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Brain wave entrainment - fact or fiction?

Would you believe it if someone told you
"Hey, there's this new software, BrainWave Generator, that allows you to boost your creativity, learn 10 times faster than normally, and travel out of your body!"
Everybody's first reaction is probably "bollocks, it can't be done, at least not with a computer software of any kind".

This first reaction is true in many ways. We do not say that BrainWave Generator makes you learn faster, makes you super-intelligent or breaks any laws of physics. It doesn't. However, it can help you do some of these things.

The following are scientifically proven facts about brain wave entrainment:

o FACT 1: There is a lot of electrical activity going on in your brain.
o FACT 2: This activity can be measured by EEG (electroencephalography) technology. EEG has been around since 1930's.
o FACT 3: The electrical activity changes depending on what a person is doing. For example, participating in a critical exam versus deep sleep have very different brain wave patterns associated with them.
o FACT 4: If you can make your brain wave patterns change at will, you can create conditions that are better suited for certain types of activities (meditation, for example).

From this point on, everything else is basically up to the individual person using brain wave entrainment.

The following points are not labeled as facts, instead we call them assumptions:

o ASSUMPTION 5 (example of fact 4): Theta frequencies are usually associated with learning - by entraining your brain wave patterns towards theta, you can make your brain more receptive to learning new material.
o ASSUMPTION 6 (example of fact 4): Alpha frequencies are usually detected in meditators who practice meditation several hours each day - by entraining your brain wave patterns towards alpha, you can make it easier for you to meditate. Perhaps you don't need to train meditation for 10 years, but instead 10 months or even less would suffice when using brain wave entrainment to help you.


Mikko Noromaa
President of Noromaa Solutions Oy, author of BrainWave Generator
Helsinki, Finland
November 26th 2002

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