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Preset Library: Sleep/Dreams

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Preset name Submitted Rating Comments Last comment
Sleep Induce By 30 Minute Thunder Storm 30-Jan-2006, Christoff 23 20-Dec-2008 "OJn5om"
Full Spectrum Descent 11-Sep-2005, Black Tyger 23 29-Oct-2008 "iWxhdZ"
Lucid Dreaming And OBE Alarm 23-Apr-2005, rainz3d 12 20-Dec-2008 "aLJTrF"
Earth Peace Night Time 17-Mar-2005, Steph 5 08-Oct-2008 "DvogX9"
Earth Peace Night Time - Neptune Special 17-Mar-2005, Steph 2 03-Oct-2005 "Maybe this good for somebody..."
The clairvoir experiment 14-Mar-2005, NightKnight 7 06-Aug-2007 "Is this site not taken care..."
Freedom Flight 01-Mar-2005, Ogoz 21 29-Aug-2007 "Someone delete the spam da..."
Lucid_Dreaming 16-Feb-2005, Raymond 12 07-Jul-2008 "yeah..... If the Mod's could..."
Deep Theta: Complete Entrianment 01-Feb-2005, Phil Hall 111 30-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
The edge of the 7th consciousness 28-Jan-2005, Phil Hall 13 29-Oct-2008 "26Qr4J"
deep_theta_3 18-Dec-2004, Phil Hall 7 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Deep_Theta_Intro 11-Dec-2004, Phil Hall   1 16-Sep-2008 "9RgovS it`realy.... good info......."
deep_theta_2 11-Dec-2004, Phil Hall 2 24-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
deep theta 29-Nov-2004, Phil Hall 13 29-Oct-2008 "ZE6NxK"
4-----MEDS-------DEEP----MEDITATION 20-Sep-2004, Raymond 13 08-Oct-2008 "lcDEfJ"
sleep inducer 05-Sep-2004, phil 0  
Pleasure_Center 28-Aug-2004, Makan Maryoku 23 09-Oct-2009 "good"
Lucid Sweep v 1.2 25-Aug-2004, kineticvoid 21 04-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
Lucid Dream 08-Aug-2004, Babyboy 67 10-Aug-2009 "I have problem sleep when I..."
sleeping kestrel 11-Jul-2004, Kestrel 4 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
The Dream Experience 1.8.2 16-May-2004, Reggie 42 26-Jan-2009 "Whenever I try to export the..."
Knock Out 13-May-2004, Michael Wailes 12 02-Sep-2008 "can someone email me the .mp3..."
Deep Sleep v1.0 04-May-2004, k4o 14 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Dual-Binaural-Sleep 30-Apr-2004, Brainwave 4 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
No More Sleep ! ! ! 13-Apr-2004, Smile 19 28-Nov-2007 "stop the stupid spammer"
Sleep 12-Apr-2004, Raymond 0  
* Sleep: Slow drifting w/ sinus healing 26-Mar-2004, k4o 6 07-Jul-2008 "Wow....... Moderators should..."
Nap [constant] 18-Feb-2004, Obnuntiator 2 21-Dec-2006 "Really relaxing :)"
Nap [subliminal] 18-Feb-2004, Obnuntiator 1 19-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
Nap [variable] 18-Feb-2004, Obnuntiator 3 02-Sep-2007 "Btw, The Flashes you saw and..."
LD Test and 12 13-Feb-2004, ClarkKent 53 20-Dec-2008 "jsa3Kp"
Lucid Dreaming Preset v 1.0 - T.H.E Development Project 11-Jan-2004, Antonio a.k.a Agent768 21 20-Dec-2008 "gRqmq8"
Delta-Is-Going-To-Knock-You-Out 22-Dec-2003, Raymond 6 20-Jul-2004 "only if you used it for couple..."
Theta-dream-state 12-Dec-2003, Raymond 7 04-May-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
The Dream Experience 1.6.2 25-Nov-2003, Reggie Kennedy 27 08-Oct-2008 "iZRX8L"
LD Test Preset 16-Nov-2003, bill perry 60 30-Jan-2008 "Schade, dass diese Seite nicht..."
Sleep Reducer (going down in stages) 07-Nov-2003, Eddykins 4 03-Mar-2004 "Update: I've heard this preset..."
4n 24-Oct-2003, O.Levinger 5 23-Sep-2006 "O.Levinger*"
Elysium Dreaming 15-Oct-2003, Vileupriser 5 25-Aug-2005 "Sorry for my English but I..."
Delta---sleep 02-Oct-2003, Raymond 13 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Vibration Sleep 19-Sep-2003, LogoRat 14 23-Dec-2007 "For anyone who looks beyond..."
Lucid_In_the_Sky_with_Cubic_Zirconias 02-Aug-2003, Tony LaRocca 15 17-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
Test - Sleep Induction and Trance 03-Jul-2003, Tsumaru 7 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
The Dream Experience 1.4.1 02-Jul-2003, Reggie Kennedy 40 04-Mar-2008 "yeah i used Deep Theta:(something)..."
Sleep Reduction - Experiment 'Spiral Entrainment' 15-May-2003, John Tennyson 10 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Sleep reducer 09-May-2003, Alejandro 2 04-Jul-2003 "Arnold, I used to meditate..."
ERIKA - Etat d'extase 1 24-Mar-2003, Erika Vanheck 19 24-Sep-2006 "I realise that this post is..."
The Dream Experience 22-Mar-2003, Reggie Kennedy 17 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
ERIKA - 396 omega 14-Mar-2003, Erika Vanheck 6 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
lucid 04-Mar-2003, G.Mensink 10 21-Mar-2009 "Thanx!!!"
Lucid_Dreaming_Audiostrobe 26-Feb-2003, r 23 20-Feb-2009 "j9BJ0l"
Lucid_Dreaming_by_Joonas 15-Feb-2003, Joonas Mäkinen 8 31-Oct-2004 "to josh dream recall is the..."
RAJA_sleep_induction 04-Feb-2003, Raja 5 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Crazydreams 10-Jan-2003, Ray 33 08-Feb-2010 "it is 2010!"
4 Hz Slide to 2 Hz and Hold 06-Jan-2003, xoroyxo   3 22-Sep-2008 "gi068I"
Deep Chillout 06-Jan-2003, tlahr3 23 02-Aug-2008 "Dude, that background if fu*king..."
sleep induction 06-Jan-2003, coolrunnerau 7 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Sweet Sleep 08-Jul-2002, Peter 6 02-Jul-2007, Chico "That is, if you can take a..."
Power Sleep 10-Jun-2002, Enigma Machine 69 31-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
knockout punch 22-May-2002, Enigma Machine 21 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
lost time 22-May-2002, Enigma Machine 8 06-Aug-2006 "bukzlxwa inmypwl pirma svdqme..."
summerRAINwithSMOOTHthunder 07-May-2002, Toni Lechner 4 04-May-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
5.5xmodsleep100ms 02-Apr-2002, Chad Williams 2 24-Jan-2004 "wow. first time ever using..."
Two hours refreshing nap 04-Mar-2002, Sir Robin 9 10-Jul-2007 ":("
Twilightzone 22-Dec-2001, DreamTek 11 29-Jan-2009 "I had a lucid dream once. I..."
Lucid Dreaming 22-May-2000, Roger Amburn 84 29-Jan-2010 "Very nice site!"
Sleep Reducer 17-Jan-2000, Tim Gerchmez 29 24-Feb-2010 "Hello! cbedbfd interesting..."
Meditation+sleep 16-Dec-1999  15 11-Jul-2007 "Free the cougars! It has..."

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