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Preset Library: Focus/Alertness

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Preset name Submitted Rating (votes) Comments Last comment
Refresh your mind 12-Jun-2003, Travis Witt (31) 13 16-Sep-2007 "I found the background a little..."
Intelligence increase 11-Jan-2006, Trobosync (32) 8 24-Aug-2009 "After listening to it I started..."
Mind defuzzing 21-Nov-2003, Jim Seidman (23) 10 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Study-Helper-test by 2012 24-Sep-2005, 2012 (8) 8 11-Aug-2009 "What volyme should I have?..."
work_at_office 16-Feb-2005, Alexander (7) 1 22-Dec-2005 "Hey there- this is a great..."
Lucid Reality 09-Jul-2004, Si|enc3 (14) 24 06-Nov-2009 "Good present....i've tryed..."
Studying Aid 08-Dec-2003, Rogue_Noir (11) 26 03-Jul-2007 "Now.. If you could tell me..."
Mind Power 12-May-2005, Brian (10) 12 10-Dec-2009 "I should be studying. But here..."
Learning aid 16-Oct-2003, Seki R. (7) 11 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Waking Up to Interesting Vibrations 15-Jan-2005, Astartae (6) 12 08-Oct-2008 "ciVdr9"
Studying Aid Bubbles 20-Jan-2006, erdaka (12) 17 06-Aug-2008 "plz tell me how can i open..."
Learning And Concentration 28-Mar-2004, Dark Knight (8) 1 12-Jan-2007 "Cool!"
Reset sodium/potassium ratio 03-Jan-2001, Mikko Noromaa (7) 4 08-Oct-2008 "GjAnJI"
Supercharge 19-Feb-2004, Dan (7) 13 24-Jan-2008 "ryqemc asqt fcmq fkrajgspy..."
Morning lifter 22-Jul-2004, Szczesiu (6) 5 08-Oct-2008 "dk2ESB"
Awake and happy(good in the morning) 16-Apr-2005, A Pooo! (6) 1 22-Feb-2008 "good preset! woke me up :)"
14+22 WITH 8 DROP 06-Oct-2002, Michael Triggs (62) 6 07-Jan-2010 "Hi! bvtyNO"
Rhythm 16-Oct-2001, Einwanderer (32) 6 25-Jun-2006 "Ahhh... finally a relaxing..."
Idlebrain 28-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (10) 12 03-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Wendel - Concentration 03-Sep-2005, Wendel (10) 6 02-Sep-2007 "hello world!"
Clear mind 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (9) 11 06-Dec-2008 "hello, good site."
Deep Reflection 07-Dec-2000, Joe Kao (5) 5 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Recharge 18-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (1044) 22 07-Jan-2010 "Hi! KKrzYEz"
Khadwave - Efficient Mind 11-Jan-2002, Khad (745) 12 26-Mar-2007 "LMAO, before i even read your..."
Too Much Coffee 04-Oct-2001, Michael Triggs (82) 17 06-Jul-2007 "They really need to bring back..."
Jacob's Lader....Going up? 13-Sep-2002, LiquidGig (51) 22 07-Jan-2010 "Hi! uKESsAcW"
Gamma Radiation 01-Jan-2000, Tim Gerchmez (24) 29 20-May-2009 "L;KJSADL;FKJA"
SoulXEN :: MPE [Mental Performance Enhancer] 23-Oct-2005, SoulXen (7) 2 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Language learning aid 11-Dec-2003, Seki R. (5) 10 01-Mar-2006 "Just to point out - the earth..."
Too Much Coffee [improved] 16-Apr-2003, Michael Triggs (6551) 70 27-Sep-2009 "Very nice site!"
Learning-Preset 18-Sep-2005, Rhys (11) 3 08-Oct-2008 "qIFiXN"
Superlearning 21-Nov-2000, Zamolxe (68) 26 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
10_18norm 13-Dec-2004, Tommy (23) 1 09-Oct-2006 "Not bad :) Can you list the..."
ADD helper 27-Sep-2003, Travw999 (17) 14 05-Sep-2007 "Could this help my tourettes..."
Increased Reaction Time 21-Mar-2003, zapper (78) 31 20-Nov-2009 "Very nice site!"
3-phase Entrainment 28-May-2003, Rogue_Noir (166) 10 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Extatic States 14-Apr-2002, Quan Chi (3) 17 08-Oct-2008 "YncFrn"
8->15TRIADS 23-Sep-2002, Michael Triggs (1) 92 24-Feb-2009 "111-222-1933email@address...."
newWorld 26-Nov-2001, bf (1) 6 25-Sep-2003 "with the sleep enchancement..."
Mind distortion 18-Mar-2002, Einwanderer (4) 4 29-Mar-2006 "this is insane... It changes..."
mri----> intelligence booster 15-Jan-2004, mri (3) 18 08-Oct-2008 "h6Z3JI"
ex-q 21-Dec-2002, njnja (2) 2 05-Sep-2003 "You know, this preset seems..."
14+22 11-Apr-2002, Mox (1) 12 28-Aug-2003 "Yes, thank you (all of you)..."
GH and high alpha low beta sweep 09-Oct-2003, Andrew Niles (1) 3 12-Apr-2007 "Hello, Your site is great...."
Feline 29-Nov-2000, Zamolxe   7 06-Jan-2005 "Austictrippyfeyboy: I notice..."
"In The Moment" 30-Dec-2001, Michael Triggs   8 06-Nov-2004 "how long do you have to listen..."
Cram Session 07-Nov-2004, Vic   1 23-May-2005 "When listening, I found myself..."

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