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Testimonials From Users

This page contains comments submitted by BrainWave Generator users. Please read to see examples of how people have used BrainWave Generator for their benefit.

Help with insomnia

"I've been using the Brain Wave generator since November 2001. For years I have been suffering from cycles of insomnia, sometimes sleeping only 4 hours a night for days in a row. As owner of a health food store I have access to all herbal products for sleep. These would help sometimes but only for awhile. I've also used commercial brain synchronization tapes designed for insomnia. Mostly they were ineffective. Even prescription sleeping pills were not always effective. When I tried the brain wave generator I was able to design some presets that have worked extremely well for me. I fall asleep easily and if I wake up usually a few minutes with the tape is all it takes. My insomnia has decreased by at least 90%. I am greatly impressed!"

Rod Paille, Mt. Carmel IL, USA

Quit taking morphine

"I have perhaps the most remarkable (medically) story to relate. I used the brain wave generator to help me learn to create more endorphins so I could quit taking morphine. I have a rare bone disease (Erdheim-Chester) that was diagnosed Jan 99 by the Mayo clinic. At that time there were only 59 people in the medical literature and 41 were already dead. Prognosis was a life expectancy of 3 to 120 months."

"My health problems started in Nov of 95 and by the end of 98 I was in so much pain I was bed ridden. After 3 rounds of chemo and other various medical things I found my self in September 2000 with a daily pain killer dosage of 400 mg of morphine plus 1400 mg of percacet. I made the decision that I would take control of the problem and get off morphine and my body would have to deal with the problem. Me, my pain, and God were going to come together and if I had to die screaming I would do just that. I was sick of a zero quality of life.I attended a bio-feedback clinic and was told that I was already at target (I am a life long meditator) and they could not help me. I searched the Internet and found the brain wave generator. I set up a 10 voice profile and used it for 4 months almost non stop day and night. Next month I stopped taking Zoloft and 13 months later I was completely off pain killers. That was 11 months ago. From time to time the pain rises up and I use the generator for a few days. At the heart of my story is your brain wave generator. I direct everyone to your site. I realize that you can never make medical claims but I am walking proof that brain wave technology can produce serious results. My case is very well documented and I would be happy to discuss it. This technology is quite remarkable."

"Thank you,"

Ronald Montplaisir, St. Louis MO, USA

Quit smoking

"I just wanted to say that on a whim i tried the Brainwave Generator to 'tell my subconscious' to quit smoking. I kept an open mind because I desperately wanted to quit smoking. I used the deep meditation preset and when I got down to a *very* (almost as though i couldn't feel my body - it was weird) relaxed state, I repeated sort of a mantra of 'you don't need cigarettes,' and 'you won't have any cravings,' and the like."

"Well on the first day of going cold turkey - yes, I had very bad withdrawal from nicotine as you do BUT I did not desire a cigarette! The only way I have been able to stay off the cigarettes is from lack of cravings and I haven't had one. So anyway, I'm assuming it's the brainwave generator because past attempts have failed dismally - whether it works for sure or it's a placebo effect it doesn't matter. Keep an open mind and it works :D"

Katy Miller, Australia

Driving theory test

"Hi, I used the brainwave generator for 20 mins whilst reading the highway code book the day I sat My driving theory test and finished and passed the test in 9 mins. I hated taking tests before this but now I look forward to them with confidence knowing I have my brainwave generator to help me, thanks a million."

Thomas Best, Scotland

Started enjoying exercise

"I downloaded BWgen just to try it out and have some fun whit this "brainstimulator". I never realy believed in it."

"But then I noticed it realy did work!"

"I got relaxed. My depression was gone =). And the best thing of all I really enjoyed exercise. Before this I had hated all the sports but whit a relaxation beat in my ears I enjoyed the pain and streching. After a while I lost the feeling of pain and I had to stop (don't wanna kill myself). But when used sensibly BWgen is a GREAT helper. Thanx!!"

Pyry Pakkanen, Finland

Headaches gone!

"I originally downloaded this as a bit of fun to see what other crank stuff is out there. As a very skeptical person I discovered within the very first few uses of it, there was a dynamic reaction to it."

"Suffering from early morning bed times (working in the day aswell) and struggling to keep awake at other times, with headaches and high anxiety. I unexpectedly found myself without head aches. Late nights would result in a good sleep even if for a short time, and my uncontrollable lows in energy and desperate needs to sleep are far more under control."

"I've used it for 3 days so far and still don't know how to use it properly in matching my brain patterns, thus it can only increasingly benefit me."

"I'm still a skeptic, but not about The Brain Wave Generator. "

Nathan Bedford, Australia

"...the sky's the limit for this technology..."

"Though I have used BrainWave Generator for only a short time, I am impressed with its quality and ease of use. The presets "Awakened Mind" and "Meditation With Theta" have proven particularly intriguing and effective for inner directed work and relaxation. I look forward to more presets from your website. Also, today my teenage son had a terrible headache all day. This evening he agreed to put on a headset with your "headache" presets playing and ten minutes later he reported to me, seemingly somewhat surprised, that his head was feeling better. The amazing thing about this is that he was playing 'Quake online' on his computer during the "treatment". I was feeding him the headache signal from my computer nearby, via the headphones. If your preset will effectively treat a headache during the non-stop carnage of Quake, then the sky's the limit for this technology! :-)"

"Cheers, and thanks for a great product."

Colin Yardley, USA

Regularize sleep

"The BrainWave Generator has helped me to regularize disrupted sleep and waking cycles in a vry short time. The headache treatment is very efficient.Having neglected my regular daily meditation for the past two years as I was "too busy" becoming computer literate, the BrainWave Generator helps me to meditate even better than before. I appreciate being able to make my own presets. It also helps to memorize more efficiently, with less interuptions in the train of thought."

"Thank you for making the BrainWave Generator available."

Yanis Dambergs, Quebec, Canada

Easy to use

"Hi, Just wanted to comment on this. I downloaded, installed this program with no difficulty. Believe me when I say that a program has to be geared to a two year old for me to operate, this one is...I have been using it for a few days now and the relaxation I feel in this body is awesome. And that from a person who carries the stress of the world in her body!!!! I have not had an consciously induced obe yet, but if a relaxed physical body is a requirement, then I am golden. I have been running preset beats at a 7 Hz freq. down to a 4 Hz beat for deep relaxation...This could become additive, this with the focus 10 tapes...And they say their is no heaven on earth, this could be real close... Hope all enjoy as much as I am!"

Karleen O'Connor, Maine, USA

Better concentration

"I've noticed that I can relax more easily and my concentration has been sharper and I've only been using your program for less than a week! Thanx."

Kenneth Booth, California, USA

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Updated: October 3rd 2004
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