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Preset Library: Meditation/Relaxation

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Preset name Submitted Rating (votes) Comments Last comment
Feeling of unity with everything 08-Mar-2005, s(o)mov (68) 42 09-Aug-2009 "wow fell asleep to this one..."
Astral Experiment 08-Sep-2004, U.F.O. Project (27) 1 29-Jun-2006 "Awesome preset. It helped..."
Schumann mix 09-Nov-2005, Looi Fook Meng (25) 6 03-Jan-2010 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
Earth Meditation Heavy Rain 2 17-Mar-2005, Steph (22) 3 29-Oct-2008 "Aewsrl"
T.R.I.H.P Trance Inducing Hallucination Producing Ver 1.0 13-Apr-2004, Agent768 (23) 18 22-Sep-2008 "dlLcMI"
Shaman Dream 14-Mar-2003, G.Mensink (11) 21 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
EnliGhtMent 05-Mar-2005, Dennis (19) 16 08-Oct-2008 "PsgPRW"
Ultra Sync Short 11-Jan-2006, Trobosync (13) 19 23-Dec-2009 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
Hypnagogic_Vortex 28-Sep-2004, Ross (11) 6 15-Dec-2007 "Hi, baby :-) You know, it really..."
Waves Of Harmony 05-Jun-2005, SubZero (10) 1 24-May-2006 "This was a real beautiful preset..."
Shaman's Dream 16-Mar-2000, Roger Amburn (8) 6 10-Feb-2006 "I just got the bwgen and I..."
Upward Journey 2 02-Oct-2002, neuron (8) 2 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
g-element earth 22-Oct-2002, Yanis Dambergs (8) 9 03-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
ANTI_STRESS_PROGRAM 16-Dec-2004, Raymond (8) 8 25-Feb-2010 "Hello! ceeebed interesting..."
Schumann Om 13-Mar-2004, Ian Rastall (5) 4 29-Sep-2008 "nice one, tried it while working..."
Morphine 25-Sep-2004, JK_the_CJer (5) 3 05-Nov-2006 "EW! This really hurt my ears..."
[PAT] Modulate 8v Schuman Resonance Harmonic Box 27-Nov-2005, Pat (5) 6 23-Dec-2009 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
Mind Awake Body Asleep 03 15-Feb-2003, kali2030 (107) 176 23-Feb-2010 "i had this as a child..but..."
Raven's_Primal_Overtones 17-Jan-2006, Raven (105) 90 23-Dec-2009 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
Rage's Seaside Meditation 04-Nov-2005, Rage Onyx (45) 4 03-Jan-2010 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
Low Theta - Mega Chill - then V deep Delta sleep 01-Dec-2001, Chris S (17) 9 16-Apr-2004 "Bess, why do you believe that..."
Ultimate Mind Power 31-Jan-2004, Mohamad Latiff (15) 14 23-Feb-2010 "Damn horny freaky dicks thats..."
Contemplation 13-Dec-2005, Ryan Wilson (13) 6 23-Dec-2009 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
X-TRA Relaxation 03-May-2005, Alem (12) 14 05-Jul-2009 ""
Perfect Meditation. 03-Sep-2005, \\-netforce == (10) 6 03-Jan-2006 "I also use the BWGEN along..."
Feel Good Calm 26-Mar-2002, nuzin (9) 5 07-Apr-2009 "This one helps!!! Great! Tahnk..."
Awakening Meditation 1 13-Feb-2004, Chris (8) 1 18-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
AwakenMeditation6.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris (8) 11 23-Apr-2009 "Fantastic preset....I can fell..."
Omniversal 17-Sep-2002, Unknown_quantity (7) 5 08-Oct-2008 "wgGihq"
d-Water-element 18-Nov-2002, Yanis Dambergs (7) 5 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Chakra Balance 31-Oct-2003, fluxliner (7) 3 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
RELAX_from_the_Deep 30-Dec-2003, Thozo (7) 14 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
BLISS2 08-Mar-2004, Dan (7) 3 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Zen Monk Meditation 20-Mar-2000  (6) 7 06-Dec-2008 "hello, good site."
Hedgehog - Down 26-Feb-2004, Hedgehog (6) 1 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Pure BETA relaxation 12-Mar-2002, omid reavandi (5) 4 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
ERIKA - 396 bis 14-Mar-2003, Erika Vanheck (5) 10 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Steps In Time (Revised) 05-Oct-2003, Joseph Kao (5) 6 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Prayer2 25-Feb-1999, Tom Desio (1237) 14 20-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
Creative Visualization 29-Aug-2002, Martin Eden (410) 13 26-Feb-2010 "Hello! ddeddek interesting..."
A.L.L.A.H. 24-Jul-2005, Julian Alexander Schulte (37) 18 14-Apr-2009 "GUAnS1"
AwakeningMeditation3.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris (17) 1 15-Sep-2009 "doors.txt;10;15"
Box_X_Revision_3 23-Jan-2004, Rafael Trabolsi (16) 9 29-Oct-2008 "9Hfy5Z"
YingYangEquilibrator1 05-Feb-2001, Jesus Toribio (15) 2 24-Aug-2009 "Very nice site!"
Drum beat 07-Dec-1998, Yanis Dambergs (9) 5 29-Oct-2008 "nSiBpC"
Enlightenment 1a Bliss from Enlightened Enterprises 04-Aug-2000, Mark Roach (9) 1 06-Dec-2008 "hello, good site."
Mind Awake Body Asleep 02 15-Feb-2003, kali2030 (9) 1 19-May-2009 "Very nice site!"
Steps In Time 10-Jul-2003, Joseph Kao (8) 6 08-Jan-2004 "I used it recently and I must..."
Alpha 8 Hz 26-Jun-2005, Tim Brown (8) 1 26-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Singing Bowls 06-Mar-2000, Peter Leyshan (7) 3 05-May-2003 "same here"
Hedgehog - Delta0.9 16-Jan-2004, Hedgehog (7) 6 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
2-hour PREP Session 15-Jul-2004, kamil (7) 5 29-Oct-2008 "pndQsz"
One night under the bridge 01-Apr-2002, Toni Lechner (6) 1 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Ultimate Theta Experience 13-Jun-2002, Fetus Farmer (6) 8 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Theta and Schumann and high frequency 26-Oct-2003, Gerry (6) 4 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Uturn 08-Jul-2004, dan (6) 1 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Mind meld 20-Mar-2000, Roger Amburn (5) 1 09-Apr-2002 "It is good"
deltabarbor 05-Jan-2003, Pedrozaiij (5) 2 27-Jan-2003 "I agree with kali2030."
Hedgehog - Theta7.8 16-Jan-2004, Hedgehog (260) 185 28-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
T.R.I.H.P Trance Inducing Hallucination Producing Ver 1.0 Revision 3 13-Apr-2004, Agent768 (92) 7 23-Aug-2008 "ULTRA"
Relaxing 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (22) 13 30-Jan-2009 "Nice wishes! ytrdl"
Enlightenment 1a from Enlightened Enterprises 04-Aug-2000, Mark Roach (20) 19 29-Jan-2009 "I like this site! 000.html..."
beta to theta meditate. 08-Oct-2005, hropne rijolkias (17) 3 02-Mar-2008 "i don't see the 666hz voice..."
Countdown to Heaven 15-Jul-2004, Milhazes (9) 0  
BrainBooster   (8) 7 03-Jan-2010 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
INNER VOYAGER III 16-Dec-2001, themind2 (8) 2 17-Dec-2001 "Brian, The question is to..."
New Awakening Computer / v1.0 30-Dec-2001, Patrick Robertson (8) 1 02-Jan-2002 "brainwave info most complete..."
mentalvacation1 06-Nov-2002, Pedrozaiij (7) 5 21-Dec-2002 "the 965 tone is supposed to..."
Theta Experiment 22-Jun-2003, Eric Lindberg (6) 7 29-May-2004 "How did you create the presets,..."
magic blend 31-Mar-2002, Michael Triggs (5) 2 08-Oct-2002 "Oh, blah. You know what I ..."
Schumann Resonance 27-Oct-2002, Max Raziel (5) 4 08-Oct-2008 "iPq6CS"
mental_objects_now 11-Aug-2004, Adam (5) 4 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Lub Dub 24-Jan-2005, b0sk0 (5) 6 20-Jun-2007 "I saw dead fetuses listening..."
4_Voices_in_Box_X 02-Apr-2004, Rafael Trabolsi (1276) 123 09-Jun-2009 "Very nice site!"
Box_X_Revision_2 26-Jan-2004, Rafael Trabolsi (499) 23 28-Sep-2007 "What a beautiful website! Hi!..."
ultimate_relaxing 31-Jan-2006, Steven (36) 30 27-Dec-2009 "Great, waiting for the website...."
Prayer 09-Feb-1999, Tom Desio (14) 4 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
The awakened mind 19-Feb-1999, Mikko Noromaa (10) 15 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Clarity 21-Apr-2002, Grasshopper (8) 11 18-Oct-2009 "Very nice site!"
Concious Theta Experience 2 25-May-2003, Eddykins (5) 2 26-May-2003 "It wasn't Erika, it was me,..."
Euphoria 02-Aug-2003, Adam Trainer (515) 9 10-Jun-2009 "Very nice site!"
Formula 1.0hz Box X style 27-Oct-2003, Rafael Trabolsi (19) 1 29-Oct-2008 "mziewZ"
Shawn345 18-Jun-2001, Shawn Richards (12) 2 17-Feb-2008 "Very nice site!"
Daydreamer 19-Nov-2002, Jim Seidman (293) 6 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Mars Muzak 27-Oct-2003, Julien Morriss (184) 21 18-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
cycler two 06-Jun-2003, Michael Triggs (144) 6 09-Jun-2009 "Very nice site!"
energize-clear thoughts pattern 23-Apr-2002, Rasheed Mohamed (53) 6 30-Apr-2006 "I've only been listening to..."
Shaman's Journey 20-Mar-2000  (34) 4 06-Dec-2008 "hello, good site."
Concious Theta Experience 25-May-2003, Eddykins (32) 1 14-Jun-2004 "Hi! Looks very interesting...."
Aum Meditation (End sleep) 02-Apr-2000, Roger Amburn (29) 5 15-Feb-2010 "Very nice site!"
Mix 05-Oct-2004, Dan (27) 1 26-Oct-2004 "Nice preset! I did turn the..."
Drums-c 11-Dec-2002, Yanis Dambergs (20) 6 29-Oct-2008 "WoISAr"
Westbound_Harmony Warmth Symphony 09-Oct-2005, Gil Grabber (20) 2 03-Jan-2010 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."
flow 09-Sep-2001, eric jenson (17) 1 25-Oct-2008 "oxbd lziyqp hwslab sfahd bejxafiu..."
Code Green 14-Jul-2005, Scott Clayton (16) 1 08-Oct-2008 "B0mXaj"
5 Hz Meditation 14-Jan-2000, Tim Gerchmez (14) 0  
Theta Tester v 1.0 10-Jun-2003, Agent7sexATE (5) 1 03-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Meditation with theta background 09-Jan-1999, Mikko Noromaa (39) 3 15-Dec-2004 "...scary one... after a few..."
MindBooster 29-Apr-2004, Dan (30) 0  
Descending through Delta 15-Apr-2004, LBliss (29) 5 29-Oct-2008 "GIRyyx"
Mind&Matter 05-Feb-2003, Swami gynanand (27) 2 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Minor_Triad_Alpha_Meditation 09-May-2002, M. C. Shaw (26) 3 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Theta Blend 09-Jul-2004, Neural Shock (4) 4 22-Jun-2007 "Uuh. Hello, hola, und das licht..."
AUM - 136.10 Hz 13-Nov-2003, doblece (3) 7 16-Sep-2008 "yWKDmI it`realy.... good info......."
Hedgehog - Alpha10 11-Jan-2004, Hedgehog (3) 19 18-Sep-2007 "This one does nothing to me......"
BeaconAtTheEdgeOfTheUniverse 07-May-2004, Bill (3) 1 20-Nov-2004 "This is a nice preset, I listen..."
New Awakening CD Track 1 / v1.0 30-Dec-2001, Patrick Robertson (2) 1 02-Jan-2002 "brainwave info most complete..."
Crossing the Valley 03-Aug-2003, Ngenjung (2) 5 08-Oct-2008 "X46yLe"
AwakeningMeditation1.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris (3) 20 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Sweet Meditation 1.5 26-May-2005, LogoRat (3) 0  
BLISS 08-Mar-2004, Dan (2) 0  
[Pat] Schumanic (6v HB @ 7.83) 04-Jan-2004, Pat (4) 2 16-Sep-2008 "xkXRFQ it`realy.... good info......."
THE_DEEP_END_1.0 15-Nov-2004, Adam (4) 5 14-Feb-2006 "thanks"
Internal 23-Dec-2004, Shadowarrior13 (4) 5 29-Oct-2008 "HIZ5vM"
Christ Consciousness 11-Jan-2003, brightwarrior (3) 6 08-Oct-2008 "Ug11U4"
level_1_12-9-02 13-Jan-2003, Rod (3) 3 11-Apr-2003 "Used this preset a few days..."
ragno6voice for upload 14-Apr-2004, Rafael Trabolsi (3) 2 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
SATORI 10-Aug-2005, John Patton (3) 2 12-Aug-2005 "I found your preset very pragramatic..."
NOX 03-Aug-2003, Ngenjung (2) 8 21-Feb-2008 "You could upload the larger..."
RAJA_yes_meditation 13-Oct-2003, Raja (2) 2 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Passive Meditation 15-Sep-2005, Ashton Bennett (2) 3 08-Oct-2008 "fw495S"
Crazy Quilt 2.5 17-Jun-1999, Chad T Williams (1) 0  
subtle shift 11-Apr-2004, Greg (1) 1 29-Oct-2008 "VkKfmQ"
Guided Journey Experience 04-Oct-2002, Kyle T. Creasey (4) 1 03-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
awakened mind by madia 24-Jul-2003, madia (4) 2 05-Aug-2003 "Try bringin in the sound a..."
Witness 15-Sep-2003, Samson Flava (4) 7 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Relaxing by the Fireplace 31-Dec-2003, Kyle Creasey (4) 3 22-Sep-2008 "uk25H6"
AwakeningMeditation2.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris (3) 4 16-Jun-2008 "urmyfkv tcesjfih eqxkcn jzru..."
Alpha_Alert_Relaxation 06-Mar-2005, Raymond (3) 0  
New Awakening CD Track 2 / v1.0 30-Dec-2001, Patrick Robertson (2) 2 21-Jan-2004 "Hi! I think the background's..."
reset1 08-May-2003, Ray (2) 3 25-Jun-2003 "shit dude ive been in a restless..."
Hedgehog - Delta4 16-Jan-2004, Hedgehog (2) 1 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Theta deep relaxation glide 11-Aug-2002, Wim (4) 3 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Concious Theta Experience 3 04-Jun-2003, Eddykins (4) 3 16-Sep-2008 "ez7jPx it`realy.... good info......."
Alpha 19-Aug-2004, Raymond (4) 0  
Chemical HYPERCOMMUNICATION IV 30.0303 15-Aug-2005, Juls (4) 5 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Aum Meditation (End awake) 07-May-2000, Roger Amburn (3) 4 08-Oct-2008 "w2Y6Rb"
Personal growth meditation 26-May-2001, Wim Kijne (3) 12 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Golden Music & Melody Harmony 999 06-Feb-2004, Julian (3) 8 29-Oct-2008 "SXHvvv"
Deep end 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (2) 0  
Muladhara Chakra 15-Feb-2005, b0sk0 (2) 1 31-Jan-2008 "Doesn't anyone monitor this..."
Concious Theta Experience 4 04-Jun-2003, Eddykins (1) 2 29-Oct-2008 "IhTa9F"
15 5 3 16-Dec-2004, Todd (1) 0  
Subharmonic 05-Feb-2001, Dennis Webber (4) 4 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
level_2_12-15-02 13-Jan-2003, Rod (4) 3 06-Feb-2004 "what is the carrier freq for..."
cosmic voice & Harmony 16-Mar-2004, Julian Schulte (4) 3 29-Oct-2008 "TghT4u"
Hedgehog - Journey 11-Jun-2005, Hedgehog (4) 1 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
INNERVOYAGER2 15-May-2001, themind2 (3) 1 15-Aug-2001 "interesting wave file."
Mind Awake Body Asleep 04-Jan-2003, kali2030 (3) 3 08-Oct-2008 "OSz4gH"
Hummm 02-Apr-2003, Dana F. (3) 6 07-Feb-2009 "cvgemy wrsb rmbtl rpfqb sdealcf..."
Expanded-Awareness 29-Nov-2003, Raymond (3) 6 08-Oct-2008 "Afw8Ex"
Golden Music & Melody Harmony 999 (Come Down and astral beat pulsed vision) 25-Feb-2004, JuAl999 (2) 1 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Near sleep 28-Dec-2001, Clarence Ray (1) 17 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Relaxed Body/Focused Mind "Binding Frequency" 20-Feb-2002, Stefano (1) 5 29-Oct-2008 "7JjT5w"
Crazy Quilt 25 15-May-2001, Chad Williams   0  
Fibronocci2 10-Apr-2002, Matt   5 29-May-2004 "Yes, I see that I have mispelled..."
transcedence 03-Aug-2002, Samuel   24 29-Oct-2008 "kyVpPz"
Theta deep relaxation glide 15-Sep-2002, Wim   17 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Theta Relaxer 31-Dec-2002, kali   5 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Harmonics Mixed 61 26-Feb-2003, Ben   4 07-Jul-2003 "P.S. in 5 min of listening..."
AwakeningMeditation5.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris   2 18-Mar-2007 "jonas"
AwakeningMeditation4.1 15-Feb-2004, Chris   0  
T.R.I.H.P Trance Inducing Hallucination Producing Ver 1.0 Revision 2 13-Apr-2004, Agent768   0  
lose-focus 08-Aug-2005, Fred   5 29-Oct-2008 "O7aOj1"
westbound_harmony - piano sound 3 09-Oct-2005, Gil Grabber   2 03-Jan-2010 "Hi, Im back , be sure to check..."

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