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BrainWave Generator Affiliate Program

If you own a Web site, or have other ways to advertise BrainWave Generator, this is your opportunity to make some extra cash.

When you advertise BrainWave Generator you earn a commission for each sale generated through referrals from you. The affiliate program works through a third-party provider, SellShareware. SellShareware handles thousands of other affiliate programs as well, which means you can be sure that your commissions are calculated fairly.

For more information about the SellShareware service, see the SellShareware Affiliate Info Page. For more information on how SellShareware credits affiliates with purchases made weeks or even months after the download, see the SellShareware Software Author Page (see the section on "Try Before You Buy").

Your Commission

The commission for each sale generated by a customer originating from your site is 30%. For regular single-license purchases ($40) this makes $12 per sale. If a customer purchases the commercial license of BrainWave Generator ($500), your commission is $150.

How To Join

To start promoting BrainWave Generator, please complete the following steps:
  1. Sign up as a SellShareware affiliate. You can do this by filling the New Affiliate Sign-Up Form.
  2. Find BrainWave Generator from SellShareware's list of products. You can find it through the "Browse All Programs in the Library" link, or by going directly to the BrainWave Generator Affiliate Promotional Page (this link requires you to log in).

    On this page, find the "Link To URL" box. The link in this box is the link you must put on your own Web page, or where-ever you want to advertise BrainWave Generator. The link looks as follows:

    NOTE: The AfID number 12435 above is given only as an example. In your link, the AfID number is different. This number lets SellShareware know which of the affiliates referred a paying customer to BrainWave Generator, and then credit that affiliate when the customer makes a purchase.

  3. On the BrainWave Generator program page, you can also find some graphics and banners we use in our own advertising. Put them up on your page, or design your own banners/graphics to match the look of your site.
  4. Sit back and watch orders come in. You can see the statistics of your affiliate account on the Daily Affiliate Statistics Page. The number in the Downloads column is incremented everytime a user clicks the BrainWave Generator link on your site. The Commission column shows the amount of commissions you've earnt.

    NOTE: Please expect a delay of at least a month after you start advertising BrainWave Generator and before you begin getting commissions. This is because when someone clicks your link to get to the BrainWave Generator site, that user can download the shareware version of BrainWave Generator. Users can evaluate the shareware version for 1 month, after which they start getting reminders about registration. It is likely that most users wait until the end of this evaluations period before purchasing. Your commissions start flowing in after that.

  5. For information on how and when SellShareware pays your commissions, see the SellShareware Affiliate Info Page and the SellShareware FAQ.

How To Advertise BrainWave Generator

PLEASE NOTE THAT SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED AS A FORM OF PROMOTING BRAINWAVE GENERATOR! If you use spam email to promote BrainWave Generator, your affiliate account will be cancelled immediately.

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Updated: October 3rd 2004
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