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Hints On Where To Advertise

Hint 1. Use Web Sites Owned By You Efficiently

If you operate a Web site, the minimal thing you can do is to place BrainWave Generator on your Links page. You probably have a links page anyway, and if your site deals with brain wave entrainment or similar stuff, BrainWave Generator probably fits perfectly on your Links page. It doesn't hurt you to have the opportunity of making some cash with the links you'd have there anyway.

To advertise BrainWave Generator more effectively, you can move the link to a page that is more visible. For example, your top-level page, or even several pages on your site. This gives your link more visibility, which generates more referrals, which generates more commissions to you.

Hint 2. Use Email Groups And/Or Newsletters

If you post regular newsletters to a list of members, you can mention BrainWave Generator in them. There are two strategies you can use:
  • Make the link look like an advertisement. This way you let your recipients know that the link is something separate from the other things mentioned in your newsletter. This works well if you plan to advertise BrainWave Generator in several issues of your newsletter.
  • Make a "casual" note of BrainWave Generator in your newsletter. This makes it more like a "hidden" advertisement. You must be careful not to over-do it, because if readers see past your casual note, they may ignore it easier than an advertisement that looks like an advertisement.
The strategy to choose depends on the content of your newsletter, as well as its target audience. Often the "casual note" strategy works best as the opening move in your BrainWave Generator campaign.

Be careful when posting advertisements to email groups that are not operated by yourself! Do not post randomly to groups that are not related to brain wave entrainment. This is considered spamming, and will result in cancellation of your affiliate account.

Hint 3. Use Your Personal Relations

If you have friends who share your enthusiasm for brain wave entrainment, you can probably make some sales commissions very easily. Just email them with your affiliate link to BrainWave Generator. If you know they will be purchasing BrainWave Generator sooner or later, you cannot lose.

If you have a circle of friends each wanting to purchase a copy of BrainWave Generator, you can even arrange a group purchase where each of your friends gets a 15% discount and you keep the other 15%.

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Updated: October 3rd 2004
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