004, Will Christ (24) 10 15-Sep-2009 "doors.txt;10;15"
Stress_Relief 25-Jul-2005, Paul (11) 2 22-Dec-2006 "how does it work??? how do..."
headache/allergy sinus - take two 04-Jul-2001, Michael Triggs (5) 5 26-Apr-2006 "Are you sure you want more..."
Evelyne Juliet 11-Jan-2003, brightwarrior (5) 15 29-Oct-2008 "BYQG4W"
Serotonin 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (44323) 226 14-Aug-2007 "Great work! It very impressive,..."
weight loss 01-Aug-2005, theremper (21) 94 23-Oct-2009 "Very nice site!"
[Skytte]Unresolved Emotions (Very Powerfull) 17-Jul-2002, Kim Skytte (29) 24 10-Aug-2007 "While blandly surfing I found..."
Electronic Ear A 23-Nov-2003, Joseph Kao (18) 7 18-Jun-2006 "Hi there, I made this about..."
Euphoria Plus More 05-Mar-2004, Jaguarcat311 (909) 4 28-Sep-2007 "i like that when i wake up..."
healing/delta/sleep 04-Dec-2004, Phil Hall (441) 14 24-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
ziphren's preset 2 06-Apr-2005, Ziphren (183) 12 15-Nov-2008 "to: Admin - If You want to..."
Sinus Cure 15-Feb-2003, g1itch (174) 65 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
pathway creator 31-Oct-2004, david mcgowan (131) 11 26-Mar-2008 "Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?..."
Tomatis Effect 17-Jan-2001, Brian Flaherty (14) 10 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
EnergeticBliss 27-Apr-2004, Dwightberg (3) 6 02-May-2007 "Yes, very relaxing......"
organ toner 24-Jul-2003, António Barros (2) 14 01-Nov-2006 "Can you upload ''aum mani padme..."
Trauma release 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (1) 4 16-Jan-2006 "I use the preset as a sleep..."
RAJA_fear_melting 13-Dec-2002, Raja (1) 8 03-Jul-2003 "I do not understand how you..."
Hormonal Balance 11-Jan-2003, brightwarrior (1) 9 01-Apr-2004 "Does this preset cure acne..."
Heights 21-Jan-2005, R (4) 10 19-Feb-2010 "Luke Sky , you funny mate ..."
ESP/hormone 15-Jul-2004, brent (2) 2 27-Nov-2006 "Hormones trigger ESP . . ...."
Bone-healing/Restorative "Purring Frequencies" 20-Feb-2002, Stefano (4) 30 11-Feb-2009 "jyrpcsv pybmogshd kwmit eanxfsptw..."
ziphrens_preset_3 06-Apr-2005, ziphren (4) 4 31-Jan-2007 "This preset is awesome! After..."
Pandora's Box 24-Jul-2004, Sokoow (2) 2 29-Nov-2005 "Describe feelings you had during..."
mri----> nicotine withdrawal 15-Jan-2004, mri (4) 6 02-Jan-2006 "I'm going to quit smoking tomorrow..."
W-Psychic Surgery 14-Nov-2002, Weng Fung (2) 10 24-Jul-2008 "hello there Weng Fung, i tried..."
Mindset 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe   2 21-Jan-2004 "however long the preset is"
Memory booster 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe   7 29-Mar-2006 "It seems to slow down everything...."
rife oral lesion musical scale 21-Oct-2001, Michael Triggs   3 03-Jul-2003 "Well, if you check out his..."
Depression_Buster 18-Nov-2001, rastlin dra`gon   7 03-Apr-2004 "Not many presets worked for..."
Gaia 06-Jan-2003, brightwarrior   3 17-Nov-2003 "*Dan puts on his ESP helmet...."
sexual_healing 17-Jun-2003, Shane Smith   13 29-May-2006 "Is this a silent bwg? or is..."
Revitalizer 28-Jul-2003, António Barros   2 25-Oct-2004 "This is amazingly beautiful...."

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